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VOLKSWAGEN GOLF speedometertachometer not working

We just bought a 1995 Golf III 2.0L. The speedometer and tachometer do not work. They seem to vibrate at zero but not move beyond that. The odometer dial lights etc. all seem to work fine. Since I last wrote - I have seen the speedtacho work once. Then back to zero next time I started. Ive seen a few posts on this subject but no definitive answer on whether its likely to be the speedometer gear or

I took my wifes 1996 Golf GL into the dealership because the instrument cluster was acting up and the gauges would work and then not work. They had it for 15 days and say they repaired the cluster but it is still not working correctly the speedometer is not working now. If I bang on the top of the dash the needles start working again. Help...Im getting very tired of this Golf and now I dont want to ever buy another VW product.

light FIXED IT and six trouble free months later its still working If you have experienced intermittent function of speedo andor tach andor odometer.. there is a very good chance you can fix it yourself.. for less than 25.00.. or free if you have already or can get your hands on a soldering pen and solder I believe this to be a problem from the factory. whatever robot or computer that sets these up


Guys I started my 2001 Passat this morning and the speedometer tachometer and fuel gauges did not move. They are all lit up but they are all staying at 0. Any thoughts Deano This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

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My check engine light is on. speedometer works once in a while but for the most part stopped working. The fuel gauge is also jumping and acting screwy. tachometer works fine and temp gauge is fine. The digital displays are all working ok. I took it by Oreillys and advance auto to have them hook up and see what codes are showing but it cannot connect with the ECU and just says bad connection or no connection

VOLKSWAGEN POLO III 6N Need Help with my 1998 Polo Open Air

Hi all I purchased my Polo Open Air about 5 months ago. It has about 170000 Kms on the odo. The car works fine apart from some signs of aging which naturally tend to show up after 14 years of use. The car had not given any trouble so far. But that was until this evening. I went out this evening and everything was fine. Then I stopped for sometime at the market. When I returned and started my car I

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 New Passat Owner with a TON of Electrical Gremlins Please Help

Ok I bought a 99 Passat with the 2.8L V6 and 5 speed manual tranny. First off it RUNS great but youd never know it due to all the electrical problems. First problem. I can be setting at a light and my tachometer glitches and dives up and down even going below ZERO yet the car engine is idling perfect. When I drive it normal it spikes down occassionally but if I get on it the tach seems to lose control.

I have an update. Hope this might help some of you draw more conclusions. I ordered the speed sensor but Im waiting for it. I think I know why my speedometer is 20mph off. Like I said I havent driven it very much. When Im driving it the speedometer works fine but is off on the correct numbers. HOWEVER when sitting idle at a light my tachometer is at ZERO and my speedometer is well below the 0 mark.

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