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VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Heated seats - troubleshooting

HEATED SEAT TROUBLESHOOTING Car Passat Wagon B5 1.8T my 1997 (AEB engine Highline w leather-alcantara sport seats) factory-installed seat heaters I have the following situation Seat heater on driver side is completely non-functional while the passenger seat heater works fine. Will go through the steps following the current flow. Some related topics Diagnosing heated seats - How to remove dash switch

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Front seat removal write-up

The last few days I have seen a few requests for front seat removal. I myself had an issue that the search function didnt bring much in the way of answers. So here it is. This write-up was performed on the passenger side seat. Drivers side procedure will be the same. Read this write-up in its entirety before proceding. Know and understand the warnings concerning seats that contain airbags. WARNING

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 ...2L16vT - Build up thread ...

I hope my modding doesnt get out of hand because my plan for the passat is to keep it simple and nice. Custom (I believe 1st in the world) Smoked headlights Ill type up what my plans are and then hopefully Ill achieve it soon as I get the mod done Ill celebrate w a round of - VAG (remote windows seatbelt DING Dissable DRLS) - Transplant the fiberglass subwoofer box amp - Smoke Side blinkers - Get

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Interior leather install How To

OK Ive been working on the interior install How-to off and on for a while now. I figured Id at least throw the text up until later this week when I can upload the pictures with the text. Tell me where I am missing things please Oh and I know some of the pictures are not showing up right now. Leather Install How To I ordered my leather seats from and a week or so later a cow

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Reupholstery questions

Hey so we have a 2005 Passat GLS wagon with grey leather interior. The windows were left down during a rainstorm a while back and ever since then the leather on the front seats has been hard as a matter what I try it wont soften up and the wrinkles on it wont go away. So FINALLY I found a set of front seat covers for it at a Pull-A-Part for only 3.50 apiece. They actually came off a Jetta


After finding just scattered information (written only) more like a few advices here and there and more questions than answers I decided to contribute to the Passat cause with a pictorial write-up. I am neither a VW professional nor an ASE certified mechanic. Am just a regular car owner with some previous VAG experience acquired via a C4 Audi A6 (extremely easy car to work on except for the heater


I am new here and need some advice I currently have a 2005 SAAB linear. Today I decided to go to the vw dealer to look at the Passat. I was and am seriously considering it. Basically they gave me the following deal 27250. it is the 2.0T. They would take my car back no questions asked. But... Not sure if this is a good deal or not it was for a 2008 model. has all of the basics stuff and sunroof etc.

vehicle (with the family car convenience). If you are going to log in 30000 miles or so per year then the Passat might not be your car. The Altima is more reliable when both cars are poorly maintained. We love our cars and I even dream about my car (YVs ENVY). Just go through the Passat-of-the-month thread and youll understand what I mean. Oh noooooo all this because of a Blue-tooth Option volkswagen

vehicle (with the family car convenience). If you are going to log in 30000 miles or so per year then the Passat might not be your car. The Altima is more reliable when both cars are poorly maintained. We love our cars and I even dream about my car (YVs ENVY). Just go through the Passat-of-the-month thread and youll understand what I mean. Oh noooooo all this because of a Blue-tooth Option volkswagen

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 How-To V6 Cam Chain Tensioner Gaskets.

This Write-Up is only a guide made from my own experience. Do this at your own risk I am in no way responsible if any complications andor damage occurs. This guide was created using information from a Haynes repair manual. If you need any clarification on what is written here feel free to PM or email me at MATERIALS REQUIRED Small mirror (Dental size or larger recommended) Torx bit

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 The Massive Interior Remodel How-to (very pic heavy)

How to - Redoing all pillars headliner and more Our passats are getting old... they are bound to have some deterioration... especially in South FL heat. My headliners been sagging a while but a piece of it popped out of a corner the other day and I had enough. This is a write-up with tips and suggestions of everything I wish i knew before this project I hope this helps someone whether it be them following

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Some PR can be interesting..

Some of the PR we usually see on the stickers in our manual instructions or spare tire compratment. 10DELAEDinstallation differentiation for build status of vehicle class B5 20FALFADstandard manufacturing sequence 30G7LGESTiptronic 40JLLGKVweight category front axle weight range 11 50K0LASYwithout alternative drive module 60KALKAEwithout stickers and badges 70L0LGABmechanical throttle actuation 80LALSIZwithout

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Arm Rest Latch Repair

The arm rest on my 99 was flopping around. I do a lot of driving and the arm rest being in a comfortable place is a nice thing to have. This repair was inspired by and is based on this one that is in the Information Base Armrest repair It is best to work on the car in an area where all 4 doors can be opened without problems. A clean work bench is also nice. Tools that were used (YMMV) drive screwdriver

GSO_Passater This is a great write-up and I just used it to fix the same issue I had where the armrest position locking mechanism had stopped working. However for the benefit of other readers I thought Id post that I managed to do this with the armrest in situ. Remove the push button mechanism (along with the base of the armrest itself) via the 2 phillips and 2 torx head bolts mentioned above inside

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 New to me 99 Passat GLS List O Issues

Hi everybody My name is Chris and I think this site is awesome. I am a total and complete newbie when it comes to VW and as far as mechanical ability goes Ill put it this way the most complex thing that would still fall into my comfort zone would be something like replacing the Valve Cover Gaskets and such. But Im not stupid and can follow directions quite well I live in Fairfax VA and am looking for


(this is probably a i cant wait for someone to tell me to do a search) anyway according to the cars that i have seen and all the literature i have seen on the b6....i dont see cloth as an option. anyone know whats up with that are leather and vinyl (i refuse to call it leatherette) the only options tia.

i use a lint roller for the seats and it works GREAT. can be picked up at target for 1.00. I have seat covers in the front so lints not a problem (im a teenager lol dont hate me) and i keep the seats in the back down when im not using them. Only side effect is it takes a bit longer to cool or warm the car but like i said pick up a lint roller

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Official system setup options thread (Picts and How to Thread)

Per popular request here is the last and final and stuck for good thread to post images of your installation. In order to post pictures in this thread you must post complete and detailed information listed below. The purpose of this thread is for the Noobs and those not so noobish people who are looking to venture out of the box with the Audio needs. This post is strictly for Passat related installations.

- 4 awg power and ground fusedist blocks for both power and ground basic 16 awg primary wire for front stage 12 awg for sub basic twisted pair rcas in very short runs Battery(s) - only one Motomaster 6-year deal. Phoenix Tantrum 10-farad cap (ultra-low ESR actually a bank of a zillion little capacitors) coming soon although I wouldnt say my system is terribly current-hungry but it may tighten-up

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 CMP Sensor Shredded and Hood Bent

Greetings wise men &8230 Name is Chris. (Atlanta GA US) I am a newbie&8230 and recent owner of a 99 Passat GLS V6 5 Speed&8230 I do not know any other specs&8230. . I am still trying to figure out whats a B5 and B5.5. I&8217m no mechanic and know nothing about VWs but I am anxious and willing to learn. I found this forum searching for maintenance info &8230 I have been reading through this forum for


Disclosure WE are not responsible for what YOU do to YOUR car. That said if you have nopoor heat try flushing your heatercore first. Information I did the swap on a 2000 V6 manual with climatronics. MJ did the swap on a 1998 1.8T manual with manual HVAC. I did the swap without disconnecting the AC. While completing the swap is possible without touching the ac lines there is a much greater chance of

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Headlight washers on B5 and B5.5

Since the Euro W8 comes with headlight washers it should be an easy mod on the B5.5. I was thinking about using B5 audi A4 parts (washers and bumper covers) Anyone ever done this How much work is required

euro bi-xenons) Heres the process Ive figured out primarily with the help of Scathas posts and website 1. If you take off your plastic bumper and look on the backside of the bumper you can see a mark where you simply cut out parallelogram shape where the washer cover goes in the bumper. I think a dremel tool (cutting wheel and abrasive sanding bit) would work well. 2. Next you would need to look up

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Desludge from local shop

So I call a local guy that a few people recommended and he says hell replace the oil pump and desludge for around 1100. This was a couple of weeks ago but IIRC what he said he would do was take off the valve cover and pour solvent down through the engine and catch all the gunk on the bottom. At least thats what I think he was describing. Does this sound like it would work or does he have to take the

Originally Posted by scotts13 Having been through it let me describe what the VW dealers do for their official de-sludging process The oil pan is dropped and the oil pump and pickup tube is replaced. The turbocharger oil lines are replaced. Then engine is hooked up to an external machine that forces hot cleaning agent through the oil system while the engine is run. They run it like this for a while


Its that time again Vote and dont forget to crawl this Do NOT post until you see all 10 entries thanks

birt birth of an off road demon that had been itching to escape for years. I drive this jeep to work every day as well as haul the groceries on the weekend. I can clean it up for a night on the town or get down and dirty in the mud and rocks at play time. cvisinho Chris Visinho Username cvisinho I acquired this jeep about 1.5 yrs ago and I blame it all on my old part time YJ. I was always into volkswagens

NISSAN Whats the DEAL (out the door price) you got with your versa

I finally got a real job after graduation and as to celebrate it Ive decided to purchase a versa However I am really persistent on what I want with my versa.... black or white SL CVT with Convenience PKG and Sports PKG. anyways.....I was talking to this sales and finally he offered me a price 16799 fees but I am looking for about 17000 out the door. I live in LA and I dont know if its cheaper or

car about 50 instead of 180 for new plates. Some states charge hundreds so check with your DMV before going shopping. Print out the DMV fees online and bring them to the dealer. Quite often dealer charge up to 400 document fees supposedly to handle paperwork transfer of the plate done by their lowest paid secretary. Give me a break. Washington Association Fee Buyers in Washington D.C. buying a volkswagen

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