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VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE water in distributor & cd player leaking

i have a 1971 superbug and am having a few problems with leaks. the first is that everytime it rains my car wont sstart. it has always happened (if it purs rain for a long period of time) but has become much worse in the past month or so. Even when I wash it it wont start but if I leave it for a day its fine. Ive been told that water is more than likely leaking into the distributor but I am not a very

spray let it sit over night before starting the engine if you run the engine while spraying or just after it will ignite the spray it must be dry. ONE OTHER THOUGHT some of the distributor caps had a air vent on them a little chimney looking thing if yours has that it will let water in so look for one that doesnt have the air vent. I dont know how the water is getting into the CD player but the beetle

Those wet CD players just might work if you put them in your home for about a month and let them dry out. I had several VW radios way back when that had got wet and the insurance companies replaced them they wouldnt work but I placed then in one of my closets and after about a month I was able to install them and they had dryed out and worked like new.

thanks for your replies. ill give it a go.

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Electronic Distributors

well i have to change my points soon i was wondering if it would be better for me to change over to electronic ones. versus having to set my points every oil change it seems like. i dont know if my distrubitor will work for this or if i have to replace it with one that can handle a electronic set This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

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VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Trouble with ignition system

Hello and thanks for any help. We were working on my bros 69 beetle and he accidently shorted the two terminals on the coil while the coil was powered (the 12v coil input was shorted to the terminal the tach attaches to). The bug also has an electronic distributor. We were in the middle of replacing the 12v wire to the coil when this happened during a test. Before this the vehicle did start Ok. After

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 76 Beetle wont start for me

Hi I have a 76 beetle that is fuel injected and refuses to start. Ive replaced the battery and that made all the electrical systems work minus a tail light. The Bug will turn over like a champ but cant ignite. Ive checked the Starter and Solenoid and they are both pretty new and the spark at the coil is pretty strong a white blue spark. Ive also replaced the fuel pump and filter under the right wheel

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE My Bug is just not running any ideas.

Hi I have a searched the net to see if I can fix this problem but no joy. I have a 72 beetle with a 1600 single solex Twinport bus Engine with H30 31PCIT Crab in. I had a problem where it would not start after running fine I thought it was the battery so I changed it this seamed to solve the problem. A week later the beetle would turn over but not fire I checked the points and there was gunk in there

Dont see how fuel could be in the valve cover left side unless the head was cracked at the intake port. If your old distributor wasnt working then the spark plugs will be fuel fouled They will have to be replaced even if they are new you may dry them some and sand the tips with sand paper but they still wont run correct. Just a good guess.......GOOD LUCK

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1967 bettle dune buggy timing running starting problems.

1967-conversion to buggy engine year unknown AE 000-002 on case. Sat uncovered for seven years neglected. Old Weber 40 idf carb new Roy Rogers mechanical distributor cap rotor ignition switch ignition to coil wiring. Carb was stuck soaked and cleaned up but was a pretty fresh inside. all wiring rat chewed no keys replaced ignition switch wire to ignition coil ground wire new battery Here now is the

This old vw has had years of neglect and multiple people working on it over the years. I failed to realize that it may not have ever ran correctly before it was parked 7 years ago. Change the spark plugs this morning. cranked it turning the distributor it fired off and ran very poorly at open throttle. Dies at idle. Then it died and would not restart. I called Roy Rogers VW in Springfield Missouri.

Thats unusual the distributor drive gear popping up. 65 psi compression is low I think it should be around 120 psi (new) when I had my 1968 Camper 1600 as they are only a low compression ratio. Well Im glad you got it sorted in the end. Please tell us your car spec in your signature

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 73 Beetle Carb Question

Hey all newbie here just picked up a Sand Rail with a 1973 beetle Engine in it it has not ran in 6 months Was going through it and found something I thought was Odd. It has a 34-PICT-3 Carb the arm that controls the upper butterfly swings freely. The arm has stair step cuts in it I would assuem to allow for different setting for Idle speed. Please comfirm my thinking that the arm SHOULD NOT swing freely

the hot coil is something that happens when you have the key on for a while without the engine running. It is very common in the old 1600to have intake leaks to me it sounds like you might have a big one. the easy way to find that leak is to start the engine then take a propane torch turn on the gas of the torch but dont light it the with the engine running point the propane around the sides of the

The engine is in a sand rail Has a Push button start and a Kill switch with the switch BACK it is in the KILL position with the switch Forward it is in the ONRUN postion while working on it I did leave the switch in the RUN Position probably the HOT COIL issue righet there. Thank you VERY much for the input. Gives me a good idea and a check list to work though. As I am new to engines I am not clear

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE advice on tune-up after sitting almost 2 yrs

hey all- so i bought a 69 beetle auto-stick that was about 70% restored about 4 years back with the intention of finishing the restore. i tinkered with her for a few months then gave her to my brother to drive as he wrecked his car. surprise surprise he wrecked my bug baby too. so she sat in my garage for almost two years virtually forgotten. the past month ive been trying to put her back together

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE left side of manifold not warming up

when i run my car the left side of my manifold is dead cold while the right is normal it seems this is comonly a problem with spark plugs so i replaced all those and the wires but that didnt solve the problem. im not sure if the problem could be with the carborator but i converted the generator to the alternator and had to grind down a screw a little to make it fit yet i did this with my last car and


I am trying to get a 1965 beetle running which I believe has had a recent engine re-build. It has new distributor points and condenser. And I have just fitted a new carb. The starter isnt up to much as sometimes it seems to be sticking and the engine wont turn. Then I can go back and the engine whizzes over. Prior to fitting the carb I was having difficulty starting. It starts better now but always


Hello everyone Well I have a problem. I built a VW trike. The engine is a 1970 (if I remember right) itwas rebuilt from the block upby an older gentlemen. A great VW mechanic whohas been working with VWs. Well anyway I think I messed the timing up trike barley runs when acceleratoris press bike will not rev no change just blubs not a clean idle. andthat is it. Reason I think I messed the timing up

Calm down The timing light you use with the mark on your crank pulley or harmonic balancer. As far the the distributor make sure it is all the way in Second turn the distributor left or right after you put in the idle will get worse or better. That should line up your timing.

No I did not take anything off. I just lifted the distributor up a max 12 got scared and pushed it back down lined my marks I made back up and tightened the nut back down. I put no tins on nor removed the intake manifold. Rans great before I lifted the distributor. Is there any possablility that the distributor is just not seated all the way down

swedishgp or jrailer please correct me if Im wrong here but heres my kick. The vacumm is to advance the timing a bit as you drive.The carb will suck air out of a biscuit on the side of your distributor advancing everthing a few degrees. If you dont have this biscuit then maybe youhave a centrifugal type distributor and thats why when you pull the vacumm off nothing happens. If you have the biscuit suck (no comments) on the carb side of the vacumm line and watch a small arm underneigth the distributor cap move back and forth. If it does then your vacumm is good just maybe hooked up to the wrong place. Also a little note about the timing. You can set it statically (without the enigne running). If your interested Ill write you on how to do it. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

hey Jrailer Well I think I got it now as good as I am going to get it for now. I did static test it like you said. After I did that and took it for a ride still no real change. I did notice though the more I turned the distributor CCW (if I remember right) Idle increased and it ran much better. Do I sound confused about that statement All in all from where I first had the distributor and the body marked


Hi folks I got a 1970 bug i recently dismanteld to detail the engine. I removed manifold generator stand distributor tinware and shroud etc. But i left the block and heads on. It sat in pieces for about 2 montsh. I have put it back together. And it did start today. But not after turning it over about a million times with it almost firing time and time again. Once running its fine. It will even idle

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1966 Bug Electrical

Hello everyone Ok so I am having some electrical problems with my 1966 Bug. First off let me add that it is a 12 VOLT SYSTEM i did not change it it was 12 volt when i bought it. So my main problem is basically electrical failure which means that things that require the battery (radio fule pump and all that) will STOP. It happens very randomly sometimes i will turn on the ignition and nothing ells will

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Help with my VW bettle 1500

guys please help me with this got a vw1500 project..... i just wanna know if what is the connection from the distributor to the spark plugs or anyone got the manual for this... help is greatly appreciated This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum


Hello. I have a 73 bug that Im having problems with firing. It will start but once it starts it is only running on 2 cylinders. I can pull 2 wires off the distributor and you can not tell a difference. I have replaced the cap rotor button points plugs wires. Any other suggestions Also any suggestions on how to get it to start with out using starting fluid Thanks. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 69 VW bug new carb trouble

Ive got a 69 bug with a Weber 3236dfev carb installed by a VW mechanic. Its been about a year and Ive since started having idle troubles. Heres what happens Start the bug and it doesnt want to idle not hot or cold. It does do better when hot but not good enough for driving. I have the air filter off and can see that the choke flaps are all the way open. If I close them down to a bit past half way it

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Ignition Questions

Hey all I have built a VW trike with a 1600cc single portVW engine. everything is great runs good this winter I am doing some work making it a little nicer come spring. I would like to put a electronic ignition on it to eliminate pints and condenser make more reliable and gain what performance and reliability I can. But I will be honest I am little nervous about doing it because it does run nice now

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2001 turbo cylinder misfire

im getting P0301 cylinder 1 misfire. when it started (i was not driving) my friend checked the oil and it was bone dry. naturally i fear the worst. about to take it in tomorow just wondering what to expect. in the last 5 months ive had the timing belt water pump and radiator changed. i was told by a shucks employee that there was a 99% chance that it was ONLY a spark plug problem. i dont believe him


I have a 1978 beetle and it will not start. I have replaced a new coil elec distrubitor spark plug injector and will not start. I am getting power to the coil and to the distrubitor but i am not getting spark from anything. Please if you have a clue let me know. It was made in Mexico. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

take off distibutor cap crank engine make sure rotor is turning if so check connection thru distributor for shortgrounding.

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1966 Beetle wont run right HELP

I have a 1966 squareback and I just cant seem to get it to run the way it should. This Is what I have done to It. I replaced the coilspark plugsRebuilt the carbs(solex32)plug wirespoints-condenserstarterbattery. The points are set at .016 Wene I go to start it. I have to pump the hell out of it. Then it takes at least 20 sec of turning over to start. Once it starts I have to keep pumping the hell out

Welcome to the forum Robert. It sounds like youve may have dropped a Google rebuilding the carb if it pumping out black smoke is the choke flap working properly Have you checked if the ignition timing is spot on A faulty distributor cap will normally show up on a visual inspection. Make sure there is a spring loaded carbon brush in the centre and there are no HT cracks between segments. To check the

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE How can you increase MPG of a stock 69 Beetle

With the increase of gas prices lately is there anyway to increase gas milage of a 1969 beetle I am getting ready to rebuild the engine so I would like to improve the current 25 MPG to maybe 30 or low 30s. I am eyeing an 84 Volks Rabbit too and I know the beetle will never achieve the 40 - 45 that the Rabbit will but surely there is something to improve MPG This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Hot VWs mag recently did a bit of a writeup on boosting performance on a stock 1600 that you could use on your 1300. A few of the things they did to their engine would benefit in mpg as well. A vacuume advance distributor is a must for mpg switching to electronic ignition with vacuume advance would eliminate the point maintenance and improve overall performance and mpg good plugs wires coil of course

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 71 Beetle starting problems

My 71 beetle wont start unless I prime the carb. After it starts it will run fine but when I shut it off it wont start again unless I prime it. I have replaced the fuel pump and all the fuel lines and filter. Any ideas This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

check the distributor cap and rotor they could be worn down. or possibly the fuel bowl

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Spark plug location

Where in the world are the sparkplugs on the 1.8T Are they back by the firewall Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Thanks Keith I thought that was part of the injection system. Individual coils...Im old school with distributors and plug wires plus all my cars are now diesel. This is the first gasoline or petrol engined car I have worked on in a while. This car is a daughters car. Would Bosch Platinums be the best plug to use Thanks again

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 71 Shutsoff when i accelerate

I have a 1971 superbeetle and i cant seem to figure out whats going oni have cleaned the carb and put in new parts with a carb kit.....whenever i go to accelerate it strrugles and just shuts off i do not have any problems starting or it idleing its just when i go to accelerate it just shuts off any ideas on whats going on Forgot to add that i just also replaced the coil....the only thing that i can

check your points and timing too. make sure that the distributor is advancing.


ok so i have a 1600 with a 1776 carb kit and i need to tune the carbs my car has turb starting even after 2 min oif warming up i know they are hard to start to begin with what would be the best way to do this This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

I would start with the idle adjustment screw. Its on the left side of the carb on the older Solex carbs and has a spring on it. Find it and screw it all the way in then back it out about 2.5 turns. This should give you a good starting point. Start the car and SLOWLY turn the screw back in counting how many turns youre giving it. When the engine starts to sputter stop and move it back to the 2.5 mark.

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 74 super b stalls

Does anyone know why a 74 super B might be stalling whether cold or hot right after startup This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

I guess my 74 super b stalling problems are not completely resolved. I cant seem to keep the engine idling when I turn on the ignition. The engine will cut off cold or hot. However once Ive driven for a few blocks no problem with the idle. This is odd. Has anyone encountered this particular problem Could it be a distributor or carburetor issue If it only happened when cold then I would suspect a choke

I would suspect some kind of carb issue before distributor. Float taking on fuel or sticky pivot pin dirty needle or seat erratic choke operation. These are all conditions that can have intermittent effects whether hot or cold. Fuel contamination in the tank or lines will cause the same type of problems. Fuel pump diaphragm is another area of concern. Good luck with it.

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE low idle when warm

can someone give me some advice on a 2000 bug the problem is the engine started to idle real low close to 400 rpm. the problem only happens when the engine is warmed up. the car has been to several mechanics and still no answer. any info would be great thanks. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Quote ORIGINAL Dewald Check if you have an oraginal distruboter and check the choke. thiscar dosnt have distributor or choke might need a remap of the throttle body


I have a 75 fuel injected Super beetle Ive owned for about 5 months now that has mostly been running just fine. However I went out yesterday to the store this weekend and all was well but when I started the car up to return home I noticed a fairly prominent and sometimes violent stutter from the engine when the gas was applied. Ive tested out driving it a bit more since and the problem still persists

theres a few things you could check like the motor mounts or it could also be in need of a tune up (plugswiresrotor and distributor cap) just a couple of ideas to look for good luck

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE biodiesel and warranty question

aloha im about to buy an 06 turbo diesel new beetle. i really want to use biodiesel but a friend said that she had heard that it may affect the warranty. in other words if you bring it in for repairs and they discover that you have been using biodiesel they may not fix the car under warranty. has anyone heard anything about this or know if its true This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Would I be mad distributor syas it will invalidate 3 yr warranty What is the problem What might it do to the engine Is it worth the risk (at 9plitre) production cost


i just recently have a problem that came upon my 73 type 1 bug. i think it is my router and pins. becasue of it back fireing all the time. also it does not want to go above 30 mph. my friend seems to think it is the destrubitor. i need help This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

What is router and pins Are you saying rotor and points located inside the distributor The old bug was bad about wearing down the points rubbing block that rubs against the 4 lobe cam The points gap would close up and cause a problem some what like you suggesting.


Hey Gang I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of terms that we commonly see in the world of volkswagenAudi Group or volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) cars. Most of these terms include those that are VAGs own internal names andor wording jargon that comes from popular sites like ClubB5 (CB5) and Passat World etc. as well as general car terms that we use for cars other than those made by VAG.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 GLOSSARY - Explanation of VAG terminology and abbreviations by FastLane

Compiled and written by Mark M (FastLane) Most Common VAGB5 Abbreviations and Terms. 1.8T 1.8L Turbocharged Engine One of the many designations of different engines used in VAG cars. However the 1.8T is the base engine in the Passat the V6 (not VR6) and W8 are optional engines in the North American markets. Elsewhere there are 1.9L Diesels (See TDI) and 2.0 four cylinder versions as well just to name

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