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VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 74 Standard Beetle Questions

Hello all I recently purchased a 1974 beetle it needs a new drivers side floorpan and for some reason gas is getting into the oil but thats not by biggest concern It appears that for some reason the floor pan in the drivers side is completely shot but the frame is like new. Not so on the passenger side... right behind the rear tire there are 2 significant rust holes (significant as in 3-4 wide by 2

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE New 71 VW Keys & stuff

Hello all I just got home this past weekend with a great project beetle for my daughter and me. Got the title and lots of extras not to mention that the car is complete...but no keys were found by the owner. The car had been sitting since 91. My question is can I contact VW for a new set of ignition and door keys or is there some other source Also do I need to give the VIN for the car so I dont have

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VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Burnt out brake light

I have a 04 beetle and my back left brake light is out. I cant figure out how to get to it to replace it without taking half the back of the car apart. Any help would be appreciated. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Found this on another website. It is specific to a 2002 beetle but should work on 2004 model year. The process for changing the tail light bulbs for a 2002 New beetle in my case a TDI is relatively simple. To remove the lense and gain access to the bulbs you first need to release the lense holder from inside the trunk by completely unscrewing the large plastic wing nut that is under a round plastic

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Where do you purchase your anitue beetle parts

I just purchased a 72 beetle besides JC whitney where do you purchase your parts This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Im restoreing a 68 beetle and there are a plenty of places you can get parts. i just ordered enough stuff from these two places to completely rebuild my rear brakes. hope this helps

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 03 beetle Noise after stop

03 new beetle Turbo 48k After coming to a complete stop after going approx. 40 mph there is a strange motorized noise that comes from the trunk. It is kind of a winding down sound followed by a thunk. The noise is similar to the noise the trunk makes when it opens minus the thunk. Any ideas This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Shanda let me know when you find out. Here are my circumstances I just bought a 2002 VW 1.8 Turbo Auto beetle76K . If I havent applied the brakes for a period of about 10 Min and then brake I get this strange noise from the rear of the car when I am almost at a complete stop. The noise sounds like a windshield wiper making a pass with no water on the windshield. It lasts about two

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Help left top down in rain wont start indicator light clicking noise

My girlfriend left the top down on her 2003 VW bug turbo and it was soaked with rain last night. The interior was completely soaked(seats dash radio etc). This morning she was able to turn the key on to put the top up. We went to move the car into the garage and it will not start. When she tried to start the car the battery light was on initially and there was a loud clicking noise when she turned

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF buy or pass on a 1987 golf gti

i am sorry i did not know weather to post here or on the gti forms for a fast responce and i figured you guys and gals could tell me some more of the common non motor related issues these cars have. ALSO pics are in the GTI for so please give me some imput Thanks Well as some of you know i am new here and am trying to pick between two 70s era beetles or a or a 1987 GTi. Now i have always been a fan

PONTIAC SOLSTICE Burning Smell [break in smell]

My car has a burning smell when Im driving. The hand brake is off so its not that. When I got home I lifted the hood and couldnt see anything suspicious (no smoke). It smells a bitlike burning rubber. Has anyone else noticed this

I owned a Fiero and the only recall Im aware of was from fires begun when oil leaks droped onto the exhaust from the rear that ran under the engine which was the case with the V6. The old volkswagen beetles had a problem with engine fires - a short hidden rubber gas line connnected the solid lines from the chassis to those on the engine platform. Right underneath that connection was an exhaust pipe.

FIAT 500 II Winding Road ezine article

Driven 2012 Fiat 500 Sport By Seyth Miersma February 08 2011 &8212San Diego California Is it better than the Mini Cooper As enthusiast drivers in general and small-car enthusiasts in particular that&8217s the number one question that we had for this Americanized edition of Fiat&8217s 500. There&8217s little question that especially in the early going many examples of the Cinquecento will be sold based

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