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VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1976 Beetle Fuel Injected Problem

I have a 1976 VW beetle that is fuel injected with the 1600 engine. It runs fine for about 2 weeks and then starts to buck (Kind of like you let off of the clutch in the wrong gear and then try to add a lot of gas to it and it bucks like it is about to cut off.) It does this for a couple of days then it will run fine for another 2 weeks. We have taken it to our vw mechanic who works on old beetles


Wow have been scanning the threads on the new beetles. Having just purchased one (200 miles so far)..I can only guess which problem you folks mention will occur to me I am hoping that the 3yr36K warranty will pick up the tab for these problem areas.. One small question do these motors have a chain timing belt or fanbelt style belt which must be changed My maint sked is every 10K miles and looks like

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I currently own a 1998 Cabrio which I LOVE. It has about 165000 miles on it. The clutch was installed wrong out of the factory so Ive had to replace that along with the timing belt serpentine belt muffler etc. Some things were general maintenance others were not. But my Cabrio gets me where Im going and Im attached to it. Unfortunately its about time to trade her in for a new car. I love the VW beetles

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1.8T tranny removal

Hi I have a 2001 beetle with 150000 miles on it. It needs the clutch replaced. My to get the transmission out I have everything disconnected that I can tell. Tranny moves about an inch back then stops. I cannot see anything that is blocking the tranny from sliding fully back so I can lower it. Any ideas Thanks RRGrassi This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2001 Beetle Issues...

Hi After replacing the clutch and LCA bushings the car now has other issues. It still needs the radiator condenser and cooling fan assembly replaced. I have those parts already. When I was test driving the car after about 10 minutes the oil indicator light began flashing. What does that mean Oil level is in between min and max. Also the airbag light came on and the traction control light comes on.


My daughter has a 2003 beetle 2.0 with 42000 mile on it. Her ac quit working and the repair shop wants 1200.00 to replace the compressor Drier and expansion valve. Thinking about doing it myself as her uncle has the gauges and vac pump. The mech says they use OEM compressors (600) as the after markets are not good. Is that true Is there an aftermarket brand someone would recommend There is about a

Air conditioning and AC compressors have become a necessity in our modern world. Using a socket on the nut that holds the clutch plate on - see if it can be turned. Look for signs of the clutch plate over-heating discoloration.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 VW Marketing... No Drivers Wanted

I started this thread as a way to bring up all kinds of issues about VW marketing in the USA. They complain about low sales. They get a new ad agency. But again and again they fail keep the US market interested (for more than a few seconds). Whats up VW Read on and enjoy the photos videos and a little reading here and there. April 2006 A few things strike me quite odd about their marketing. It became

07 February 2007 UPDATED volkswagen ANNOUNCES RESERVATION PROCESS FOR NEW R32 Strong Demand Anticipated for Limited Production Sports Model CHICAGO &8211 volkswagen of America Inc. anticipates significant consumer demand for its sporty new R32 performance model debuting today at the Chicago Auto Show. The new R32 is a reprise of the 2004 edition which sold out its entire United States allocation of

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Just drove the B6

I was picking up my car from the shop when I see that chrome trapezoidal grille coming towards me but something was different. Then I saw the tails and emblem in the mirror and thought Thats no MkV Jetta. So I pulled a U-ey knowing these cars werent supposed to be released until the end of next month pulled up behind it and got out taking some pics with my cameraphone. The guy had gone into Candelas

Originally Posted by luvmyb5 So we went out for an extended test drive and I got to test out Tiptronics new Sport mode which I must admit is the closest to non-clutch automated shifitng without DSG. Well it isnt so new .. its like the 6 speed auto in the New beetle. I will say that particular sport mode has completely changed the way I feel about automatics - and yes Ive driven DSG cars. Down shift

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