volkswagen beetle clutch cable

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volkswagen beetle clutch cable
volkswagen beetle clutch cable

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Hello everyone First off like to say Hi to everyone I am a new beetle owner finally saved up enough and purchased my very own 1974 beetle. The other day while driving the clutch cable popped off the hook I am in the middle of reattaching it having some difficulty with the pedal cluster but will figure it out. Question is is it normal for it to pop off Was it my driving Is it a sign of things to come

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Driving a short distance with a broken accelerator cable

Hi There I have a 1961 VW Bug. The accelerator cable broke. Would it cause harm to drive it to my mechanic about 3 blocks away by using the clutch brake and maybe having to start and stop the engine No hills and maybe a couple of stop signs along the way. Or should I just have it towed in Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

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VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 75 super beetle fuel injection issues.

dear experts i am working on my wifes 75 super beetle conv. i pulled the motor to replace the clutch and rear main seal. had a tough time hooking wiring and hoses up because i didnt lable. finally got it running but poorly.couple of issues 1. the throttle body gets stuck slightly keeping up idle.its not the cable. this makes it hard to set timing and idle speed. without taking it apart i dont see why

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 72 beetle grinding

I have a few questions. I just bought a 1972 vw beetle 4 speed standard. Whenever I shift into first and reverse WITH THE clutch IN the gears grind. I have been avoiding this problem temporarily by shifting into those gears with the car off while stopped or starting from second gear. Any idea whats wrong here Is there a huge problem Also the previous owner has been using diesel oil for this car which

no biggie there its a knuckle buster but you just got to tighten the clutch cable. there is a wing nut on the clutch arm where the cable comes thru. clip a small vicegrip on the cable end in front of the arm but not on the braided part of the cable then turn the wing nut clockwise tward the front of the car. start with two full turns one more if its still grinding into reverse. you do this from under the caroppisite the starter side ie it on the driver side.

Hey TAKE IT IN I got it repaired and the mechanic told me the problem was there is a little tube that carriest teh clutch cable gas lines etc. To the back of the car and the tube was broken thus no tension on the cables or something like that. He replaced the tube as well as the clutch and acceleraor cable and now it shifts very smoothly. Do not continue to drive it that way you will really mess up the transmission or so I was told.


Hello everyone Well I have a problem. I built a VW trike. The engine is a 1970 (if I remember right) itwas rebuilt from the block upby an older gentlemen. A great VW mechanic whohas been working with VWs. Well anyway I think I messed the timing up trike barley runs when acceleratoris press bike will not rev no change just blubs not a clean idle. andthat is it. Reason I think I messed the timing up

Hey My fater was telling me of a trick that you can do with the clutch cable (put a crimp in it or someting like that) Which will allow to compensate for the rocking of the engine. This will allow you to shift harder and faster without problems. any ideas what he is talking about LOL Also what would cause you to have to be going very slow in order to down shift. Theroretically (I amnot good at spelling)

some of the older vw tranys are very low geared so they dont down shift very good does your clutch cable have a tube on it between the pan and the trany if not it needs one they call it a boden tube and it takes the chatter out of the clutch it goes on the diff cover on the clutch arm side of the trans another way to go would be hydrolic you could look at that empi site they have slave and master cylinder


Hey guys I think i have a problem when im driving my 67 beetle and its cold or worm it has no problem sliping into 1st gear BUT when it is hot and i slip it into 1st it grinds what can i do. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

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