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for newer vehicles (tiny little chains) when there is lack of maintenance or the intervals of LOF are spaced to far apart.... With lack of necessary amount of oil or poor oil quality causes higher oil temp causing the chain to overheat and stretch - and the slack in the chain can cause noise within the timing cover.... Cheers BB PS 360 comprehensive and 5100 PTO may only be a N.A. policy for toyota

TOYOTA YARIS replacing camshaft gear VVTI

I am having this done today at toyota and it costs 500..o7 hatch in case you need it done... after 07 probably wont have to. mine went at has 200K.

I hear you on that one I just had to do my moms accord (3.0L) even at cost it was 600 and change (discounted labour). Did the wp and the idlertensioner pulleys while I was in there. ...On my echo (older yaris...) it calls for 4.2 hrs to change one cam gear. 5 hours isnt that bad considering. The timing coverchain has to come off.

actually i know what he is talking about the TSB. that year they made a design change in the vvti cam gears. i know for a fact the IS 250 and maybe the 350 had an issue with those. customer complains of a loud ticking noise on a cold start and goes away after a couple seconds. something in the cam gear cracks and calls for a new cam gear part number to replace it. there was a VIN number range that

9876 yes when we have a TSB (technical service bulletin) on our tech stream its only a quick reference to certain customer comlaints. its not necessary a recall because its not life threating but a mechanic malfuction in the vehicle that happens and can usually only do anything about it if the customer complains about it. toyota keeps track of all the custom complaints that are recorded and when they

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TOYOTA YARIS Please help with Rattle coming from cam cover

Doing the oil on my girls 08 5spd and noticed a rattle coming from the engine bay while parked at idle in neutral. It comes an goes nothing constant about it. Best guess is its coming from the cam cover and sounds kind of like a pot of boiling water with a lid on it kind of rattle (best I can describe) doesn&8217t sound like a lifter or a lower bearing but I&8217m not up on my toyota tech. any ideas that can point me in the right direction

how about a faulty timing chain tensioner would having the belt on cause extra strain on the chain causing it to rattle i would think the noise would get worse when you loaded the rpms if it was in the timing gear set


toyota REVEALS ALL-NEW yaris SEDAN AT 2006 LOS ANGELES AUTO SHOW LOS ANGELES January 4 2005 - - toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. unveiled the all-new yaris Sedan at a press conference today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The 2007 toyota yaris will make its U.S. debut when it arrives in showrooms this spring in four-door Sedan and three-door Liftback configurations. First launched in Europe in 1999 the

TOYOTA YARIS YARIS FAQ (frequently asked questions)

This will be an open sticky so that people can add to it. However please make sure there are no duplicates of answers. If there are any questions you do not find answers here a good bet is to check the manual that came with your car Where is the DriversOwner Manual located In the passenger glovebox Do all Yarii come stock with an tachometer No the USDM yaris doesnt have the Tachometer as standard option.

320lbs) Automatic 1073kg (2365lbs) 5DR RS Manual 1059kg (2335lbs) Automatic 1082kg (2385lbs) I have a manual yaris but it wont start why All modern cars with manual transmission have a safety switch that is connected to the clutch. In order to start a manual car you need to fully depress the clutch and while in the depressed position turn the ignition on. What bulbs are used in the yaris 2007 toyota


Hello all I as many on here have taken on the challenge of changing my front rotors and pads and also my shoes on the rear. My E brake is engaging properly but the brakes are obviously feeling spongy. Is there any Pattern or special fuses or relays to disconnect to bleed the brakes Please be specific. Problem2 I have the airbag light on as well and figured out after this number of flashes after jumping

side airbags and that is indeed the code then you get to that sensor by pulling the lower B pillar cover. It is located next to the seatbelt assembly within the B pillar. Check for wire damage and if they are OK then you will need to replace the sensor. 3. There actually was a TSB for this for 07 yaris where the camshaft timing gear as opposed to the VVTI Oil control valve is the cause. With the toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Check engine light on

My 07 yaris has about 34000 miles on it and my check engine light just came on. I took it to the dealer and they said that the car had a problem with one of the cam gears. He didnt go into a lot of details but they have the part on order and I have to take the car back tomorrow. For now they say it is safe to drive. This is what the diagnosis was on my invoice Code P0012-- CAM SHAFT A OVER RETARDED

Okay I tried to get more info out of the Asst. Service Manager this morning when I dropped the car off but it didnt sound like he fully understood the problem so he couldnt explain it very well. He said that he thought it was an idlertensioner cam gear that was the problem and was throwing the timing off every now and then. He said the last timing problem probably occurred during one of the engine


are there any pics out there of the camshaft timing gear assembly under the valve cover and related pics...

TOYOTA YARIS need info on a 08 with tranny leak

im a total newb to the import scene my whole life has been spent under ford mustangs and broncos the other day i put the wifes yaris on a lift for a oil change and found a class 1 oil leak on the bottom of what i guess is the tranny. i should have got a pic but thought it would be going to the dealer for warranty work. turns out warrenty was up at 65000 miles wife thought it was one hundred. anyway

Are you sure its the tranny gear oil Might want to take a look for motor oil at the back of the engine on the passenger side nearest to the timing chain cover . It can run all the way from the top of the block to the oil pan and down under . Tell us what you discover . Post pics if possible and good luck on finding the source .

TOYOTA YARIS p0012 c.e.l.

In the past 6 months Ive had three separate instances where my check engine light has lit up. All three have been the p0012 over-retarded cam timing code. In the previous two instances I would reset the battery and it wouldnt come back(were talking months between c.e.l.s). With it coming back now a third time Im concerned that it may not be a faulty connection. I reset the code earlier today cel didnt

Quote Originally Posted by baseballfan416 Thank you CTScott. But wow that sucks... tsbs only good for 60k Such a simplistic car and yet so buggy... cel went off on its own... The TSB provides a simple Techstream procedure for verifying if the issue is the timing gear or if it is the VVTI oil control valve. The OCV can easily be damaged during a belt change and also it has a filter screen mounted below

NISSAN Do any of you REGRET buying the Versa vs. another

I bought my 2010 Versa 1.8 S HB last night after also test driving the yaris and the Fit. Before test driving I already had my heart set on the yaris so I drove it first. My family has always been toyota fans so I was biased. However after driving it I liked how peppy it was but the cabin noise and the interior did not impress me at all. Next I drove a Fit Sport. Hands down I liked everything about

had stopped making the Aereo in a hatch Subaru was no longer making the Baja... I wanted a small car because I enjoyed how easy it was to park and u-turn my Sidekick (which ironically had a higher safety rating than my Loyale) and Im very glad I had that preference as now I have to park in a ridiculously small parking garage... At the time the car manufacturers I looked to for long lasting cars (toyota

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