toyota yaris thermostat thermostat cover

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toyota yaris thermostat cover VERSO
toyota yaris thermostat cover VERSO

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TOYOTA YARIS thermostat replacement

Not sure where it is. Experience tells me where top radiator hose goes. I am at 104000 miles and since no temp guage wont have any warning. I am looking at a Duralast Fail safe thermostat to replace OEM part. Any tips on changing it

New O ring comes in the box if you go OEM. I did this job it was easy. Just dont tighten too much or you can crack the plastic cover. Use a torque wrench...

TOYOTA YARIS Custron T1062TYT Review (Long)

Review of the Custron T1062TYT Touch ScreenDVDGPS Head Unit A couple of months ago I was driving through town in my &821706 toyota yaris when suddenly the radio station I was listening to started to cut out and the radio went dead. Talking to my local toyota dealership revealed that a replacement radio would start at about 400 if they could take in the original head unit and up to 1700 if the original

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TOYOTA YARIS bit of help for new owner...

Hi all I have just bought a 1999 yaris 1.0 vvti. has only covered 50k miles. Apologies if this first thread is in the wrong section... but I have a number of issues I need to sorted out asap and would really appreciate any help from you. 1. Juddery acceleration. Initially thought this was in 3rd only but seems to be occurring when youve just changed gear and put your foot down. It will then go away

TOYOTA YARIS winter cold heating questions )

Hi Soo the winter is finally here this week it was down to -14 degrees and i have some questions about heating. In my yaris verso 1.4 d4d 2004 there is cable heating system and webasto heating. So before running the car everymorning i heat the car 2 hours and i can really feel the difference. Actually after the heating up when i touch the motor it is all the way warm actually it heats up quite well

less cooling dragbetter economy. I understand some of the newer cars have automatic louvers to accomplish this. So in very cold weather I keep things cozier and maybe gain some FE. Cooling drag is often overlooked but not in airplanes the fast ones use the absolute minimum cowl openings to deal with the heat smaller is always better performance wise. The same principle applies to cars even a yaris.

TOYOTA YARIS Anthos turbo thread

So some may have read my thread on MI but I wanted to share it here... So far I have... SR20DET T25 turbo 1NZ-FE engine TOGA maine and rod bearing CP piston 91 Highbeam rods Goldean eagle fuel rail 2AZ-FE injertors 2.5 intercooler piping kit ebay CAI for the piping parts to make the piping easier 6AN fuel line with return with 255LPH pump 10an return oil lin 10 an water line 4 an oil feed line What

TOYOTA YARIS VERSO DIY Heated Seats for 2006-2011 Yaris

Attached is my DIY for installing seat heaters on a 2006 to 2011 yaris. The DIY includes installing and wiring the seat heaters both with aftermarket seat covers and under the OEM seat fabric. I installed a set (both front seats) in my 2009 yaris Liftback under my Clazzio leather seat covers (purchased from MicroImage). This installation was incredibly easy and would have been even easier if I was

Quote Originally Posted by Lil Abner As always Scott you rock Do you have any pics of the OEM seat covers finished with the heating pads under them Im curious if you can see the heating pads under the OEM fabric or not. I dont see foam on the backside of the OEM fabric so it makes me think you can see the marks where the heat pads are at. Heres a picture of the finished product. The pads are so thin

TOYOTA YARIS Add transmission fluid to engine oil

I was at my local toyota dealer for an issue and while i was there explained to him i was going to do the Sea Foam Treatment and wanted to know his thoughts on that. He stated that they have done that there and was fine with it. However he suggested that rather than using the sea foam in the engine oil part that i throw a quart of automatic transmission in the engine oil then do a change. Has anyone out there done this and what were the results

Quote Originally Posted by bronsin Sorry to be obtuse. I did not mean to be insensitive. Just what I meant escapes me just now. I guess I do not believe adding ATF to an engine will do anything at all. Yes I know all about the sludge issue. Never happened to any car I owned. Never saw one. Unless its the result of failure to change the oil on a regular basis I dont know what could cause it. Ive heard

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