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TOYOTA YARIS Viper Alarm System

I have a Viper alarm system in my 07 yaris. We bought it this way from a private party so i am unsure of the model. When we bought it 3 of the 4 doors didnt lock or unlock with the remote. But the back passenger side door was the only one working but the alarm would work (the lights flash when you hit the lockunlock button and if you opened the door with it activated the horn would sound and lights

TOYOTA YARIS Help Horn just stopped working.

Hello all My horn just stopped working and guess what My warranty ended 4 days ago Anyway.... I have a European diesel model. Does anyone know the steps for troubleshooting a non-working horn

Im pretty sure that if I dug around I could find the old J.C. Whitney Ocean Liner Blast horn I had on a car in the 80s and parts to put an ear splitting air horn system together. Ive gotten fond of my tootly little Japanese horn though.

TOYOTA YARIS Annoying Alarms with Horns

I absolutely positively HATE those horn blasting alarm armers What kind of lazy-ass inconsiderate idiot needs a horn to be able to tell whether the alarm is on The beep-beep sound that some make is OK. Its the horn blowing models that make my blood boil. Hearing someones horn honking at all hours of the day & night all over the neighborhood or in the apartment parking lot every time some idiot has

Yeah I agree that those alarms are annoying. And I was told by the guy who installed my full alarm system that the factory horn alarms wont even go off if the window is smashed in. Only if the locks or ignition are tampered with. So if they smash the window they can reach in and pop the hood to disconnect the batter. No more alarm at all.

some alarm systems have silent alarm my ebay 2way has it.

TOYOTA YARIS Hella 118db horns

I was wondering if anyone has replaced their wimpy OEM horn. I used to own an old porsche that had this great sounding Euro horn on it. It was a hella trumpet horn. Anybody have any other aftermarket euro horn suggestions httpwww.rallylights.comhellahorns.asp

Hehhe I know what you mean I also got my licence properly to the amazement and wonder of friends. Had to redo the practical part twice though I sucked at parallel parking... Did you do the written test the old way as in on paper They had a new computerized system when I did it and oh boy I was lucky to pass the questions were nonsensical and a couple of them were even repeated three times (the system

TOYOTA YARIS Horn Response When Locking

This is a really strange request I know.. but Im one of those people that loves the response when I press the button on my keychain... Is it possible though a modification to get this to work And if so does anyone have any idea how this could be done

mines an aftermarket system anyways....

TOYOTA YARIS P1 i need help with a system asap

ok i have a 2007 yaris liftback and i want to add a system to it but i have no clue of any brand and how all that works but i know i want a touchscreen w the radio thingy and a boom boom lol obviously im lost in this topic so anyone please help

Quote Originally Posted by sqcomp Infinity Kappas & JL W7 listed as Best people watch too much Unique Whips. That Focal 21 wx is a nice woofer. Im an Illusion Audio fan though those ND woofers are very nice. Regardless...using the term best shows a lack of real knowledge. I understand that biases are out there but really smugly white-washing the entire audio industry with JL Audio W7s are

TOYOTA YARIS No Horn when pressing Alarm

Hi Guys... just bought a 2007 yaris... I LOVE IT I live in Ontario Canada. Came with stock keyless remote entry with alarm. The problem is that no matter how many times I press the lock button on the remote the car does not honk to assure that it is locked. The lights flash but no horn. Is there a way to re-program this I took it to the dealer and they said this is just the way it is... but somehow I dont beleive them. Any help is appreciated.

does your have a protection sticker in the driverpassenger window it says vehicle tracking system or something among those lines

TOYOTA YARIS P1 Sound system. 1 brand it all which

I want to stick with just one brand on my whole system if so which Price isnt issue here. im a big baller now hell ya...but i bought a cheap ass indash tv..hahaha i dont want to spend that much on a 15k car. Anyway what brand with work well with its components I was told polks but that sound really cheap.. Speakers amps and subs. thx in advance -- Blen

Ive always liked to match components too. My first car had all pioneer equipment. For the money it sounded really nice. I had top of the line 6x9s (the ones with the compression horns they sounded awesome) and the component plate for the 6x8 area. Pioneers not a bad brand to choose. Just stay away from their lower end stuff. They also have a premier line that has some better stuff (and some rebadged pioneer stuff as well).

TOYOTA YARIS A Question About Cruise Control

Ive seenread a lot of threads about the DIY Cruise Control Seem like the factory method is the best way to go. But I have shined a light on my dash and saw no cruise control indicators. Does this mean either 1. Cruise Control is not possible on my vehicle 2. I will have to buy an aftermarket kit example Rostra Thanks Zee

Quote Originally Posted by Grumblepa This is the point I am presently at I have installed the stalk and clutch switch done some of the wiring. All wiring from the ECM and Clutch Switch up to the steering column where there is only one horn wire that runs through the spiral cable.....this is where I have become stuck. I now realize that this is all for naught. Now reading through this Forum I have found that I maybe chasing shadows. Original Rostra Kit Does this mean that the stalk I presently own needs some additional parts Or is the Original Rostra Kit something else altogether Or do you mean the ECM I have isnt compatible Where would be a good place to find this Would you be so kind as to direct me from this point to a remedial solution If you were I where would you go from here Many thanks Out of curiosity did you ever measure the voltage on the pin that you added to the ECM connector If that measured 12V with the ignition on there would be a glimmer of hope. In that case you could just use the frame of the steering wheel as the second spiral cable wire (since the second is just a ground). As for the Rostra kit the original one was the one with the aftermarket looking stalk mounted to the opposite side of the steering column. It is a complete CC system requiring wiring to the accelerator pedal connector brake switch fuse panel and ECM. The reason I believe it would work on yaris which dont have the OEM CC programmed into the ECM is that it is a complete CC product.

multiple wires to match what was coming from the Cruise Control Stalk. I took it to a local auto electrician (the most highly recommended in town) and he told me that for him to attempt to figure out what went where would be to time consuming and that I should try the local Auto Sound systems installer because they do installs. Which I did. The installer I learned actually does after market toyota

multiple wires to match what was coming from the Cruise Control Stalk. I took it to a local auto electrician (the most highly recommended in town) and he told me that for him to attempt to figure out what went where would be to time consuming and that I should try the local Auto Sound systems installer because they do installs. Which I did. The installer I learned actually does after market toyota


Okay gentlemen... Ive taken it up a notch. You guys remember the air horns I put on the car a couple years back Ive taken it up a notch...a BIG notch. Over the next few months Ill be using a specialized relocation kit to take the individual horns off the original manifold to fit them into the same area that I have the current Buell four horn setup. Im upgrading the air lines electric valve and tank.

Quote Originally Posted by TOLMACH Do you really need that thing in your car Need Yes. It is an integral part of my alarm system. I can guarantee that if someone breaks into the car I will know. Im simply protecting my investment from thieves. D The real reason I purchased the horn setup was to wake people up. Several years ago I was run off the road by a truck whose driver wasnt paying any attention.

Posted by CrankyOldMan Madness (But genius) People said that same thing when I put those two surfboard amplifiers in the trunk of the car...and made it to IASCA world SQ finals. Ive been hearing all knids of negatives from people about what Ive been trying to do over the years. Actually my whole soundsystem start was because some rube on the YW forums (from my area) told me I couldnt make a yaris

TOYOTA YARIS Compilation of Yaris How-tosDIYs

Trying to organize by category - eTiMaGo Some might be doubled up if theres more than one writeup on the subject Interior How to remove the Backseats httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt306 Sparco Raceseat Installation httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt360 Install a Tach httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt662 Oil Pressure Gauge Install httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt15233


I got VIP RS3200. There are 2 things I found werid. 1) When I lockunlock the door the alarm gets armeddisarmed but it doesnt not make the beeping noise. I looked at httpwww.etimago.comyarisrepairm...0Deterrent.pdf and saw there is a thing called security horn all the way at the end of the PDF document. Do people actually have this horn Is my alarm not making beeping noise when armeddisarmed because

TOYOTA YARIS Very Strange Starting Problem

Hello My first time posting here so thanks in advance for any help. I have a 2007 4-door yaris. Every few times I try to start the car it will not even turn over. Its just absolutely dead as if the battery is dead. This has been happening for a few weeks now and I cannot seem to find any trends relating to when it happens or what causes it. I have found a way to get the car to start though. If I pop

TOYOTA YARIS Security Alarms for the Toyota Yaris

I opted not to have toyota install one of the several factory alarmsecurity systems because they are overpriced in comparison to aftermarket installs. Just wondering if yaris owners out there have installed an aftermarket securityalarm system and specifically which one Im probably going shopping for a security system this weekend and I would love to hear some feedback from those of you have installed

There are various types of paging systems but they boil down to the following Two-Way Paging Alarm system Basically your car is equipped with a standard alarm and an add-on paging system is installed. This paging system will alert you if your car is being tampered with such as a warning signal or if you alarm has actually been triggered. Theres various levels of reporting with minute details like left

TOYOTA YARIS Replaced dead battery car wont start

Im getting my yaris towed in the morning but Im hoping someone may have an idea on my issue. I left my dome light on overnight and in the morning the car was dead. The first jumped started it after a few tries but once I turned the car off it wouldnt start again. The second jump caused the horn to beep and then nothing. We replaced the battery and still nothing. Not wven making a trying to turn over

Quote Originally Posted by slinkycat36 Im getting my yaris towed in the morning but Im hoping someone may have an idea on my issue. I left my dome light on overnight and in the morning the car was dead. The first jumped started it after a few tries but once I turned the car off it wouldnt start again. The second jump caused the horn to beep and then nothing. We replaced the battery and still nothing.

TOYOTA YARIS Keyless question

Hi all Im pretty new to this I just got my 08 yaris LB a little over a month ago when we chose it it didnt come with keyless entry but the dealership said they could install it if I wanted it so we added it to the contract. Now when they installed it they gave me the regular key back with two separate keyfobs (no keykeyfob type) so they installed an aftermarket keyless system we asked why and the dealership

I have come from the MR2 forums searching the net for help on installing a Valet 712T into my MR2. It has factory security (TDS) but my TDSE security got corroded. I am trying to figure out how to wire into the factory 20pin TDS harness since it probably has what I need for keyless entry. I have the wiring diagrams for the 94-95 mr2s. The thing is I have the factory alarm harness and TDS system accessible.

Quote Originally Posted by skigil I just want to add my story to this thread.... I had Keyless entry added to my bill as well when I purchased my brand new 08 LB yaris. Well turns out my dealership shunned me off to a 3rd party place to have it installed (Car Toys). While it took them forever to install it I patiently strolled through their store and noticed I was paying 250 for keyless entry but at

TOYOTA YARIS yaris airbags

Hello. My 102009 yaris 1.3 Hatch has deployed its airbags. I have been offered a 2008 model airbag system for 500 dollars from a wrecking yard. Dash looks the same. Steering wheel slightly different. Can I use this systemor will i have problems. Will 2008 module work with 102009 ECU

Quote Originally Posted by bert66 Thanks CT. A few developments today. The steering wheel insert is different. My mechanic fitted the system today. What I have installed in the yaris at the moment is my original 1009 module 2008 model passenger airbag(dash board) 2008 seatbelts and he plugged the 2008 drivers airbag in even though it is physically too small for the 2009 steering wheel. The only fault

TOYOTA YARIS How much did you pay for your Yaris

Sorry if this thread has been done before but I searched and came up w nothing. How much did you pay for your yaris I started my search for one back in mid to late-summer just as gas prices were starting to come down from their peak. At the time Yarii were pretty hard to come by in this region so dealers werent willing to budge from MSRP. At least they werent charging market adjustments over sticker

I purchased my 2008 yaris S sedan on April 28 2008. List was 17300 which included S package alloys power package automatic mats etc. Tulsa OK experienced a damaging hailstorm three weeks prior which damaged over 2000 cars on the car lot mile of South Tulsa. My car had been repaired by the dealership with a lifetime warranty and was discounted 2000 for the damage. 15300 out the door but I added TRD

TOYOTA YARIS Keep your vehicle protected

Here are some suggestions on what tolook for when thinking about a vehicle alarm This post is regarding alarm systems and how to best protect your equipment from being stolen. Here are some common features that are included with most decent quality alarm units 115dB Siren Impact Sensor Keyless Entry Starter Kill horn Honk Parking Light Flash Headlight Flash (Low and Hi) Hood and Trunk Pins0 Door Pins


Figured Id start a discussion on the subject. Ive had PVC intakes in my past 2 cars with no ill effects... the piping never got nearly hot enough to release any sort of gases. I do mold PVC and do realize how much it takes to get it to meltrelease gases... but as long as its not the thinnest wall stuff there is no chance of it releasing gasses into the motor especially not with cool air flowin through

iceman intakes are a good example and supposedly work quite well not too many toyota applications however. quote from iceman website Q. Why does Iceman Intakes use plastic rather than metal for their intakes A. Based on scientific reasoning there are several known factors that impede engine performance. Among these operating temperatures and the mass flow of air are the most critical. Overcoming the

TOYOTA YARIS Keyless Entry

I am looking to get keyless entry on my 07 yaris Sedan I have power locks and I contacted the dealer today and they said it would be 600 for parts and install tax plus it would take awhile to get the parts in. Has anyone had keyless entry installed in their yaris and at what price Thanks

I need help i just ordered the keyless entry system for my yaris (has power package) and it cost 266 and was installed at the dealership but the problem is they are telling me the remote cannot open my trunk because i dont have a trunk release system ( i think they are lying to me because i am a girl and dont know much about cars) but can someone verify for me They had to rewire it twice because they

TOYOTA YARIS New door speakers

I want to replace both front and back door speakers but Im not sure if my amp can handle it. Its a 1500w autotek mean machine and I have twin 12 kicker CVRs on it right now and a Pioneer AVH 1400dvd head unit. The kickers are 800 peak 400 rms. They are not bridged but Im not sure how much I can still add on to them. Any one have an ideas on new door speakers I should get. I want to keep with the Kicker

Fair enough...but a burglar could target your home as well. Doesnt mean Im going to stop living there. There are easy ways to discourage would be burglars as well. That in itself is a whole other post topic. First and foremost dont advertise that you have a system. I hear the concern with purchasing equipment for the vehicle. I know that Ive done pretty much everything I can to protect my investment. You can get through the window easily. But those train horns that are hooked up to the car WILL wake up the entire neighborhood. Oh and the triple sirens including one in the car...and the strobe light built into the headliner...and the battery backup... If you have the balls to stick around any try to steal something Ive got an all American response for you. I sleep lightly and Im armed to the teeth...and I have deployed with plenty of police officers in multiple precincts around me. It would be bad news bears to try breaking into my little yaris. [

TOYOTA YARIS Help with flip key and remote headlights.

Hi everyone Because I throw my car keys in the same pocket as my headphones Ive managed to destroy three pairs of apple headphones in the past year. That got me thinking about buying a flip key that way I dont snag them when I try to pull them out of my pocket throughout the school day. I found a third party corolla flip key (ill try to attach a pic but Im on my iPhone so it may not go over well) and

blank is the same and since you have an 07 you dont need to worry about compatibility of a transponder within the key. As for the remote part you would need to install a system on the car side for the electronics to talk to. The easiest thing is a cheap (40 - 60) keyless entry or remote starter. Even if you dont upgrade to power locks (which is actually not hard to do as I did so with my red 08 yaris)

TOYOTA YARIS P9 Steering Wheel Controls - Part 2

Well I went to the toyota Stealership today to find out about doing the Audio Controls on my steering wheel - the button system and everything is relatively cheap but they wont sell me the horn Button Cover separate They say i must buy it with the Airbag at US1800 Anybody know if it might be better to just cut the existing steering wheel cover I mean the buttons mount to the sides of the cover might

TOYOTA YARIS Steering Wheel

I find the steering wheel on my 2009 yaris to be intolerable. Im planning on replacing it with an aftermarket wheel. This means there will be no driver side airbag. Anyone else hate this wheel Any suggestions P.S. I just found some info on this website and it looks like Im not the only one with complaints.

Quote Do the aftermarket wheels incorporate the air bag What is a clock mechanism What is good corrective technique 1. I havent seen an aftermarket wheel that does. 2. A clock mechanism is a disk-on-disk conductive system that allows your horn (and other electrical controls like stereo volume etc) to work even though you can turn your wheel. Its the only way I would use an aftermarket wheel and have

TOYOTA YARIS Failed Texas state inspection for SC

So Ive just come from being failed on my state inspection for having this bolt on Rotrex kit and Im wondering is this right Did I fall asleep and wake up in California And the only real explanation I got for it failing was because It didnt come that way. I was also told my air filter has to be fully enclosed in a box. WTF Are they serious Since when did this start Or did I just get an inspector who

Garages that do inspections. Its officially legal now as I found someone to pass it but Im still a little bothered by the ambiguities in the criteria. Sure I could have just put my stock air box back on by why should I have to if the intake isnt even an item for inspection Also there is nothing specifically on the list of things to check that would require a peek under the hood at all. Even the DPS


The pictures show the dammage to my car from my most recent accident. The horn right front turn signal and right front hi beam are out. The wire loom in the picture was pinched but I was able to free it. Any of these wires have anything to do with the affected items Are these items common to the electrical system somehow I dont see any dammage to the lights theyre on the right of the car and the impact

TOYOTA YARIS Installed My Tweeters Today

I started on the sound system in my yaris. I have found that the crossover is the weak link in all tweeters from all manufacurers. So I learn to design and build my own. This way I can optimize the tweeter for the car. I had a choice between an 18dB Per Octave with response shaping and a 24dB per octave filter. Both crossover points were set to 5200Hz. The manufacturer crossover was a 12dB per octave

He he... Ahh USD Audio Waveguides. I have a pair in storage. That diagram simply tells you that this person is using passives off one of the RF amplifiers. Why I dont know. He already has an active 3 way crossover. Id really have to get to this system in particular to see what and why hes doing what hes doing. Now Im NOT saying if youre passively crossing your system you NEED to keep the tweeter and

TOYOTA YARIS Keyless Entry Chirp

Does anyone have a mod or know of a way to make a chirp signal when locking or unlocking the yaris That was a nice feature on my Tacoma. To lock my yaris with no feedback makes me look back and lock it.

There should be a wire from the alarmkeyless module that hooks into the signalhazard lighting system THAT is the wire you want to tap not the actual wiring for the lighting you dont want the buzzer or horn to sound everytime you signal only when the lights flash for lockunlock. I30s and Maximas are the same way with a visual signal only and on that forum someone merely located the keyless entrys light

TOYOTA YARIS Enable chirp w factory security

Is there any way to enable the common chirping sound w the factory security system Not even sure my 09 has the security system. It has the remote lock unlock and a red blinking LED on the dash (in the driver side end of the defogger vent).

Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi Is there any way to enable the common chirping sound w the factory security system Not even sure my 09 has the security system. It has the remote lock unlock and a red blinking LED on the dash (in the driver side end of the defogger vent). If youre referring to the chirping sound of the horn when you press the lock button on the key that would be awesome to have

TOYOTA YARIS Aftermarket Keyless Entry - How does it affect the Warranty

Im considering going to BestBuy to get the Viper keyless entry system installed into my yaris Sedan. I wanted to see if anyone knew how an aftermarket keyless entry system would affect the 3 year36000 mile warranty or the 5 year60000 mile warranty. Im here in LA California so needless to say my American yaris Sedan had the power package but didnt come with keyless entry.

DEI are consistently the highest recommended Ive loved everyone Ive gotten... but they are overpriced at Best But For Sure... Try a smaller shop for better prices. But DEI owns so many brands.... Viper hornet Clifford Python etc.... so youll see a lot of DEI everywhere. I loved my 791 xv two way viper but the lower end ones are nice too... I think Ive had a 550ESP as well... Try the security sense


hey I have a question hopefully someone one knows Dealer installed an aftermarket alarm and its going haywire in my moms Rav-4 I pulled the 10A fuse for the alarm system and then she had to pull the horn fuse as it is still going off anyone have any ideas as to how to reset aftermarket alarms like a universal reset or something Ive pulled both the fuse and the neg cable and nothing. had to pull the

TOYOTA YARIS Out to OH. again

Getting the oil changed and the snows off Wed. (Thank you General Altimax Arctics for the past few months one great snow tire) The trip for me is 754 miles each way leave in the the middle of the night on a Sat. or Sun morning with a full tank and re-fill almost exactly at the halfway mark. 375. Will log it all and compare to my Ultra-Gauge readings and post here. Running stock tires 38 psi. Will toss

Nook. I know the recapture system you mentioned we have it here in the Commonwealth. They dont have that in OH. I think it was just a faulty pump handle. I would have done better on the way back but three times I got hung up in night construction in CT. At one point I turned the car off and sat for a good 10 min. Gas in OH was 3.29 the day I filled up Here in MA. Shell station 3.25 Hess 3.19 Two things

TOYOTA YARIS P1 I lost my master keyless entry key need suggestions....

I happened to lose the key with the keyless entry buttons built in (lockunlockpanic). I still have the other black master key (with no keyless buttons) as well as the grey key (valet) and the metal tag with the number code on it... These two keys work fine for unlocking and locking at the door and starting the car but when I called the dealer they said it would be 240 to 270 to replace the keyless

TOYOTA YARIS Safe Driving Techinques

Last couple of weeks there have been a couple of posts that rantvent about bad drivers and lack of driving knowledge. I thought I would share with you a couple of driving techniques and tricks I learned and picked up in my time driving as a courier. My company which some of you know and probably use from time to time is extremely strict about Road Safety. Every 6 months all the drivers need to submit

TOYOTA YARIS Is the 60k miles service worth the 400 at the dealer

I was just wondering if anyone had gone to the dealer for the 60k mile service. I havent had the time to look in the manual to see what is included so I just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks

At 60000 miles (96000km) its essentially a huge inspect (look for problems) list --Looking for problems-- Inspect air filter element Inspect ball joints Inspect brake calipers and wheel cylinders Inspect brake lines and hoses Inspect brake liningsdrums and brake padsdiscs Inspect brake padshoe thickness Inspect chassis nuts and bolts for looseness or damage Inspect coolant brake & washer fluid levels

TOYOTA YARIS what size sub are you running

so what size subs are you running

I have 1 10220 Bazooka and like it a lot. I have all kinds of subs from 8s to even a JBL 18 in horn loaded enclosure (it took up most of the back of my 86 escort when I was in high school (yes that was the early 90s). I am looking to add one more 10200 and run the pair. I like the smooth hits with it...feels nice and clean and doesnt rattle the car to hell. I like the clean setup of them too....just

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