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TOYOTA YARIS Under the hood of a 2012 Yaris

This morning I was coming out of Home Depot and noticed that the toyota dealer across the street had an Absolutely Red 2012 yaris sitting out front so I had to pop in and kick the tires (and take some pics). I test drove it and it really feels and sounds just like the 2nd gen. I personally dont like having the cluster back under the steering wheel but thats one of those changes that is completely a


Not wanting to infringe on the group buy for the same item Ill start this thread(...thanks to the encouragement of Charles and Brick) Ordered the parts today MSC 00483743----------------15.43----- 30 cyl w 7 stroke MSC 32912198---2.72-----1.44------- ball stud MSC 32912206---2.24----- 0.48 -------retainer clip total---------------------------------17.35 They should be in Thursday if so Ill have

finally got pics just before the downpour. Pic 1 hood all the way up Pic 2 neutral position Pics 3-5 cylinder views Sorry about the dirty engine Some may feel the 30 cylinder is a little weak if they want the hood to rise more on its own so 40 would be better with these brackets. The ball studs both require 516 mounting holes in the brackets 516-18 nuts and optional star lock washers. Both the holes

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TOYOTA YARIS Remote Start DIY Wiring Guide 2006-2010 Yaris

I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding installing remote start on a yaris so today I put together a wiring guide for those interested. yaris 2006 Remote Start Wiring Guide.pdf

more than 10 pink wires in that location. For the record its the pink (-) in a six pin plug with only a blue () and a whiteblack stripe occupying the plug. See pic here httpwww.yarisworld.comforumssho...elight&page3 Other items were how to take some things apart. Plastic is easy to break so I wasted time searching multiple threads for the correct way to take things out. I hadnt worked on a toyota

TOYOTA YARIS DIY ProjectorHID (Liftback)

This is for a 2008 yaris liftback. I followed Brians DIY for the sedan version and it was a alot of help. httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt22112 However there were problems that I ran into during the installation that didnt seem to occur during Brians. I will be copy and pasting the things that were able to be done on the Liftback from Brians DIY. Tools needed 10mm socket 14mm socket (I think

TOYOTA YARIS Keep your vehicle protected

Here are some suggestions on what tolook for when thinking about a vehicle alarm This post is regarding alarm systems and how to best protect your equipment from being stolen. Here are some common features that are included with most decent quality alarm units 115dB Siren Impact Sensor Keyless Entry Starter Kill Horn Honk Parking Light Flash Headlight Flash (Low and Hi) hood and Trunk Pins0 Door Pins

TOYOTA YARIS Megan Header Install [pics]

Special thanks to RICEBOY for heading up this Group Buy and making it all go smooth. Very easy to install and with the correct tools it can be installed within 30 minutes to an hour taking your time. First heres how the two compare. Lets get started... First remove the (4) 10mm bolts holding the heat shield to the stock header. Next jack up the car and support it with jack stands at all four corners.

TOYOTA YARIS DIY - Removing the gas tank from under the car (to access the fuel filter etc.)

Why would you want to do this Well removing the back seat to access the top of the fuel tank can be a bit of a hassle even a drop of gas spilled on the carpet will stink for a long time. Before you begin depressurize the fuel system by pulling the EFI fuse (in the under hood fuse panel) and cranking the starter a couple of times. 1. Lift the rear and properly support the car Since this will involve

TOYOTA YARIS What do you have left to do to your yaris

Heres my list - Amp In progress - Hub Caps (winter season) on their waytoday - Re-color Stereo LEDS - DF210s near future - Fog lights near future - HIDs near future EDIT reading your guys post made me remember a few things - custom sway bar (front) (near future) - custom quick release sway bar (rear) (near future) - carputer (if I can ever find a way to tastefully mount a monitor( iow i like oem

Done White HB CP035 Wheels Tires Cyclones Kics Lugs Hubcentric rings scangauge springs camber bolts exhaust light bulbs Battery hyper rev Steering Wheel Quick Release Steering lock lock holder QR flapper shorty hub shift knob sunshade air freshner To Do Ings Kit Seats Taillights Suspension Short Shifter LSD Final Drive Clutch Flywheel Engine Swap Sway Bars E-Brake hood Tach gauges Cage HID

TOYOTA YARIS DIY Retrofit Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 w XB LED Halo

Hey guys. Just wanted to post up a diy of my retrofit I did in my 2008 5 DR Liftback. What I did was install a set of projectors blacken out the headlights and install a halo behind the shroud. Difficulty and Review Moderate. Patience required. This took me about 6 hours to do as I took my time listened to music. No tabs or clips were broken. This upgrade is huge over the halogen reflectors. Completely

TOYOTA YARIS CrimeStopper Remote Start DIY

Hello I am a electronics technician who has successfully installed a cruise control using CTScotts instruction manual and kit. I bought a Crimestopper remote start & keyless entry kit. It is more confusing than I expected. I attached all the documents that it came with in two Adobe files. The one file starts off with a front and back of a 8 x 11 sheet of paper. It is followed by two little packets

Check out the instructions in my original post. They show the number I am about to give you and will be useful if your remote start system doesnt come with them for some reason. It is a RS-4G2. The 4 means 4 button. I could do just fine with a 3 button if it doesnt have the trunk release (I didnt hook that up). You could do a one button too if you dont have power locks. I got my system for close to

TOYOTA YARIS increasing sound insulation

HAI GUYS im really sick of driving in the HOT & CROWD roads of Egypt .. I want to increase the sound (and heat if possible) insulation in my babe yaris Any suggestions or cheap ideas

Quote Originally Posted by mhkritzinger thanx for all your help I appreciate it allot When it comes to the thickness of the material does it really make a difference or at what kind of thickness should i look at and what thickness will be sufficient Another question i got is i heard about you must add a barrier and people uses mass loaded vinyl(MLV) for the barrier but you dont get stuff like that

TOYOTA TACOMA Junkyard horns

Ive read the post about the hella horns they sounded loud but I wanted the deep get the hell out of my way horn. Decided to do this one on the cheap total project cost less then 10 bucks. Time cost was about 4 hours just because I kept screwing around trying to take the grill off. So today I went junkyard hunting. When I got to my favorite spot told them I was looking for a horn that said get out of

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