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TOYOTA YARIS Yaris 2009 Heater Fascia

Hello I have recently purchased a 2009 toyota yaris I have installed a new head unit the colour of the head unit is considerable different to the heating control fascia does anyone know if I can strip that fascia (the heater) and spray it a similar colour Ive attached a picture of it to show you what i mean also would anyone know if a 2010 steering wheel would fit (since mine is 2009) Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by CTScott Yes. You can remove the knobs from the heater control panel. With the black vertical pieces removed you simply pull back on the panel to remove it. The controls are inserted into the back of the panel and there are small plastic tabs that hold them in. Just be gentle when releasing them to prevent snapping the frame that the tabs connect to. For the steering wheel

Quote Originally Posted by stevens_uk Cheers CTScott Ill get it off over the weekend as have to install an adapter from the cars original radio antenna to the new head unit radio antenna port. Ive posted elsewhere about the lights in this climate control unit am I able to change the colour of them There are actually both bulbs (like the green one you asked about it that other thread) and LEDs. The

TOYOTA YARIS 2009 heaterac control knobs

Does anyone know if it would be possible to switch out my grey 2008 control knobs for black 2009 knobs I called my local toyota dealer and he said that Id have to buy the whole switchcontrol thing in order to get the knurled plastic black cooler knob. Prices on the three knobs were 48.22 37.22 and 57.54. I didnt bother to ask which one was which price. I may just buy the cheapest one and see if it works Unless someone knows it wont work at all.

I have a 2007 RS 5door and it has black knobs I am not impressed that toyota has made the parts buy the whole unit not just the part you need. I was questioning the door power window switches and asked if one stoped working can I buy the switch the dealer said it is the whole unit or nothing. toyota sells the car cheap than robes us on replacing parts like I shouldnt realize this conspiracy.

TOYOTA YARIS Winter and Heater (AC)

Hi has anybody noticed that when you have car with full load of passengers in winter the heater doesnt blow warm air enough and the back windows get steam. Or if you try first at the cabin windshield is on steam. (Hoping that summer will come soon)

Quote Originally Posted by Rick Its additional power wiring for the PTC heater element. Aha PTC is the magic search term. I was searching for ceramic earlier. It appears that it has three settings and two associated fuses a 30A and a 40A. The schematic they give makes it difficult to tell whats happening. But I think that it might have a setting to pull through both fuses simultaneously (two separate

TOYOTA YARIS dead mouse in my blower unit

a really bad smell and really bad noise told me that something was up in my vent system. Sure enough there is a bloody mess in the blower unit. I was able to remove the glove box and filter cover in order to find this out but dont know how to remove the blower unit. Many bolts and screws and wires and no instructions that I can find in the repair manual. Also even if I am able to remove this will I be able to clean out the unit Can you wash out the blower unit Thanks....

The dealer fixed the mouse problem for my sister under warranty on her Eclipse. The nest actually wrecked the blower by unbalancing it. Mice should not get in there from the OUTSIDE but they can get in from the INSIDE of the car. Adding a cabin filter would help from outside invasion - I think we have a suck through heater ... You could hot glue melt or epoxy a wire mesh screen over the inlet surface if you make a frame from polymer or wood. Sonjas bro

just last night i took my yaris in because of a funny noise when i put my heater fan on-no mice but there was a mcdonalds napkin in there that service pulled out. they said too many napkins in the glovebox and it isnt the first time they have found this problem. and there wasnt that many napkins in there so just a heads up for everyone

Most stuff in your heater box gets put there by the animal - but is there a screen on the re-circ door Didnt think of that. Can it suck your oil filter and servicer receipts out of the service booklet in the glove box and shred it in the heater the Dealer must LOVE that. Me Gee- I KNOW I had proof of that oil change at 10K Where did it GO Dealer Sorry Lad engine warranty service is DENIED due to your lack of proof of proper service maintenance.

TOYOTA YARIS Block heater

Does anyone currently have a block heater on their yaris Im seriously considering one. Do they make a noticable economy difference due to warm up time and does anyone know the toyota part approximate price TIA R2

I put one in last winter for my 08 liftback. As I recall it cost thirty some bucks. It was a real pain to install for me. I had to take a couple bolts and brackets out to be able to slide the unit into the sleeve in the engine block.. Prob the worst part was not being able to see what you were doing laying on your back. Not pleasant. It did make a really big difference for starting and warm up--worth the pains and bloody knuckles

TOYOTA YARIS Ac & heater fan not working

The fan has been working off and on for the past few weeks. I have checked all fuses and they are all good. Tonight it would not blow for about 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it started working again. Once it comes back on it operates normally. I have also pulled the cabin air filter out and visually inspected the fan blades to make sure nothing was nothing stuck in the unit. Any suggestions

TOYOTA YARIS Toyota (and other makes) inexpensive in-cabin air filter source.

This link is for the sedan but just go to the main page and select your cartruck etc. 5.53 each (sedan) plus shipping. Buy several at once to save on shipping costs over the long term. I plan on getting several for my yaris plus my wifes 09 Corolla S. httpwww.logical-source.com2008-T...RIS-SEDAN.html

Ok for the last time it was for 2 different cars. HERE is my cut and pasted invoice - I was off by 2.00.. ItemDescriptionQTY unit PriceExt. Price TOYAFCAU2008 toyota yaris-SEDAN Cabin Air Filter (for heater AC and Ventilation System)(particulate 1-piece glove box install 5 min)5 5.5327.65 TORAFCAU2007 SCION tC Cabin Air Filter (for heater AC and Ventilation System)(particulate 1-piece)4 3.6714.68


MIN MODS for MAX EFFECT...BY DR. JAY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEY HEY yarisWORLD ITS THE DR.JAY TODAY....READ MY MANY BLOG POSTS i yarisworld AND FIND A TON OF FUN and useful STUFF. JUst Got a very cool 2010 barcelona hot red SEDAN with 4 spped with auto overdrive. read by awesome MPG blog on worst roads tests ....THIS CAR IS TRULLY amazing. Fall


I have a 2007 hatch with 145000miles. Other than tires and oilair filters absolutely no problems except an average of 3 to 4 headlight bulb replacements each year. There a pain to replace so this is not fun I never touch the glass always use electric contact stuff on the contacts. Cant find any tech bulletins or anything else regarding this problem. But I must admit Im now the best yaris headlight

Quote Originally Posted by nookandcrannycar I wonder if 07s with the Cold Weather Package (heavy duty heater DRLs etc) have better luck re headlight bulb longevity than 07s that dont have the Cold Weather Package. I live near Houston but I purchased my yaris in Rhode Island while on a trip ((The steering rack on my 2001 Suzuki Swift only had about 500-600 more safe miles on it--the car had 151k and

TOYOTA YARIS Unique Smell from Air Going Through AC Blower

Whoever has the same problem of mine and got solved or you havent had an experience for the same problem with me --- but you have idea please come out and please help get solve my problem Please do reply in English or Tagalog although I used English Version here Problem Details and situationscenario At the beginning of this year in late Feb-2013 I started to smell like burnt plastic or like metal to

When I submitted my car to company they replaced the AC Evaporator as per what they have said only because they did not showed to me the new AC Evaporator intended for replacement. Instead they showed me the Old AC Evaporator (full of dirt --- within 2 years and 7 months period of normally using the Car with AC) right after they have removed it and I saw the dashboard being removed all the way. When

Keep in mind that my Car or your Car is not talking whatever has been done unlike Doctor&8217s Patient --- so that in times of confusion as to which or where to start doing repair works again --- you will need to know and understand the details of the circumstances and surroundings for which you can squeeze a point and eventually make the exact solution to my or your problem. On November-27-2013 I

TOYOTA YARIS Burning Smell

Since last night the heater started smelling like something was burning. At first I though it was a friends deisel truck next to me but when I was driving noticed that it was my car. Now I opened the engine bay and no smell in there and went behind and nothing. When I checked the the ehaust tip I dont know if its me but I thought that the exhaust wasnt blowing out as hard as it normally does. The car

Im thinking it might be the coolant reacting with scalerustparticulatewhatever in the heater core for the hvac unit.....least thats what I always notice when I turn the heater on for like the two or three days out of the year I use it....just give it a few days to flush it out if it doesnt go away then its off to the dealer.... unless the hvac doesnt use coolant for the heater part I dunno I havent messed with this cars hvac yet....

Quote Originally Posted by Mordarvia Does It Smell Electrical Nope. Unless its literally under the dash checked everything I could see and all seems to be well. Quote Originally Posted by PetersRedyaris Have you hit your exhaust on speedbumps I suppose you could damage the seal between the header and midpipe creating a leak... I have two times in terms of hearing something but dont believe it did.

TOYOTA YARIS DIY Unlink AC from Defroster

My first DIY post. Total Time 7 mins (if you know what youre doing) 20 mins (if first time opening the dash) 2 hours (if youre have two left hands or missing your opposable thumbs) Tools Small flathead screwdriver to disconnect wire harness and push in the little clips that holds the plastic pieces together. (But not required. I could have done it with my keys or just my fingers.) Follow instructions

Quote Originally Posted by IllusionX things ive already known... but keep in mind that you are also disconnecting the ceramic heater built into the system. I know you live in Cali and dont need any heat.. but other might want to know. what ceramic heater yikes. the heat still works. the hot air comes from the heater core which is a mini-radiator powered by engine coolant. whats the ceramic unit for

TOYOTA YARIS waterpumpAC compressor

are there any pics of how the waterpump and the AC compressor sit down in there.. 1.5Lt... 07 Hatch manual 5 speed it looks like there is the crank pulley on the bottom.. then whatever that bigger unit pulley.. then the tensioner and then the alternator. whats the real storypics Is the AC and the water pump the same pulley If I decided to run in the winter time bypassing the AC with a smaller serpentine


What size of speakers does the yaris have I have a pair of Kicker 6.5s and two 2000 watt Kicker amps just sitting around and I want to put them in my 3 door when it comes in. The amps are going in for sure but I need to know if the speakers will fit. Can anyone help me

Quote Originally Posted by mikeukrainetz I installed a Volfenhag sub amp system in my hatch not the most high quality stuff but what the heck. I built the box myself and ran all the electrical myself. From what I understand I cannot add anything else without first going to a larger alt. The power wire is 4 guage and run through the firewall just left of the heater core inlet above the gas pedal down

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