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TOYOTA YARIS Experimenting with bypassing the AT 4th gear prohibition when cold

There have been a few discussions on here over time about the possibility of bypassing the 4th gear prohibition on yaris with automatic transmissions when the engine is cold. Until the cold indicator goes off on the cluster the yaris will not shift from 3rd to 4th gear. Typically this just takes a couple of minutes since the indicator goes out when the engine coolant temperature rises above 140 F but

I tried out the mod today and it worked great. I was at work .5 mile from the freeway and it was 30 degrees. Pretty cold for an afternoon high in winter near Philly. Normal winter high 40 degrees. I started the engine and pushed the button until the cold Engine Light went out. About 5 seconds. It came back on again after about another five seconds. I was able to get up to 35 mpg .2 miles before

TOYOTA YARIS winter cold heating questions )

Hi Soo the winter is finally here this week it was down to -14 degrees and i have some questions about heating. In my yaris verso 1.4 d4d 2004 there is cable heating system and webasto heating. So before running the car everymorning i heat the car 2 hours and i can really feel the difference. Actually after the heating up when i touch the motor it is all the way warm actually it heats up quite well

I have a heater pad on my oil pan a lower radiator inline heater plus the block heater. This gives me very quick response in heating things up when its around zero. I never start it without preheating itll start just fine but I have the setup to preheat so I use it. I have all these on one timer and if I am leaving home at 8 everything turns on at 6 and everything is nice and cozy. Even 12 an hour

TOYOTA YARIS Transmission issue

Hello all I have owned my 2009 yaris for a year now and have become very frustrated with how this car drives. I need to hear your opinions on if this is how the vehicle is or does it sound like something is wrong causing the vehicle to drive in this manner. Okay so I have had two incidents where the engine would not start. This is when i was using shell gasoline. So i switched to Sunoco. The problem

car sometimes shifts in weird intervals. A few days it will shift at 30 and 40...then sometime 35 and 45. It is always all over the place when shifting. Most likely temp related.. It will stay in lower gear if the engine is cool (the little temp symbol with cool on it shows up to indicate delayed shifting on my 2010 yaris). Quote Originally Posted by Twistoffate0817 I have taken the car to the toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Engine Coolant Temperature

Hi everyone I dont know much about cars so Im not sure if the issue I have is serious or not. I purchased my 2007 yaris at the end of May (a month and a half ago). Just last week wednesday for the first time when I started my car a green light came on. I looked up the symbol in the manual which referred to the Engine Coolant Temperature. The light went away after about 5 minutes of the engine running.

Quote Originally Posted by gonzo452001 Dont think there is a electric heater in my usa yaris in fact I am sure there is not.Could be in canada gets a lot colder up there the coldest it got here in southern Indiana last winter was 1F Mine has the cold weather package perhaps this is included in that It gives me a larger washer container a heavy-duty heater and a heavy-duty starter according to the window sticker


I wasnt for sure what section to post this under but... Is anyone having a crappy time with their defroster in the mornings Here in Arkansas the weather has been kind of chilly in the mornings and my car has frost all over it. It takes about 20 minutes LITERALLY to defrost the whole windshield (which isnt big at all). It takes even longer to do my windows and my poor little side mirrors... they stayed

Actually... When the front defroster is on you MUST use outside air not recirculated (I know that has been covered). I crack open a side window just a bit also which helps a lot. My 07 liftback has three knobs in the middle. Top is fan speed outside of the fan speed knob is the fresh air recirculate selector center knob is the selector knob for where you want the air to come from and bottom is your

TOYOTA YARIS Unique Smell from Air Going Through AC Blower

Whoever has the same problem of mine and got solved or you havent had an experience for the same problem with me --- but you have idea please come out and please help get solve my problem Please do reply in English or Tagalog although I used English Version here Problem Details and situationscenario At the beginning of this year in late Feb-2013 I started to smell like burnt plastic or like metal to

There are Circulatory System Functions in the CAR AC Conditioning The Closed one and the Open one The Closed one --- is where the AC Freon and oil are moving inside the Closed Circulatory System (CCS) thats within the AC Piping System that moves to and pro from AC Compressor to its piping revolving through the AC Radiator or Condenser. If the inside of the CCS is having a Junk Smell this has nothing

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