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TOYOTA YARIS How do you remove rubber headlight bulb cover

My drivers side light went out and so tonight I picked up some nice Phillips xenon style lights. I went to install it in the drivers side and boy was it a tight fit Worse off once pulling off the plug it had a ton of white lithium grease on it. Then I reached the rubber sleeve. Ive been able to slide off the circular housing part but I cant get it to come all the way off. I dont want to pull too hard because I dont want to rip it or anything. Can someone give me some hints here

remove the front bumper.

Just pull on it with a rotating motion they will pop off. And dont worry about ripping them these are some tough mofos. To put them back just realign them and then just push. I use a tiny bit of dielectric grease on the rim so its a better seal and easier to put back on

Quote Originally Posted by goku87 remove the front bumper. or do that

Quote Originally Posted by goku87 remove the front bumper. or take off the engine so you have enough room to access the light assembly.

TOYOTA YARIS How to remove headlight bulb with chubby hand D

Im still having issues with the driver side bulb... how did you guys do it The passenger side I got to just fine but that fusebox on the otherside really gets in my way

Asked and answered httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt1698

it can be done without removing anything... just a pain in the

Kalos you probably dont know about -)) in 20 minutes (First bulb change ever) I went to the parts dealer and bought a headlight bulb (H4) 9 for my yaris. Then I saw that fusebox... There was only 10 cm (3 inches) of room behind it. It looked impossible to change it myself so I decided to have it replaced by a professional. I was there all the time when the two guys did it. They were not official toyota

TOYOTA YARIS 2009 Hatchback Headlight level adjustment

I am having an issue with not being able to aim the headlights on my 2009 yaris 3 door. Here is what has transpired so far The DS headlight bulb (9003) recently burned out on our 2009 3-door hatchback. Replacing that bulb was a pain mainly because of the rubber boot being stuck to the old bulb. However I was able to get the new bulb in. I can see that the 9003 bulb is fully seated in the housing and

housing (i.e. threading the rod into the adjuster housing would push the end of that rod against the back of the headlight reflector causing the headlight to aim up). However the threaded rod in of the adjuster bottomed in the adjuster housing before making contact with the headlight housing. CTScott if I could bother you for a bit more insight how does this compare with the functionality of yaris

housing (i.e. threading the rod into the adjuster housing would push the end of that rod against the back of the headlight reflector causing the headlight to aim up). However the threaded rod in of the adjuster bottomed in the adjuster housing before making contact with the headlight housing. CTScott if I could bother you for a bit more insight how does this compare with the functionality of yaris

Update again with some more pics. The threaded adjuster rods are 100% bottomed out in their housings and still barely contacting the reflector. I included pics below of (1) the adjuster removed from the headlight housing and (2) the beam pattern. It seems like something is not right with the reflector mounting. If you remove the adjuster and press against the back of the reflector housing it doesnt

TOYOTA YARIS headlight upgrade

Thinking about these...what do yall think Anything yall like better Please post a link to the vendor. httpwww.andysautosport.comtoyota...d00000096.html Thanks Pat

Quote Originally Posted by HANZO_187 Hey I keep hearing about the retro fit head lights. I wanna go with black housing and some day running lights. I just gotta know how the retro fit thing works out. Im going for the all black look. Black emblem black wheels black head lights and smoked out tail lights. Here is an example of a 2006-2008 yaris retrofit BlackFlameCustoms Inc. But who wants to pay 895

TOYOTA YARIS new headlight bulb

what a total fkn pain to put in a new bulb. total bullshit. Anyone figure out how to do it without taking out the whole case..

bulb rubber gasket shroud was pinned into under by the clip and was not gonna be removed without shredding it. From the factory that way. Figured Id remove my dinged bumper cover and mold out the ding with blow dryer at the same time I replaced bulbs. Bumper cover was pain in the ass to remove so I gave up and took it to a shop who said 50 to replace bulbs. The estimator knew not of the yaris

TOYOTA YARIS Replacing headlights

Is it true that to replace the front headlights I need to remove the whole front bumber assembly This is on a liftback. I recieved some silverstars last night via mail and went to install them. But it seems like after I remove the rubber piece around the bulbs there is no room to work with. I searched but there is no tutorial on this. Any help or do I just need to remove the bumper as explain in the maintenance manual for download. Thanks

If you just remove the top five plastic pop rivet thingies and the two in the wheel well you can pop the bumper off at the sides and pull it down enough to remove the headlights. No need to remove the bolts in the bottom. Its a lot easier than it sounds. Check this out httpwww.yarisworld.comforumssho...3481post23481

TOYOTA YARIS Just painted my headlights

just painted my headlights and damn are they hot. need help posting pics updated n e interested i do them for 150 my local area as well they can be shipped to me price is negotable for my fellow yaris owners sedans are also welcome. Im in union nj. takes me about 3hrs give or take. https101.photobucket.comalbumsm75jbann7yaris

Thanks every1. quick how to remove headlights theres 6 plastic clips across top bumper remove. 10mm bolt ontop of head light remove now look by fenderwells remove 1 plastic clip pop fender forward. 10mm bolt on corner of headlight where fender is. now pull bumper forward and look on headlight towards radiator 10mm bolt remove and POP goes the weasel(headlight) ill post pics and more detail later n e 1 need help let me kno

1Start by removing the front bumper clips across the top above the radiator 2remove the clips in the fender well towards the front bumper. 3Now gently pry the the front bumper near da fender until it pops and reveals the screw for the headlight. 4Now remove the top screw holding the headlight on theres one more screw behind the bumper by the radiator. 5Now remove the headlight. 6Now take the headlight

Quote Originally Posted by jbann 1Start by removing the front bumper clips across the top above the radiator 2remove the clips in the fender well towards the front bumper. 3Now gently pry the the front bumper near da fender until it pops and reveals the screw for the headlight. 4Now remove the top screw holding the headlight on theres one more screw behind the bumper by the radiator. 5Now remove the

TOYOTA YARIS Painted (red) my headlights trim.... Tutorial

Hey guys i just updated my headlights. NOW ITS WITH RED LOL (P.S its illigal to paint it black or red or any other colour in australia.....but i see so many cars with black headlights....) Phase 1 (Stocked) Phase 2 (Added black) Phase 3 (Added RED) Plz tell me if you think its hot or not.....personally i love it (Not becuz its done by me cuz the colours looks soooo TUTORIAL As seen from

Quote Originally Posted by Black yaris Has anyone knocked out their orange reflector in their U.S. spec headlights yet I plan on smoking my headlights in a similar fashion shown in this thread so I can retain the look my HID lamps when you open up the headlight housing you can simply remove the orange reflector.

TOYOTA YARIS DIY - Headlights off with the Ignition Switch

This mod makes the headlights turn off when the ignition is turned off preventing one from killing the battery when accidentally leaving the headlights on. With this mod in order to leave the headlights or parking lights on the key will need to be in the ignition switch and turned to the on position. Note This modification is to be done at your own risk Failure of the relay or wiring connections can

TOYOTA YARIS Removing plug on headlight bulb.....

Help.... I tried to remove the plugs on my headlight bulbs in an attempt to change them. However I could not remove them. Is there some sort of release that Im missing or do they normally need a bit of stern coaxing to remove them I have a pair of PIAA Extreme White Plus H4 bulbs begging to be installed.

Ok...... I finally got around to changing the bulbs. &%&% toyota A large pair of needle nose pliers made easy work of pulling the plugs off. It was all down hill from there. It took me quite some time to secure the clips on the passengr side. However I found it imposible to secure the clips on the drivers side so I wound up removing the headlight. As least now after removing it I now have a better

My driverside bulb went out. My cars about 3.5 years old 70K miles. It was ridiculously difficult to makes this happen. Everything was WAY more snug than the manual and the various threads seemed to indicate. It took a couple attempts my left hand is a little scrapped up so is my cousins but the bulb has been changed. The use for a second set of eyes was in step 4. Knowing how everything works now

TOYOTA YARIS Help installing new headlights

I have a pair of headlights that I want to install on my 08 yaris LB. I tried to look around for a DIY but couldnt find one. Can someone list the steps to remove my current headlights and replace it with the new ones Thanks. I greatly appreciate it.

remove front bumper. remove three screws that hold the headlight to the body. disconnect the plugs behind the headlight.


I have a 2007 hatch with 145000miles. Other than tires and oilair filters absolutely no problems except an average of 3 to 4 headlight bulb replacements each year. There a pain to replace so this is not fun I never touch the glass always use electric contact stuff on the contacts. Cant find any tech bulletins or anything else regarding this problem. But I must admit Im now the best yaris headlight

Quote Originally Posted by jemmah I just returned from toyota parts department. Ready for this...........they want 26.00 (US) a bulb. Im not paying anybody 25-30 dollars for a bulb I dont care how long it lasts There probably massproduced for 4 bucks a piece Ill continue trying varying manufactures until something works and if I fail Ill remove the relay or whatever for the daytime running lights.

TOYOTA YARIS Halo headlight for 2010

Hey guys I have yaris 2010 hatcback and I really want halo headlight so bad I want to know if its possible to find compatible halo for my yaris or somehow fit it with 06-08 headlight to 2010

Look into retro fitting. Its where you remove stock reflectors and bulb and fit a projector headlight into the old headlight shroud. Here is a recent thread on someone doing a retrofit. httpwww.yarisworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt37876

TOYOTA YARIS DIY Yaris LB Halo Led Projector Headlights

This was originally posted in the Marketplace Sponsors Classifieds Area depoautolights section but since the hack it is no longer there. im putting it back up because i thought these things looked sick. JUST TO BE CLEAR I DIDNT WRITE THIS AND I DONT HAVE THESE LIGHTS. In the original post the vendor (depoautolights) was advertising them at 272 w shipping (including canada) however on their site it

TOYOTA YARIS Silverstar Ultra 9003HB2 vs OEM headlight bulb comparison

This past weekend I replaced my headlight bulbs with Sylvania Silverstar Ultra 9003HB2. I started doing the bloody knuckle method of replacing them and then decided that it might be fun to pull off the front bumper to allow the headlamp assemblies to be removed as per the service manual. It only took me 30 minutes to change the bulbs this way (and that included about 15 minutes of taking pictures and

Quote Originally Posted by ryank Ive never removed the bumper to get my headlight bulbs out. In fact Ive never removed anything. Just get your hand behind the bulb and unclip the clip and pull the bulb out. Wasnt hard. And I agree I went from OEM to SilverStar Ultras and didnt see hardly any difference besides color. I went to 8000K HIDs and I can see everything. I do get brightedflipped offthe handetc.

TOYOTA YARIS Front left headlight out

So just saw that my left front headlight is out... arg. What will this likely run me you think (DIY and dealership) Also Ive noticed now for the last few days that when I let off the brake Im always hearing a noise now (not sure how to better describe the noise). But it never never when I first depress it just when i let off it each time. Anyone wanna make some guesses I guess Ill be swinging by the dealership to inquire abt these matters at some point next week. Jem

The break squeel has been happening to me for the past 30000km. I have no idea what its from and toyota cant figure it out either. They attributed it to me living in a cold weather area (BS). If you end up figuring it out let me know. Oh and to change the bulb ... you basically have to just undo some clips for the bumper unscrew the 3 screws for the headlight and remove the housing ... then just unclip

Quote Originally Posted by Jem_hadar OK what Steve at the dealership just calls me back at work after I dropped off my car with the replacement GE headlights for them to install. He tells me that bc they need to remove the whole front bumber to get at them so its gonna be more like an hours job so it could cost me like 80. He wanted to make sure i knew that before they went ahead... WTF... can changing

TOYOTA YARIS Yaris sedan - how to remove chrome trim on trunk

Hey everyone I want to remove that chrome trim piece (no idea what the technical name is) to paint it body color. Has anyone removed it before Is it a pain or pretty easy I have the paint on order along with some self-etching primer. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by Herbicidal Thanks for the pic yarisSedan I like it My wifes 09 Corolla has it already body color from the factory. When Im done the only chrome will be on the toyota emblems and the Vios badge. For me just the right amount of bling. Im also thinking about a light smoke on my tail lights I think it would work well with my Flint Mica paint. I plan to smoke just the the chrome

TOYOTA YARIS Replacing Headlight Bulbs

Anybody got any pictures or a quick step-by-step on how to do this Tried multiple times today but apparently theres a screw holding the clip that holds the bulb in place Much Appreciated.

I can confirm this to be the most FKING annoying job on the yaris and costs your skin and blood....especially on the drivers side of a LHD car The battery and fuse boxes kill the chance of getting it done easily. Removing the bumper is the best way although I didnt want to snap the clips as Im heavy handed when psed off so (believe it or not) I actually removed the top of the wing held it away slightly from the inner arch and it gave me enough room to get the fkin bulbs out. YES I HAVE ISSUES WITH MY CAR OVER THIS STILL. toyota take note this sucks

TOYOTA YARIS Headlight bulb change....more to it than meets the eye...

Well I ventured into changing the headlight bulb on one side of my 2008 hatch. Looked simple enough from photos and stuff but once you get in there the drivers side bulb housing is so tight I thought I would take the entire headlight assembly out. Well that means taking the entire front apron off the car It was easy as pie to do but just unexpected. I added a photo below for your viewing pleasure.

TOYOTA YARIS bulbs behind headlight reflectors

Are there small bulbs behind the side reflector on the front headlights not the ones on the actual body of the car... but inside the headlight. One side seems to be illuminated and the other not..... how to fix

You have to remove the front bumper to remove the headlights. It is actually quite easy - I removed mine to put in my Silverstar bulbs. Look at the lighting section of the service manual which is posted in the DIY area. It walks you through removing the bumper and light assembly. Oh and no you dont have to remove the back of the light you just twist the bulb socket and pull it out.

You dont have to remove the bumper to remove a headlight. Just remove the bumper retaining pins near the headlight and bend the bumper a bit to expose the one healight bolt that is under the bumper. Its relatively easy.

TOYOTA YARIS 2007 hatch - Headlight Bulb

I purchased some new bulbs and for the life of me cannot get the current bulbs out. I am a mechanical dunce though with some good instructions should be able to do about anything. Any help or pointers would be amazing

have you checked out the do it yourself section yet follow Hasher22s steps (with pics) LINK FROM THE D.I.Y STICKY AT THE TOP OF THIS FORUM Ill give you a real quick setup you have to remove lower the front bumper - remove the push clips just above the grille behind the hood latch - then go to each side of the car in the wheel well and there will be two or three of the same clips at the front edge of

TOYOTA YARIS How To Smoked Sedan Headlight -DIY

GUys I believe i already post this before but seems our forums has been hacked..then it was gone. I post it again for your viewing pleasure..hehe Pic Before Pic After Tools Needed 1. ABRO High Temp Flat Black - RM17.90 2. High Temp Clear Sealant - RM6.00 3. Orange Sticker - RM8.00 4. Hair Dryer 5. 10mm Socket Spanner 6. Philips Screwdriver 7. Scissors And The Process Begin.. Firstly we have to unscrew

Hi I opened my headlights paint and install the projectors. After 3 weeks water or condensation appeared in the left headlight remove the headlight for two days I let it dry and apparently went all the moisture so I went back to put silicone around. Wash the car today morning and in evening note that the two headlights had moisture in and also the left angel eye is not starting. What do you recommend or suggest How can I solve this problem and prevent the more moisture Thank you.

TOYOTA YARIS Tutorial Speaker Changing Headlight Painting Center Control ColourPanel Removal

Vodka something said it would be helpful if it was here since its lost in the other topic. Have fun changing the lights people.... ---------- TUTORIAL ---------- Use this tutorial to change stocked bulbs or replace condom Items Used Needle Pen Items Baught Led Blue Bulbs Red 5mm Condoms Information you might need to know. This is a QUICK tutorial and some pictures may be missing and some information

---------- MY headlightS ---------- Phase 1 (Stocked) Phase 2 (Added black) Phase 3 (Added RED) Plz tell me if you think its hot or not.....personally i love it (Not becuz its done by me cuz the colours looks soooo ---------- TUTORIAL ---------- Items i used - Phillips screw driver (the head one) - Black Power Plus Spray Brush Spray Paint 150g (you might want to get a bigger size if

TOYOTA YARIS My headlight got water in it

My passenger side headlight on my 2009 yaris sedan got some rain or something in it. How can I get it out It has been a few weeks and its still in there. Also how can I seal it up Maybe use some exterior automotive silicon from autozone Also what is the procedure for removing the headlight Is it easy

1. remove the lightbulb (may not be easy) and place on a nearby surface without the bulbs glass touching anything. 2. remove the the headlight unit. 3. Using a blow dryer melt the glue that holds the glass slightly just enough to release the glass lens from the housing. 4. Drain and dry-out the housing and lens. 5. Use the blow-dryer again to melt the glue on both the housing and the lens. 6. Place

Quote Originally Posted by AppleJacks716 Im not sure how well a hair drier will work. I used an oven at 200 degrees and i was still wrestling it apart. My suggestion is to remove the headlight from the car. Pull out all the bulbs drain the excess water and blow hot air into the back of the headlight. Yeah I also had a bugger of a time pulling it apart even after using an oven. Try what AppleJacks said

TOYOTA YARIS Headlights question

2008 LB no headlight mods. Both DRLheadlights are out but both highbeams are working (although with no highbeam indicator on the dash)... Searched forum before going out in the cold and the dark and found info to check the 2 H-LP fuses under the hood and the ECU-IG fuse under the dash. Quick question Still not sure if this is a bulb or a fuse issue Would the highbeams be working at all if the H-LP

Those fuses feed both the high and low filaments on each side (one fuse is left and the other right) so if one was popped one headlight would be completely out and if both were popped both would be. Heres what I would check 1. Pull the connector off the DRL module to verify that it is not bad. With the connector removed the DRLs wont come on but the low beams will if you turn the headlight switch on.

TOYOTA YARIS Spyder Projector Headlights

Has anyone had an experience with these projectors After combing threadsposts I havent found anyone saying that they have specifically tried these out. These are for the 07 yaris Sedan not hatchback. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by DJPaneno So if I am seeing this correctly it is a kit so I would be doing my own retrofitting with this. I really am not proficient in working with cars and doing a retrofit seems out of my league at this point. On this site will they do the retrofitting for you and ship it in the housing ready to go or is this as Im seeing it - a kit Besides eBay projectors which I dont

TOYOTA YARIS headlight film

has anyone tried this clear film for your headlights httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotors2007-...98007461QQrdZ1 if so please tell me how you like it. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by eTiMaGo Im very very tempted to smoke my headlights and taillights local auto shop has the spray but... I suck at spraypainting and really dont wanna muck it up Film seemed like an easier alternative but I guess not... you can always remove the spray it is not easy but it can be removed without damageing the lights

TOYOTA YARIS Painted Headlights

I havent worked on my yaris or been on here for quite a long time. Im finally back to a place where I can work on my car. This weekends project was painting the unnecessary shiny bits in the headlight housings. Before and after pics. 13.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg 24.jpg

Quote Originally Posted by yaris2010RS u did a very nice job if i didnt have to drive my car everyday i would definatly do this Quote Originally Posted by 403RS Would love to do this on my black pearl Its not that hard to do. I did one light on Saturday and the other on Sunday. It took me about 3.5 hours per light. I used the HID Install thread to disassemble the light. yaris LB HID Installation Two

TOYOTA YARIS ebay projector headlights

what do you guys think if I get this headlights and paint the inside red to match my paint color httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorswseB...FP%3AUS%3A1123 did anyone here do that before

I know what you mean like corvette headlights but seriously i have these headlights and they dont light up the road that great. I got the wrong side headlights anyway(right hand drive) so i was going to replace the standard bulb with HID remove the halos or replace with ccfl and paint them body color.

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