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TOYOTA RAV 4 Awesome time with Toyota Rav4

I spent a week with the latest 26990 rav-4 XT-R D-CAT to see whether it could teach its more modern rivals a thing or two or if its too dated.The current third-generation car dates back to 2005 and a face-lift last year brought it in line with the bigger Avensis and smaller Auris.The face-lift for the rav-4 is most obvious from the front with new headlights and a larger front chrome-trimmed family

last year brought it in line with the bigger Avensis and smaller Auris.The face-lift for the rav-4 is most obvious from the front with new headlights and a larger front chrome-trimmed family grille.Our test car was fitted with one of just three engines available for the rav-4 the 2.2-litre D-CAT diesel engine with 148bhp. Emissions of 186gkm and 39.8mpg fuel consumption figures mean that the toyota


While this seems unlikely given that the car is a compliance build with only 2600 cars planned but this is a comment on the Active E page that is interesting Raz Schi├nning writes As we bask in the i3 glory this may not be the right time but... I fella stopped me this weekend to ask about the AE. After a few questions I realized he knew more than the average Joe. He told me he works at toyota (the

battery to 50kWh or 60kWh and put CHAdeMO or SuperCharger on it it could sell 1000month. I would suggest a 2018 (after the Hydrogen car) rav4 EV to have and sell for 39900 with options at 45-50k-ish 55k-60k as outfitted in items 11 and 12 1) Premium leather option to match the cool navigation 2) Same battery footprint with the same now extremely CHEAP 2900ma cells 3) CHAdeMO port standard (yes toyota

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TOYOTA RAV 4 Where to put California HOV stickers

Just got my California license plates and mailed out the HOV sticker application. For California rav4 EV folks where did you put your HOV stickers The side stickers seem to be an easy decision but how about the rear sticker On the rear door below the rav4 logo Or on the actual bumper which is slanted down and probably hard to see Anyone have pictures _________________ 2013 Honda Fit EV 2013 toyota

I will post a picture later but I opted for the rear door because I didnt like how it would look on the bumper (as you noted sloping down). My choices were complicated by the bumper zits (parking sensors that the dealer installed which I didnt end up paying for). arnold


Whoot Figured one or more of the wheels had been swapped or I had a dead battery. Bought the truck last December TPMS has from day 1 flashed for a couple of minutes on startup then gone solid. Not wanting to pay the dealer 100 for the hour of labor and be told I need 1000 in repairs I finally took it to Discount today. Asked if they could scan the serial numbers or let me know if a battery was dead.

Quote Originally Posted by Rich91710 My wifes 04 rav4 has the most stupid TPMS ever. Its tied to the ABS system. It has no idea what the pressure is... it just reads wheel speed. If shes driving on one of those spiral parking lot ramps or making a lot of right turns in a parking lot itll throw a light. The older BMW systems could be triggered if you did burnouts with the M3s lol was tied into the ABS

TOYOTA TACOMA C.A.R.B. legal Cold Air Intake Systems

Besides the TRD cold air intake system does anyone know of any other CAI systems that have C.A.R.B. numbers

guy will pop the hood open and take a look. If something doesnt look stock they look for the CARB number. CARB Pass No CARB Fail Bingo. Gotta have that magic EO plate on anything between the rear O2 sensor and hole in the airbox. Quote They also do a sniffer test and an OBD test. But now for 2000ish and up vehicles they just do a visual and OBD test. Wife just had her first test on her 04 rav4

AUDI A3 Forbes votes A3 1 city car

I dont own an A3 but I came across this today and thought I would share. Was the top story on yahoo news. Best Cars For City Dwellers[align] By Jacqueline Mitchell [align][align] provided by [align] [align][align] Audi A3[align][align] Chances are you wont find too many Ford Expeditions and Hummer H3s in cities like Seattle San Francisco or Boston. Thats because while they can be pleasant to drive

TESLA ROADSTER Model S with Rear Seat Option Safer

First off - my e xpected delivery of ordered Model S (S85 BlackBlack Leather Tech parking sensors subzero package) is early April at the factory. Second - I wasnt sure which sub-forum to post this thread so have put it in the Main Model S one. Mods - feel free to move to the appropriate subforum location. I personally did not feel the need to order the rear seats however looking through the variety

I can be back home in time for work on April 1st. I have to say - I better get this car soon. My obsession with reading this forum and the related blogs has been keeping me up at night Its time to drive the car ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go Green Future Model S (S85 BlackBlack Leather Tech parking sensors subzero package) Currently 2013 toyota

TESLA ROADSTER Taking Delivery Factory - what are my chances date will be changed

Ordered 118 Confirmed 119 VIN 2 Current (228) Status Sourcing Parts. 9 days ago I was contacted by to schedule my delivery datetour at the factory for March 20th. Since Im out of the country from March 21-30th I scheduled for Monday March 31st. Flying up from Southern California bought our plane tickets etc. Plan to supercharge it back the same day. What do people think is the likelihood the factory

TESLA ROADSTER Tesla Resale Buyback Guarantee requires 36 months of financing (not 6 months)

First - Ive been lurking here for a couple months but I sincerely appreciate this forum especially over the forum at Teslas own website. Yes its my first post ever and hopefully I dont get flamed for what Im putting up. Searching for information has been helpful but I never did find a post with this specific info. Second - Ive been driving alternative fuel vehicles since 2000 (see below). A Tesla has

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