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anyone tried to swap TC engine into yaris

the forced induction market but by no means does it have no potential...Just ask Garm Oh and to clear up the cost of a 2az motor cheapest one I found was 1100 no transmission no ECU no wiring harness etc...cheapest with all that was about 2000 but with a 4spd auto complete. Oh and heres the application list for all vehicles that have a 2azfe in them... Most common application is the TC and Camry toyota

TOYOTA TACOMA Timing chain

Hi Everyone Gotta 1996 taco 22RE ext cab 4x4 and it has 200000km (120000miles) on it. The previous owner put 70000km since he bought it and never put a timing chain in. So I believe it is time to do it now before anything goes wrong. I am thinking it must have had it done at least once in its life since I doubt the original would have lasted this long. That being said I wont be doing this repair and

Quote Originally Posted by 2truckgirl Wow..Sorry everyone but I am so confused with this. In the meantime since I posted this I have been checking the dealers Preventative Maintenance and getting conflicting stories there too. Some say its a lifetime others say ever 100000km Kmok- If it is as you say and I have the 3RZ-FE engine how could I tell for certain Is is written on the block when I pop the hood Is it in the Serial Number somewhere And are you SUPER SURE it doesnt require regular Timing chain maintenance changes I asked the old owner when I bought the truck last month about the chains status who said that he never heard of needing to do one. His mechanic never mentioned it to him either. I guess the idea of not doing it AT ALL is just foreign to me. But if it is fine and OK to leave it the cash savings certainly appeals to me Everyone - Basically the truck outside of needing an O2 sensor (which is getting done on Wednesday) runs AWESOME I do not hear any rattles or issues on start up so this Timing Chain idea is a completely preventative measure. (My old rav 4 sounded like it had an exhaust rattle when its belt was going) I guess its like this I love my new to me truck so MUCH I want to make it last as long as I can. And I dont want to look like the stupid girl cell phone in hand on the side of the highway who should of known better . I mean it looks pretty bad if you can kill a Tacoma while highway driving right P Thanks so much guys Josie It will probably say on the head or the intake manifold. If you looked up the vin of the truck it would probably tell you as well. I have the 3.4 5vzfe so I know more about that engine. Timing chains dont need to be replaced until very high mileage or the your engine shows symptoms of a worn timing chain. You should at least get 200-250k miles on the 1st chain. At that point the chain will probably have stretched out. Heres a pic of 3rz-fe (its from a T-100 but it should be very similar if not the same) Btw the 22r(e) came in 1981-1995 toyota hiluxpickups. When the Tacoma came out in 1995.5 it came with all new engines.

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the Nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

NISSAN Old CVT vs. Xtronic CVT

Hello everyone. About three weeks ago my 2008 Nissan Rogue with 69300 KM started creating a turbo spooling noise when depressing and releasing the gas pedal. I initially thought the Serpentine belt might be the culprit but found it odd that the noise was emanating near the gear shift instead of the engine bay. The noise progressively got worse after a week to the point that you could hear a whine at

To keep things in perpective here the Rogues two major competitors are the top selling toyota rav4 and Honda CRV and they have almost identical power and torque numbers as the Rogue around 175 hp and there is no V6 option just like the Rogue (2013 redesigned rav4 dropped the V6). In 2008 when I purchased my Rogue I wasnt able to test drive a 4-cylinder rav4 the salesman told me it was a really poor

KIA SPORTAGE I K00 Buying a Sporage with a known blown head gasket

Hey guys and gals The search for my next vehicle has brought me to this forum Lets start off with I work in an auto salvage yard in a position that has me in a vehicle 8 hours a day driving around in the Florida heat over some not-so-friendly terrain and my vehicle of choice at work is a 2002 Sportage 2wd and out of the 4 vehicles Ive had in this position over the past few years this one has lasted

NISSAN Horsepower Concerns

I am currently in the market for a compact SUV. I have shopped the toyota rav4 and the Honda CR-V. I was leaning toward buying the Honda CR-V. However after reading owner reviews the one complaint that kept surfacing was the lack of horsepower which is rated at 166 hp. That was pushing me toward the toyota rav 4 with the V6 rated 269 hp. However I hate that spare tire on the back I really love the

Id be willing to bet that next to the CRV the Rogue will feel noticably more powerful. The Roque will make more torque over more RPMs than the Honda so youll have more power-on-demand and likely have better acceleration and passing power. toyota tends to build motors similar in style to Nissan (torquier lower-redline broader powerband) so I imagine the rav-4 will be similar to the Rogue in that aspect.

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