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TOYOTA PRIUS III ZVW30 Crankshaft position sensor wetted with oil

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TOYOTA PRIUS Prius probed for engine stalls

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) June 1 2005 Federal regulators on Wednesday officially opened an investigation into the red-hot toyota prius responding to complaints alleging the cars hybrid engine cuts out in traffic.

Before computers the fabulous GM Vega quit on the freeway at 65 mph suddenly Dealer did a major tune up which did not help. Following wires curiously revealed a third one from the oil pressure sensor not to the gauge but to the gas tank Located in the tank was an electric fuel pump. Reasoning said that this was an attempt to shut down the engine [if you could call it that] in case the oil pressure

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TOYOTA PRIUS Hybrid Haters

Bet there are a few of them on the forums Id like to know why you guys dislike hybrid technology so badly if you know its good for us... I want to see how active this thread becomes. D

With all due respect I am a hybrid automobile hater. I think as a science project it would be fun to experiment with. However high fuel prices happens to be a scandal. Ive got my reasons for feeling this way. Think back to the last presidential election. What happened when it looked more and more like Obama would win. The gas prices kept coming down. By the time it was all said and done they were actually

BMW SERIES 3 E46 MAP Sensor enhancer

Hey everyone Its been a while but Im back. I want to find my MAP sensor on my 2002 325i. I am working on installing an HHO-hybrid kit on my car and have to install a MAP sensor Enhancer. Anyone know where I can find said MAP sensor Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by KrisL Dont be ridiculous Bob the manufacturers dont want to release all of their fuel saving secrets.. they need to keep you wanting oil to keep buying cars. We might actually discover that toyota owns the Turbonator patent and uses it on the prius.... -)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 Warranty opinion

I have a 2009 ML320 we bought new. It currently has 40K miles and has been into the dealer quite a few times leaking turbo seals problem with the down pipe 02 sensors rear door hydraulics and I am sure there are a few more too. It will be 2899 to extend the MB warranty 3 years or up to 75K miles. I was hoping for some opinions if extending it is worth it if so is this a good price Thanks

a peak at my cars previous history and found a heater of some sort had been replaced and the COMMAND6-disc system replaced TWICE. Parked next to my 2009 ML320 with 51000 miles is my 2007 prius with 53000. The prius had a defect in the gas tank evaporative system right off the factory floor. Other than gas oil and filters it needed new tires at 40000. An 8 year 100000 mile warranty was 1100 from toyota

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS R W251 V251 Thinking about buying an brand new Mercedes Benz R class in the future

Thinking about buying an brand new Mercedes Benz R class in the future am wondering how the vehicle is doing for all the owners of the R class How was the driving and maintenance of the vehicle And does the owners here have any issues with it

prefer and then see the space left behind for the 2nd row passengers neither Q7 nor GL can match that. We have had our unscheduled visits to the service department for warranty repairs but so far we enjoy it a lot ours was almost a lemon but MB spend the time needed to get the faults repaired and now we have no issues any more only service. The service visits can seam steep if you are used to a toyota

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ TJ Drivability Questions

Just purchased my first Jeep in over 20 years 2002 Sport w 4.0 auto and I believe 2 in. Trailmaster lift 31x10.5 Michellin non-agressive tires that look almost new. The Jeep has only 77000 miles and looks great However gas milage is terrible about 13 mixed highwaycity. Changed spark plugs wo much improvement if any. Also the Jeep seems to wander or even jerk side to side when encountering even small

Gas mileage Is this the toyota prius forum Just kidding congrats on the purchase. Ever since I bought my first Jeep I havent been without one and I hope to never be. What gears are in the one you bought 3.07s If so with the 31s and the auto then dropping the ratio down with a swap will net you some torque multiplication and some mileage (by helping to keep the engine in its sweet spot) if you keep

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