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TOYOTA PRIUS II NHW20 Theft deterrent system light always on when ignition is off

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TOYOTA PRIUS II NHW20 ignition plus on jbl system

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TOYOTA PRIUS Dead Hybrid Battery

Anybody have any experience w replacing their prius hybrid battery I have 150K on my 2001 and now need a new hybrid battery as well as the battery that controls the computer. The price is 5000 - 4000 in parts and 1000 in labor. If I knew I could get another 150K out of the car it might be worth the cost of the repair. But thats such a hefty price tag Im wondering if Im a total idiot for even considering

The I dont know abou the Ford but a prius will not start without the hybrid battery because the ignition system operates off of it. The dealership is going to give you a quote for a new hybrid battery. If you go to toyota theyll tell you a really high price for a new prius battery too. But you can pick up a used one at a junk yard for about 500.

The I dont know abou the Ford but a prius will not start without the hybrid battery because the ignition system operates off of it. The dealership is going to give you a quote for a new hybrid battery. If you go to toyota theyll tell you a really high price for a new prius battery too. But you can pick up a used one at a junk yard for about 500.

TOYOTA PRIUS Prius Problems

So yeah the toyota problems were big news but I havent really heard about runaway priuses in a while. So I figure if every toyota were a rolling death trap it would still be big news. But if someone can confirm that you can drive a prius and not die please let me know so my wifes head doesnt explode when I bring up getting one. Thanks

prius has several warning beeps built in. Depends on what warning light is also showing on the dash. Putting the car into reverse. Pulling your seatbelt off before shutting down the engine. Opening the door with the key still in the ignition. Opening the door when the engine has not finished shutting off yet. Attempting to lock the doors while a door is still open. Any one of these warning systems might malfunction and false alarm during engine shut down.

TOYOTA PRIUS II NHW20 05 Prius Battery Drain

After 5 days of not driving my new prius there was no response from the power button. Call the toyota help number car was taken to a dealer who could find nothing wrong but did use a jumper to get it running. Owners manual suggests disabling the smart key function if vehicle will not be driven for an extended period of time but does not elaborate on how long that should be. Therefore I suggest pushing the disable button even for overnight to evert surprises the next day.

There are a lot of fallacies on this board ... the smart key is a feature many vehicles have (not just hybrids). Electromagnetic sensors are placed on the two front doors and the rear hatch. They are activated at regular frequency to search for the corresponding transponder with the matching ignition code. Ok now each of the sensors is EXTREMELY low power draw such that the car can power them for an

TOYOTA PRIUS Amateur Radio in Prius

I purchased my prius in 2003 in Jan. I asked the dealer for information regarding the installation of an Radio Amateur Receiver and Transmitter in this type of vehicle. I am still waiting for proper installation details. I even wrote to the President of toyota and an answer that they did not have the details. There have been several wipe outs of computers that control many of the prius functions by

If you want a home made detector for RF interference (or for lightning) you tune an AM radio to a dead channel that has no station broadcasting. RF noise from the cars ignition system or alternator shows up on the radio as a high pitch whinning sound that rises and falls with engine RPM. Nearby lightning sounds like a sudden crackling noise with the volume being a rough estimate of the distance to

TOYOTA TACOMA Whoa Toyota Recall.....

I guess the accelerator is getting stuck on the floor mats. Mine did this just the other day. 2007-2009 Tacos affected among other models according to Fox news. I dont know why its a recall though.. OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE Quote Recent events have prompted toyota to take a closer look at the potential for an accelerator pedal to get stuck in the full open position due to an unsecured or incompatible

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Adding Navigation on Command System

I have SLK 350 2005 comes with Command and looking for Navigation to add on it. If somebody wants to sell it or knows how to do that please send me an email at . I am in Vancouver BC. Canada. Thanks in Advance ...Parwinder

Quote Originally Posted by -1- CalifSLK Im a little off topic. Ive seen you mention you have SEVEN vehicles. Any reason you have so many. My wife and I have four vehicles for the two of us. I also have a toyota Tocoma pickup a VW NewBeetle and the SLK 350 along with a Mazda6. I really like the Lexus IS250. We like many of the same brands. How about that toyota prius Most VW NewBeetle owners name their

TOYOTA TACOMA Push to Start for Tacoma

Can you put a push to start in a tacoma if yes where can i find some cause they are really dope

The toyota Smart Key system is HIGHLY integrated into the vehicle (my prius has this and it IS nice). But to incorporate the full functionality of Smart Key without actually having that system would be a collosal and costly undertaking. Im sure its possible to hook up a simple Start button but youd still have to put the key in and turn it to the run position then hit the start button (thereby making

TOYOTA TACOMA Push button start install

Hey guys. Just bought my Tacoma and Im installing a push button RFID keyless entry system I bought while I was in Japan. Great system and worked well in the other vehicles I had it installed in. Ill update this thread as I finish my install but first here is some basic info on the system Dowontech ST800 (can be found on ) General features -Original key cylinder can be left installed

Quote Originally Posted by dibble9012 Its actually quite convenient. Its a passive keyless entry system like the prius and Camry have. Walk up to the car it automatically unlocks get in and push the start button. LOL. That struck me as pretty funny. The prius and Camry need all the gimmicks they can get. The Tacoma doesnt. Personally I prefer something a little more secure than automatic this or automatic

TOYOTA YARIS low gas mileage

Curious question here. 2007 Polar White HB Yaris with 1274.7 miles on it. After the 1000th mile I tried checking my gas mileage (since by fuel bar was blinking super fast so I had to gas up.) Turns out that only 274.7 miles later I have to gas up again but only gassed up 10.4 gallons. So basically I got 27.4mpg Is that wrong or something All I got done to my car is a Tanabe Concept G Axle Back Exhaust

in color have it replaced. Also consider going to an aftermarket filter with better breathability (i.e. K&N). 3) If you buy cheap off-brand gas stop it. Cheaper fuels are priced so because they use additives and detergents etc. with much lower caloric content than you find in the primary fuel brands and end up costing you more money than primary brands due to lost mileage. The folks over at priusChat

TOYOTA TACOMA Entune Issues Tips Tricks Updates Lets hear them

Hey everybody I have recently purchased a 2012 Tacoma with Entune and have had a little time trying to figure out a few things. It has great potential but I feel that we can get more info to the masses as we crack into it more. Here we could post questions to others as well as tips and tricks that worked for you that others may benefit from since toyota dosent know how to use the system either. I will

I got this from a prius forum but it works for us to. To get a diagnostic page on the Entune system do the following Truck off Lights off Foot not on brake turn ignition to Accesory and wait until the entune system starts and displays the map Press and hold the Setup button Turn headlights on then off three times Diagnostic page will be displayed. I didnt find anything useful on this page but there

TOYOTA TACOMA Gas mileage improvements

I want to make my 98 V6 standard as fuel efficient as possible. Suggestions Mods etc.

Quote Originally Posted by Idaholandho prius mod LOL Seriously.... The ONLY cost-effective fuel economy improvement is going to be driving with an egg taped to the bottom of your right foot. Less aggressive street-type tires will help but you wont gain enough to offset the 400 in fuel savings over the life of the tires. If you have to buy tires anyways then yes... you can make choices thatll help but

FORD F150 Do we need an F-150 Hybrid

Read on that Chevy is coming out with another Silverado Hybrid httpwww.myride.comresearchedito...itorialId3392 Any chance we might see one of these from Ford

Quote Originally Posted by MercedesTech Its not the hv cables yes they are very well protected and shielded even on the crap toyotas... its the fact you can turn the key off but leave the electric motor on. What Thats not really possible. If the key is off its impossible for the high voltage system to be active. Thats standard amongst all hybrid vehicles the manufacturers figure that the world is not

KIA SORENTO II XM Vehicle Complaint to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

I just reported my rought idle issue to NHTSA site. This is where you can complaint about your vehicle issues so that they can gather the complaint from auto owners to investigate any safety concernsissues. NHTSA Complaint Site

A complaint to the NHTSB about a rough idle Get in line....there are far more serious issues ahead of you...oh and surprise most of them are not Kia OR Hyundai.... Summary toyota is recalling certain model year 2004-2009 prius vehicles manufactured August 5 2003 through March 30 2009. The affected vehicles have a steering intermediate extension shaft assembly built with metal splines that complete

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 supercharging 2007 e350 need help

hey i want to supercharge my mercedes e350 where can i buy one from Does it wreck the engine of the car

a solvent. What would you rather spray on your cylinder walls 38. Indias Tata Energy Research Institute said clean diesel beats compressed natural gas (CNG) on cost and delivers the same amount of toxic pollutants. 39. Compressed natural gas has 75% less energy density than diesel fuel. 40. The best batteries are 85% less energy dense than diesel fuel. 41. The diesel BMW 520D luxury car beat the toyota

MAZDA 6 I GG GY 06 Owner&39s Beware&33 791 Xv Install Nightmare

I decided two weeks ago to buy the 791 XV from viper. I brought the system to auto sound and security in new rochelle ny to get installed. In case you don&39t know already you must sacrifice a key to put in the steering column to operate the remote start.I had two options sacrifice the 2nd flip key set (419.00) or have the mazda dealer cut and reprogram a valet key). I called my dealer to order one

extra keys. If you all want me to write up how this vehicle is done and where everything is and specific part &39s let me know. I&39ll be more than happy to do it. here is the piece from Autopage that works in the Mazda 6 (06&39s included) KEY-OVERRIDE-SL Overview -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PATS data bypass kit for Ford Mecury Lincoln Mazda toyota

SMART FORTWO Backup warning

Why Losing Your Keys Could Cost As Much As Your Monthly Payment Quote See More Articles from this Author How much do you suppose it would cost to replace that set of car keys in your pocket A few bucks Dream on. If it&8217s a &8220smart&8221 key it could easily cost you 200 to 300 -- or more. Many vehicles today have immobilizers that lock up a car&8217s ignition fuel and steering systems unless a

BMW SERIES 3 E46 The cars you have owned

Please share because I think I have a sickness about the cars Me - 83 2105 LADA (it was started in 1989) --- 78 VW Passat --- 83 BMW 733i (company car) --- Opel Omega(company car)(all those were in Russia) --- VW Golf --- Mercury Sable --- 95Nissan Maxima --- 97Nissan Maxima --- 98 Ford Explorer 99 Acura 3.2 TL 03 BMW 325iT(current). My wife --- 86 Subaru GL --- 00 VW Jetta --- 00 Nissan Altima (but

on a car again. Plus the cost of ownership (gas insurance depreciation registration) was VERY high. Also this car attracted too much attention. I was pulled over 7 times in 18 months for stupid stuff (no front plate Rolling Stops my headlights were too bright.) I never got a single moving violation though. As my Mom said You look like a drug dealer in that car thats why they pull you over 2007 toyota

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  • Toyota Prius Intermotor Crankshaft Pulse Sensor Engine Ignition System New - United Kingdom (49.54 GBP)

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