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TOYOTA PRIUS II NHW20 Rear Ended - Damage to the front quarter panel

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Howdy all It will come down to a matter of driving feel to most. For me I have always tended to like the sportier better handling feel of Hondas over toyotas although I admit both are great car companies and I am a shareholder in both. Interestingly enough I found myself after looking at the 2006 HCH leaning on spec toward the prius over the HCH because it had a fold-down rear seat had electronic stability

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I was wondering if they have limited the amount of stickers in 07. I only received 2 big stickers and 2 smaller ones. It seems that the directions talk of 4 smaller stickers. Can anybody let me know if they just forgot to include the right amount of stickers. I am missing a total of (2) smaller stickers for the front bumper. Thank you for any assistance. Best Eric

Eric 4 is all you get one large one goes on the front bumper the other large one goes on the back bumper and the two small ones go on the side quarter panels (near the wheels)

TOYOTA TACOMA great Craigs list ad.

I any sure where to post this but I thought it was to well done to not post somewhere. I know this is a jeep but it is funny. Lol httpenid.craigslist.orgcto41192...html%3Cdiv%3E

bottles in the garage -could you not care less Do you have Jalopnik saved on your laptop AND smartphone Do you own a service manual for every vehicle you ever owned Do you still miss your first ride Can you carry on a two hour conversation discussing tools scars and hi-lift jacks Remember when tool companies had the balls to put half-naked beauty queens on their calendars Do you consider the prius

TOYOTA RAV 4 Today in unusual Electric Cars

Renault Twizy. Single passenger NEV with 6 kwh battery 17 hp motor 50 miles per charge. More like a golf cart with better styling. Reported price about 10000. _________________ 2012 Rav4EV Shoreline Blue (1528) 2010 prius

News reports indicate that Nissan is working on an improved version of the Renault Twizy NEV. The Nissan prototype has a completely enclosed cabin and front and rear quarter panels that move (relative to the body) as the vehicle leans during cornering. _________________ 2012 Rav4EV Shoreline Blue (1528) 2010 prius

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E IV 207 212 W212 Mercedes E250 Bluetec- The most fuel-efficent car in America is a luxury car

From Road & Track Magazine. I was reading this article today at lunch. httpwww.roadandtrack.comfeatures...srcsoc_fcbks Goes to show how amazing that E250 is I will take on in Luxury trim with 4Matic and all options -Yesterday our Senior Editor Jason Cammisa related a fantastic tale The luxury sedan that beat the prius in a real-world MPG battle. Now go deeper as Cammisa tells the surprisingly interesting

NISSAN CUBE II Z11 2008 Nissan Cube vs. 2008 Scion xB

non of this is mine. i just thought i would post it. all credit gos to Dont we all have a happy childhood memory of our parents buying a new refrigerator and getting to play in the giant delivery box Within minutes the box was refashioned into a clubhouse. Or it became a sled and we piled in for a tumble down the nearest hill. So we cant help but imagine that box-shape small cars like

HONDA CIVIC Looking for a hybrid

Ive been reading a lot of threads on various forums and have some questions that you may be willing to help with. I have driven a new prius and a new Civic hybrid and was almost convinced to get the prius until I found this forum. It looks like the full 2100 tax credit for the Civic hybrid is available until the end of this quarter. Does anyone know sure (I have checked the IRS web site but its hard

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  • Toyota Prius Quarter glass Driver Front O/S Front Glass 2005 - London,United Kingdom (26.99 GBP)
  • Toyota Prius Quarter glass Passenger Front N/S Left Front Glass 2005 - London,United Kingdom (29.99 GBP)
  • GENUINE NEW TOYOTA FRONT LEFT QUARTER PANEL PROTECTOR For Prius Hatch 1.5 03-09 - Burton-on-Trent,United Kingdom (6.95 GBP)

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