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It was great to chat to everyone at the meet about how they came to own a B whch led to conversations about what we all had before. Seeing LRBs Beetle pic and finding out that Silverbarchetta used to have a DeLorean made me think that it would be interesting to know what everyone has had up til now along with a few stories So Ill go first and get my blushes out the way up front . . . 1. Fiat 124 (what

to buy one I wont invest lots of money straight away. First I would get rid of rust change belts oil etc... Id practice with stock on snow for some time. Then I would install lsd get some tires and increase turbo bar. In the long run I may invest up to 10 grand USD. I may be wrong and ignorant but I think BMW 324td performance doesnt fall back much compared to the most popular drift car ever - toyota

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KIA PICANTO Newbie With Kia Picanto

Hi Periwinkle here - new to the forum. I have recently acquired a New Kia Picanto in Black it is a 1.1 and I find it very sluggish compared to my 1.25 Zetec Fiesta I used to own. I am a little disappointed as I really enjoy driving and we live in a very hilly area. I get frustrated when the revs are up to 4 when I am only trying to go up a fairly minor hill in 3rd gear. Any suggestions apart from change

the Pica under my skin. It&39s so crazy that I even avoid driving my wife&39s car which I consider as being a technically more advanced safer and comfortable car. Never driven a Spitfire myself but what I know from engines from the 70&39s is that the efficiency in having max torque max power and lowest fuel consumption is not to be compared with what modern engineering can do. My first car was a toyota


Sedona 02 2.9 crdi Auto I had my oil and filter changed yesterday and have just noticed Shell VA 5W40 has been used instead of 10W40 will this do the engine any harm According to the garage its what Shell recomend the engine has done under 35000 miles.

2002. Even if I trade in now the gap between two Vans would be smaller than 10000 that is to say mine with less depreciation not to mention my 10000 CD has been generating interest to cover my maintenance cost. So if I would buy a used Kia I believe Kia on 2002 or newer should be very reliable like my Kia Sedona 2002 EX. That is to say I would keep my Kia for many years to come as I did with my toyota

I would buy one like a shot and convert to LPG. Dear Seacam You are very welcome. One extra thing to keep in mind that many car dealers or garage would advise you to replace oil every 3000 miles or 3 months and every time replace BOTH engine oil and oil filter. I want to say cars after 1990 or even 1985 are much better than this good old says advise that passed blindly. For example I bought my toyota

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 new to the ML... help.....

Hey everyone like it says im new to the ML and was wondering if someone could tell me what kind of fuel consumption you get out of the ML270 tdi and the 320 petrol please I live in the UK and fuel is sooooooo exspencive here i need to get something that is not to thirsty...... 30 mpg would be fine...... is there any problems i need to look out for when buying one of these Is there anyone wanting to sell theirs Im in the north of the UK near to Leeds....... Thanks Tony.

If you want 30 mpg you should look at Honda Civic or toyota corolla ... For the city driving most MLs get around 16 or 17 mpg (I am talking about petrol engine not diesel engines). EPA rating (sticker) on the ML shows 17 mpg.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Am I asking too much

So lots of the folks here helped me when buying my new 210. I listed my old one on the local craigslist and have only gotten one call (in about a month). I think people are afraid of the high mileage 264000 miles. I was going to take 3000. Is it too much Im honestly not trying to drum up a sale just seeking your input yet again. Ive put almost that much into her this past year it is below blue book

It can be rewarding financially but with lot of work time and patience. Point is that your engine with 260k has basically 0 value while the rest of the car can still sell well. The valuable parts multiplied by 0 makes what you do the math. he has 264000 miles 424000 kilometer on his E320 with M112 engine. 424K is really not a lot. Lots of Taxis in China retires at 700000km and even retired toyota

FIAT PANDA Picture of red and black 4x4 pandas needed

I cant seem to find a decent photo of new Panda 4x4s in red or black. Im about to order one but would love to see a decent photo before I do. If anyone has a good side on pic would you be so kind as to post it up for a few days to help make a decision. The pic has to be of the 4x4 Ta in advance.

a calendar. And with that higher ride height and four-wheel drive setup the Panda 4X4 feels a good deal less agile than its regular two-wheel drive sibling. The 0-60 times have been discussed elsewhere - it sure feels quicker. And the 4x4 feels less agile than its sibling NNNNNNoooooooooooooo We have a motorway off-ramp nearby that goes into an extremely tight 180 degree hair-pin. My 180 bhp toyota

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  • TOYOTA COROLLA 1998 1332cc PETROL ENGINE *** CODE 4E-FE *** - Worksop,United Kingdom (250.00 GBP)
  • 2005 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.4L Petrol ENGINE 4ZZ-FE 60,297MILES 90 DAY GUARANTEE - Thame,United Kingdom (625.00 GBP)
  • ENGINE TOYOTA COROLLA & AVENSIS 1ZZ-FE 1.8 LTR VVTi PETROL 2001-06 - United Arab Emirates (699.00 GBP)
  • TOYOTA COROLLA 1.4 VVTI PETROL 2001-07 ENGINE CODE 4ZZ-FE SUPPLY AND FIT - London,United Kingdom (895.00 GBP)
  • Toyota Corolla 1.6 16V Hatchback 1999 petrol engine engine code 4A-FE - United Kingdom (300.00 GBP)
  • TOYOTA COROLLA 4A-FE ENGINE 1600cc 16v PETROL - Coventry,United Kingdom (209.95 GBP)

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