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anyone tried to swap TC engine into yaris

the forced induction market but by no means does it have no potential...Just ask Garm Oh and to clear up the cost of a 2az motor cheapest one I found was 1100 no transmission no ECU no wiring harness etc...cheapest with all that was about 2000 but with a 4spd auto complete. Oh and heres the application list for all vehicles that have a 2azfe in them... Most common application is the TC and Camry toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Under the hood of a 2012 Yaris

This morning I was coming out of Home Depot and noticed that the toyota dealer across the street had an Absolutely Red 2012 Yaris sitting out front so I had to pop in and kick the tires (and take some pics). I test drove it and it really feels and sounds just like the 2nd gen. I personally dont like having the cluster back under the steering wheel but thats one of those changes that is completely a

Quote Originally Posted by roxy1 there are now plenty of hyundais an even domestics on the road that are quite fine after 10 yrs and 200K miles. going by what you are saying nobody should have ever bought japanese makes because in the 70s and early 80s their dependability and durability was abysmal. honda and toyota are counting on peple just buying off their reputation. look at the quality of the

Quote Originally Posted by CanIHazYarisHatch You make many logical and valid points in this post Roxy. Of course toyota didnt do a complete re-design of their engine Designing a new engine (even a humble four-banger like in the Yaris) costs hundreds of millions of dollars and takes years. I can assure you at toyota at this moment they are developing the new or refreshed engine for the 4th gen Yaris

TOYOTA TACOMA Toyota salvage yard in SC

I have heard there is a salvage yard in South Carolina in the upstate or possibly in NC that has mostly toyota trucks. Can anyone give me any information on this.

This might be what you are thinking about. httpgreenville.craigslist.orgpts3255434909.html PARTING OUT toyota 4WD2WD TRUCKS 4RUNNERS TACOMA CAMRY - 1 (CANDLER NC) Date 2012-09-25 949PM EDT Reply to this post [Errors when replying to ads] I have all kinds of engines (20r 22r 22re 3.0 3.4 2.7 2.4 prices 750-1200) Transmissions AT & MT 300-650 Driveshafts 50-125 Axles

TOYOTA YARIS Toyota Selects ME To Drive The iQ

You read that right. Monday after work Im going to the local dealer and test drive the iQ I will bring my camera.

area to store things under the hatch. The test drive included a stretch of freeway so acceleration was adequate if a little less than the Yaris. Not a problem. The thing that stands out about the car is its presence. It feels like a much bigger car. You completely forget you are driving a minicar. I wish the car WAS more insubstantial. I want the 1 liter engine. The car need not come off as a corolla.


Im very much interested in this and have not read any recent threads on the subject hence my quiery. Id like to replace my current 1.5 with a 1.8 to 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. Has anyone done this and which toyota engine (or other) did you use would you use and how easy in the fitment. Why am I considering doing this you may ask Simply to make it faster in a reliable sort of way. Thanks for your knowledgeable responses in advance.

modification needed. 4A-GE - 1.6L an older engine but can be modified cheaply and easily compared to newer ones. Frame rail notching absolutely necessary. 3S-GTE - 2.0L turbo engine though this is so far only hearsay out of Indonesia... Unfortunately on this forum weve never yet had any firsthand experience of these swaps mostly just vague stories. Possible swaps 1ZR-FE The new 1.8L in the corolla

TOYOTA PRIUS Weight reduction

I got an 07 Prius a couple weeks ago and of all the info Ive come across on the net (along with ideas of my own) I reduced the as-delivered weight of the car by 40 lbs. by taking out the rear plastic bin that is above the spare the carpeted deck that lives on top of that a small plastic box lid to the left of this deck a couple of tools that arent needed the owners manual the rear cargo net all of

of what PROOF they provide that this is true for your Prius. Rather than changing viscosity go to a synthetic 5W-30 oil until you find that Proof above. (Synthetic oils are what is used in aircraft engines to withstand the intense temperatures.) Additionally my 99 Camry had some oil sludgeing problems and the fact that I had used the proper oil ensured that the warranty was honoured. ( httpwww.corolland.comsludge.html

BMW SERIES 5 E39 timing chain breakage

Today my 540i stopped running. Itmessaged no oil pressure. Towed it to shop and they said the timing chain was broken. Talking about engine replacement because valves bent. Is that something that always happens in this circumstance with these engines Or is there a mechanism to stop that from happening

Bmw decided to use a longer lasting component(chain system) which requires lubrication system(read money). There are not many cars on the market still using chains due to the cost of this system belt is much cheaper to install and has come to the point at which failure of the tensioner is way more common than breakage of the belt. for the past 15 years 99.9999999% really now i know that 89-03 toyotas

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Just purchased used and have a couple questions

2001 530i. The only thing wrong (well actually there is one more thing but owner is having smog done before delivery to us). one- the windshield washer doesnt squirt water out. I have replaced washer pumps on other cars not sure what is wrong yet havent looked into it. Any ideas is this common Two- nothing wrong with breaks but they do squeak owner says thats because the disc rotors are drilled for

no idea what that sentence above is intimating. A BMW is a car just like any other car. Not sure why it would be different in any respect (other than in handling and bulletproof reliability of the engine and horridly lousy engineering in many of the peripherals because BMW doesnt know how to build a complete set of systems working together). Quote Originally Posted by Fudman These cars are NOT toyotas.

MERCEDES BENZ STRICH 8 W114 W115 she will not start - what do I do next

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engine oil into the cylinder(1 ozmaybe or two pumps from the oil can) to seal the ringsand test the compression again Yeahdo the wet test. Now that the rings are better sealedlets see those readings again Higher readings mean faultystickingbroken rings Same readings mean leakyburnt valves(or in some casesburnt head gasket that leak the compression into the adjacent cylinder). My friends 1980 toyota

LINCOLN King of the Road Article

Does anybody have a copy of the King of the Road Article on the Mark IV vs. Eldorado in 1972 I am really wanting to read it so could someone post it possibly thanks

6th from the local Cadillac public relations contact Ray Conners. The Continental Mark IV was ready about four working days later after a close inspection and detailing by Bill Stroppe & Company. For about a week the keys were passed around the office as I tried to get everyone in the cars either as a driver or rider. One staffer refused to drive either car. He preferred staying in a 5-speed toyota

NISSAN year 2010 versa clean-emission Homogeneous-Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)

greeting to all my friends at nico it is good to be back and i am here with good info for the future. The new versa for 2010 will be use an hcci engine which is capable of achieving 60 mpg.this engine can burn any fuel and it will still have a spark plug with an temperature probe in case the the temperature drops the spark plug will

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Blown 5 motors

Is my BMW elergic to water I want to write this as short as possible. I had my 1998 540i for just over a year when in the rain at idle speed and about 5mph my 8th cylynder blew a hole the size of my fist threw the bottom of the block. 2 weeks later my dads mechanic(for many years) got a refurbished engine put in. he drove it 2 times and on the second one almost the identical thing happened to him.

A few thoughts for you 1. Search the forum for any threadsposts on failed v8 engines Ive heard of many overheatedwarpedcracked head & gaskets but 0 through the block failures. 2. Any attempt of correspondance with BMWNA in regard to a 10 year old car is a complete waste of time - they dont care. 3. I would humbly suggest finding a different car - like a toyota corolla.

MERCEDES BENZ STRICH 8 W114 W115 220 diesel suggestions

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commonits just a thought to those who REALLY wanted to eke out more powerwithout modifying their original engines.But please bear in mind that I dont mean to be rudeinsulting to the original designs of our cars. cool OKwhat some of us folks do hereas a relatively low-cost method to increase poweris to remove the manual fan and fit an electrical-operated one instead. My colleaguewho drives a 79 toyota

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