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TOYOTA YARIS Complete Fuel System Cleaner Is it safe

I know this may have been asked before so I apologize but my 10 Yaris Sedan currently has 20000 miles on it I happened to stumble upon GumOut Fuel Injector cleaner and used it back at 17000. The bottle says to use every oil change or 3000 miles and while at Wal-Mart last week I happened to see STP complete Fuel System Cleaner which claimed it targeted four different areas as compared to GumOut just

BTW even though US law mandates a minimal ammount of fuel sys cleaners in gas to be added at the distubution point it is not enought to keep a fuel sys clean in the long run. Besides the amount that is mandated is not that closly monitored to begin with. So adding an aditional cleaner ocasionally is prudent and your not really adding anything that is not already in the gas I used Seafoam in my celica


anyone tried to swap TC engine into yaris

the forced induction market but by no means does it have no potential...Just ask Garm Oh and to clear up the cost of a 2az motor cheapest one I found was 1100 no transmission no ECU no wiring harness etc...cheapest with all that was about 2000 but with a 4spd auto complete. Oh and heres the application list for all vehicles that have a 2azfe in them... Most common application is the TC and Camry toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Valve Adjustment

General Question Does anyone ever adjust Yaris valves I hope not. They have shims. Motorcyce valves that use shims need regular checking and adjusting. Perhaps the hardened valve seats (i assume they have hardened seats) on the Yaris keep them in adjustment. I have an 07 and an 09 USA Yaris.

My previous toyota (celica GT) had the same valve set up and if one is to believe all the posters on the fourums they very rarely needed any adjustment. I sold my celica with over 95k miles on it and the valve adjustments were in fine. BTW all cars have harderned seats and this has nothing in to do with vave rocker clearance that would need adjustment which is what were are talking about . Hardened

TOYOTA TACOMA Toyota salvage yard in SC

I have heard there is a salvage yard in South Carolina in the upstate or possibly in NC that has mostly toyota trucks. Can anyone give me any information on this.

This might be what you are thinking about. httpgreenville.craigslist.orgpts3255434909.html PARTING OUT toyota 4WD2WD TRUCKS 4RUNNERS TACOMA CAMRY - 1 (CANDLER NC) Date 2012-09-25 949PM EDT Reply to this post [Errors when replying to ads] I have all kinds of engines (20r 22r 22re 3.0 3.4 2.7 2.4 prices 750-1200) Transmissions AT & MT 300-650 Driveshafts 50-125 Axles


Hi I just convinced my wife to buy a 1994 Camry that had a blown radiator. i tried it and went great. brakes suspention... no rust everything workin but radiator had a major crack. i changed it only to find out the engine was full of coolant and engine compression was going in radiator also knockin noise and i feel the knocking near the thermostat hose. I have a spare 5sfe engine from my 92 celica

1. community here in Pacific NW buys engines from Japan. We buy them in prolly hundreds. No one ever had any issues. Nothing will get in they do not sit outside in the rain and mud. Plus Its a complete engine fully sealed. Reason they are sold is due to draconian taxes on cars they have in Japan. Its almost not worth it to drive a car for more than 3-4 years. Hence abundance of trannies and engines for sale. Here they come rock solid certified. 2. Unless prices went up that much it should not cost a grand for a 4 banger. Mazda 323 engine is around 350 delivered. Maybe pricing is different inland. We are ultimately right on Pacific coast. thanks for clarification on celicaTC engine swap. interesting. Half size car basically.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Prospective W202 Buyer

Hi there how is everyone my name is William and Im a 20 Year old Student currently living in Australia (Been here for the last 10 or so years). My dads old car was a W124 300E and it was a very classy looking car nice shiny dark blue colour looks very respectable but unfortunately it lacked proper servicing and care I mean we wash it and feed it fuel but when it comes to servicing and repairs weve

proper servicing and care I mean we wash it and feed it fuel but when it comes to servicing and repairs weve been very slack. I drove it for a while when I was still on my Provisional Plates and it felt great knowing my peers were still driving Hondas and Fords (even though many have higher market value than the 300E) we decided to sell it a few months ago. I am currently driving a temp car 1990 toyota

FORD F150 someone help me before i am forced to switch to chevy

i had a mustang that i just junked i had it for 2 months and the transmission died it had 80k miles whatever i said i just moved on now i have an f150 ive had it for 3 weeks and yesturday it stalled as i was pulling into a parking space im in college i cant afford to keep buying new vehicles. so here it is its a 97 f150 2wd 4.6l its got 150k miles on it. it drove fine before that then stalled at like

I really do feel bad for you. I have had 3 of my children complete college and they definatley needed their vehicles. I bought my oldest son a used 96 Ford Ranger when he was a Junior in high school. He had it until he completed 5 years of college and then some. 260000 miles. I performed routine mait and did the repairs as it needed. My second son went through 3 cars in a 7 year span. toyota celica

FORD F150 Blown motor 05 Screw 22k 5.4L...Advice

Has anyone dealt with warranty replacement and if so any advice on how to handle them. my truck is already in and new long block ordered by service manager.They only want to continue original warranty after new engine install I think they should give me 3yrs 36k on the new engine any help would be appreciated.....Thanks. p.s. this really sucksI feel like I been kicked in the

they are replacing. Did they order an entire short block or did they just order a block new rings and new bearings did they check the heads for warping did they even order a block they could just be honing out the old one and replacing the rings. Be inquisitive is the best advice I could give you. When I blew the motor in my 2000 celica gts they replaced it and the tranny under warranty because toyota

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