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TOYOTA CAMRY IV Heavy-ing up 96 Camry rear suspension

Curious about anyone elses experiences or solutions here with improving the rear suspension on a 96 camry 4-cyl. LE sedan for carrying heavier loads or trailering. In my case I replaced my soft rear springs & leaky struts with ones from a mid-90s salvage-yard camry wagon. Definitely stiffer but well controlled. Seems more stable on freeway ramps and no more rear bottoming over speedbumps and driveways.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV rear suspension noise 97 camry

If any one can help narrow it down where my noise is coming from it would be appreciated.The car has 155000 on it and never had any suspension componets replaced.The noise is worse at low speed 5mph and sounds like a metal to metal clank.I had the one strut rod off that goes from front to back and it looks to good to replace at a dealer cost of 110.I am now looking closely at my suspension arms that

i have a 98 camry with the same problem of the medal sound.usually youll hear it at like 5mph its been like that for like 5 months so i just figured it was the jack that is stored in the trunk youshould check if its the jack. as stupid as it sounds it doesnt hurt and it make sense since the sack is stored in a place where theres no padding just in a medal compartment

Your noise problem is a common one. Replace your rear sway(stablizer bar)bar bushings cost about 20.00. Its an easy fix should only take 30 min to replace. You need to jack the rear off the ground and do both sides at the same time. While your at it raplace the front bushings also they will need it.

Iggy Im confused by what you call the sway barsAre those the 4 bars 2 being adjustable going from the wheel to the center of the carIf these are bars where can I get the bushings for them for 20

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TOYOTA CAMRY IV 96 Camry rear suspension bushings

Greetings all... new member here so please have patience with my questions thanx... My son has a 96 camry... the rear ( I believe they would be called trailing arms two each one on each side that connect to the lower control arms on the rear wheel suspension ) those bushings are worn out and alloowing the car to drift due to alignment... ( they can adjust for tow and camber the arms ) ok purchasing

Members at the toyotanation website should know and have a source. In the past there has been performance aftermarket polyurethane bushings for the two control arms going from the center of the chassis to the assembly where the axle bolts on but cant find them now. Parts Geek has the trailing arm bushing. If looking for reasonable prices on control arms try the Doorman brand.

TOYOTA CAMRY Towing and better rear suspension

I have a 2005 camry. I added a class 2 hitch and I have a motorcycle carrier that connects directly to the hitch. The problem is that when there is a load on the bike carrier the rear suspension sags pretty badly. What are my options for increasing the rear suspension to decreaseeliminate the sag Thanks for the help This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Make sure you are under the max tongue weight for the hitch for a Class 2 this is typically 350 lbs. The cars owners manual may also have tow hitch limits. As to what to do. You may be able to find coil springs with higher spring rates (stiffer) check with toyota Racing Division (TRD) that makes after market parts. Make sure the springs dont lower the cars overall height. There might be air bags for this suspension. toyota may have a SE version of this model that had stiffer springs.

TOYOTA CAMRY rear suspension arms bushings

Hello Got the tranny fluid change done today on my 2000 camry and while looking at the rear of the car I noticed that the bushings on the suspension arms on the passenger side were worn pretty bad (the one that isnon ajustable).I ordered arear suspension bushing kit and will install them when they arrive.This seems tobe an easy fix but my only concern is will the brake plate and drum move outward when

The knuckle is hung from the shock which is fairly ridgid doubt if anything will shift too much when the arms are removed. Take note of the distance between bolt bushing centers on the old parts and adjust the new to the same. When adjusting the tube between the two arm sections make sure equal amounts of thread are showing on each side of the tube. If you are just replacing bushings the hole spacing should remain the same.

TOYOTA CAMRY Rear suspension creakingsqueaking

My rear suspension is creakingsqueaking over bumps (such as speed humps) and during turns. It is NOT the sway bar bushings just replaced those and lubed them up with white lithium grease. Also replaced struts AND strut mounts a few weeks ago and that did not stop the noise. Any suggestions When i push down on the rear of the car i can hear the noise but can not isolate it. Its is worse on the right

Check the rubber bushing inside the suspension arm and trailing link ends. These attach the knuckle to the frame. Check the sway bar end links. These attach the bar to the knuckle.

Cool thanks. Ill look into the links. I have a 1994 camry XLE V6 if that helps anyone.

TOYOTA CAMRY Rear suspension

Got some rattle coming from the rear-left of my car. Went under and checking it I found its one of the two lateral bars going from center of the car to the wheel. There are several denominations for that part my Service Manual calls it No.2 Lower suspension Arm . (I wish I could attach a picture but how). My question is Do I have to replace the arm or just its bushings Obviously the noise is due to

Make sure it is the arm typically noise issues like this are due to worn sway bar bushings or end links. If you are sure it is the arm the issue is typically the bushing. This is a common problem. The bushings are pressed in. toyota may have the bushing or you might need a new arm that comes with the bushing. Availability of the bushing from toyota depends on year of car. Aftermarket polyurethane bushings

Thanks for your input Toyomoho. I checked with both local toyota dealer and the supplier of those polyurethane bushings. The conclusion is that Id have to replace the whole arm. Not cheap. In stead of buying one I tried something else I removed the outer end of the arm off its bolt and using Teflon tape (common in plumbing) I wrapped 5-6 turns around that bolt. Installed the arm back and... rattle

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 rear suspension arm 2 help

ok so i replaced the sway bar bushing and still had the noise that sounds like knocking from the rear. i jacked the 1994 camry up and i grabbed the rear left wheel and notcied there was play in it from side to side. i then took off the wheel and grabbed the drum and noticed the nut at the far right of the control arm 2 has some play where the rubber bushing is(see pics) . now this isnt the control

if you have time you can mold your own bushings. all you will need is some M3 winow weld and a flat conatner to set the bushing in for about 24 hours to dry. using the M3 makes a cheap but really reliable polly bushing. we have done it on sevral cars. the easyest way is to mold it around what ever you have left of the old bushing. We have a set that has out lasted a car and are still in use today. dont worry about it looking messy no one is really going to look under your car any ways. have fun

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 94 camry rear suspension - little help

Ok so usually on the highway or about45mphI getalot ofshakingand noise from the back of the car.Well I finallyjacked it up to check it outand the strut rods and arms seem to be good but the stabilizer bar seemslike it hastoo much play or movementin it. The bar itself is good no cracks or rust but I suspect I need new bushings So after all thatI guess what im trying to ask isif the stabilizer bar issuppose

Other then normal suspension up and down travel there should be no side play in the stabilizer bar bushings. Same for strut rod. The bushings can wear out. Also check for play in the sway bar bushings and end links. The stabilizer and sway bar bushing should be available plus end links as aftermarket parts. The strut rod bushing appears to be a toyota only part and sold only with the bar as a complete unit.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV rear suspension noise 97 camry

Hello I put a post in on 820 on this noise and did not find it yet.Its a very loud clunk metal to metal sound and is worse at low speed 5mph.I had the strut rod off and the bushings looked good on the drivers side.I was told by a member that sway bar bushings are a common problem so yesterday I took the sway bar off and took it for a slow ride and still had the noise.I cannot duplicat the noise when

Im having the same problem in my 99 . It happens as im going over bumps etc...kinda like a clunking-ish noise. Doesnt seem to have gotten any worse as time goes by...but it is pretty annoying. please let me know if the new bushings fixed your problem or if anyone else has fixed it let us know the answer lol Thanks Josh

Ive replaced tons of rear sway bar bushing for noise over bumps. Also jack the rear wheels up and see if theres movement in the rear wheels side to side grab the wheels in the 9 & 3 oclock position and see if theres movement

Just wondering if anyone has any pics of the rear sway bar bushings where can you buy them from and is it a pretty straight forward replacement Thanks Josh

TOYOTA CAMRY probable suspension problems

hey everyone im a visitor from my father drives a 98 camry le with 185K on the clock last rear suspension work was done at roughly 90K dad doesnt remember exactly. he is usually the only person that drives this car and isnt the kind of person that will realize little abnormalities in sound or notice parts needing attention until it is too late. i was driving with him today and noticed

control arm need replacing (clunking) so I thought well thats good as it wont be too expensive so I called the auto parts stores and they were all suprised to find that the entire arm (arms actually there are two of them and both need the bushings) has to be replaced for over 500 This could easily be fixed with new bushings but they dont supply them. When I asked the Service Rep at the toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY help with rear rattle

OK i have a 1993 toyota camry it has 337k miles on it in the rear when you run over a rough section of road or just a series of bumps theres a rattle in the back its sounds like a strut rattling so i went and bought two new rear stuts and two strut hats also while i was under there i replaced the sway bar links and sway bar bushings. And just to double check i went threw again and made sure everything

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2003 Toyota Camry Rear Lift Kit

I have a 2003 toyota camry with 20 inch rims. I need to know how i can add clearence to the rear because when i have weight in the rear or back seats my tires rub the wheel well. Does anyone have any idea how i can get clearence and if so point me in the right direction with a phone number website or company that sells rear lift kits for my car. Thanks [IMG]localupfiles52398A9B65B8809240E69210186478CD7931.jpg[IMG]

TOYOTA CAMRY Rear Clunking Your Insight

Hello. Im new to camry Forums. Thank you for the info Ive already obtained after finding the site a few days ago. Ive been experiencing the infamous clunkingclattering in the rear suspension of my 95 camry DX. The noise has gradually grown more noticable over the last 8 months or so. The noise as I know you know sounds something like a tire iron hopping around on a carpetless trunk floor. The car is

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 97 camry rear shocks

I just bought new kyb shocks and replaced both rear but I still feel harshness when driving over small cracks or bumps on the road which shouldnt be the case. I also hear loud clunking noise after I run over a bump or crack on the road from the rear trunk area. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is Dont know what make the factory shocks are on these but KYBs have a reputation of being too stiff for some applicaions. My car is a 96 LE Because I carry a fair amount of weight and recently added a custom light-duty trailer hitch I decided to replace my rear springs & struts. My struts were completely blown out anyway. I found a good set of rear camry

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 95 Camry Rear Strut Mount issues Need advice on Jerry Rigging

I have an 95 camry of course my rear suspension is making terrible noises over any tiny little bump in the road I took it in the shop they concluded from my opinion that it was the strut mounts are worn causing the rod to beat on the metal body. Well I do not feel like spending over 800 to fix this issue with new mounts and struts. That cost more than the car is worth having over 200k on the car. So

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 95 Camry Wagon Technical Names of Suspension Components

Some parts of the rear suspension of my old 1995 camry LE Wagon (V6) are beyond repair. The main problem appears to be a crack in the large fixed part on which most components are mounted and which basically connects the chassis of the car with the suspension system and the wheels. This is about 3-4 ft long goes from one side of the car to the other and is mounted under the chassis directly behind

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1992 camry suspension

Something is definitley wrong with my 1992 camry. The car has almost 250000 miles on it and thus far worked great. Though recently the ride has been getting progressivley worse. I have never had any suspension problems so do not exactly know how to diagnos the problem. Currently the car is riding low and the ride is extreamly rough. I am just waiting for something important to snap whenever i drive

wow thats funny because I just the other day decided to replace my struts on the same car. My 2002 LE Sedan camry has 107k miles on it however Anyhow I am going to just buy a set of KYB GR2 struts and some springs cheapest OEM replacement I can find. Replacement is pretty easy. 1. pull off the rear seat bottom. literally..yank up on it till its 3 hooks pop out(learned this one from nodrogkam here).

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 02 camry rear drum to disc conversion

Has anyone heard or seen anyone convert a camry rear drum to a disc. I was thinking about doing something like this but im wondering what would it involve. Other than completely changing out most of the rear suspension components like the hubbrake lines and stuff like that. If anyone has any idea or where i can find some info on it let me know thanks. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY III 92 Camry Suspension Question

Hey guys I just purchased a 1992 toyota camry LE Wagon. Im looking to get struts for it but I have 1 small issue. I do not know if the struts for the Wagon are the same as the struts for the Sedan. I would imagine the fronts would most likely be identical but it is the rear struts I am worried about. If anyone could give me a definate say so on this I would be very greatful. Thank You This ad is not

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 04 Camry XLE Rear Wheel Hub (Disk Brake)

Trying to replace rear hub assy. Removed four bolts and the whole thing come off. How do I get the hub assy out of the parking brake mounting plate Tried WD40 and tapping on it. I know it is a tight fit but car has 110k on it so Im sure there is plenty of rust. Do not see any bolt hols to help push it out. Where could I get a new plate(toyota dealer I suppose) This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2002 camry suspension

I am the original owner of my 2002 camry. Next week I will finally fix the suspension. New front and rear struts Im told by my trusty mechanic. Struts front and back is that right Also N.Y. is pothole country. But I like a low profile car. Is it realistic to try - or should I as we say - fugedd abotit This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY Sticking Rear Brake

Hello Im new here and I have searched for an answer before posting this question (and I have introduced myself on the Introductions forum). My daughters new-to-her 1995 camry has the rear passenger wheel locked up. I was only able to take a look at it for a few minutes this afternoon. The vehicle was given to her by my brother-in-law after he purchased a new vehicle for his daughter to use. It has

TOYOTA CAMRY Clean and Adjust Rear Brakes

Took my car in to get some routine maintenance and the maintenance advisor told me that I need to get my rear brakes cleaned and adjusted. I have a 2004 toyota camry LE with drum brakes in the rear. It has almost 75K miles. I havent noticed any problems with the brakes and I dont know why theyd need to be cleaned. I know that brake dust is normal and as soon as you clean it out youve got more right

TOYOTA CAMRY Rear Wheel Hub Assembly Question

Hello All I have a 2003 camry XLE 4 cyl with ABS. Im looking to replace the drivers side rear wheel hub assembly because the bearing is squealing. In looking for one on the internet I see one part model has a gear coming off the backside and they call it a sensor ring. The other has a plug in receptacle for the ABS sensor. Both state they are for cars with ABS. Which one do I need Im thinking of buying

car and put it on stands. I took the rear wheels off and slightly opened the caliper so the pads would not rub the rotor. I reinstalled the wheel and spun it. I could hear the bearing noise in the right rear. On my 05 (and I think on yours too) the ABS sensor is an itegral part of the unit. Go here for repair DIY Repair Guides rear suspension Wheel Bearings Now to the bad part toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY III 91 LE Rumble in the Rear

Ive got this rumbling noise in the back of my 91 camry. Sounds like its on the left side. You can hear it at low speeds going over little bumps in the road sounds like something heavy is rolling around in the trunk or bouncing around but thats not it. The spare tire is screwed in tight. The muffler shield was a bit loose i think since the exhaust pipe broke off last summer and got replaced fixed it

TOYOTA CAMRY rear swaybar bushings

hello to all im new here i have a 2002 camry has the 2.4 w5sp. just turned 100000 miles. the rear swaybar bushing are clunking again. we have replaced them once already at toyota. done anyone know of a urethane bushing kit to replace this i tried autozone but they said they showed nothing anybody This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums


Has anyone ever tried to switch out the rear drums to brake disc If so which model canwill fit I believe the Lexus ES share the same chassis so maybe those may fit Feedback Anyone - Dawly This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

It has been done and is reasonable common. Review past posts at the site below where it has been discussed might even find posts with photos. Conversions have been non-abs cars. The Lexus ES and Avalon shared the same chassis. But Lexus may have moved away in latter years dont know. Recall rear disks may have been an option on camry and standard on cars with the V6 option. Its a bolt on job but you need all the parts. What year of camry

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 01 Camry suspension knockrattles.

Alright Im the most frequent driver of an 01 camry that just kicked over 95k and Ive recently noticed a few odd noises that I cant pinpoint. I figured it would be best to check here before I start throwing parts at it. Some are consistent some arent. 1) In the consistent category theres a knockingrattling noise that comes from the front passenger-side corner when the suspension travels downward but

TOYOTA CAMRY Suspension advice needed

Hello fellow camrites I dig my 95xle alot. But need some advice about my rear-end problem. I have 19 niche wheels wzr rubber. Looks incredible along with the factory repaint. But im sure you know whats coming. Tire rub. Its only in the rear but annoys the crap outta me The previous owner obviously encountered the same issue as he rolled the inner fenderlip. While keeping tire damage to a minimum doesnt

TOYOTA CAMRY vi Rear Brake Nosie 2007 XLE 27500 miles

I am having a problem with my rear brakes pads maybe that is making me crazy. The thing is that every time i turn left the rear right brake is making a noise also when i go reversed and even sometimes when i am driving i can hear a squeeking. I do not know if any one of you guys have noticed it or had hear from any one I took it already to the dealer but they say that is a factory problem they already

TOYOTA CAMRY Rear end rattle at slow speed

I have a 1997 camry XLE 317000 miles. For the last few months it has developed a rattle heard only on streets not the highway. I can be going as slow as 25 miles per hour and it sounds like the whole rear end is going to fall off. Upon inspection I see absolutely nothing loose. Due to the high miles I did change out the old stuts springs and strut mounts. The rattle did not go away. Another inspection

Quote Originally Posted by Ron12345 I have a 1997 camry XLE 317000 miles. For the last few months it has developed a rattle heard only on streets not the highway. I can be going as slow as 25 miles per hour and it sounds like the whole rear end is going to fall off. Upon inspection I see absolutely nothing loose. Due to the high miles I did change out the old stuts springs and strut mounts. The rattle

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