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TOYOTA CAMRY vi 2010 Camry 2.5L I4 Engine oil

I just purchased a 2010 camry LE with the new 2.5L I4 engine. The owners manual says to use 0W-20 oil. It also says if you cannot get 0W-20 oil you can use 5W-20 oil but change back to 0W-20 on the next change. The manual makes no mention of synthetic vs conventional oil. I cannot find conventional oil in 0W-20 weight. I spoke with toyota customer support and was told 0W-20 oil only comes in synthetic.

and found that it only comes in synthetic. I called the salesman and he didnt know that the camry had changed. The sales mgr. called me and asked if I was satisfied. I told him that the car is great but I dont like being blind sided by being required to use synthetic oil. He said that at least I would be able to go longer between oil changes. That shows he has not read the manual or ignorant of toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY warming up the engine

guys for how long you need to run the engine before driving and does giving it some gas make it faster and a propriate thing to do what do you think i live in NJ and its cold here some times in the early morning around 30 and soon will hit 20 10 and maybe 0 . sam This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

30 seconds to a minute is about right do you really want to drive off on a dry engine This few seconds gives the oil time to circulate before you put a load on it. The oil has a tough enough job to do in the enginewhen you cold start and it doesnt take a petroleum engineer to realize that most of the oil is stillin the pan and not lubricating the engine for a few seconds.

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TOYOTA CAMRY IV 94 Camry 2.2 4cyl wont start

Gday 94 camry 2.2 ... 217ooo km .current overheating problem and about to fix with seal-up as there is bubbles in the radiator However the main problem I have is after I drained and refilled the radiator with water and started it only to have it conk-out a minute later. This is my problem now it wont start. I have replaced the platinum plugs rotor button dissy cap and leads. Good spark at Dissy poor


Hi Food for thoughts. I find these differences funny. Recommended engine oil change US every 3000 miles. Europe every 6000 miles since 80s every 12000 since end of 90s now every 24000 or even more. Diesel and petrol. Rotating tires US still yes Europe dont do since 80s (the average travel speed is much higher in Europe) Timing belt change Europe all rollertensioner bearings must be changed with

Quote Recommended engine oil change US every 3000 miles. Europe every 6000 miles since 80s every 12000 since end of 90s now every 24000 or even more. Diesel and petrol. Yes the OCIs are much longer in Europe. I have been able to uncoverthree possible reasons for this in order of likelihood 1) the motor oils soldused in Europe (i.e. more stringent ACEA standards) are of higher quality than the motor

About oil. The oil we find here in the store is the same as in Europe. At least MobilMotulShellCastrol and similar. And its much cheaper in the US. These oils are all both API and ACEA rated. Not sure about the one from Juffy Lube. The petrol is of higher octane rate in Europe which means more additives. So I presume it should hurt more the oil. The manual transmission makes drivers rev the engines

Quote About oil. The oil we find here in the store is the same as in Europe. At least MobilMotulShellCastrol and similar. And its much cheaper in the US. These oils are all both API and ACEA rated. Not sure about the one from Juffy Lube. Well yes it is possible for U.S. people to buy & use ACEA oils in their engines the majoritylikely do not. That is because like you suggested they take their cars

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1996 oil light flickering at idle

I recently purchased a 1996 4cyl. with 132K miles on it. It seemed to run quietly and smoothly but as I was arriving home with the car after about a half hour drive the oil light started flickering as a stopped at a stop light. Bringing the rpms up evening slightly above an idle will cause the light to go off. There was evidence of oil leaking on the back side of the engine so I decided to replace

My suspicion would be a faltering oil sending unit or oil pump. Replacing the oil sending unit or pump would be a good first start. After the oil pump is replaced I would recommend flushing out the motor with a safe engine flush such as Amsoil engine flush. Refill the crankcase with petroleum oil and inspect for leaks again. Drive the car and if the oil light still flickers on the problem could be with a loose wire or faulty oil pressure sensor.

TOYOTA CAMRY Battery life

I have an 04 LE with the original battery which still works just fine. However at 5 years of age Im beginning to wonder how long these things are lasting among other owners. Im getting increased corrosion on the Pos. terminal lately. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Most people state 5 years however the current battery has lasted 7. It is an Exide brand. Guessing a lot depends on how good the charging system is not over or undercharging. How hot the battery gets battery loading-some owners have high amp stereo systems that make the battery work harder when engine is at idle etc. On occasion it possible to get a feel of the battery dieing such as a now slower cranking

TOYOTA CAMRY Oil in spark plug tubes

I had oil in the spark plug tubes of my 89 SV21 and I hear it happens often with all engines designed this way. I researched it and had a go at fixing it. I read a lot of posts describing the procedure but there were very few actual photos. So here are some I took. Hope they help you if you are attempting this job on their own. Its not too hard. A 30mm socket is required to remove the four nuts holding

nope. dead serious. they do have oil and petrol resistant tapes. gas resistant(yellow). I use regular teflon tape on my cars oil drain plugs. Never had an issue. I also use red and blue sealant routinely and am quite familiar with it. It is not designed to seal threads only more or less flat surfaces. You can use bronze one too on engines for head gaskets. Still - its surfaces not threads. By the time

Isnt one of the two reasons for using Synthetic Oil over petroleum that fact that for any given viscosity there is a mileage increase. The Synthetic is more slippery. Thus less drag from the moving engine parts. The other reason is that Synthetic doesnt break down under high temps.

TOYOTA YARIS Yokohama Orange You Glad

These will fit 15 Yaris Any one with comments Yokohama site httpyokohamatire.comtirese-spec.aspx The following article is from Edmunds httpblogs.insideline.comstraight...-friendly.html Yokohama Orange Oil Tires Environmentally Friendly By Albert Austria November 26 2009 Yokohama Tire Corporation recently had the U.S introduction of the dB Super E-spec the first tire formulated with orange oil. Oil

TOYOTA YARIS higher octane fuel

Can a higher octane hurt a car (spark plugs) just wondering. I know some people that think they can ho faster and do all this stuff cool amazing stuff (fly go back in tiime end world hunger and fight polio) with that magic 93 octane.

yardstick from the rest of the world because over here like eTiMaGo and jaspie the lowest octane I can get is 92 and thereafter you get 95 98 and 98 with special additives. Australian 100 octane is really a lower octane petrol mixed with ethanol that raises its octane number without really improving the performance as youd expect a straight 100 octane would. In my old car which was a carby toyota

LINCOLN Great Engine Oil Tech Article

It applies directly to the hobby httphighperformancepontiac.comtech ... index.html

synthetic. Even using an extended service interval. (Over 6000 miles) I do aggree that those oils offer better protection for a longer time and I am willing to pay less for less protection. I have lots of experience with a regular petroleum oil. 150000 on my van - 147000 on my Mark and many other vehicles that I have sold over the years. My one exception (and dissappointment) has been my wifes toyota

LEXUS GS Lexuss product offensive in Thailand

Within the next three years the Lexus division of toyota Motor Thailand is embarking on a product offensive to help build market share in the Thai luxury car market dominated by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. At the Thai launch of the all-new GS executive saloon earlier this month Lexus announced its intention of moving in more than 1000 cars this year with additional help coming from the RX sport-utility

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Who is waiting for the new 535i to come out

Is anyone here waiting for the new upcoming 535i coming out supposedly in the fall of this year Are you holding off on your current 5 series purchase at this time to wait for this Turbo 300HP version Its always tough to buy a new vehicle and then a couple of months later a significant change (like a new engine) is offerred (but hey you really can never catch up). The solution to this waiting is to

to the hypothetical 528i for me. Im secretly rooting for a 530i with the 272hp (DIN) direct injected N53 engine though but I dont think that will happen for the US market unfortunately. But then the super-ego kicks in. I would really enjoy an E60 528i and itd be a very pleasing car to drive. But it would be very uncool to have spent so much on a car only to still get a butt whooping from a... - toyota

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 My Impressions of a 2009 BlueTec (Long)

Last week my 05 ML500 went in for new tires alignment and I got a 2009 E320 BlueTec for loaner. That was on Thursday. The car goes back in tomorrow Please dont ask how long it takes to put 4 new tires on a ML perform a 4-wheel alignment test drive and take my money - thats another story for the W163 forum. In any case my BlueTec loaner had about 3800 miles when I picked her up and is was configured

My E320 CDI with inline 6 produces similar power as E500 with performance upgrades of course....240BHP and 430lbft of torque....I have Bilstien sport suspension...AMG sport steering wheel and AMG E63 19 wheels......the beast does 0-60 in 5.5 secs and still gives me 1100kms in 72 liters of diesel I dont know what that equates to in your american world but its similar to a Honda Accord or toyota

LEXUS GS Tested - Lexus GS 350

The new Lexus GS 350 surprised us all with an unexpected combination of luxury and honest-to-goodness heart. The new Sports Exec. Although quite well admired internationally Lexus has for a long time been little more than a cheaper alternative to the Germans. Thats the problem with having only been around since 1989 - there arent rich and heady back tales to the brand of legendary rallying or racing

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 2012 2.0L I-4 powered F10 528i & F10 528i xdrive are officially here.

Gday all BMW has officially released both 2.0L 4 cylinders powered F10 528i & F10 528i xdrive to US market. The configurator has gone live as well. Anyway what are your opinion

Stealth.Pilot Personally I think BMW should just kill the 528 model line. It is so far from the ultimate driving machine. If I couldnt afford at least a BMW 535 I would get an Infiniti M37 before I got a 528. 528 is devaluing the brand to get business from people who rather buy a better brand than a better car. It reminds me of the 90s when BMW made a 318 which could easily be outperformed by a toyota

MERCEDES BENZ Unimog project (411)

Hello all Unimog friends I had post my project to another forum before find this and now i want to post it here too. copy my posts and here they are.... Hello to all 4x4 friends My name is John and im from Greece my english are not very good but im gona try Im very happy to found this site i was looking for information about unimogs and i found you from google Well I have this unimog its a 411.117

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 2001 E55 common rusting areas

so far ive discovered rust in the following places -rear trunk lid around lock(paint is bubbling) -gas cap area(rock chip that started to rust) -drivers side fender(will replace) -passenger side rear door towards the bottom corner(this is the worst) this car spent 6 yrs in the midwest and was mostly garaged when parked. where else should i look is this worth repairing or is the metal such garbage that

its start working on aircraft and rust prevention. They have a unique product that is not petroleum based and they apply it to every nook and cranny. Thus far my W210 has held up well but it certainly has required a lot of care and preventative work. Overall my E430 has been an excellent car and reliable. If it were not for the chassis rust it would be my best MB to date. My mother has a little toyota

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