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TOYOTA CAMRY O2 sensor problem

My coworkers 1990 camry CE has popped a couple of engine codes P0136O2 sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 2) P0420Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) P1135 Manufactures code My guess is a bad O2 sensor is causing all of them though I am unsure about the P1135. Where are the O2 sensor locations and does anyone know how to go about removing them. Also which one would the Bank 1

TOYOTA CAMRY Code P2121 Anyone know location of this sensor

Friends my first post in this particular forum but let me just dive-in... My dailyd is 2004 camry SE 2.4L. never had a code show up on it in 145K miles.... however that streak has come to an end. This may be related either to work recently done or cold or both or nada... random the code P2121 popped up when I picked up from Body shop where they had to RR the driver-side front wheel well liner shroud

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TOYOTA CAMRY IV 94 V6 LE Downstream O2 sensor replacement...

Have all parts and tools ready. I can pop the console coin holder the one to access the parking brake adjustment and see the O2 sensor wire harness but can barely get one hand in there to get near it. I see the wire and grommet feed through side of consoleexhaust tunnel and it probably wont easily feed back up with the new O2 sensor since its tight against the carpetseatconsole. Not really looking

Get engine to operating temperature (I drove it for 1.5hrs at highway speeds to destination) Shut car off and spray O2 sensor with penetrating lubespray (I shut the car off and immediately sprayed with PB Blaster had some immediate steaming affect but no risk of fire. I wanted the best chance of lube penetration into the heat-expanded threads.) Lift front or side of vehicle for access Let exhaust system

TOYOTA CAMRY parking brake problem

parking brake will not stay set on 2003 camry. Any suggestions on a fix This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

I think maybe there have some problems on your parking brake sensor. _________________ Allobd2

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 03 Door open sensor clacking like hell

I stopped by my dealer today and asked what ALL the noise was when opening and closing the drivers side door was. They say its the door open sensor. I shot it all with WD and also gave what I thought they were talking about -- a good greasing. The result of this minimal change. The service writer said We can replace those....or if youre could do it yourself. The Parts guy quoted me something

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TOYOTA CAMRY VII XV50 2011 New Camry Check Engine Light Frustration

Hello All. Im new to this forum but wanted to post an issue I am having with my new camry. It is a 2011 base model with a 6 speed manual tranmission. I have had the car since May. I drove it off the lot with less then 10 miles on it and now it has only 3400 miles on it. The day I purchased the car the check engine and VSC lights came on. I returned to the purchasing dealer and they reset the computer

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1998 Toyota Camry does not start at all.

1998 toyota camry 4 cyl 2.2 ltr California Emission Last week when I start the car 1230 midnight its ran for about 2 min and then its shut down since then it doesnt start. So far I had verified following items. 1. Car cranking very good and battery is only 6 month old so battery is good. 2. At fuel filter outlet loose the bolt andcrank car fuel coming out with pressure mean fuel pump is working fine

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1998 Camry 4 cyl does not start.

1998 toyota camry 4 cyl 2.2 ltr California Emission. Car crank but does not start... keep cranking... Check timing belts spark fuel all looks good... Please see details. Very desperately need help... Anybody...Somebody... Please appreciate your help...... Last week when I start the car 1230 midnight its ran for about 2 min and then its shut down since then it doesnt start. So far I had verified following

TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 Camry LE 4cyl 2.2L Lots of starting problems please help [

Hello all Im basically going to copy info I posted in toyotaNation. I figured that I should get even more opinions and want to see if anyone has anything different to suggest. For you guys I have a brand new video of every starting problem my car has or had and the repairs it has undergone in the past year. YouTube - 2000 camry LE 2.2L 4cyl Starting Problems. HELP Heres my original post from toyotaNation

TOYOTA CAMRY vi 2009 toyota camry wire location and color

Ive searched the forum for this info but have been unable to find it all in one place or for a 2009. 2009 toyota camry SE 4 cylinder Can someone please give me the following info Colo or - and location often I find more then one color example tac wire location on airbag factory plug there are two black with silver wires. 1. Lock wire 2. Unlock wire 3. Factory Arm 4. Factory Disarm 5. Tac wire (which

TOYOTA CAMRY VSC Traction Control and Check Engine lights all on

Vehicle 2008 camry SE-V6 I was on the off-ramp two days ago and as I slowed the VSC Traction Control and Check Engine lights all came on simultaneously. The road was dry not slippery and I was slowing gradually without braking. The lights stayed on as I drove. Although it was after hours for my toyota dealer there was an auto service center with extended hours nearby. In the shop parking lot I turned

TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 camry acceleration problem

Hello I am new to this forum and to toyotas. I have inherited a 2000 camry from my mom engine replaced last year with a model from Japan along with the radiator & water pump. It has been slowly going downhill since I have had it for the past 5 months. First it started with a rough idle at stops then it started jerking when driving (not often though). It died out only once when I was going into work

TOYOTA CAMRY SpeedometerTachometer Problems

So I have a 1993 toyota camry XLE with a 2.2L. I just bought the car about two months back and the owner said that the speedometer and the tachometer has not been working properly for quite some time now. So first we hooked up the diagnosis scanner up to the diagnosis port and drove around the block. When the scanner showed that we were going 45 mph the speedometer said we were going 35 mph. At 70

I have a 2007 toyota camry that has intermittent instrument cluster problems. The Speedometer and Tachometer will cease to indicate proper readings and drop to zero. The tachometer will then bounce between zero and what I can only assume is a close approximation of the actual engine RPM. At the same time the ABS and BRAKE warning lights illuminate and stay on for the duration of the episode. These

Quote Originally Posted by sgelpel I have a 2007 toyota camry that has intermittent instrument cluster problems. The Speedometer and Tachometer will cease to indicate proper readings and drop to zero. The tachometer will then bounce between zero and what I can only assume is a close approximation of the actual engine RPM. At the same time the ABS and BRAKE warning lights illuminate and stay on for

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 95 Camry - wont start.. replaced fuel pump but only worked for few hours

Hi Friends I need your help and suggestion. I have a 95 camry LE automatic 4cyl with 130k miles on it. It was running very smooth so far. I went to pizza hut along with friends on last Friday night and just before Pizza hut I was waiting for a stop light. All of a sudden the engine stalled. I tried restarting and I could see the engine try to stop but with lower gear I was able to drive another 400

Hi - first I was able to start the car in the afternoon and drove right to the mechanic shop. Just in front of the mechanic shop it stalled and came to a stop as soon as I put the parking gear. (Thank god). I was driving about 12 miles before this happened and I could feel 1 or 2 times that the car was trying to stallwhile driving those 12 miles. He checked the car and now says that the distributor


i have 02 toyota camry V6 car. Recently the battery was down and i need to replace the battery. i went to shop and after replacing battery the idle RPM was standing only 200 RPM. Then the mechanic who changed battery that it could be because of gas pedal so he tight the gas pedal and did some fixes around there so that car gained 800 RPM and started. after 3 day now when i cold start the car it is

TOYOTA CAMRY UGLY problem please help

Hello everyone I have a 94 DX 2.2 4cyl (201000 mi). So in the last couple of days I noticed the car was acting up (when I would start it up it would idle real low and it shut off on me at a low speed 0-10mph) that was friday it sat over the weekend and monday on the way to work it ran fine till mid-day I was going home for lunch and I turned on the car and it started idling real low below 1000rpm since

TOYOTA CAMRY Brake lights or tail lights stop working solution

After many failed attempts to fix my brake lights by following previous posts I have found throughout the web I thought I would save some of you some serious frustration and headaches. If your brake lights stop working and you cant shift If your car wont shift out of park without pushing the shift interlock override then you need to replace the brake pedal switch. it is at the top of the brake pedal

I have a 1993 camry LE 4cylinder and recently I had all these lights the dash lights (gauges and temperature control lights) my tail lights reverse lights and parking lights all go out. The fuse is fine. We did find the lamp failure sensor box which had some corrosion and broken wires and replaced the wires and cleaned a couple other connections but still no lights. Any suggestions Would bypassing

TOYOTA CAMRY No Cruise because of Brake

Hello My cruise control hasnt worked for a little while now and I thought it was a bad Cruise Control I replaced it...twice and it still didnt work. So I have a different idea. I think it has something to do with my parking brake. I have a cable somewhere along my parking brake that is broken and because of that I have the brake light on my dashboard always on. Could the sensor that is telling

TOYOTA CAMRY POST Camry Pictures on here.

Lets see some before and after pics of when you first got the car and where its at now maybe a mod list and future plans. Ifnot modding- lets just see some pictures anyways. NO FLAMING just CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. oh ya to post pictures.. openning is (image) ... address of picture here... (image) 02 LE. OE Style Stillen LED Wing. OE DEPO Fog Lamps. Custom Mesh Grill 04-06 TRD Lip Kit (Custom fitted)

Australian model 2002 camry azura A.C special custom A.Cbillet race pedals custom ORION sound system 3 way coaxel 6x94 custom A.C engine managment system roof mounted 10.5 dvd player and indash DVD monitor front & rear parking sensors custom A.C twin italian eletric horns Aoogah air horn headlight protectors bonnet protector ----------------things on their way---------- waeco inbuilt seat heatersmassagers

TOYOTA CAMRY auto headlight switch nite

Anyone know to disable the nite sensor that turns the headlights on I thought the parking brake was it but disconnecting failed and the autolights still came on. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 84 Camry Brake Lights wont come on....

84 camry Brake Lights wont come on.... Hello to all 1st off thanks to all who helped me on here in the past. I ended up purchasing the 84 camry I had previously mentioned on here I might get happy with car and motor. The problem I am having is no brake lights at all. They were working fine when I got the car now I got nothing. So no braketaillights come on in the back when I turn headlights on and

No brake AND no tail lights Does the license plate lamp or front parkingrunning lights work If just no brake lights only check the brake switch located under the dash at the top of the brake peddle arm. Make sure the switch is working correctly. If the license plate and front running likes work and both tail and brake lights dont work obtain a voltohm meter. Use a voltmeter to check for DC voltage

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 toyota camry 2003 vibrate when warm-up and AC on

My toyota camry 03 recently produces a vibration that makes me feeling sick. I noticed it happens when the car stops at traffic light and it gets worst when AC on. Under the hood I can see the engine block vibrates after the car has driven for a while. It has 60000 miles on it. Oil and filter changes every 5000 miles. Other than that the car drives smoothly and no problem. Does anyone know what has

Sounds like it could be one of these your idle is too low and rough or your engine mounts are broken. I dont see why these cant be fixed by you - heres what i would try. On my 2002 V6 theres a black throttle valve position sensor. It is on the TBI and faces outwards that is towards the front of car. If you loosen the two phillips screws you can rotate this valve and it will change your idle. Also try

TOYOTA CAMRY III 92 rear brakes too tight

Im working on my moms 1992 camry. Its rear brakes lock up easily especially in gravel. The rears have been coming on too hard and I believe this is causing the brake howling shes complaining about. (They get hot because theyre doing the majority of the braking) I need to solve this issue quickly as winter is coming & I dont have much confidence in my moms driving ability and I know that it will be

How much travel (number of clicks) in the hand brake before it becomes solid Inspect the parking brake cables and mechanism to make sure the shoes are completely releasing when the brake is off. Do both rear brakes lock up The cars braking system is divided up into two individual units each having a front and opposite side rear brake. Do the front brakes work OK no frozen caliper pistons How is the

Quote Originally Posted by toyomoho How much travel (number of clicks) in the hand brake before it becomes solid Inspect the parking brake cables and mechanism to make sure the shoes are completely releasing when the brake is off. Do both rear brakes lock up The cars braking system is divided up into two individual units each having a front and opposite side rear brake. Do the front brakes work OK

TOYOTA CAMRY Instrument Panel Problem Plus

So I just got into my sons 95 camry LE 2.2L for a trip to the store and a problem occurred. The car was operating normally except for the following 1) Instrument cluster was not working. Speedometer temp gauge tachometer AND odometer were inoperative Gas gauge appeared to be working normally. 2) Power windows inoperative (all doors) but power locks working normally. 3) Overdrive did not appear to be

Unfortunately the Gauge fuse powers a host of items you may need a hand full of fuses or some kind of circuit breaker that can be temporarily installed. Items powered in full or part by the fuse RedBlue wire going alternator regulator auto trans gear dash indicator lights and parkneutral switch on trans and speed sensor on trans diff housing. AC systems including pressure switch magnetic clutch and

TOYOTA CAMRY Please help me with my lights

I was recently pulled over when a cop noticed that my back lights would go out when I stepped on the brakes. I replaced the bulbs in back and that helped for like a month. Now I have absolutely no running lights in the back although the brake lights come on when I brake. Does anyone know what this is from or how to fix it Thank you for the help. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Use a voltmeter or a 12V bulb with 2 wires. Not too bad on bypassing the sensor IF this is the problem. Again it may be a wiring issue as one side light is also out this light does not run through the sensor. Also check the bulb connectors for corrosion. The fuse is OK as the license and other side light bulbs work. With ign switch brake lights and parkinghead lights OFF (or disconnect battery) cut

TOYOTA CAMRY IV camry 1997 acceleration problem

Hi all I have a toyota camry 1997 model which I bought in 200889000 miles. Until now it used to run very nice with no noise and super smooth acceleration. In between I had to change the serpentine belts about 1.5 yrs ago. Other than the serpentine belt change there has been no hiccups in performance and the car used to run super good. Before I bought it I made sure that the timing belt was changed

2500 RPM is OK for this speed. In P and N the trans is not engaged meaning there is no load on the engine. In D and R the trans is engaged and there is a load on the engine. You may see the idle RPM drop slightly when shifting to D or R. It might be the engine is vibrating. With the parking brake engaged have someone shift from P or N to D or R while you watch the engine. Determine if it starts to

TOYOTA CAMRY vi 2007 Camry Nav System

I just bought an 07 camry XLE and I have a question on the Nav system which I hope is a simple fix. Whenever I start the car with the Nav system I have to hit the agree screen to start the Nav system. Does anyone know how to by-pass this little annoyance. Also I read in other forums about watching DVDs on the Nav screen. Is there a simple way to do this without disconnecting wires from underneath the

You would need to ground the parking brake sensor wire that runs out from the back of the nav system.

TOYOTA CAMRY III 92 XLE v6 w No Codes.. shaking at idle missing bogging no low end power.

This is a one owner car that has been serviced by toyota its whole life practically. 3.0 V6 XLE Automatic I bought it from my neighbor after it had been sitting for quite some time but when purchased it ran pretty smooth other than a dead battery. Ive tried to isolate from doing research. Heres what ive done so far. Replaced the Coolant Temp sensor. Replaced the Distributor cap & rotor. Sprayed down

You state disconnecting 1 injector wire plug (only 1 injector appears to have an issue) results in no change in engine operation If so find out if that injector is being powered. Each injector plug has 2 wires. One wire receives 12V DC when the ign key is on (blackorange colored). The other wire (another color) goes to the engine computer. When the engine is running the computer grounds this other

TOYOTA CAMRY Methyl Hydrate and emissions test

Im guessing this might be the area to discuss this. Mods please move to where you see fit. So my car was sitting for a year in my garage where there was some major renovations. After about 6 months when they completed I went down to see the condition of my car. It was parked only a few feet away from the reno area. Even though they covered the area with plastic sheeting my car still had a crap load

Lets concentrate on passing the test first. Not being a fuel expert can only speculate. Methyl hydrate is methanol. Addition of 10% ethanol to gas is supposed to reduce CO emissions by 25-30%. Is more alcohol then 10% better I dont know. The 1998 was most likely designed to operate on no more then 10% ethanol check owners manual. Does the fuel in the tank contain ethanol if so how much Automakers have

TOYOTA CAMRY rear hum (becoming groan) noise

we have a 2004 camry v6 3.0. theres been this intermittent humbuzz noise but only between 0 and 20 mph. its starting to turn into a groan noise at some point and sometimes when turning a corner as well. Its obvious from the passenger side and you can about feel it when it does it. I assumed it was brakescalipers or a wheel bearing.. most bearings ive had gone bad. make whine or groan when speeding

im going to record an audio of the sound in the morning see if i can upload it or connect it somehow to the thread to hear it. i will do the turning of the wheel to see if the sound changes. today i didnt remove or retract the brakes however last night i removed it altogether and spun it.. its not like grinding metal (like that groan a brake makes when its down to nothing) but its a loud rolling sound.

TOYOTA CAMRY Auto headlight and DRL stopped working

I drive a 2008 camry XLE. Today I noticed that my DRL stopped working. Tonight I also noticed that my headlights didnt turn on like they always do. I checked the multifunction switch and its on AUTO. Can someone tell me whats going on here I checked all the fuses in the car and under the hood and all are fine. BTW nothing in both fuse boxes are labeled DRL so I checked all of them for continuity. I

The headlights and parking lights all work on manual. It just seems that I lost the automatic AUTO function. I checked all the fuses again using a volt meter and they all checked fine. Since the lights work on manual it leads me to think that there is a problem with the DRL module or some sort of relay thats tied in with the light sensor on the dash. Does anyone know where the DRL module is for this car What does it look like

ROLLS ROYCE GHOST 2007 Camry Instrumentation ghost

I have a 2007 toyota camry that has intermittent instrument cluster problems. The Speedometer and Tachometer will cease to indicate proper readings and drop to zero. The tachometer will then bounce between zero and what I can only assume is a close approximation of the actual engine RPM. At the same time the ABS and parking BRAKE warning lights illuminate and stay on for the duration of the episode.

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 What to look for

Hey everyone.I will be buying a CLS-55 AMG in the near future and wanted to know about anything i should look for before i buy.I have never delt with a car like this before.I did a consumer report and have spent alot of time researchig and eveything seems to be good.But i would like to get some real owners opinions.Thanks everyone.

Hi. I have a CLS 55 AMG. When I bought it I was driving a toyota camry. The camry had excellent vision all around. I too thought the vision in the CLS would be a problem but after a day I was completely used to it and would not now say it has any vision probs out the rear. Especially with the parking sensors. I find I dont even need to look backwards when parking now as you can see the rear sensors

TESLA ROADSTER Model S with Rear Seat Option Safer

First off - my e xpected delivery of ordered Model S (S85 BlackBlack Leather Tech parking sensors subzero package) is early April at the factory. Second - I wasnt sure which sub-forum to post this thread so have put it in the Main Model S one. Mods - feel free to move to the appropriate subforum location. I personally did not feel the need to order the rear seats however looking through the variety

I can be back home in time for work on April 1st. I have to say - I better get this car soon. My obsession with reading this forum and the related blogs has been keeping me up at night Its time to drive the car ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go Green Future Model S (S85 BlackBlack Leather Tech parking sensors subzero package) Currently 2013 toyota

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 Hello Im a new member - converting from W163 to W164

Good day Im a new member here at BenzWorld but Im not new to the M-Class SUVs. I live in Toronto Canada and the family has pulled the trigger on a newer ML last Friday. Since 2006 one of our cars has been a 2004 ML500 with the following specs Desert Silver exterior Beige Leather interior Bose Audio Front Rear Parktronic 3M Clear Front Bra CD Changer Everything else (Xenons Rain-Sensing Wipers etc

TESLA ROADSTER Taking Delivery Factory - what are my chances date will be changed

Ordered 118 Confirmed 119 VIN 2 Current (228) Status Sourcing Parts. 9 days ago I was contacted by to schedule my delivery datetour at the factory for March 20th. Since Im out of the country from March 21-30th I scheduled for Monday March 31st. Flying up from Southern California bought our plane tickets etc. Plan to supercharge it back the same day. What do people think is the likelihood the factory

TESLA ROADSTER Tesla Resale Buyback Guarantee requires 36 months of financing (not 6 months)

First - Ive been lurking here for a couple months but I sincerely appreciate this forum especially over the forum at Teslas own website. Yes its my first post ever and hopefully I dont get flamed for what Im putting up. Searching for information has been helpful but I never did find a post with this specific info. Second - Ive been driving alternative fuel vehicles since 2000 (see below). A Tesla has

BMW SERIES 3 E30 318i MT vs. 325i AT Daily City Driving

The 89 318i MT 2 door is pretty basic. It has electric windows central locking air conditioning and has an analog clock. Comes in silver I dont really like silver. It is however inaccessible due to flooding. I might have to wait till the lot its stored at returns back to business. This is from a dealer and isnt rare. The good condition that it is in despite being a 318i is rather rare. The 86 325i

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS GL X164 Did I just get a lemon

I have a 2007 GL450 and from the start it has been an absolute nightmare. I have spent so much time at the Mercedes service department and Im at the end of my rope. Two weeks ago I had my Service B replaced window moulding that peels (at lease two windows a year peel on this car at 150window) the broken trunk latch (has broken every 1-2 years and cost 710 each time to replace) and I had a check engine

to replace) and I had a check engine light diagnosed (600 and the cause was a faulty engine thermostat). The total was over 1600. Two weeks later (today) the check engine light is back on and I was told it was an oxygen sensor which will cost another 550. Is anyone else going through this Is this normal for Mercedes or for SUVs (this is my first Mercedes and my first SUV) I have owned many cars (toyota

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