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TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 Camry LE Too Much Oil... Parked .. White Smoke .. Oil Spots Help

2000 toyota camry LE 4 Cyl I Checked my oil ---- didnt show any at all less than 1 quart i put 3 quarts in then i think it was 1 quart over i have a loud system.. missed the noises i parked and saw white smoke comming out of the silver part that has a hand on it (Not a Real Picture of my car) pink represents oil and the green represents smoke thats a picture yeah its scary looking oil everywhere it

so after i left it sitting for 3 days i went and changed the oil cause iv never seen red toyota anti freeze in my life before i changed it too felt strange but their was no oil in it so my car got alot quieter system Check light on went to Advanced n they hooked it up to their machine and told me their was a Vaccum leak they told me to get a can of choke and spray it on the hoses untill i hear it idling

TOYOTA CAMRY 2GR-FEV6 LSC 90K (recall) oil line fails-Dealer wont cover damages - WARNING

A new and important development has occurred that is very troubling and may ultimately affect many or almost all of the 1.6 million vehicles affected by the LSC 90K (recall) which replaces a defective rubber oil line hose with a replacement hose that was supposed to be stronger. Despite the fact that the campaign documents essentially extend the warranty to March 2013 Arlington toyota of Palatine Illinois

Below is something of interest if you have not seen it. toyotaV6oilLineScandal This appears to be what toyota calls a Limited Service Campaign versus a Recall. A recall is typically for safety related issues. Examples would be the steering wheel may not have been properly tightened at the factory air bag system may have a defect brakes etc. This appears to be a 3 phase campaign with camry included

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TOYOTA CAMRY Fuel Injection system Cleaner

This forum has been a source of immense help when I posted questions earlier I am back again. 1990 toyota camry (V6 engine 2.5L 100K miles) just had a oxygen sensor and catalytic converter replaced. Was told by mechanic that my fuel injection systems needs cleaning. Question What is the best method (without spending a lot of money of course) 1. Manual cleaning by mechanic (what does this cost) 2. Addition

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 86 electrical for Air conditioning system

Does the air conditioning compressor clutch get its voltage through the engine compartment fuse box relay labeled Fan No. 1 Also if I jump the pressure switch should I see 12 volts coming through the wire at the compressor clutch This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Thanks Toyomoho I just watched a video of Erikthecarguy on youtube as he applied the vacuum to the ac to look for leaks. Complicating my job is that I will be converting it to r134a from r12. After doing a vacuum check on the system and probably Ill find it doesnt hold vacuum I wonder if it would do much harm at all if I used a little r134a (with the dye) to detect the leak. Ive done a bit of research

Lots of opinions out there. Suggest reviewing pre-R134a posts at the website for suggestions on toyota vehicles. You can still buy real R12 at sites like Ebay. Supposedly mineral oil and R134A dont mix. The system still has mineral oil in the tubes etc. Since the system has no freon might remove and drain the compressor then flush out the old oil with ester oil. Make sure you get all

TOYOTA CAMRY IV Oil change camry 2011 4 Cylinder LE

Hi all I have been doing my own oil change on my camry 2003 LE. I just traded it for a camry 2011 4 Cyl LE. I found out that the oil filter on the 2011 is a lot different than the 2003. Has anyone done a oil change on a 2011 and what things should I be aware of Should I even try attempting an oil change the first time Thanks in advance. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

plastic housing. Filters should be able at auto parts stores. With the proper tools and procedures you can DIY. The 4 cylinder is a 2ARFE Suggest to first do an internet search on the subject of changing the oil filter for your model engine. You should find many hits with directions and perhaps a few YouTube videos. You will need a tool to grip the bottom of the filter housing. The link below is toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2002 2.4L exaust system issue

Hi Ive got a question for 2002 camry 2.4L engine this may sound a bit strange. and im not sure how to explain this. problem is... when vehicle is used everyday it runs just fine. no problem but when it is parked over 36hours(or longer) and when I start the car big puff of white smoke comes out from the tailpipe. i mean its quite a huge white smoke. (and smoke doesnt come out when its being used everyday.)

When you know the situation is going to occur have someone else start the engine while you smell the smoke. Try to determine if the odor is oil water vapor or coolantwater. Start monitoring the coolant level in the radiator overflow tank and if it is dropping without any known cause.

Thanks for responding. Ive noticed that my coolant tank was getting low but i filled it time to time and the smoke smells kind of gas oil a little bit of both its really complicated stink maybe coolant vapor because smoke is bright white not grayish white. but im still getting decent gas mileage I thought the problem is catalytic converter but it passed the smog test not that long ago. if its the cooling system whats the possible solution

The fix of course depends on what is wrong with the engine. It appears to be the head bolts but best to check all possible causes until the problem area is found. If the head bolts did pull out then the threads in the block would need to be repaired. Individuals and shops have been using a threaded insert system in the block. A Google search will turn up many hits. The engine is a 2AZ-FE. toyotas fix

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1992 Camry 3vz-fe - low oil pressure

Today has been a crazy day. I decide to replace my 3vzfes front valve cover gasket as it was leaking oil onto the hot exhaust manifold. Noticed a crapload of sludge on the underside of the valve cover. This was also true of the area at the top of the engine underneath the valve cover. I think to myself im gonna clean all that s out of there. So 2 hours and 30 shop-towels later I had a very clean valve

TOYOTA CAMRY Huge oil line leak

Hi.First of all sorry for my english guys.I got 2007 camry v6(40K miles).Yesterday i saw a lot of oil in my garage and i immediately go to the dealer.camry is certified used vehicle and they gave me replacementcar and i supposed to wait for phone call.Today morning they told me that warranty will not cover this.Its engine oil line for vvti system(15707-3102)Its engine component so warranty supposed

Not a toyota warranty expert but thought the drive train was warranted for 5Y60K. The drive train would is engine transmission axles etc excluding expendable parts as accessory belts and coolant hoses. Suggest you read the warranty in the owner™s manual. Would think the VVTi piping system would be part of the engine given it supplies oil to the camshaft rotation system. The cam rotation results in

Quote Originally Posted by kurens Hi.First of all sorry for my english guys.I got 2007 camry v6(40K miles).Yesterday i saw a lot of oil in my garage and i immediately go to the dealer.camry is certified used vehicle and they gave me replacementcar and i supposed to wait for phone call.Today morning they told me that warranty will not cover this.Its engine oil line for vvti system(15707-3102)Its engine

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1997 drivers side oil leak

This is my first time using this forum. Thanks for any helpful info anyone can provide. Ive got a 1997 2.2 l with a bad oil leak on the drivers side of the engine. It looks to be coming from above the oil pan gasket but I wouldnt yet sware to it. oil is on the drivers side end puddling on the transaxle then dripping from the frame. I just replaced the valve cover gasket and that didnt get it. I have

The boot only protects the steering rod and seal from dirt and debris it does not keep the oil from coming out of the steering housing. The seal inside the housing is worn out. The fix is time consuming and requires taking out the steering housing. It is often cheaper to but a new or rebuilt steering unit then to take the old one apart (shop for aftermarket parts to save money). The steering rod rack

Thanks for the response. I need to give a bit more info on these matters. I started this thread because I have two 1997 camrys with drivers side oil leaks. On the one I was tackling first I believe I have accurately identified it as a rack and pinion seal leak. Fluid was coming from a cracked inner tie rod end boot. Power steering fluid level in the reservoir was dropping Ive just tried some stop leak

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1990 camry dx 4 cyl automatic air condition oil

how much oil does the compressor take and where do i buy it can it be added to the low side without loss of any freon r12 This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

What makes you think the system needs oil 1.4 to 1.7 Oz. An internet search on R12 compressor oil will come up with hits and who sells it. There are devices that can add the oil when the system is pressured such as the at the link below 14388 Robinair Compressor oil Pump Includes Cap And Seal Assembly Siphon Kit You will need to find something having the correct fitting to attach to the low pressure

from the ac compressor seller ------------------------------------------ 1990 camry dx 4cyl with automatic re manufactured ac compressor takes R-12 is refrigerant of the AC system takes 27 Oz. R-12 This is the oil takes 7.50 Oz. r12 Mineral Warranty Requirements blah blah blah . . .

TOYOTA CAMRY Replacing oil pan and gasket

Anything trickey about replacing oil pan and gasket Was going to have local shop do it and they quoted 3 hours... Looks to me like you drain the oil remove the 20 or so bolts put on new gasket and new pan then tighten everything back up... anything else need to come off for access or anything like that Thanks in advance Brian This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

are available from aftermarket sources for 98 and 99 if you want to go this route. When removing the pan take precautions not be bend the gasket flange on the pan when it off the engine. Pan nutbolt torque is 69 IN-LBF not that much. Might pickup new exhaust pipe gaskets in case the old ones are damaged. One at the exhaust manifold connection one at the converter to exhaust pipe connection. toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY Reliability of Smartkey System with Pushbutton Start

Best I can tell smartkey system with pushbutton start has been around a few years and is coming with some of the new car packages with camry. Generally for many systems if smartkey is in pocket or purse touching the door handle unlocks the door and foot on the brake and pressing start button simultaneously starts the car. No doubt these systems are extremely convenient and improve safety by allowing

coming. For remote systems the remote key FOB can and does fail often beyond a battery. Smart Keys have a real key for backup. It is smart to have spare Smart Keys some place secure as replacements can be expensive and take time to obtain. 3 seconds to kill the engine is way too long when the driver is in panic mode (not thinking clearly) and this has resulted in fatalities. Am very surprised toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 fuel system (i wannalight my head on fire and put it out with a hammer

o.k it started like this....... on day i had run it very low on gas. about 15-20 miles after i put a half tank in it it started acting just like the fuel filter was clogged. i found that if i stop on the side of the road for a couple mins that it would start right up and i would get about 3-4 miles and it would act like the filter was plugged again. it was late by now and my only objective was to get

hey Joey the filter in the tank (the sock) on the bottom of the fuel pump was probably 75% clogged. took a can of carb cleaner to it and it runs great. initially i thought it was the filter under the hood that was clogged. thats why i was so frustrated because it didnt realize that there was a filter in the tank to. a couple months ago i blew the timing belt. i had an oil leak that i figured id fix

dots are facing the same direction during installation. The oil pump housing has a preformed O-ring around the edge. It is best you replace this Oring as it distorts over time and may be difficult to push back into the grove on the pump housing. The seal is available from aftermarket and maybe if you look hard enough the preformed Oring. If this is all you need to do suggest getting both from toyota.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV oil pressure problem on 94 4 cyl

Problem started with oil light flickering found oil was low but still between ADD and FULL. Added some oil and brought it up to FULL. Went on my way and after another 10 minutes the oil pressure light again flickered. Got home and the next day (cold) screwed in a mechanical gauge and started the engine and the pressure slowly rose up to 15 but stayed there ragardless of RPM Restarted the engine and

I agree this is a little perplexing. On cold start-up you should get higher pressure at lower rpms as the oil is thicker and offers more resistance to flow. Remember pressure is the measure of flow resistance. There is a pressure control valve in the system which bleeds off excess flow to limit pressure. I would think it is at or near the oil pump. This valve may be bleeding off when cold and working

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 95 Camry 2.2L - Oil Pressure Light On - Next Step

I acquired a beat-half-to-death 95 LE with 160K miles on it the windshield is even scratched from not having any wiper blades the prior owner took such bad care of it Anyway Im still having trouble getting the engine in shape and want advice as to which step to take next. First though Ive installed new plugs wires distributor cap changed all the fluids changed air filter cleaned the throttle body and

If the engine idles OK doubt if there is a vacuum leak. Crank the engine over with the ignition system disconnected. Determine by sound if one or more cylinders has very low compression. If so the cranking speed will increase as the cylinder with low compression is pressured during its compression stroke. Does the engine miss under load etc Have you tried down shifting manually to increase engine RPM

TOYOTA CAMRY rebuilt 5sfe oil pressure problems

i just rebuilt the 5sfe 4 cyl for my 96 camry i dont seem to be getting oil topside. the pump seems to be working there is oil in the filter and i am getting a mist of oil off the cams although it doesnt seem to be alot. the oil pressure light is on and when i cranked it up without the oil press sending unit in it there is no oil to the sender. HELP....... thanks shane This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

If the oil pump system is working OK you should be able to crank the engine (ign system disconnected) until the oil pressure builds up and the oil pressure light goes out. If you cant do this you have a problem. If you can not do the above to build up oil pressure DONT start the engine The oil to the cams will go up through the head and out the journal bearings. When you installed the parts did you

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 04 solara starting to burn oil

I have a 04 2.4 4 cylinder camry solara since new. Up to 140000 it never burned any oil. Now every 1500 I need to add 1 quart. It does not smoke. The performance and gas use is the same as always. Should I just add oil or change it every 1500 miles I wanted to take the car on a long trip 1200 each way. Anyone have any ideas THANK YOU This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Assume you checked for oil leaks. Check the engines PCV system for plugging (if it has one). Remove the plugs and determine if one is different in appearance then the others oil due to higher oil blow-by in that cylinder. A compressor or leak down test may reveal compression issues. This engine does have issues with high oil consumption apparently due to piston rings problems. And the head bolts can

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 05 2.4 camry intake system

I found an intake system for my make an model. However doesnt anyone suggest these intake or is stock better for these engines ect. Its kn if that makes a difference This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Well my car is about paid off finally so im thinking of a CAI or short ram style...It was a k&n style made by k&n and was a bit pricey i think like 200 or more...I have looked into the Injen models too....I remember putting one on my cousins 94 corolla and he actually lost gas mileage but boy was it fun to drive lol...I guess thats why im asking if anyone has one if they noticed any real difference...Im not much on speeding anymore the tickets arent worth it..I just want to let it breathe a bit more easily Car has roughly 200k now and was just looking to do something to give her a break so to speak lol... Well maintain always change oil with synthetic every 3-4 k change tranny fluid and filter antifreeze an thermostat etc... Just looking for input from any CAI owners I suppose...Is it worth it or should i keep the stock airbox with K&N filter Ive notice a bit of improvement with the K&N filter as soon as I bought the car I put it in and she had a deep tone durning mild load and full throttle...But its a camry who am i kidding lol

TOYOTA CAMRY what oil to use

I recently purchased an 05 camry le 4cyl with 40000 miles. I had a 00 celica before and always used synthetic oil. But im questioning if its to late to switch to synthetic Should i use a semisynthetic 1st thn synthetic Also is the transmission fluid t-iv a dealer synthetic fluid Then agian theres those who dont like synthetics to begin with.... Whats truely best This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

I think youre loosing too much sleep over this. The engine thermostat should keep your engine temp constant in any heat so Florida should not matter. oil temp gauge would tell you how hot oil is getting but for most daily drivers I would not worry idling or not. Constant idling just means more hours on oil than miles would indicate so you would want to change more often. Changing grades probably more

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 2003 xle 4 cyl oil light on fluid leaking

Hi all. I have a 2003 4 cylinder camry XLE. I was just about to get off the highway on my way home from work today when I heard a pop sound come from the passenger side of the car. The oil light also came on at the same time and stayed on. When I got home I saw that there was fluid running down onto the front passenger side wheel. Im at a loss as to what type of situation Im looking at. Any ideas TIA.

yeah if dipstick shows nothing you do not start the engine. brake fluid can get darl also but it has very distinct smell easy to differentiate between the brake fluid and engine oil. I am most curious about pop. Sounds like something under high pressure blew. I am not curious how oil got onto wheel thats quite irrelevant. moving air flow sometimes does wierd stuff to fluids. Is it on the front or back

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 98 Camry wont start after Cleaning EGR System and Air Intake

I spent the day cleaning the Throttle body and Air intake of my 98 camry then pulled the EGR Modulator and the EGR Valve. Cleaned them with Carb cleaner and all hoses. This took most of the day due to really trying to clean out the gunk due to a Engine light that said I had an EGR problem - restricted flow. So I cleaned the IAC etc with the camry being cold. The big problem after getting everything

Its tough to solve these issues when you dont have basic test equipment to isolate the problem or have not done some basic troubleshooting before hand. A vacuum gauge for instance would tell you if you have a large vacuum leak. The metel-to-metal may be because you put a lot of carb cleaner down the intake and it washed the cylinder walls clean of oil but thats only a guess. Once the engine gets full

You didnt happen to loose any faseners scrwes etc...did you Im only kidding. Anyways when i clean my TB - which is a lot less work and fluid than you used for all your parts...i have trouble cranking up too. NO metal sounds though just cranking and no ignition. Typically it is because it is still flooded with cleaner. Hopefully you were able to let it air out over night. You should be able to start

Cant hurt but be careful not to use too much as you will foul the plugs. Even plain oil would help.

TOYOTA CAMRY When to change transmission oil

When should I change the transmission oil for a 2003 and 1995 camry This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Just changeing the trans pan oil will not drain the entire system. You need to either use the specialized equipment available in some shops to flush and replace or you need to do it yourself. DIY takes a helper and is more involved but a lot cheaper. Dont forget that the differentialit has to be drained and filled separately.

We change or flush every30k since there is no filter and the entire system doesnt hold that much. Be sure to use the fluid the manufacture recommends I mean read the lable before u dump the fluid in. Reason for changing so much is because of no filter and v-6 is a little tougher on that trans. [alignleft] [align]

Quote ORIGINAL tim96460 We change or flush every30k since there is no filter and the entire system doesnt hold that much. Be sure to use the fluid the manufacture recommends I mean read the lable before u dump the fluid in. Reason for changing so much is because of no filter and v-6 is a little tougher on that trans. [alignleft] [align] perfectly stated.

TOYOTA CAMRY Smoke off central exhaust pipe after oil pan repair

I just replaced the oil pan gasket on my 96 camry 4 cylinder. When I took the oil pan off I was able to do so without removing the exhaust pipe. The oil pan was off of the car for 4 or 5 days and im sure oil leaked onto the pipe. I drove it around tonight for the first time in a week. After about 2 or 3 minutes of driving and then parking I noticed smoke. Looking under the smoke appeared to be coming

The woven area is a flexible section of pipe to allow movement between the engine and chassis exhaust systems. Given the section is weaved metal it is possible oil could have gotten into the weaving and now is burning off. With age this section of pipe can leak but does not start smoking.

TOYOTA CAMRY Fuel System Clean

I am looking for information on the product called BG44K. Ive heard that this is the best cleaner on the market. Ive also heard that it is NOT as potent as it used to be. Is it a good product or like the others Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

best product on the market are Seafoam and Lucas. as of lately I am looking into Miracle Mystery oil too. will try it soon. btw cleaner as in what you trying to clean fuel system Seafom. sludge inside the engine valves combustion chambers sticky rings Seafoam.

TOYOTA CAMRY Camry 5SFE Timing Belt Water Pump Oil Seal Replacement

After doing tons of timing belt replacements I decided to created my own How To website showing whats involved in replacing the timing belt on the 4 cylinder 5SFE Engine along with the water pump and oil seals. The 5SFE is a rock solid motor and I love working on it. Thinking about doing one on the 1MZFE. Lot of pictures. Enjoy . httptoyotarepair.intuitwebsites.comindex.html This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

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TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2003 camry xle 2.2 slight oil leak

hello--I have a 2003 camry xle with 157830 miles. I am original owner and bought new dealer serviced by same dealer. I have noticed that I usually have to add about a half quart of oil once or twice a month in between oil changes at 3000 miles. I have had 02 sensor replaced cat conv replaced and a new oil pan gasket and new brakes at 100000. I do all highway driving---other than reg oil changes and

This is a very common leak point for the 2.2L. Replace the VC gaskets and the cam plug. Do NOT EVER use any stop leak for the engine or the cooling system- EVER. JJ

TOYOTA CAMRY ater going out by the exhaust system

What could be the reason to have water going out by the exhaust system toyota camry 1993 _________________ Rocker Arm Shaft for me This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

When the engine cold there would be condensation coming out this would stop after warm up. If all the time watch the coolant level if dropping it could be a head gasket issue. Make sure it is water vapor and not white oil smoke. This engine is known for aging valve stem seals that leak oil at cold start up. The result can be a large cloud of white smoke.

TOYOTA CAMRY Oil in spark plug tubes

I had oil in the spark plug tubes of my 89 SV21 and I hear it happens often with all engines designed this way. I researched it and had a go at fixing it. I read a lot of posts describing the procedure but there were very few actual photos. So here are some I took. Hope they help you if you are attempting this job on their own. Its not too hard. A 30mm socket is required to remove the four nuts holding

well engine head does not really get that hot... if cooling is working. PTFE Teflon Tape products buy PTFE Teflon Tape products from Product Name PTFE Teflon Tape Temperature Range --170 to 260 Celsius degree Fluid sealing 200(kgfcm2) Gas sealing 140(kgfcm2) Color white or colorful Packing Details10pcsbox 500pcsctn Usage Widely applied in construction machinery chemical industry and other

TOYOTA CAMRY vi ruptured engine oil line 2007 V6

I bought my camry 2007 June 2006. A couple days ago I noticed my low engine oil light on. I had changed my oil 2 months ago. I had the mechanic look at it and evidently the tube that connected the engine oil was 12 aluminum and 12 rubber. It had broken at the aluminum-rubber junction. He replaced it with a full aluminum piece and changed the filter and changed the oil etc. Sorry I dont know enough

Yellow stone diesel parts plant is one of the leading manufacturers of engine parts in particular diesel fuel injection system accessories for replacement such as Fuel injection Nozzle Plunger and Delivery valve ETC In south of china . for more detail please visit our website Yellow stone diesel parts plant was founded in 1997.Over the years Yellow

TOYOTA CAMRY New head gasket (or oil pump seal) gone bad

Mechanic had 1994 toyota camry LE sedan a few weeks ago for an oil leak after a trip down to Florida from Maryland - he said he removed and resealed the oil pump. A week later (after a one hour drive) we noticed that something is still leaking oil. Same mechanic had the car for another week - not a happy guy who wouldnt get specific (and my wife wouldnt ask) about what was wrong this time but he swore

Thanks for posting back. Would make sense. Keep the PS fluid handy as needed. FYI the PS system takes the same fluid as the trans which these days is called ATF fluid.

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 01 camry ac issues

first off id like to say that im a new guy to ur fourm and id like to say its very nice. i have been looking for a camry fourm for a long long time now. id also like to say that the 2001 camry XLE V6 i will be working on and troubleshooting is not mine its my mothers. i personally own a 2010 toyota Yaris (hence my name) and call my home over the years of owing this toyota not alot of

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 which camry do I keep

I am lucky enough to have 2 camrys but I cannot afford to keep them both one I have had since late 2005 ( paid about 4000 for it in late 05) it is a 1993 LE with the 2.2 4 cylinder. I have done lots to it (all stock) like put new head light lens units in new antenna new left axle new timing belt in 2007 at about 115K new stereo and speakers in 2005 and lots of other stuff like new window motors and

TOYOTA CAMRY What to look for in a used Camry

My daughter turned 16 and I would like to get her a camry in the 3000 range. In Colorado that means the 95-02 range with high mileage. I am handy with tools but really dont want to get into a big project especially in the winter. What should I look for when looking at one of these cars It is my understanding that the I4 engines at least are non-interference engines so is timing belt replacement as

replacement belts fit all years. The balance shafts on the 5SFE are gear driven unlike Honda which used an additional cogged belt besides the timing belt. toyota updated the 5SFE engine each year in areas of ign and fuel systems cylinder head design emissions systems etc. As such although the same engine model it is not the same engine design. The make engine swaps more difficult. The 2002 camry

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1991 check engine codes

Hi all First post here. I hope Im in the right forum... Can anyone point me to a listing of the check engine codes and their descriptions for a 91 Thanks for the help. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Not sure if its the same as my 94 but here are the ones for mine. I know the cylinder s go up to 12 cylinders because this is for all toyotas at the time. This included the 12cyl toyota Century which was only availbe in Japan. P0010 A Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) P0011 A Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or system Performance (Bank 1) P0012 A Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded

TOYOTA CAMRY Mysterious Overheating

Hi everyone nice to meet you. 1994 toyota camry 2.2L 257k miles Symptoms Car overheats Top radiator hose hot bottom cold Very shortly after take off the car begins to climb the temperature ladder Not a lot of white smoke form tailpipe Rough idle at first start fine thereafter No loss of coolant No milky oil What I have replacedtested New thermostat 4 month old radiator Visibly inspected water pump


Hello I have a 1993 camry that needs the Freon topped off. The ac is cold but not as cold as it was. I have the freon R-12 but the hoses on my manifold are too large for the suction and high pressure fittings. The hoses fit american cars. Are there special hoses for toyotas This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

least replace the receiverdryer which is cheap and easy. There are down sides to using 134 in an R12 system. 134 will leak faster because its molecules are smaller and it will not perform as well with R12 designed components - especially ones that old. You should have any remaining R12 evacuated with a shop machine then you can pull your own vacuum with your pump. I converted my R12 system (not camry)

TOYOTA CAMRY can feel sm. amnt. of bubbles in rad. but doesnt ovrht. PLEASE HELP ME

OK. Well my name is Matt and Im new to this forum but Im really hoping that you camry specialists can help me here. Well here it goes. Specs. 1993 toyota camry le 2.2. I bought this car 12 months ago and its a great car. Bought from orig. Owner old lady that had all scheduling maintenance done on time. 114000 miles currently. About a mnth ago the thing would start to overheat. So I flushed the system

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