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TOYOTA CAMRY IV Difference between 1994 and 1995 engines Swap problems

Hello. About 3 months ago I ordered a replacement engine for my 94 2.2 camry. The parts supplier promised me a 93 engine (completely compatible) with about 30.000 miles on it. Well once the thing was 90% in the mechanic discovered that the new engine had largely incompatible wiring including a different ditributor cap and ignition coil as well as some emissions components that the original engine did

TOYOTA CAMRY p1135 Code and Heat Fuel Economy Problems Related

I have a toyota camry LE (4 cyl automatic 5S-FE) 2001 (1302000 delivery date) with 123K miles that has baffled every mechanic its been brought to- even after having 4 different computers hooked to it. But first my immediate problem I have that vague P1135 error code and wonder if a noob like me could fix it. How do i find out if the fix really requires replacing an O2 sensor (and if so where do i get

HONDA FIT What engines fit my 96 Camry

Daughters car spun the number four rod and she kept going (dont ask) so Im trying to find a plug and play for her 5sfe engine as a replacement. toyota made a lot of these 2.2 four cylinders but I need to find what will go in the car year wise that has the countershafts for antivibration as well as the wiring being negotiable since this is apparently the last year of the distributors and the first year

Suggest you review posts and if necessary ask at the toyotanation website where more then one member has spun a bearing or thrown a rod on this engine model and asked what years engine could fit. My guess is at the very least you will need to swap parts off the old engine. toyota used the 2.2L from around 92-2001. They all will bolt in. The issue is the engine ign system block design etc changed along

TOYOTA CAMRY Start-up Splutter & Delayed Starts

Hey guys First Post. So I&8217m running an early 06 camry Altise 4cyl and a few months ago I took her on a fair sized trip. She was running low on fuel on the way back and me being a typical arrogant Aussie thought &8216she&8217ll be right&8217. But the last 18 of the tank (according to the needle) dropped quicker than I thought it would and left me pretty much running on hopes and dreams to get home

TOYOTA CAMRY Malfunction Indicator Light

My camry 98 Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) came on today. Gas cap was on tight. Two days ago the driver side power window would not work but after a few hrs it did come back. Are these 2 issues related Owners manual says MIL can be either gas problem or electrical problem... This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Quote Originally Posted by ecelis JJ Many thanks for all your help. Is there a picture somewhere and more detailed instructions on how to replace the sensor Is Bank 2 located in the exhaust manifold closest to the front of the car Should I get the sensor (and socket) at Autozone or is it better to get the sensor at the toyota dealer By the way my car is actually a 98 Sienna with a V6 engine... Id recommend

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 TRD lowering springs for 2002 camry

I recently swapped my stock springs for the TRD lowering springs part PTRO7-33097 for a 2002 camry. Everything seemed fine until 6 months later i noticed that the drivers side of the car was sagging. Two alignments a tire rotation later I called the dealership back to swap out the springs the dealership wants me to bring the car in for a costly diagnosis before they do a warranty exchange any suggestions

toyota and Bell helicopters no Rolls Royce engines maybe The newer RR engines seem to be blowing up left and right. Some TRD products have warranties others dont. If the dealer did not install the parts this can give them reason to state the parts may not have been properly installed. They would state they are just trying to determine where the problem is. What type of tests do they want and how much

TOYOTA CAMRY Spark Plug Technical Info

As the source for spark plugs we pride ourselves in the technical spark plug information contained on our website. We enjoy providing that technical information on the forums so here are some of the common topics and questions in regards to spark plugs. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask Subject covered by this post Basic Spark Plug Construction How do I cross reference from

TOYOTA CAMRY IV Engine help with 1995 Camry

I have a engine(1mz) complete with engine harness & computer out of a 95 camry. & somone is sellin me a 95 camry with a blown 5sfe(2.2L 4cyl) pretty cheap. anyone know if i can simply just swap the engines & computers n be good to go Your help would greatly be appreciated. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY III 92 V6 Lots of white smoke that is NOT engine related 3VZFE

So first time poster Im fixing my sisters car for her and ran into a bit of a mystery heres some backround sort of a long storey. A couple years ago the car overheated a couple times and started steadily buring some collant I advized them that its likely the head gasket and itll need to be changed after that they went to a local mechanic that proceeded to tell them the same thing and charge them what

TOYOTA CAMRY Lexus 3.0 VS Toyota 3.0

My baby girl ( 93 camry 2.2 ) is about to die. She has 278000 miles and purrs like a broken kitten on crack. Lots of lurching bucking sputtering rough idling oil leaking tranny fluid leaking ticking and rattling. So Im going to replace my engine. I dont want the 2.2 anymore i want a 3.0. Im not looking to ever mod the engine so im good with the V6. But thats besides the point. My question is Is there

The is no difference between the Lexus and toyota 3VZ-FE engines. Youll need alot of parts to this swap though (youll need to treat it like a complete engine swap). Id recommend EngineTranny combo Uncut wiring harness ECU Fuel Pump (if the part number is different for the V6 model) Motor Mounts Youll be looking at 1500 bux on average for all the parts not including any labor. Good luck

TOYOTA CAMRY Very mysterious and unsolvable OVERHEATING ISSUE..Please help

Hello guys I coming here as a last resort and to get a counter opinion from my mechanic. Background it is a 95 camry 4 cylinder with 199000. Was sitting outside for 3 years but has been running normally for a year now after tune up. Switched from normal oil to synthetic about 8 months ago. Problem happened a few weeks ago when overflow boiled over without my noticing. Realized fans werent coming on

The camry coolant fan system is not that complicated but it does have 3 relays. To understand its workings a wiring diagram helps There is one relay that controls fan operation in case the coolant gets too high. One relay controls fan operation when the AC compressor is operating. The last relay as I remember allows the fans to run at high or low speed. High speed is when the fans are wired in parallel

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 Should i make the synthetic switch

Thanks for your help....... I bought a bran new 2008 camry CE 5 speed manual couple months ago. It has almost 5500 miles i drive alot right now. At this time i took it in for an oil change at 3k miles. Had them do just the noramal reg oil no synthetic yet. I have been considering the switch since i do a lot of highway driving 100miles in one way at a time. So about 200 miles a day 4 days a week. Yes

The toyota 4bangers and a lot of other 4 bangers stay fairly clean over a long period of time and do not break down the oils so 5K intervals for 4cylinders are completely acceptable. If youre not considered a guy with a constant lead foot and spend tons of time just letting the car just sit and idle then you can safely go that 5000K with dino oil. The v6s are a whole other story - but i havent seen the oil quality of the 2GR-FE- my opinion is based on the 1mz and 3mz-FE engines.

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2001 Camry engine stops in driving mode

I bought a 2001 camry last week. The mileage is 126K. The car is looking good condition and did firestone inspection and they said everything is good and i have to change oil and transmission fluid. So I changed both last Saturday and took the car in highway for 10 miles and once i came out the highway and stopped at a signal. Engine stopped in the middle of the road and it wont start then i tried

What model engine V6 or 4 cylinder Did the engine run OK before the Firestone repairs For safety issues the engine starting system will not allow the engine starter motor to be engaged (power by the battery) unless the transmission is in Park or Neutral. This is the reason when you try to restart the car in Drive nothing happens. The trans needs to be in Park or Neutral. If the car is moving NEVER

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 85 Camry Cold Start

Had a no spark problem with our 85 camry. Diagnosed around several potential problems finally replaced the ECM. Bought ECM from online vendor with a warranty. New ECM restored spark and finally started car. Had to turn over for a long period and finally got to start by priming into the intake manifold. Thinking we had a fuel delivery problem tried cleaner for injectors changed fuel filter but car continued

Cold start injector consists of the injector and injector timer. The injector timer body is plumbed into the engines coolant system exit manifold. The timer operates when the coolant is below a certain temp. The injector receives 12v DC power by being wired to the starter motor wiring circuit that powers the starter solenoid relay coil (small black wire connected to solenoid). The ground connection

Igniters typically work or they dont. There is no way to test them. Had starting can also be caused by general ign issues such as bad distributor cap rotor plugs ign coil. As to the clicking. Sometimes the battery cable terminal end connections to the cables can start to fail. Or the battery cable between the battery and starter solenoid can increase in ohm resistance causing lack of available current

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 95 Camry 2.2 - Blown Head Gasket

Im trying to ascertain whether or not I have a blown head gasketcracked head.... My 2.2 has 150K miles on it but Ive only had it one year. There is no watermurkiness in the oil that I can see but one of the ingition wires has been collecting condensation and on occasions the engine idles very poorly. All of a sudden it is undrivable. I have been losing engine coolant for some time.... On occasions

Could be the plugs are black because of the misfire. Try to correlate the rough running with weather the engine runs rough in rain or under high moisture conditions. View the ign system in the dark and check for a blue glow around them indicating leaky ignition electrical insulation. Smell and feel the condensation coolant smells sweet and has a slippery feel. The engines blow-by system is closed.


Hi I just convinced my wife to buy a 1994 camry that had a blown radiator. i tried it and went great. brakes suspention... no rust everything workin but radiator had a major crack. i changed it only to find out the engine was full of coolant and engine compression was going in radiator also knockin noise and i feel the knocking near the thermostat hose. I have a spare 5sfe engine from my 92 celica

1. community here in Pacific NW buys engines from Japan. We buy them in prolly hundreds. No one ever had any issues. Nothing will get in they do not sit outside in the rain and mud. Plus Its a complete engine fully sealed. Reason they are sold is due to draconian taxes on cars they have in Japan. Its almost not worth it to drive a car for more than 3-4 years. Hence abundance of trannies and engines

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1995 v6 ac idle control

where is the idle control for when the ac kicks in and out i seem to have an inconsistant miss that has an audible clic everytime it missesstumbles. it pretty much goes away if the ac is off. tia This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

engine compartment firewall area each clik results in a miss but like i said could go for days fine then singlemultiple cliksmisses then fine ect. very random. i hear simular cliks consistantly as revs come down if a rev the engine. but of course it doesnt miss as the revs are coming down. very faint but obvious cliks. i also need to buy a scanner any ideas on a good home mechanic one that doesnt break

TOYOTA CAMRY 2.2 swap out for new long block

1995 camry. 2.2 Auto Couple of quick time savings questions. First and most important. I have never seen a wiring harnes so imbedding into a motor Is it best practice to pull intake a fuel system off before pulling a motor Is there a trick I am missing Second. This car is an auto. I was planning on pulling the trany at the same time Any big tips or gotchas on that Worse CV Joints I have ever pulled

Look on the radiator side of the head for two sling attach hooks (if there). You should be able to remove the engine complete if you attach a sling to the left and right side of the head (radiator side). The sling should be able to tilt the trans down and passenger side of engine up to clear the chassis. No big gotchas. Do all the work on the replacement engine first such as timing belt if required.


I swaped my 1992 3vz-fe engine for a 1994 1mz-fe and im having problems with the 28 pin plug for the engine computer. Is there a universal wiring harnest i can buy or is there something else that i can do This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

When the FP and B terminals are jumped power is applied directly to the fuel pump. All relays etc are bypassed. On the 1MZ-FE system when the ign key is turned to start a couple of things happen. One is power from the ign key switch flows through the ParkNeutral switch (assuming the trans is in parkNeutral) or if clutch switch for a manual trans. This power goes to through the Starter Relay solenoid

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 96 low idle problem need part

My 96 (2.2) has had a low idle problem for about 2 weeks now & with help from a guy at work I found out what is causing it. It happens every so often & didnt have to be during any certain conditions. Today when the idle was low again (approx 300 then died) I pulled the vacuum hose off from at intake & re-started the car. The idle was up about 750 then I re-connected the hose & the idle

I bought the car 3 weeks ago & to get it smogged the place I got it from had to do a complete tune up & the IAC looks brand new too. The TPS also looks new. When the problem occurs my scanner reads the TPS at 14.4% at idle and its normally at 12.2% at idle when there is no problem. The timing goes from 5 deg at idle to about 14 deg at idle when it occurs also. Both O2 sensors go up to about 840


anyone tried to swap TC engine into yaris

the forced induction market but by no means does it have no potential...Just ask Garm Oh and to clear up the cost of a 2az motor cheapest one I found was 1100 no transmission no ECU no wiring harness etc...cheapest with all that was about 2000 but with a 4spd auto complete. Oh and heres the application list for all vehicles that have a 2azfe in them... Most common application is the TC and camry toyota

TOYOTA TACOMA Toyota salvage yard in SC

I have heard there is a salvage yard in South Carolina in the upstate or possibly in NC that has mostly toyota trucks. Can anyone give me any information on this.

This might be what you are thinking about. httpgreenville.craigslist.orgpts3255434909.html PARTING OUT toyota 4WD2WD TRUCKS 4RUNNERS TACOMA camry - 1 (CANDLER NC) Date 2012-09-25 949PM EDT Reply to this post [Errors when replying to ads] I have all kinds of engines (20r 22r 22re 3.0 3.4 2.7 2.4 prices 750-1200) Transmissions AT & MT 300-650 Driveshafts 50-125 Axles

Quote Originally Posted by Stwo69 I spoke on the phone with toyota customer service yesterday and the nice lady I talked to did inform me that there will be a complete redesign of the Tacoma this year 2014 model. I specifically asked her if that meant all new engines too and she confirmed that yes indeed new engines were coming too. I asked about a hybrid engine and she would not give me those details.

TOYOTA PRIUS Ooops Dead Prius

Normally Im a very satisfied Prius owner. Its a silver 04 with package group 6 and at 41000 miles hasnt even needed a brake job. So I was a bit surprised the other day while driving home from a clients office when the Master Alarm went off and my battery level meter started taking a (rapid) nosedive. Drove it straight to the dealership where wifey was nice enough to pick me up. The culprit My hybrid

Every car I have owned has eventually had something go bad after many many years. Two camrys with Engine Block Cracks ended their life after about 10 years. Yep batteries do not last forever neither do engines or transmissions or whatever......but I sure cannot complain when toyota has a warranty for the battery that is much longer than the engine. You have to admit that complete replacement for free

TOYOTA PRIUS Weight reduction

I got an 07 Prius a couple weeks ago and of all the info Ive come across on the net (along with ideas of my own) I reduced the as-delivered weight of the car by 40 lbs. by taking out the rear plastic bin that is above the spare the carpeted deck that lives on top of that a small plastic box lid to the left of this deck a couple of tools that arent needed the owners manual the rear cargo net all of

Mobil is concerned with selling their oil. Think of what claims must be said to convince owners to change to Mobil Oil and then think of what PROOF they provide that this is true for your Prius. Rather than changing viscosity go to a synthetic 5W-30 oil until you find that Proof above. (Synthetic oils are what is used in aircraft engines to withstand the intense temperatures.) Additionally my 99 camry

NISSAN I Drive A Versa Because I CHOOSE To

When we went shopping for a new car this time around we researched and test drove more vehicles than for any previous transportation Ive owned. The vehicle I had coming off lease was a turbocharged 2003 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser (a VERY rare model and a blast to drive). Every vehicle was test driven a night in the country to evaluate headlight effectiveness and interior visibility. Some vehicles have

list of negatives is pretty short really and like most I am amazed at what the Versa actually offers for a vehicle of this size and this price point. For me the biggest LACK in the Versa is ironically what its name suggests VERSATILITY The design of the luggage area in the Hatchback at least is a bad joke IMHO considering the numerous other examples Nissan had an opportunity to study such as the toyota

BMW X5 E70 are those crow feathers sticking out of my mouth...

i posted about not buying a bmw because i felt they gouged you. well i never felt so good being gouged. i looked at a lot of cars and after 4 lexus decided to join the club an get a bmw x5....sparkling bronze with beige int. had to make a dealer trade will get next week. i am a geezer (65) and will probably post frequently for help. so pls bear with me and help an old man out every now and then . thanks

Quote Originally Posted by M Blitz Lexus might be your cup of tea and they seem to make a reliable toaster although lately weve come to find out that the toaster might not be all that reliable with unintended accelaration and all. That said you do realize youre paying near BMW prices for a toyota All Lexi (I guess thats the plural of Lexus and what is a Lexus anyway) are built on toyota platforms and

BMW SERIES 3 E30 E30 SR20DET First Car (Reality Check)

I am nearly 20 years old. Ive been driving my parents toyota camry for about 2 years now in Thailand. I visit this used car dealer a that sells mostly japanese and european cars with swapped motors (japanese motors) when I feel like checking out cars. A 2 weeks ago I visited the used car dealer. I was busy checking out cars that obviously were way out of line. There was an 200SXs with 1JZ motorsan

Quote Originally Posted by pjoa09 I am nearly 20 years old. Ive been driving my parents toyota camry for about 2 years now in Thailand. I visit this used car dealer a that sells mostly japanese and european cars with swapped motors (japanese motors) when I feel like checking out cars. A 2 weeks ago I visited the used car dealer. I was busy checking out cars that obviously were way out of line. There

LINCOLN Please dont temp me........

I think this would be the coolest set up if it could be done.... what do you think of complete ford lightning drivetrain in my 63 httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotors2003-F15 ... enameZWDVW

and requires an independent observer present when engines are measured. The test is voluntary but engines completing it can be advertised as SAE-certified. Many manufacturers began switching to the new rating immediately often with surprising results. The rated output of Cadillacs supercharger Northstar V8 jumped from 440 hp (328 kW) to 469 hp (350 kW) under the new tests while the rating for toyotas

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Gasoline grade

Hi All Bimmer newb here so sorry if this seems a stupid question ) I just bought my 03 540 sport and the BMW dealer told me something I found strange He told me that I should use regular grade gasoline in the car rather than supreme. They told me that the car would have no issue running regular except for a small loss in upper end torque but for day to day driving that there would be no other issue.

this is all done electronically. So knocking or pinging is controlled more readily with varying octane ratings. And since engines are computerized the chips manage the timing range which is why buying Dinan chips or equivalent can help with performance with higher octane besides removing speed limits because they will optimize the fuelair mixture for higher octane. Whereas with a normal engine- toyota

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Who is waiting for the new 535i to come out

Is anyone here waiting for the new upcoming 535i coming out supposedly in the fall of this year Are you holding off on your current 5 series purchase at this time to wait for this Turbo 300HP version Its always tough to buy a new vehicle and then a couple of months later a significant change (like a new engine) is offerred (but hey you really can never catch up). The solution to this waiting is to

to the hypothetical 528i for me. Im secretly rooting for a 530i with the 272hp (DIN) direct injected N53 engine though but I dont think that will happen for the US market unfortunately. But then the super-ego kicks in. I would really enjoy an E60 528i and itd be a very pleasing car to drive. But it would be very uncool to have spent so much on a car only to still get a butt whooping from a... - toyota

FORD F150 Oil Pressure Issues...Need Help ASAP

I have a 2003 F-150 with a Romeo 4.6L with 200000 miles on it. I have been having an issue with my oil pressure for the last couple days now that has me worried. Sorry its a long story but more info always seems to be better than less. Backstory Live in Michigan (cold obviously) I parked my truck for about a month due to a lot of work trips. Before parking it I had no issues with oil pressure. I went

up. I suggested sludge was blocking the oil drain holes. He removed the engine pan and found that the oil pump suction screen was almost completely blocked like Labnerd said. It does sound like your engine has a sludge problem. How long have you owned it If you bought it recently from a dealer they may help you if they sold you a sludged up engine. I worked with a guy who bought his daughter a toyota

up. I suggested sludge was blocking the oil drain holes. He removed the engine pan and found that the oil pump suction screen was almost completely blocked like Labnerd said. It does sound like your engine has a sludge problem. How long have you owned it If you bought it recently from a dealer they may help you if they sold you a sludged up engine. I worked with a guy who bought his daughter a toyota

FORD F150 Round Two Learning from my FAILED 4.2L rebuild

This is the follow up to my Help Rebuilt engine ran for two minutes and stalled thread. I forgot to tighten the cam retaining bolt and it caused the camshaft to slide backwards because the roller lifters contacted more than one cam lobe. This destroyed the roller lifters and camshaft. It also punched the freeze plug at the back of the camshaft bore out into the bell housing and caused the cam to seize

Fairlaner You are 100% correct. I have the factory manuals for my 1987 toyota MR2 and my 1996 toyota camry. Both are going strong after 25 and 16 years respectively. I was given the Haynes manual for the MR2 and it is complete CRAP I could kick myself for not going right out and buying the Ford factory manuals for my F-150. Can I ask where did you get yours and how much did you pay

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