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toyota camry clutch vi
toyota camry clutch vi

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TOYOTA CAMRY vi 06 clutch

I have an 06 camry 5 speed The clutch is very heavy by my standards. I dont know what it is supposed to be like I have had it about 1 year it has always been that way I bought it with about 30k. It is just as hard as my old 83 bronco didnt think much about it until the guy changing the oil said something. I would guess unlike my old bronco this car should have a power clutch. What should I look for.

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 87 Camry question About strange Clutch problem

Hello to all I have a 87 camry 2.0 5 speed and the clutch plate was worn too low (long story). So I had the whole kit i.e. clutch plate and everything else that comes in kit replaced. The car ran fine for a while (about 7 months) then one day after driving a long time the clutch would not come out of gear. After forcing it out of gear it would then would not go back into any gear. If I would force

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View Clutch pressure plate for TOYOTA CAMRY

TOYOTA CAMRY III 93 Camry stuck on 5th gear - Is this a bad Clutch or Tranny or both

Hi I was driving my 93 camry on the freeway and felt a few tugs then the gear stuck on 5th. I can no longer shift it (up or down) and smell odor coming from the clutch. The mechanic believes the clutch is gone and something may be broken as well. The car starts but shut off if I release the clutch. It also moves if I push it when the engine is off. Does this sounds like the transmission is bad What

I took a quick look at the car yesterday. The shifter in the car will not move its very hard when I tried to pull it down to neutral and seem to stuck in the 5th gear position. Im afraid to break it if I pull it too hardmany times. Ill check the shifter cables when I have more time. Since I cant even move the shifter in the car is there a manual release process I can perform to dis-engage it Any other things I should check before disconnecting the shift cables Thank You

Not sure if there are some available manual for dis-engaging.

I finally got the chance to check the shifter and the cables. I disconnected the 2 cables attached to the transmission and it shift fine in all direction. It looks like the problem is inside the transmission. Im not handy enough nor have the right gear to remove the transmission to look inside. Is there anything else I can check myself b4 bringing it to a professional Thanks again to all the help.

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 How do I adjust clutch on 98 Camry

I just had my clutch replaced on a 1998 camry and it works fine only there appears to be a lot of play from the floor to where it engages. I only need to press the pedal a quarter of the way to shift gears. If I press it all the way to the floor while driving (I assume is the normal way to operate a clutch) and then raise the pedal it slaps into gear and the car jerks. It is harder to ease it into

The clutch does not have an adjustment at the clutch release fork. Check the following items that can be adjusted. clutch pedal height. Height from the top of pedal pad (where your foot pushed) measured at the center of pad to floor with carpet removed. 4 cylinder 6.17-6.57 inch V6 6.37-6.76 inch There is stop nut under the dash that can be adjusted. Pedal free play 0.197-0.591 inches Free play is

TOYOTA CAMRY Transmission or Clutch Problem (or neither)

Car 95 camry Inline 4 manual A little while ago I had an onoff problem with putting the car in gear. I would push the clutch in but the tranny would make a horrible grinding noise when you tried to put it into 1st gear from a start and would occasionally also not go into 2nd. I noticed that if I pumped the clutch fast and repeatedly it seemed to fix the problem (at least some of the time). Anyway this

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 98 camry 5-speed squeaky clutch

My clutch squeaks. i have put grease in the fitting on the clutch and strayed wd40 around that area. It stopped for a while and started squeaking again. I know there arent a lot of stick-shift camrys but can someone give me some insight to this problem. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Squeak as in when you push on the clutch pedal WD-40 is great as a short term lube but bad for long term. It is mostly kerosene or something like this. Try LPS3 or a spray on lithium grease. Where is the noise outside or inside the bell housing.

TOYOTA CAMRY vi Clutch assembly for 2008 Camry CE

Ok how much am i lookin at here for a replacement on a 2008 camry CE clutch After i teach my fiancee how to drive a standard shift it may need a new clutch........ Thanks tim This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY vi Clutch Adjustment on 07

I have an 07 camry CE with 5 speed manual tranny I was wondering if there is a mechanical adjustment that is done at the pedal to manage free play and engagement I feel that the catch point is on the floor. I am also experiencing some sluggish and clunky shifting when the tranny is cold. I assume that I need to change the fluid as the car has a 125K miles and I have no idea if it has been changed.

engage. Gradually depress clutch and measure pedal stroke distance from time gear noise stops to floor. Note floor is without carpet. Standard distance is 0.98 inches distance measured vertically from front of pedal. If not OK and all other settings OK try bleeding hydraulic line or may have clutch issues. Suppose could also adjust stops nuts at the actual push rod arm for min clearance but toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY III need help 93 camry 3.0 5spd clutch replacement

i recently began replacing the clutch kit in my 93 camry. went smooth up until i attempted to put trans back in. i am unable to get the trans fitted properly. any advice would be wonderful. been down for 2 weeks. missin it like crazy..... This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Can you describe what is unable to fit properly What parts did you replace other then the clutch The engine is still in the car

well most common is mis-aligned input shaft. did you use any kind of alignment fixture to guide clutch plate back onto the flywheel exactly where it needs to go as if you did NOT then forget it. 2nd common is guides mis-alignments. normally trannies have 2 large pins or tubes that guide trannie into its engine housing. they have to go in perfect or bust.

well let me also say this - when you bought new clutch plate you DID try if it fits input shaft splines RIGHT as they aftermarket splines can be very tricky he-he.

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 88 manual clutch chatter

Hi Everybody This is my first post and unforunately it is about a problem Im having on my camry. I hear a chatter sound when the car is idling. The sound goes away when I depress the clutch. The cluth was replaced about 25 K miles ago as well as the throw out bearing and There is no oil leak that I know of. I replaced the tranny and the clutch flywheel surfaceand bearing lookedlike newso I reused them.

I dont think its your throwout bearing as that sees no stress until the clutch is pressed. I suspect the transmission is going bad. You could take an oil sample and send it out for analysis (Blackstone Labs) to see which metalsare above normal. That will cost about 20. I would change the trans oil for now and see if that improves it. Otherwise justdrive until it fails completely as it is an 88 with about 225K and doesnt owe you anything.

TOYOTA CAMRY Clutch Question

Has anybody tried the clutchmasters Stage 1 clutch I was just looking for my friends car and saw they make clutches and flywheels for camrys. Just curious to see how streetable it is. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY New Clutch or Adjustment

Hi - I have a 95 camry with 248000 miles. Original clutch 4 cyl 5 speed manual transmission. Lately the engine has been winding out when I shift gearsand give it too much gas. How can I tell if I need a new clutch or just an adjustment. Or is this something more involved with the transmission If I start off too fast it happens as well. I can always stop it from winding out by letting off the gas or

The clutch system itself would have limted adjustment. Make sure when the clutch pedal is released there is some play in the clutch release fork and slave cylinder push rod. This meams the clutch is fully released. If fully released the issue could be the clutch diaphram is weak worn clutch plate etc.

Its a worn clutch. If its original then 248000 miles make ALOT for a clutch.

TOYOTA CAMRY stuck clutch pedal

Hello everyone. I have a 99 v6 5-speed camry and have a big problem. I was at LAX last night picking up a friend in bumper to bumper traffic and my clutch pedal gets stuck to the floor. Luckily there was enough play in the pedal for me to drive into an area where i could park my car. I had called a tow truck but my friend tried to drive it one last time and the pedal had come back up again. I was able

I just got this exact same problem...the master cylinder is located behind the firewall (on the inside)...opposite where the fluid is inserted for the clutch. I havent actually fixed the problem but Im hoping its an inexpensive fix. I bled it today but it didnt seem to help.

I had a mechanic take a look at mine and he said the throw-out bearing was broken inside the transmission so I taking the wheels off loosening the axel nut and later today Im going to attempt to remove the axels and hopefully even the transmission. If successful Ill then attempt to change out the clutch pressure plate throw-out bearing and then I get the joy of putting it all back together again.

TOYOTA CAMRY AC clutch not pulling in Light on Steady

97 camry 4 cylinder Hi The AC just stopped working one day. The ac light is on steady. In the past any ac problem like a bad relay the light would blink. So I have checked every relay for action and continuity and all is fine. I have checked continuity of the tripple pressure switch and cooling temp switch and all is fine. I can force the clutch on with 12vdc from the batteryand cold air comes through.

Manual or automatic AC You have a schematic then Does the heater blower work Have you checked the system Freon pressure

Manual AC. Have many schematics blower works. Have checked the pressures myself and they seem ok with switch jumpered out still no clutch pull in. Am having my mechanic check the pressures himself this week. All signals coming back to the E.C.M. look ok. I can pull-in the clutch if I put a ground on the MGC pin on the E.C.M.

You checked the fuses Heater and AC. If heater blower works Heater fuse is OK. You sure there is no AC amp behind the glove box Have you tried forcing the compressor then looking through the coolant site glass on the dryer. The glass should be clear before start up then once the compressor starts bubbles will form then disappear. When the compressor is turned off bubbles will again appear and then

Yeah there is no AC Amp. card on this model even tho the schematic shows one. Just an empty slot where one would go. So I have created my own control board. Two relays. One coil from pressure switch for contact closure and the other relay on from AC onoff switch. Contacts in series from ground to Mag clutch relay.

TOYOTA CAMRY clutch pedal gets stuck down

I have a 99 camry V6 American model. It has nearly 200K miles. If I press the clutch pedal real hard it will not come up. Pumping the pedal the pedal works fine. I am wondering if its the master or the slave cylinder. I can not get fluid to bleed out the slave with the pedal pressed all the way down. When I pump the pedal the fluid comes out like it should. thanks in avance. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

thanks blacky777 I noticed when I am having problem with the clutch pedal (when it stays down) I can feel and see also the pedal drifting down further by itself. It is then stuck down and have to lift by hand. This car also is equipped with an accumulator (some people call it an air tank) in between the master and slave. I changed this last winter and until now pedal was working OK.

If the fluid doesnt go down hmmmm you must still have air in it. So either keep bleeding ( it can take alot) or your clutch or even maybe your clutch fork could be wornbroken.

not clutch plate because when I bleed the system it work perfectly for a while and then say 15 min after driving the pedal gets stuck again. I beginning to think it is the master cylinder that sucks air when the clutch is being released.

TOYOTA CAMRY clutch pedal wont release master cylinder

[alignleft] I have a 96 camry 4 cyl. When driving up and down a lot of hills my clutch pedal sticks and I cannot shift down or up. If I pull over and stop the car for a few minutes the pedal works again until I hit the hills. I have plenty of fluid. What could it be [align] This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY bearing and clutch broke

think my throwout bearing and clutch went bad. anybody ever hear about how difficult to replace on a 2010 camry This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Ask at the toyotanation site someone may have first hand experience. If you can jack up the chassis raise the engine slightly remove subframe then tilt engine slightly and take the trans out the bottom. Given the car is recent the bolts should not be rusted or froze up yet.

TOYOTA CAMRY clutch master cylinder problems

ok Iv got an 86 camry and the clutch master cylinder has gone out. Im trying to bleed the line so I can just add more fluid and run it as is until I can get it fixed but I seem to be having issues with this whats the best way to do this. Also any guesses on what it would cost to have a shop fix the blasted thing This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Well all the clutch fluid leaked out inside by the clutch pedal and when that happend the pedal no longer worked. I figuered that if I put fluid back in it would work for awhile.

the fluid will leak out as you continue doing that... I think you need the fix the clutch fluid.

There is a bleeder valve on the slave cylinder looks the same as the ones used to bleed the brakes. Find a small section of hose that can be pushed tightly on to the valve nipple. Fill the master cylinder with fluid. Have an assistant depress the clutch pedal while you open the valve and allow fluidair to bleed out. When both stop coming out close the valve and have this assistant release the clutch

TOYOTA CAMRY speedometer not working after clutch chang

after all was said and done and i hooked the wiring harness back up everything worked fine but my speedometer checked all the connections they seemed to be good what am i missingare there any diagnostic tools can be used to check itsomeone recommended the toyota Professional tool T605 .anyone know about it This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY clicking sound coming from clutch in 6th gen

does anybody else have a manual 6th gen that makes a clicking sound when shifting from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

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