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toyota camry clutch cable III

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TOYOTA CAMRY III 93 Camry stuck on 5th gear - Is this a bad Clutch or Tranny or both

Hi I was driving my 93 camry on the freeway and felt a few tugs then the gear stuck on 5th. I can no longer shift it (up or down) and smell odor coming from the clutch. The mechanic believes the clutch is gone and something may be broken as well. The car starts but shut off if I release the clutch. It also moves if I push it when the engine is off. Does this sounds like the transmission is bad What

I took a quick look at the car yesterday. The shifter in the car will not move its very hard when I tried to pull it down to neutral and seem to stuck in the 5th gear position. Im afraid to break it if I pull it too hardmany times. Ill check the shifter cables when I have more time. Since I cant even move the shifter in the car is there a manual release process I can perform to dis-engage it Any other things I should check before disconnecting the shift cables Thank You

I finally got the chance to check the shifter and the cables. I disconnected the 2 cables attached to the transmission and it shift fine in all direction. It looks like the problem is inside the transmission. Im not handy enough nor have the right gear to remove the transmission to look inside. Is there anything else I can check myself b4 bringing it to a professional Thanks again to all the help.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 98 camry help

Have I got the compendium of issues.... I am a noob to TN and have a 98 4 cylinder AT with 123k on it. I bought it at 121k and couldnt be happier with the previous owner because she kept just about every receipt for the car including purchasing papers. I am going to be moving to florida in the next 3 weeks and need to take care of my camry issues before i am 1000 miles away from any of my tools. The

on spray a little bit of water on the belt around the A.C. compressor and see if it starts getting really noisy. If it does you can bank on it needing belt work. 2. Id suggest having a comperable garrage flush AND service the transmission so the filter and 90% of the fluid is changed. its expensive but not nearly as much as replacing the transmission. 3. Be careful of what it needs. this year camry

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TOYOTA CAMRY Starter issues

I have a 1994 camry with almost 100k miles on it. My wife started the car (she mentioned it had a strange start) drove it a couple of miles then went into a store. Came back out about 10 minutes later and turned the key. Nothing happened. We keep the lights on and they were strong so there didnt seem to be a battery issue (there was no clicking from the starter nothing). She tried a couple of times

connector on each side of the starter solenoid. This will remove the solenoid from the circuit. If this engages the starter the solenoid has problems or is not getting power from the ignition circuit to engage the solenoid coil. If it is a solenoid the issue is most likely the electrical contacts (a common issue). These can be replaced typically with the starter still on the engine (these are toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY A couple of questions from a new Camry owner

I just traded on Saturday for an 01 camry. I have an amp and sub from the truck and would like to hook it up. One of thoseIf I have it why not use it type things. I am trying to make it look as professional as I can so that leads me to my questions. I wire my amp with a switch for the remote cable somewhere within reach of the driver (me of course). Just a personal preference as it allows me more control.

TOYOTA CAMRY III 93 Camry XLE V6 All gears neutral

244k miles on it. Automatic. Driven hard for several years very little maintenance needed. I was reversing today up a hill about 30 MPH. I turned around to check my speed then turned back around. Turning back around caused my arm to move causing me to turn the steering wheel and jerk the car briefly. It was at that point that everything went neutral. I got to the top of the hill by coasting and pulled

There is a cable running between the gear selector inside the car and the trans shift lever on the trans sometimes the cable breaks. With engine off have someone shift gears while you watch if the lever is moving. The lever faces the radiator. You should be able to see it and the cable from standing outside the engine compartment. How is the fluid level If the cable is OK and the lever moves with engine

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 02 Camry LE V6 problem (electrical)

Having sporadic electrical problems with our car. A couple of months ago I was driving home on the freeway and noticed that when I engaged the brakes my headlights would dim slightly. This happened for a few miles and then stopped. I had actually forgotten about it because it never happened again. A week ago my wife was driving home and all the dash lights started coming on and off. The radio stopped

You have covered the usually causes. A few thoughts. By narrowing down the common electrical circuits for the components that dont work you may be able narrow down the problem area. The starter motor receives power directly from the battery via a large cable going to the starter solenoid attached to the stater motor. The solenoid is engaged by the ign key switch that activates a starter relay supplying

TOYOTA CAMRY Where is the Starter Fuse

94 camry 2.2l Recently replaced starter after car would not start. (Tested bad at the auto parts store). Also replaced the relay. Car is still refusing to start - no clicking at the solenoid or relay etc. Battery is strong car is in park lights dimradio cuts off when the key is turned but nothing. I would like to check the starter fuse Hanes manual indicates there should be a 10A somewhere but I cannot

Look behind left side kick panel below the turn signal flasher. Might be marked ST. When the ign key is turned to start use a voltmeter to check for battery voltage at the small wire connected to the starter solenoid. If voltage OK the starter fuse and relay are working OK. If not the issue is someplace on this circuit. Keep in mind there is a parkneutral switch that prevents the starter relay from

TOYOTA CAMRY III Electrical Issue - 91 Camry

First Id like to say thank you in advance. I have a 91 toyota camry that Ive been trying to hold onto for as long as possible because I love it. I was out today and while driving noticed that my turn signals had stopped working. After I parked the car and turned it off I was unable to start it back up. Here are the symptoms. - Door Ajar dash light lights up. - Automatic seat belts do not respond as

If the items you state work the connection at the battery should be OK. You state engine main relay works how about brake and dome lights 4 or 6 cylinder engine Battery power for the chassis goes to a fuse box to split into 3 fused circuits (30 amp AM1 80A ALT 40A MAIN). These circuits exclude power for the starter motor itself which goes directly to the starter solenoid relay power contact by a large

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 Camry 2003 XLE - Passenger Seat Stuck

Passengersside power seat camry 2003 xle 4 cylinder. Moved all way forward and now is not moving back. However the seat back adjustments are moving fine. The Seat vertical movement is fine too. Weve looked under the seat for any stuck coinsobjects in the tracks but no luck. Any clue would be appreciated. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

The seat has one motor for every seat function such as seat slide back and forth seat up and down etc. The seat control switch and motors are all powered by the same electrical power source. If one motor is working OK power is getting to the switch box that controls all the seat motors. The control box has the switches you control the seat with one switch per motor. The motors have two power wires

TOYOTA CAMRY Electrical issue

I know kinda off but... Ive been lookin at a 93ish toyota celica with the same 5sfe engine as my camry only its goin to a 5spd tranny not the 4spd auto i have now. Its sittin at a junk yard with little damage and a good engine and tranny 115k on it. The reason its there is an electrical issue keeps it from turning over. Is this a common issue with the celica There are no specifics on teh electrical

Not up on Celica but. I would make sure the engine is not seized up. If you wonder about this take some tools and attempt to rotate the crank by hand with a socket and breaker bar. If OK use jumper cables to connect the neg battery terminal to the engine block and pos terminal to the large electrical terminal coming out of the stater motor. This will bypass all the starter circuits. Of course make

TOYOTA CAMRY manual tranny fluid weight

Hi A friend & I are going to change the clutch and flywheel on my 95 camry on Monday. What type of fluid & how much does it take Any tipstricks I have looked over this write up..... clutch Replacement Write-Up - toyota Nation Forum toyota Car and Truck Forums Chris This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

thanks the writeup was good however we didnt really follow it closely. The friend who was helping me has done clutch replacements before on other fwd vehicles. He was pretty much the lead on it and I was assisting him. While I removed both axleshafts he removed the starter shifter cables & removed the tranny to engine bolts. We then put in a jack underneath the engine to support it. We used another

TOYOTA CAMRY Shifting problems

I have a 1996 camry that has problems staying in gear. The first time I noticed a problem was when I started her up one morning and shifted her into reverse. I didnt feel her shift into gear. When I gave her gas she began to move but only after giving her additional gas. There were no clucking sounds. This would go on for awhile then shed start working normal again. This continued on and off for a

If an automatic most likely you have internal problem such as the torque convertor one way clutch a clutch pack brake etc. You can try changing all of the fluid and making sure the trans fluid intake screen is clean. Make sure the shift cable and lever is not moving on the trans. If all OK then an internal issue.

Dont know. It could be the manual shift valve inside the trans is dirty or has a problem. This selects the initial gear. Or the torque convertor overdrive clutch not much you can do here without replacement. You can try changing all the fluid make sure the intake screen is clean and fluid level is correct. Make sure the shift cable is working OK it can break and that the shift lever is moving. The

TOYOTA CAMRY A140 transmission repair

Read through first and make sure you are comfortable with attempting this repair or diagnosis. Prior transmission work would be a good idea. Before starting be sure you have a clean area to perform this repair. KEEP EVERYTHING IN ORDER AND KEEP THE GRABBY ASSISTANT OR NEIGHBORS HANDS OFF OR SOMETHING WILL GET SCREWED UP It may be possible to perform this without draining all the fluid since you really

Well dont take any of this as good yet. I got it all back together and the trans in the car and it moves but must give quite a bit of throttle. Im sure just the 20 feet I got it to move did quite a bit of damage to the new clutches. I did not set the shift cable that runs off the throttle per the procedure so thats going to be the next thing to try first. Tried pushing back into garage but it feels

TOYOTA CAMRY Trans problem

I have a 96 camry (4cyl) The car did not move when put in Drive and in reverse. I check the oil it was kind of brownish It makes a weird noise to near the starter bellhousing This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Determine if the shift arm on the side of the trans is moving in sync with the shift selection console the cable can break. If OK a few causes could be a bad torque converter clutch or plugged oil intake screen. The pan can be removed to check the screen. Also completely change the fluid (about 6 quarts). Do about 4 drain and refills with a few miles in between to get most of the old oil out about 23rds is always in the converter.

TOYOTA CAMRY Scapinggrowling sound

I have a 1995 camry (4 door sedan automatic). Last week I went into a ditch. The front part of the car hit the ground. I had a cracked windshield washer tank and I went in to have that replaced. Nothing else was wrong that I could see besides cosmetic stuff. I told the mechanics to check over the car for anything else because I notice that when I am going up a hill or after accelerating from a complete

This sounds a lot like what my car is going through right now (the grinding sound). I went to visit my cousin today (an hour away from me) car was fine when I got there. On the way home I ended up running on some very badly paved road like hitting 4 inch potholes going at at about 65Kmh (40Milesh). The three bumps were pretty hard like shocks bottoming out but not overly concerning bad. I did hit my

TOYOTA CAMRY heater problem

hi all i need help on a problem i am having with my toyota camry 2002. when i am driving i notice i can feel air coming out of the ventilation windows. the ac is off and the heater indicator show that it is off as well but for some reason hot air comes out. if i set the indicator to change from cold to hot or hot to cold air still comes up. if it is in cold cold air comes out and if set in hot then

It appears you have a manual control system. The redblue is supposed to openclose the heater control valve. This valve controls coolant moving through the heater core. Unless the is moved fully in the blue direction the valve will be open to some degree. The valve is located in the engine compartment drivers side. You should see a couple of 1 inch diameter - hoses going into the firewall. One has

TOYOTA CAMRY Wanted to introduce myself check out my car

Ive been showing since 2000 and the car has gone through many changes.. this is the closest i can find to rescent. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

HIS MODIFICATION LIST....GOT IT FROM HIS CARDOMAIN httpwww.cardomain.comride5776714 Exterior -Carbon Fiber hood VIS -carbon fiber trunk VIS -carbon fiber TRD emblems sides and rear -carbon fiber TRD liscence plate frame -carbon fiber diffuser -prototyped front bumper by VIS -prototyped extreme rear -veilside style side skirts -clear corners -clear w red tail light -custom black housing headlights -tinted

TOYOTA YARIS DIY Cruise Control FAQ (2006-2010 Yaris)

There are many threads regarding DIY cruise control. The purpose of this one is to centralize all of the information. By DIY Cruise Control I am referring to using the functionality built into the US and Canadian Yaris ECM as opposed to installing a 3rd party cruise control system. All US and Canadian Yaris (2006) have this capability built into the ECM. Thus far we have found that European and Australian

TOYOTA TACOMA Is my transmission going out

My 01 automatic transmission has been acting a bit different lately such as not shifting until higher rpms when cold. I checked the fluid today and its brown with a strange smell. Not exactly a burnt smell but smells exactly like crayons. Thats the only thing I could think of to compare it too. The tranny was serviced around 115k miles which i believe was a flush or drain and refill. It was unspecific

This is just to throw it out there as I realize not many want to tackle it.....but Ive bought and flipped a lot of older camrys and Corrolas with transmissions that Im sure have never been serviced. I take off the gear selector cable and drop the valve body. Pull it apart and clean clean clean the passages and pistons. Im not sure if the Taco. has any ball switches but I doubt it. Most of the time

later I drove a Ford Taurus for a few years and hated the steering wheel lock when it would activate (that one IIRC would only lock when turning the wheel when off. Suddenly you couldnt turn it any more.) Just a couple days ago I had to move my car slightly in the parking garage. I just push the clutch roll it forward (can steer) and then put it in gearset the brake. Finally if your car pulls a toyota

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