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TOYOTA CAMRY Car wont start have lights on dash board.. clicking sound...

Okay I have a 98 camry when I go to turn the car on I do have lights on the car but it sounds like there is no energy flowing in the car. The starter will make a few loud clicking noises like the gears are trying to get moving. Is this a battery problem or a starter problem I put in a new starter about 9 months ago and was told 2 months ago that my battery will need to be changed soon. Any ideas thanks.

One might assume it is the battery but never know. Replacement starters can go bad quickly. If you have a voltmeter check battery voltage. Should be around 12.8 for a full charge. If around 12.2-12.4 (or less) the battery is dead. Try jumping the battery or if you have a battery charger use this to charge the battery. If the engine starts let the battery charge up for say 5 minutes at 1500 rpm -. Then

you can use a diagnostic tool for your car likes toyota it2 has some tool like this...

Replaced the starter and battery but the car wont start everything else works. and now its not even making a clicking noise. What could be the problem HELP

Quote Originally Posted by NCcamry98 Okay I have a 98 camry when I go to turn the car on I do have lights on the car but it sounds like there is no energy flowing in the car. The starter will make a few loud clicking noises like the gears are trying to get moving. Is this a battery problem or a starter problem I put in a new starter about 9 months ago and was told 2 months ago that my battery will need to be changed soon. Any ideas thanks. try use a toyota it2 diagnostic tool for your car.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 94 Camry Clicking Inside Center Console

When I have the car in park with the lights on I am hearing an aperiodic clicking sound kind of like a relay from the center console. Putting the car in drive or putting on the brake or turning off the lights or even pressing the shift lock button the clicking stops. Also while the clicking is going on the brake lights flicker without he pedal pressed. When the clicking stops the brake lights are fine.

Confirm the brake lights are the ones flickering. If the brake is off the brake light switch should be open. This is the only onoff switch in the brake light wiring. Make sure the switch is working correctly. There is a brake and tail light bulb out indicator on the instrument console. The sensor is located in the trunk drivers side in front of the filler area. It has happened the sensor fails and

Thanks I will check those out.

TOYOTA CAMRY clicking after car starts

Hello everyone. First time reader and poster here. You all seem like a very knowledgeable group though I have a preowned 2001 4 cylinder camry LE that I have had for about 4 months now. On rare occassion after I start the car the clock will blink (switch between bright and dim) and I will hear a clicking sound similar to the sound a turn signal would make (the sounds are not the same however). The

Is the clock making the clicking noise or from another area

The clicking did not appear to be coming from the clock. Its origin seemed just like that of when the turn signal is clicking.

The clock has three sources of electrical power. I assume the clock display brightness is controlled by the panel circuit power source. This circuit connects to the brake light relay and then to the ign switch. Looks like this relay is the only source of possible noise with an effect on clock brightness. Have you noticed any correlation between using the brakes and clock brightness Might be a loose

TOYOTA CAMRY Clicking if key is removed

We have a 2002 camry and if you take the key out of the ignition there is a clicking that comes from the fusebox under the hood. If you leave the key in the ignition it doesnt click. The clicking drains the battery. Also if you take the key out but leave the drivers door open it wont click. Does anyone have a clue about what might be going on This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

If you can open the fuse box and determine which component is clicking. They should be labeled. Then post back. Make sure the ign key switch is turning off. With key out check all electrical items that are normally off when the ign key is removed.

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 89 Camry Clicking Noise When Turning (fwd - V6)

For awhile now Ive been hearing a clickingclanking noise coming from the front end when I do a hard turn to the right. This happens usally when Im parked and have to turn my steering wheel all the way to the right when backing out or pulling foward. My mechanic says that my CV boots dont look cracked or anything but they are not too sure if its the Axels or not yet. I did a google search last weekend

Yes clicking can be a sign of worn joints and the boot can still be OK. Try making left and right hand turns at slow speeds and listen for clicking. Typically the bad joint is on the opposite side of the direction of turn.

It could be the axle or CV joint. The boots can be fine but that doesnt mean the internals are.

TOYOTA CAMRY Clicking noise - right front

I have a 2001 2.2 camry that makes a clicking sound on the passenger side in the front. It sounds like it could be a loose suspension componant but I think it goes away somewhat after the car gets warm (or I just dont notice it). Any ideas would help. Thanks Chet [alignright] [align] This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Is this a constant clicking noise even when the car is not moving Use a section of rubber hose as a stethoscope and attempt to localize the area. Places to check are the AC compressor pulley alternator PS pump belts timing and valve cover areas.

I would venture to guess that the noise is caused by a worn CV joint in your front axle. If you have a significant number of miles on the car it could be worn out and need replacement. Replace both axles at the same time. Another cause of CV (Constant Velocity) joint failure is a broken rubber boot that covers the joint. If the boot is crackedsplittorn it will let debris in and lubricant out causing

TOYOTA CAMRY Rear clicking noise when driving

When driving my o5 camry i can hear a slight clicking noise on the left rear tire. well that have anything to do with my brake or bearing plus i never changed a drum brakes before how do u do it. if any one has a post plz upload it for me ty. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

see if this vid would help you... wonderhowto.comhow-to-replace-drum-brakes-with-disc-brakes-79-f150-246009

even i am having the same problem but the link you posted is not opening can you post another one...

Are the rear brakes drum or disk

really omg its the end of the world. sorry I couldnt hold myself. you have rock stuck between treads. clickity-cluck every time it hits the road.

TOYOTA CAMRY clicking sound coming from clutch in 6th gen

does anybody else have a manual 6th gen that makes a clicking sound when shifting from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY Clicking noise ...CV joint

Hey guys i have a 1990 camry and am having a noise issue. the car is a i6 auto fwd 150000miles. the noise comes when i am turning and acealerating. if i just ride a turn with no gas the noise dosent happen. it also doesnt happen while moving foward without turning. i have read similar problems and people say it could be a CV joint. any ideas if it is and if so can i fix it or should i go somewhere...

And inspect the Axle that is in question. More specificially look at the CV joints. Inspect for cracks in the boot and wiggle to feel for slop. Since you have two axles its most likely that only one possibly bad so wiggle the good one for reference and then go to the bad on. If it is the CV joint you can rebuild the joint HOWEVER I suggest replacing the entire axle. I dont know the prices on camry

A clicking noise when turning is typical of a bad CV joint. If a joint the noise will get louder over time. When turning corners which side does the noise come from The opposite side is the bad joint. Thus if noise from the left side the bad joint would be on the right. As Danomatic states inspect the joints. If a boot is split or torn chances are the joint is damaged from dirt and loose of grease. One place to check for parts is .

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 98 camry no-start

Hey folks first time poster here I drive a 4 cylinder 1998 camry. Recently its been a little flaky on start. Last week I could not start the car had power to everything starter was clicking but the engine would not start after a quick google search and a word with a toyota tech I found out it was the neutral safety switch which was causing the no-start. Threw the car in neutral and it seemed to start

TOYOTA CAMRY car wont start

car 1994 toyota camry I4 AT 15xxxx[align][align]i was on vacation for 2 weeks and the camry was sitting in the garage the whole time. when i came back to move the camry out of the garage it started up fine. this was on saturday. now monday comes and the cars been sitting on the driveway since saturday i get in the car and turn the key and nothing happens. the lights in the gauge cluster turn on and

TOYOTA CAMRY III IgnitionElectrical issue 92 Camry

First off let me say hello I am Martin new to these forums. I hide over on Comming here to find help with my nieces car I am working on. Monday she went out to go to work and when turned the key nothing happened no dash lights no clock no radio and no starter. So after researching on this and other sights Ive replace the ignition switch and cylinder lock. Still no go am stumped as what

TOYOTA CAMRY vi Sun Visor Problem 2007 Camry

I dont see a thread on this forum about a problem that seems to be affecting a lot of owners - interior sun visors breaking at the hinge and falling down on camrys. There is a thread on another forum that has some of the detail 2007 camry Sun Visor Problem [Archive] - toyota Nation Forum toyota Car and Truck Forums I have the exact same thing - both of my sun visors have broken at the hinge point

TOYOTA CAMRY Installing new stereo head unit now car wont start

I was installing a new sony headunit in my car when i plugged the battery back in to see if it would work it didnt the head unit turned on but no sound from the speakers then i noticed a constant clicking sounds maybe around 60bmp along with the clicking the clock was going on and off along with the parkdrivereverse and what not lights i have no idea how installing a new stereo in my car could make

TOYOTA CAMRY Bad Wheel Bearing

87 toyota camry 206k miles. There is a humming sound coming from my front end. It makes sound when Im going straight or turning left but not when turning right. I jacked it up and there is no apparent play in the wheels. There is a little more spinning resistance on the right wheel than the left but not much both wheels spin pretty freely. The tires look good. I had a bad left cv joint that was clicking.

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 01 camry ac issues

first off id like to say that im a new guy to ur fourm and id like to say its very nice. i have been looking for a camry fourm for a long long time now. id also like to say that the 2001 camry XLE V6 i will be working on and troubleshooting is not mine its my mothers. i personally own a 2010 toyota Yaris (hence my name) and call my home over the years of owing this toyota not alot of

TOYOTA CAMRY 2GR-FEV6 LSC 90K (recall) oil line fails-Dealer wont cover damages - WARNING

A new and important development has occurred that is very troubling and may ultimately affect many or almost all of the 1.6 million vehicles affected by the LSC 90K (recall) which replaces a defective rubber oil line hose with a replacement hose that was supposed to be stronger. Despite the fact that the campaign documents essentially extend the warranty to March 2013 Arlington toyota of Palatine Illinois

Quote Originally Posted by toyomoho Perhaps the individual with the 2006 RAV 4 should hire an attorney given the cost of a new engine will be into the thousands. But first stop payment on whatever check or credit card payment was made for the repairs. The dealer should have inspected the engine for damage prior to doing the repair work not just fix the leak Address this problem to the Director of toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY VII XV50 Toyota Camry 2012- Paint Codes and Media Archive

1983-1986 1987-1991 1992-1996 1997-2001 2002-2006 2007-2011 2012- Here is the color and spec chart for the US-Spec camry from 2012-. If you see an error please post it here and I will correct the page and graphic ASAP. You can upload a photo of your car to the site by clicking on the above graphic then clicking on the appropriate camera icon next to your color. I will make updates on the chart

TOYOTA CAMRY will the wheel fall off

Hi - first post mainly to confirm for a neighbor lady the safety of her car. Its a late 90s camry auto trans with about 90Kmi on it. Im handy on cars and MCs but have no direct experience with camrys. This woman took her car for an oil change. They found the axle boot by the wheel on the drivers side was torn and told her it needed to be fixed right away and was a dangerous problem. I drove the car.

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2001 Camry Stuck in Park after installing a new battery

I went out to start my 2001 toyota camry after it had sat parked for about 2 days. When I turned the key absolutely nothing happened. No lights no clicking no sounds at all. I tried jump starting the car and this also produced no results. I took the battery back to Wal Mart and got a brand new battery since the old one was still under warranty. I installed it and the car immediately turned over with

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1993 camry wont hot start in winter

Hi everyone My wife has a 1993 toyota camry le 4 cylinder. It started having difficulty with hot starts in cold weather about one year ago. The car will start fine when the engine is cold even in freezing weather. However if the car is started and driven only a short distance in cold weather and then turned off it wont start again. Letting the car sit for 5-10 minutes will typically resolve the problem.

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1992 camry . idling problems

i have a 1992 toyota camry with 132000 miles on it. when the ac or heat is on any setting - then the idle jumps up and down from 800 rpms to 200 rmps. and the same time i hear a clicking under the hoodand the radiators fans turning on and off. any suggestions on this great site thankyou larry This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 01 Camry suspension knockrattles.

Alright Im the most frequent driver of an 01 camry that just kicked over 95k and Ive recently noticed a few odd noises that I cant pinpoint. I figured it would be best to check here before I start throwing parts at it. Some are consistent some arent. 1) In the consistent category theres a knockingrattling noise that comes from the front passenger-side corner when the suspension travels downward but

can be louder when the car has sat overnight (car moving or not moving). The upper strut mount rubber material can start to degrade resulting in a knocking noise when going over bumps or pot holes. The sway bar bushings can make a rattling knocking sound when going over bumps. The lower steering column bearingbushing can fail resulting in a popping noise and feel when turning the steering wheel. toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY 99 Camry Gas Cap

I need a gas cap for my sisters 99 toyota camry LE. It keeps loosing vacumm and causes problems with inspection also it doesnt make that clicking sound anymore. I found a place that sells them but dont know vented or unvented How do i tell httpwww.jcwhitney.comstant-oe-re...dd2168y1999j1 This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY Having ignitionstarting problems

Hey my 97 toyota camry wont start. The battery wont keep a charge yet I got it tested and it is still good for a few more months. The engine has no clicking sound its not even turning over. The car does have fuel in it. We are thinking that it is the coil alternator dispenser or even just dirty wire connectors what is your opinion Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY Motor Mount Repair

Car 95 toyota camry LE 2.2L v4 I was hearing a fairly loud Click sound when I put my car into reverse when I was in a steep inclinedecline and put it into reverse sometimes when I put it into drive. Also I hear soft click when I stop for about a minute then accelerate. I took it to a mechanic he said motor mounts (front hydraulic and rear auto) are broken. It was obvious that they were when he pushed

TOYOTA CAMRY Grinding Noise on Cold Start

I have a 4 cylinder 2002 camry. I just had the front left caliper front brakes and brake pads replaced with toyota brand parts. My car now makes a grinding creaky noise when I turn left and only with a cold start. After it has driven awhile and warmed up it quits. Its does it on regular lefts and hard lefts mostly at speeds under 20mph while leaving the parking lot turning curve etc. Two different

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