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TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Camry LE - Battery Dead DIY or Dealer

I think I have a dead battery. About two weeks ago when I tried to start it up it makes a loud and fast clicking noise. Also when I used the car remote to unlock the door the honk was very weak compared to its usual volume. Today the car remote wont unlock the doors. The blinking light that usually indicates the car is locked is not lit. Is it as simple as replacing the battery myself I really dont

Depends. Is this a toyota installed alarm or aftermarket Remotes can typically be programmed to allow certain alarm functions. The issue is if the battery is completely dead. When removing power to the car as in changing batteries folks can encounter a few problems. These being when power is restored cars with an ignition immobilizers it may not start because the theft protection system was attivated

TOYOTA CAMRY vi Auto headlights draining battery 2010 Camry

I am hoping someone here can help me with this problem on my 2010 camry LE. My headlights are randomly turning on when the headlight switch is in the Auto position well after the car has been turned off and locked for the night. This has been happening in the middle of the night and I have woken up to a dead battery a few times in the past couple weeks. I figured this out because my neighbor called

Its not unheard for something like this to happen. Some years ago there was another issue on camry with headlights coming on toyota started replacing the module that controlled the lights. toyota also had an issue where the remote door lock computer was draining the battery overnight the fix was a replacement computer. Are you closing all the doors trunk etc. Leaving the switch on all the time not

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 Battery drained and jumped. When will I need a new battery

I accidentally left my camry on [engine off] overnight and in the morning found that the battery was completely drained. I jumped the car and now the battery seems to be working fine. Since the battery was completely drained Im worried that this battery wont be reliable anymore. Is a jumped battery as reliable as it was before it was drained Will I need to replace this battery soon Or can I expect

dont replace the battery you will just need to recharge it. when you are using the battery its internal structure is changing and this makes it non cunductable but a recharge will revert it back to its normal state. you can expect a full lifetime for your battery.

TOYOTA CAMRY Radio draining battery

Hey folks I tried searching for this answer but nothing really came up. So my daughters 98 camry LE battery kept draining overnight. I read over different threads and determined it was the isloated to the DOME fuse...which I know means interior lights radio etc. So after trying all kinds of crazy fixes I figured out that the battery will drain if the radio is not turned off when the car is stopped.

Thanks Toyomoho...but I didnt fiddle with the wiring and Im pretty sure the radio is original (and not an aftermarket install). The problem also surfaced fairly recently (within the past year from what the original owner stated). I know that an aftermarket sunroof was installed but as I mentioned before the car drove for 8 years without issue (or original ownerwas totally clueless about the frequent

TOYOTA CAMRY Master List of LEDs Bulb Sizes & DIYTutorials for InteriorExterior Lights

FOR RESPECT TO OTHERS PLEASE KEEP THIS ON TOPIC. THIS KEEPS IT LESS CLUTTERED WARNING - Depending on the price and quality of LEDs changing to LEDs can be pricey but you will consume less battery and will never have to worry about replacing (unless the LED was defectivefaulty to begin with). It can cost you anywhere between 50-200 (guess-timate. It all depends on how many youre changing and qualitybrightness

TOYOTA CAMRY changed batter on camry now car is running rough

Hey Guys Anyone experience changing their battery and then the car was idleing and running rough toyota says theres a carbon build up in the throttle body coupled with the loss of memory in cpu because of the changing of the battery. That is what their saying is why the car is running rough. The cars throttle body cant find its original position for idle..... He also said it might just fix itself if

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1996 Camry XLE 4cl after starter replacement sputtering start

hi folks I just replaced my starter on my 1996 camry as I heard the famous clicking sound. Turns out it was the battery (doh) so I bought a new one of those. However where as before the problem occurred the car started right up now the car turns over (very quickly with the new starter and battery) but sputters and dies then I start it again and basically have to let it sit once started for about 5

TOYOTA CAMRY Alarm system goes off on its own

I have an 02 camry and have had an intermitent problem with the alarm going off. This has been happening for about 3 years but infrequently enough that I had not bothered to try and resolve it until now. This problem has never occured at home in my driveway and most recently the last four times the alarm has gone off were -Weeklypickup at my daughters soccer practice. Exact same time exact same location

The odds of someone else having a remote that operates your car is slim. Determine if the alarm was dealer installed or aftermarket. If toyota installed there may be a light on the left side of the steering wheel below the change holder. The dealer installed systems should have a sensitivity adjustment that can be set to prevent false alarms. The system can also be turned off. I do not have the info

TOYOTA CAMRY valet nightmare

Hello all. I just bought a 1998 4 cylinder camry from a friend. Replaced the battery. No spark but gas flows. I assumed valet switch issue no keyfob for this car exists to his or my knowledge. He said his wife had this issue with the valet switch so it was removed or bypassed. I was upside down in the drivers seat with various panels removed (not easy at my size) and I did not see any valet switch.

Did the engine every run in your presence before the battery change Any blinking red lights on the dash Does the car have a toyota or aftermarket alarm In your hunt for the switch did you see anything under the dash that appeared an aftermarket box or a box stating toyota RS3200 or something to this affect. Also look behind passenger side kick panel. In your hunt did you find any box under the dash

TOYOTA CAMRY IV Oxygen Sensor testing 95 camry

The toyota service manual says to test the B and HT terminals for resistance in the oxygen sensors. I got the connector apart and there are four posts on the sensor side. No markings inside or outside to which is B or HT. Can anyone help me figure which posts to use The manual says this test has to be done within 90 seconds of the key going to LOCK and the negative battery cable disconnected. I can

Yes its a V6. It has 3 oxygen sensors and only one is conveniently located. The 90 seconds for the air bag is what I was taught in a Steering and Suspension class. In toyota manuals it seems like they tell you to disconnect the negative battery cable no matter what you do with exception of changing a tire. The tool is a multi-meter. Ive read that the cheap multi-meters wont give an accurate reading.

TOYOTA CAMRY Headlight intensity

hi im new here first post i have a small problem with my headlights ... i dont kno why but sometimes my light is quite blue and other time its rather white ... i have MTEC 4700k and they should be like baby blue and when they are bluer they light the road much better than white what could be causing this i kno its a cheap bulb but i like the color and the light output it gives me when they light up

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 94 camry v6 3.0 1mz-fe no mil light no startstall no spark

starts then dies with no mil. when the car has been sitting cold the mil light will come back on when with key on engine off self test and then the engine starts spark ect. starts then dies Restarting with the Key on engine off and there is no mil indicator light self check. Starter cranks no start. no spark. No obd2 codes. What sensor if any controlled by the ecm would short the mil light This ad

two connection points at ECM. These two connections power up the computer when the ign key is turned on. Check for power at the blackorange wires (also power coils and injectors) when ign on. The ECM is behind the glove box check for power at the blackorange wire inputs again there are two connections to the ECM. The whiteblue wire stated above would have 12V. There is no way to test the igniter toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 94 Camry V6 Alarm Issue

Hi I recently bought 94 camry V6 XLE which has an alarm installed. I dont know if its factory fitted There is a small onoff siwtch near the parking brake and hood latch. The person I bought did not told me how to off the alarm if it goes on. Once I mistakenly switched off this switch and later turned it on and after some time when I entered the car alarm went on car would not start. After 20 minutes

TOYOTA CAMRY IV is it possible to bypass my immobilizer on my 98 camry

I recently bought a 98 camary 4cylinder and was changing the oil spark plugs and battery and i think i set off an immobilizer system and the car wont start is there any way to bypass the system so i can drive to work I have a really important job im a Marine please and thank you. confu sed PFC Mario Pagan United States Marine Corps This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY Fuse Blown & cant get out of Park

All the dash functions are down and the transmission wont shift out of park. The engine starts and the dome light works. I did a fairly good job of looking for obvious blown fuses without finding one. Any suggestion This occurred during a repair. While changing the timing belt I accidentally touched the negative battery cable against its post while the alternator battery cable was grounded against

TOYOTA CAMRY IV Question about a 98 camry

I have a 1998 toyota camry LE 4 Cylinder. and at night when i turn on the headlights and the heat the lights dim down also does it if i roll the window up or down but if i dont run the heatdefrosters or mess with the windows its fine.When they dim the dash lights dim down as well then once i push the gas they brighten up I let off and it dims down same with the heat. The heat dims down sometimes just

Typically it is either the battery or alternator. Could also be the battery cables or wiring between the alternator and battery. What RPM does the engine idle at should be around 800 RPM. Surprised there is no improvement after the battery replacement as a dead cell would cause this type of problems plus starting issues. Does the car have a high output stereo The alternator puts out less current at

TOYOTA CAMRY Loss of Poweraccelerator while driving

camry 1999 LE 4-cylinder Well I decided to start a new thread and to give you a breakdown of thats happening my car was dying due to busting my spark plug wire so i replaced the plugs and wires and ignition coils car ran fine for about 2 days then another problem arised where the car would shut off whenever at any time while driving or not from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The other day I came home from

EDIT I May know the issue after speaking with a long time no see buddy who does motor swaps for a living and electrical diagnostics specially for toyota vehicles he provided me with some information that may possibly fix my issue. He asked Is the negative terminal loose YES IT IS - His response I bet you anything that because thats loose your putting too much pressure on the ground wires that you currently

TOYOTA CAMRY Stalling problems

I have 98 camry and it would stall while driving then once I turned off the car it would start fine. One day i would not restart and I had it towed. They saw the Spark plugs arching and replaced all 4 two of the spark plugs were basically dead. I got the car back from the garage drove less than a mile and it stalled. They towed me to the garage and the next day it started fine and they test drove it

never heard of spark plugs arcing but what do I know. heard - and SEEN spark plug wires arcing but on 98 you most likely dont have them right CEL is emissions light. I am not aware of it scoping any major enginetrannie issues and failures. Manufacturers originally used the OBD system to help technicians pinpoint and troubleshoot malfunctions. But the systems now are required under federal laws governing

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 96 Camry Ignition Locked (Wont Crank)

I have a 96 toyota camry that broke a right front axle. While awaiting a tow truck the Horn and locks triggered (I assume an alarm system isssue) I have now replaced the axle and the car will not start. I have checked all the fuses and have sufficient battery charge. Any ideas what to look for next This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

This is good as the radio may have had its own security system that would also have been set. If you look on the internet you should be able to find the RS3000 manual see link below httpwww.parksoffroad.comtacomamo...alarminfo.htm If the light is blinking the system is armed. This is a common issue disconnecting the battery and having the security system engage. Most people dont learn of the problem until changing their old battery for a new one.

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 02 Camry p0300 code

Hi guys Im having problems with my 02 camry. My check engine light and fuel light both came on at the same time. I had about 18 of a tank of fuel left which is more than normal when the fuel light comes on. I refueled and the fuel light went off but the check engine light is still on. The code reads p0300 which is multiple random misfires. I checked with the dealer and was told that there are multiple

Beside the low idle does the engine now operate OK when given the gas Check engine light is off Check engine system needs time to complete its tests which are run typically twice over a preset number of driving conditions. If you didnt fix the problem the check light may return after the test are completed. Did you disconnect the battery if so this can result in the computer needed to relearn the correct

TOYOTA CAMRY No check engine light

Hi guys (Solved please scroll to comment 4 to skip this problem and solution keep reading if you want to learn things. ) I did a quick search and nothing close enough came up. So my gf has a 98 camry CSI 5SFE four pot. It underwent an inspection and had a number of things repaired in this instance the alternator was replaced due to the battery light coming on when the engine warmed. Replacing that

Grrr It has me stumped I tested the two possible theories left aside from a faulty regulator (on a new alt)... 1- changing the battery and alternator meant possibly loose connections or 2- Bad fuses on the AM2 and ALT-S line. Cleaned all the terminals tightened them until I could near snap the socket drive and started the engine. While cold the light is out. Unplug the sensor and the alternator stops

TOYOTA CAMRY Help With Subspeaker Set up

First i will like to thank yall in advance for the help. any way i have 2 2ohm kicker 12s cvrs and a capacitor i have stock speakers. i wanted to get new speaker alot of places recommended the yellow pioneers and to amp the inside. i am looking for agood bass setup. and i will also need another amp to power those speakerplus my light are always dimmin i want to change the battery but what kind should

even with a cap the light will still dim just not as bad but you can added another battery upgrade to a high out put alt changing the battery might help the dimming but not as much. and dont change the wires copper allows more flow of currents. but if your running long powerground then i would go with awg gauge since you already have 4. also you can do the Big 3 (alternator positive to battery positive battery negative to chassis engine ground to chassis).

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 97 Camry headlights come on when it rains

Im having a really weird issue with my 97 camry and was hoping you can point me in the right direction. I rear ended someone and smashed the front grill and passenger side headlight assembly so I replaced it and all seemed well. But now when it rains really hard or snows both headlights mysteriously come on by themselves when the car is not running. I dont have automated headlights and when I start

It is normal for the lights to work with ign switch on or off. Might be a sticking headlight relay. Make sure water is not getting into the relay box or wiring. Might also be a temperature related problem to cold. Try changing the relay. If the problem happens before this tap the relay with something in an attempt to break the electrical contact. If you are concerned about the lights coming on and running the battery down remove the relay when not driving the car.

TOYOTA CAMRY Preventive maintenance

Finally found a 96 2.2 engine to put in the daughters car at a reasonable price. One I pulled out is toast. Block is boreable and head is fine but bottom end is trash. Replacement engine has 94K on it and I plan to pull the pan and replace the rear seal as well as timing belt before installing it. Anything else it would be smart to look at or replace before install This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

All good ideas. The radiator is new as well as the battery and hoses (previous owner) so that wont be an issue. Both half shafts have bad outer boots and Ill take care of that with new outer cvs. Didnt think about the freeze plugs in the rear of the block but its cheap future insurance. Already planned on tranny front seal and changing the trans and diff fluid. Book says Dextron 11 (111) so I assume Dextron 111 will be fine. Waiting for the engine now.

TOYOTA CAMRY radio shows HELP in display

I changed the battery and apperently this caused the alarm in the radio to arm-I tried the alotted ten times and did not guess the correct code. The owners manual say to contact a dealer. Does anyone have a better idea This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Typically only the dealer can reset the code. Some dealers do this for free other charge up to 80. Typically the code is set by the owner meaning someone must have set a code into the radio. In the future make sure the code is not set you have the code or use a jumper on the battery cables when changing the battey to enable the radio to always have power. Something that is often done.

TOYOTA PRIUS Weight reduction

I got an 07 Prius a couple weeks ago and of all the info Ive come across on the net (along with ideas of my own) I reduced the as-delivered weight of the car by 40 lbs. by taking out the rear plastic bin that is above the spare the carpeted deck that lives on top of that a small plastic box lid to the left of this deck a couple of tools that arent needed the owners manual the rear cargo net all of

Mobil is concerned with selling their oil. Think of what claims must be said to convince owners to change to Mobil Oil and then think of what PROOF they provide that this is true for your Prius. Rather than changing viscosity go to a synthetic 5W-30 oil until you find that Proof above. (Synthetic oils are what is used in aircraft engines to withstand the intense temperatures.) Additionally my 99 camry

KIA SORENTO I JC Increased performance and milage

I recently purchased a used 2006 Kia Sorento after my kids were kind enough to crash my Dodge Dakota. I live very close to the ocean in Rhode Island and demand 4 wheel drive for drivingfishing the beaches. I am very pleased with my Sorento but still miss the damn truck. The gas milage on my Kia has been terrible. Okay its little with a big engine but 16 MPG is terrible. Driving on the beach is REALLY

to take a while for the adaptive transmission to figure out where all the extra power came from. If you are impressed go to autozone et al and get a cone filter. It sits in the box quite nicely. DO NOT PUT THE TOP BACK ON. Put it and the old air filter away until you sell the car. In the past I have done this on the Chrysler 318 4.7 leter the 2.4 turbo a ford 5.0 Chevy small and large block toyota

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 450h a tale of two sport sedans

Lexus takes the GS sedan in two very different directions with the 350 F-Sport and the 450h hybrid models. We take a first drive in both of them. Every year at the Western Auto Journalists annual Media Days at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca theres at least one large sedan that surprises me with its on-track poise. Last year that car was the Acura TL SH-AWD but this year it was the 2013 Lexus GS 350 F-Sport

INFINITI FX Bluetooth Profiles in the FX

There has been a lot of discussion in the past four weeks concerning Bluetooth in the 2006 FX. Unfortunately I have an 05 version with a Parrot and the SDGuy Bose Interface so I cant comment on the 06 Bluetooth implementation. Ive noticed that the Parrot LS3200 Bluetooth system supports many Bluetooth profiles however my Cingular 8125 which comes standard with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack has limited

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