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TOYOTA CAMRY 99 camry crankshaftcamshaft position codes

I have a 99 camry 4 cylinder that wont start. I got a code tester and the codes are as follows 1. Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction 2. camshaft position sensor A bank 1 curcuit malfunction Some more info. I had the timing bet replaced a few days ago by the dealer. I was told I had a bad valve cover leak. I replaced the valve cover and changed the plugs myself. Afterward there was oil

Was the oil was there before or after the valve gasket change did the engine run OK after the belt change does engine have remote cam and crank sensors mounted under timing cover or are one or both in the distributor The codes indicate the computer is not detecting a signal for the sensor(s). Could be a short or open in the wiring from the sensor to the computer bad sensor(s) distributor issue. Guessing

TOYOTA CAMRY Need help removing Camshaft pulley

Hi Im trying to replace a timing belt on a 96 camry LE(4 cyl 2.2L) and I want to replace all the seals to stop the oil leaks. Have been unable to loosen the camshaft bolt so far and Im looking for suggestions (pulley keeps turning & Im unable to hold it still while I try and loosen the pulley bolt). Starting to round the bolt head so I figure I should ask for help before doing any damage. Ideas Suggestions

camshaft or crankshaft you do not need to remove camshaft pulley to replace timing belt. crankshaft pulley is normally high torqued. I have one word for you. Actually two. USE ONLY WELL FITTING SOCKETS. impact wrench. thatll do it. dont have one drive to nearest tire shop and ask them to break it loose for you and then hand torque back so that you can manage it with hand tools. will have to be impact

I used the starter-bump method to loosen the crank bolt & I already pulled the crank pulley off. I want to change all the seals to stop the oil leaks so I want to pull the camshaft pulley off as well. Then I can change the seal behind it as well. My next attempt is wrapping the old timing belt around the camshaft pulley and than wrap a strap wrench around that. Not holding out much hope thought. Dont know if there is enough room to get an impact wrench on the camshaft pulley.

No need for impact see your other post on this issue.

gotcha. locate wrench sites on camshaft. they are somewhere in the middle of it. 2 flat surfaces. Find suitable spanner or crescent wrench and lock cam in place to prevent it from turning. Undo center sprocket bolt only.

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TOYOTA CAMRY VII XV50 error code 12

Hope the following is not too convoluted here goes. (this is for a 95 4 cyl dx camry). december 07 after experiencing numerous intermittent starting problems and taking it in to our toyota techs it was decided to simply start replacing parts and see if problem would stop. replaced ignitor first and problem persisted about 3 weeks after so replaced with new distributor (factory specd). This seems to

TOYOTA CAMRY Loud noise at cold start

I have a 1996 camry 4 cyl XLE with about 65000 miles. When started cold (first thing in the a.m.) there is a very loud rumble from under the car which sounds like a hole in the exhaust or manifold. But the exhaust system is intact according to the people who have done exhaust work on our cars for the past 15 years. When the engine is warm and I start it is somewhat loud but almost sounds normal. When

and I only took to shop because car got stranded on side of road. Found timing belt is not spinning beacause of broken tooth ribbed edges inside of belt not cataching camshaft tooth gear pulley so engine could crank. Local shop did the timing belt routing----replace belt water pump crankshaft seal camshaft seal idler bearing at the tune of around 500(all parts were aftermarket meaning not toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1991 check engine codes

Hi all First post here. I hope Im in the right forum... Can anyone point me to a listing of the check engine codes and their descriptions for a 91 Thanks for the help. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Not sure if its the same as my 94 but here are the ones for mine. I know the cylinder s go up to 12 cylinders because this is for all toyotas at the time. This included the 12cyl toyota Century which was only availbe in Japan. P0010 A camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) P0011 A camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) P0012 A camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded

TOYOTA CAMRY Gabe TRD4life MP90 Magnuson Supercharger Kit

If anyone here is interested in camrySolara Performance Parts hit me up on Facebook httpwww.facebook.compagesSac...axpipe1&__a5 Thanks Gabe This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Thanks dude. I was able to use your information to find much more. First PCM Power Train Control Module. Next looking at the sticker on my 2011 LE it shows Dual VVT-i technology. Along the way come to find out this is a 2AR-FE engine first seen in 09 camrys. Fun reading found here toyota AR engine - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia then click on Dual VVT-i and find VVT-i or Variable Valve Timing with

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 I got a problem with my 97 camry need advise please.

I bought my 97 camry Le 4 cyl with engine light on which was a mistake as I came to find out. The price was good so I thought Id buy it. I took it to shop and the guy scanned it with a scanner and it said that the camshaft position sensor fault or malfunction. I got a new camshaft sensor and the guy was going to put it in when he came to find out that there is NO camshaft sensor in there. He told me

There is a plug behind the head that has nothing connected to it. I think thats the plug which would connect to the crank or camshaft sensor but since the head of the engine has been replaced with another head ... the head thats in there right now does not have a camshaft sensor plug or camshaft sensor itself. The car drives good and the engine runs fine. I just need to get rid of that plug and bypass

TOYOTA CAMRY III replacing water pump on 93 camry

Im changing the water pump on a 93 camry 6 cylinder. Is there a way to put the new pump on without taking the camshaft pulleys off As you may know there is a cover across the front of the engine behind the pulleys that the top of the water pump has to slip under. After removing the timing belt and the water pump bolts and studs I was able to force the old water pump out from under the cover. But I

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 1988 Toyota Camry

I recently replaced the seals gaskets timing belt on 1988 toyota camry. After running it for a few weeks it started missing real bad - barely got it home. A friend determined it was the distributorcoil and this was replaced. The other evening I checked the timing although timing was OK I did not get a consistant firing from the number 1 cylinder spark plug led (timing light emmision was not consistant)

Im sure youve checked this but are you absolutely sure that the crankshaft and camshaft are lined up to their respective timing marks Did one turn with respect to the other while the belt was off I had an old BMW 318i with over 325k miles that began to act the way your camry acts. I replaced the coil rebuilt the distributor and adjusted the timing -- all to no avail. Although I never definitively identified

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2001 Camry Valve Cover

Folks Replaced the right side valve cover gasket (nearest the firewall) last weekend on my 2001 camry 6 cylinder engine. I used a Felpro gasket set from Auto Zone. I also replaced the piston tube seals in the cover and replaced all 6 spark plugs. After back together the leak is worse than before I replaced the gasket . I did use some Permatex silicone type sealer on the corners on either side of the

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 96 camry chugging problem

The car 96 toyota camry 2.2 liter 4 cyl. 155000 miles automatic no major engine work yet. About a month ago after driving around the cars rpms would oscillate at a stop. But give it some gas and drive away it would be fine again. It seemed like it wanted to stall while idle (goes from like 400rpms to 1k). Well about 2 days ago it decided to poop out and do this when ever the car is running start up

TOYOTA CAMRY II V20 89 Camry oil leak

Just bought a 89 camry yesterday. I drove it 70 miles home and it leaked around 12 qt of motor oil on the trip. Looks to be leaking on the passenger side of the motor. It has to be a seal or seals. What seals are on the side Crankshaft seal camshaft seal is the main seal there to First toyota I have owned so this is new to me. Any suggestions This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY Camry died on highway

1999 toyota camry 4 Cyl Automatic - Was driving down the interstate at 70 mph the check engine light came on and the car started losing speed as I mashed the gas pedal it would appear to die and then as I let off the gas pedal it would momentarily revive. This happened for about 4 or 5 times until finally the speed had reduced enough that the car died completely and has not started since. After getting

I would certainly test those two sensors before replacing especially their connectors for tight fit. A code on one may have triggered the code on the other. You will need an ohm meter. Because the engine seemed to recover a little when you let thegas off Id suspect the MAP more than the camshaft position sensor. Its odd that both would fail at the same time. You can access the test procedures from the manual link posted on this forum a little while back.

Pump spinning does not necessarily pressure. But if we assume you have fuel then spark is next. Check for spark to plugs. Remove a plug wire and ground it to the engine (with space) turn the engine overand see if you get a nice blue strong spark. Dont make the gap too big. Its odd the pump would stop spinning at the same time you lostthe camshaft postion sensor. Have you checked that yet This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

First off I would like to thank you Pedro for all of your assistance. I lacked the knowledge to give you enough information to make a proper diagnosis. After I checked the camshaft position sensor and it checked out ok then I knew I had a bigger problem. So I finally had it towed to a local toyota shop (non dealer affiliated) and they diagnosed it was the timing belt had slipped. I watched as they

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 2003 Camry code p0012

Hi all I just finished the timing chain and headgasket job (wtimeserts for the block woo hoofunfunfun) Anyway I checked the timing 4 times and rotated the engine several times to check the marks I released the chain tensioner prior to rotating it. The car starts and runs great good power nothing weird happening. I have an active code P0012 A camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1) reset and

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 95 camry with 1-mz wont go above 1400 rpm

[hr] I was wondering if anyone could help me out on a 95 camry that has the 3.0 1-mz engine in it. I have a po340 camshaft code stored. I have replaced the camsaft sensor checked the wires going to the ecm replaced the ecm checked the engine timing belt to make sure it was in time and didnt jump a tooth. Still the car is hard to start will start and idle at 800-1000 rpm but has a miss (no engine light

TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 camry timing belt marks

Have a 2000 camry and timing belt never changed. Removed timing belt and replaced waterpump. Marked old timing belt with new one and installed. Could not find any info on google for camshaft and crankshaft timing marks. Startedcar and ran for about 4 seconds and shutoff. So timing is out. Can anyone here tell me qbout the marks and orientation. The camshaft has a small mark and one larger mark on back

UPDATED Have a 2000 camry 4 cyl and timing belt never changed. Kilometers is 168000. Removed timing belt and replaced waterpumpidler pulley and idler tension pully. Marked old timing belt with new one and installed. Could not find any info on google for camshaft and crankshaft timing marks. Started car and ran for about 4 seconds and shutoff. So timing is out. Can anyone here tell me about the marks

TOYOTA CAMRY Valve adjustment discs

Hello camry lovers I want to change my valve adjustment discs. I have a spare engine to practice on. so i started to remove the discs one by one to get the technique (wich is damn hard and frustrating... ) I have removed a few. but now it seems i cant turn the camshaft to remove the rest. I think the camshaft lobes are getting stuck in the metal surrounding the valve discs is this normal and what

TOYOTA CAMRY Desperately seeking guru

Please please help. My nieces 02 camry LE (2AZ-FE) exhaust cam seized. Towed to my house. I found 1 12 quart low oil. I replaced complete head assembly crank position sensor oil control valve timing components and other on the safe side items. Everything together now wont start. I checked fuel injectors fuel delivery fuel pressure spark timing etc. A friend (mechanic) confirmed my work. I borrowed

The exhaust camshaft seized What happened after this to the engine The cams are chain drive was anything else damaged when the cam seized up. The 03 engine runs OK with the 02 parts Have you checked the electric throttle and TPS for function Dont try to remove the TPS as it is rotated for adjustment then tightened down. If your scope reads throttle plate position compare one car against the other. Injector pulse will vary with computer mode such as cold start hot etc. Many times with mechanical repairs such a blown head gasket etc. When an engine ran before repairs or quit because of a mechanical issue requiring engine disassembly there can be a bad electrical connection camcrank timing off hose disconnected do to an error during reassembly. In this case being mechanical damage electrical why would the pulse width change problems with MAF etc. If looking for more help post at the toyotanation site in the appropriate camry year forum. More members more help.

TOYOTA CAMRY Car only runs with fuel disconnected

1998 camry 4 CYL. I replaced the timing belt and water pump. The car got really hot afterwards so I turned it off and replaced the thermostat also. Now it will not start It will fire a bit when i crank it but not start..... almost like its not getting fuel. So i disconnected the line right above the filter to see if its pumping fuel and it started right up Fuel shooting everywhere i tighted the line

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1998 Toyota Camry does not start at all.

1998 toyota camry 4 cyl 2.2 ltr California Emission Last week when I start the car 1230 midnight its ran for about 2 min and then its shut down since then it doesnt start. So far I had verified following items. 1. Car cranking very good and battery is only 6 month old so battery is good. 2. At fuel filter outlet loose the bolt andcrank car fuel coming out with pressure mean fuel pump is working fine

be alleast attemp to start but nothing happen. One time I took off Fuel Injector(FI) plug and crank it seems like starting for a soon as I place the FI connector back...Fuel on spark plugs........ There are two ignition coil... one for Cyl 1 & 4 and other for Cyl 2 & 3... Check spark for both and getting spark. If one goes IGN coil go bad it should show some hesitated start... For 98 camry

TOYOTA CAMRY Camry 5SFE Timing Belt Water Pump Oil Seal Replacement

After doing tons of timing belt replacements I decided to created my own How To website showing whats involved in replacing the timing belt on the 4 cylinder 5SFE Engine along with the water pump and oil seals. The 5SFE is a rock solid motor and I love working on it. Thinking about doing one on the 1MZFE. Lot of pictures. Enjoy . httptoyotarepair.intuitwebsites.comindex.html This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

A broken tooth on the camshaft sprocket could lead to possible belt jump which would screw up your timing. I suggest you go to a junk yard a pickup a used one as a replacement. I wouldnt feel comfortable doing long distance trips with a broken tooth. If the belt was placed improperly the engine would be mis-firing and your Check Engine light would come on with an error code of camshaft Position or

To all first time timing belt replacement mechanics. To be absolutely assured that you have proper alignment of your new belt with the crank and camshaft pulley do the following 1. Before removing the old timing belt place paint marks on the outside surface of both the old timing belt and the pulleys. 2. Transfer the paint marks from the old belt to the new belt. You dont need to count the number of

Sorry I was not clear. The tooth is not one that runs the belt. The broken tooth is one on the back (inside) of the gear that does not touch anything but I assume is what the crankshaft position sensor takes reading off of. Second sort of new question My new timing belt seems loose on both sides of the camshaft pulley and the tensioner pulley seems like it is over half -34 way up. I did not replace

Quote Originally Posted by mdiede Sorry I was not clear. The tooth is not one that runs the belt. The broken tooth is one on the back (inside) of the gear that does not touch anything but I assume is what the crankshaft position sensor takes reading off of. Second sort of new question My new timing belt seems loose on both sides of the camshaft pulley and the tensioner pulley seems like it is over


Can someone recommend a place where I can get a timing belt kit for a toyota camry v6 thats a good deal please I have a limited budget. Its for 2000 camry This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

no fuel symptom. What happens is that timing belt has ribbed pattern grooves which catch on crankshaft bearing which has ribbed groves that catch the timing belt and turn the crankshaft starting the main engine cyclinders. the timing belt also catches the top camshaft which also has same ribbed catch timing belt turning the camshaft. No timing belt breakes it does not destroy the engine on the toyotas.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 96 Camry oil leak

Ok have an oil leak ive had the car for more than 3 weeks gotta get it out lost my a on this job. Its a camry 96 with a 5s-fe. Its leaking oil through the air gap behind the oil pump side cover have put 2 gaskets and an o-ring(for the pump) o-ring was bad also replace front seal located in the oil pump housing and a leaking cam gear seal. and its still leaking a drop of motor oil every second after

Read your reply lavalleemike. Hear is everything Ive done so far Replaced all seals and gaskets including the following 1. camshaft seal 2. Crankshaft seal 3. Oil pump seal 4. Oil pump O-Ring gasket 5. Oil pump gasket (between housing and block using gasket and toyota sealant) Car still leaks in the same spot. The only thing left is to replace the oil pump itself or there is a crack or hole in the block. THIS IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING

TOYOTA CAMRY replacing head gasket

hey all new to site had a question since i am replacing my head gasket on my 96 camry 5s-fe 2.2 liter engine. when i received my head back from machine shop there was a note. this is what it said...attention make sure to set the cam gear tensioner on the exhaust cam during install. anyone know what that means This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

The exhaust cam has a gear tension system on the drive gears. This system consists of a main gear (attached to the camshaft) and sub gear (floats). Between the gears is a tension spring perhaps like a clock spring. This spring provides rotational force on the gears forcing them into constant contact with the intake cam gear. Most likely the system provides for smoother gear action reduced back lash

Look at the gear(s) on the exhaust and intake camshafts and compare the design of each. The intake cam drive gear should be a solid cast with the camshaft. For the exhaust camshaft the one of the gears may be cast with the camshaft. The gear next to this is free to move back and forth. The spring is between the gears you will not be able to see it unless you take a gear off. There is no adjustment.

TOYOTA CAMRY 99 Camry - New Timing Belt No Start

1. Engine [4 cylinder] developed a tapping sound and still was able to crank up and drive. 2. Removed the timing cover and the belt was loose after 265k miles on the original belt. [oil everywhere from the cam seal figuring it jumped some teeth] 3. Lined up the crankshaft and cam pullies [the cam gear had to be turned counter-clockwise about 10 teeth to line up after the belt was removed] 4. Installed

Right on Joey. I checked for spark and it was there so I dove back in the timing area and it was not TDC when the cam and crankshaft were lined up in their marks. I removed the belt and turned the camshaft clockwise to the correct position then put the timing belt back on. I hooked up the front ground strap plugged the rear ground strap back up connected the alternator plug and wire and attempted to

When the cam pulley is the correct position the spoke of the cam pulley will be positioned upright. The hole in this spoke will also at its highest point in its arc (high as in the car roof is high and wheels are low) as the pulley rotates around. Look behind the cam pulley (side facing engine) where the camshaft goes into the first bearing mount of the cyl head. These mounts are what hold the cam

TOYOTA CAMRY Camry Wont start & is not throwing any codes

I would really appreciate some help here My wifes 94 4cyl camry (non calif) suddenly died on here while she was on the highway. - The ECU is not throwing any trouble codes. - The first thing I checked was for spark -NO SPARK- I replaced the coil and now have spark. I tried cranking it over and it hick-ups a little like it wants to go but does not start. Rechecked install of Coil and assuerd I was at

Pedro thanks for all your help Heres the update from last night Since the timing was 10-15 degrees ATDC I turned the distributor all the way to the right and it seemed to try and cough (combust)a little bit more than it did before but still did not come close to starting I took off the timing belt cover to look at the timing marks. With the crank pulley mark on 0 (TDC) the camshaft marks did not align

TOYOTA CAMRY Huge oil line leak

Hi.First of all sorry for my english guys.I got 2007 camry v6(40K miles).Yesterday i saw a lot of oil in my garage and i immediately go to the dealer.camry is certified used vehicle and they gave me replacementcar and i supposed to wait for phone call.Today morning they told me that warranty will not cover this.Its engine oil line for vvti system(15707-3102)Its engine component so warranty supposed

Not a toyota warranty expert but thought the drive train was warranted for 5Y60K. The drive train would is engine transmission axles etc excluding expendable parts as accessory belts and coolant hoses. Suggest you read the warranty in the owner™s manual. Would think the VVTi piping system would be part of the engine given it supplies oil to the camshaft rotation system. The cam rotation results in

TOYOTA CAMRY ATF overfilled since day one

I brought my wifes 02 camry V6 brand new 10 years ago have been meticulously maintaining it. Change oil on time check oil ATF level often etc. ATF level always seems high over the top notch even when its not hot it has been like that since day one so I thought its what supposed to be and didnt do anything about it. Until yesterday 88K miles later yes 88K miles later I looked the service manual. It

TOYOTA CAMRY sv21 cam timing

Hi all. I need some help on the correct way to reset the camshaft timing in a 2litre twin cam 16v camry motor. belt has been off and I am not positive that the crankshaft has not moved a little. I need the steps to make sure that crank and cam are in the correct position before I reinstall the timing belt. Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

TOYOTA CAMRY IV Timing Belt Replacement for a 98 XLE

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to change out a timing belt for a 98 camry xle v6 I have done some in the past. I do not have an impact tool but I know of some tricks to to get the crankshaft bolt out. Do I need special tools A camshaft alignment tool harmonic balance puller Also what parts besides a water pump and belts should be purchased I would think a timing belt kit would suffice.

TOYOTA CAMRY Sometimes Good Sometimes Bad

I need some help on a 95 camry 4 cylinder 2.2L. Lately Ive notice some strange behavior from the car. When the car is started well the RPMs shoot up high and stay a little bit above 1000. This is when the car feels really smooth and the acceleration is very powerful and nice. I also notice its a lot more fuel efficient as well. Sometimes on a bad start it idles really rough until I switch it on Drive

TOYOTA CAMRY knocking noise

Hey my brother just bought a LXE I believe 1996 1MZ-FE. I know that those have four cams shafts. two driven by the timeing belt and the other two are driven by the belt driven cams. The gears that connect the two cams are spring loaded. Your suppose to put a screw through them when takeing them out. What happens when you dont and the gears unwind Do you get any noises does it run out of time Chk lite

From the Haynes manual Since the camshaft thrust clearance is minimal the camshafts must be held level as they are being removed. If they arent the portion of the cylinder head next to the cam gears may crack or be damaged by the gear leverage. Before lifting a camshaft out of the head make certain that the torsional spring force of the sub-gear has been eliminated by the service bolt. Do I hear an oops coming.

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 1994 4Cyl Oil Leak

My 1994 2.2L camry has leaked around 1 quart of oil per month for many years but recently it has turned into 1 quart per day. I took it to Goodyear to find out where it was leaking and they said it was at a fish shaped gasket on right front of the engine but didnt know the specific name of the gasket and to change it they need to remove the timing belt cover. I want to buy all of the parts and get

the timing belt cover when the engine is running it is the seal on the oil pump drive shaft is leaking. This looks like a typically round lip seal with a metal housing. There is a preformed oring that goes between the oil pump body and a large housing that bolts to the front (timing cover side) of the engine. This oring could look like a fish. Have yet to find this molded oring any place but a toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY Water pump and timing belt

I have a 2000 camry 4-cyl. with 58k original one-owner miles. Now my question is when do I change the water pump Im thinking I should change the timing belt soon because of the 90k or 6 years whichever comes first. Do I need to replace seals at this mileage also Another route would be to wait until I reach 90k and replace timing belt water pump seals drive belt power steering belt etc. Thanks This

Quote Originally Posted by toyomoho Water pumps on these engines seldom fail. I would have to agree with that statement based on the fact I just tore into my mothers 99 camry 4 cylinder to change out the original timing belt and camshaft seal after 265k miles. The waterpump is still original and working great just like everything else on the car. I perform all of her maintenance and all Ive done since

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