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TOYOTA CAMRY III 1991 check engine codes

Hi all First post here. I hope Im in the right forum... Can anyone point me to a listing of the check engine codes and their descriptions for a 91 Thanks for the help. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Not sure if its the same as my 94 but here are the ones for mine. I know the cylinder s go up to 12 cylinders because this is for all toyotas at the time. This included the 12cyl toyota Century which was only availbe in Japan. P0010 A camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) P0011 A camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or system Performance (Bank 1) P0012 A camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded

TOYOTA CAMRY Gabe TRD4life MP90 Magnuson Supercharger Kit

If anyone here is interested in camrySolara Performance Parts hit me up on Facebook httpwww.facebook.compagesSac...axpipe1&__a5 Thanks Gabe This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

Thanks dude. I was able to use your information to find much more. First PCM Power Train Control Module. Next looking at the sticker on my 2011 LE it shows Dual VVT-i technology. Along the way come to find out this is a 2AR-FE engine first seen in 09 camrys. Fun reading found here toyota AR engine - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia then click on Dual VVT-i and find VVT-i or Variable Valve Timing with

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 96 camry chugging problem

The car 96 toyota camry 2.2 liter 4 cyl. 155000 miles automatic no major engine work yet. About a month ago after driving around the cars rpms would oscillate at a stop. But give it some gas and drive away it would be fine again. It seemed like it wanted to stall while idle (goes from like 400rpms to 1k). Well about 2 days ago it decided to poop out and do this when ever the car is running start up

TOYOTA CAMRY Huge oil line leak

Hi.First of all sorry for my english guys.I got 2007 camry v6(40K miles).Yesterday i saw a lot of oil in my garage and i immediately go to the dealer.camry is certified used vehicle and they gave me replacementcar and i supposed to wait for phone call.Today morning they told me that warranty will not cover this.Its engine oil line for vvti system(15707-3102)Its engine component so warranty supposed

Not a toyota warranty expert but thought the drive train was warranted for 5Y60K. The drive train would is engine transmission axles etc excluding expendable parts as accessory belts and coolant hoses. Suggest you read the warranty in the owner™s manual. Would think the VVTi piping system would be part of the engine given it supplies oil to the camshaft rotation system. The cam rotation results in

TOYOTA CAMRY replacing head gasket

hey all new to site had a question since i am replacing my head gasket on my 96 camry 5s-fe 2.2 liter engine. when i received my head back from machine shop there was a note. this is what it said...attention make sure to set the cam gear tensioner on the exhaust cam during install. anyone know what that means This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

The exhaust cam has a gear tension system on the drive gears. This system consists of a main gear (attached to the camshaft) and sub gear (floats). Between the gears is a tension spring perhaps like a clock spring. This spring provides rotational force on the gears forcing them into constant contact with the intake cam gear. Most likely the system provides for smoother gear action reduced back lash

TOYOTA CAMRY Camry died on highway

1999 toyota camry 4 Cyl Automatic - Was driving down the interstate at 70 mph the check engine light came on and the car started losing speed as I mashed the gas pedal it would appear to die and then as I let off the gas pedal it would momentarily revive. This happened for about 4 or 5 times until finally the speed had reduced enough that the car died completely and has not started since. After getting

First off I would like to thank you Pedro for all of your assistance. I lacked the knowledge to give you enough information to make a proper diagnosis. After I checked the camshaft position sensor and it checked out ok then I knew I had a bigger problem. So I finally had it towed to a local toyota shop (non dealer affiliated) and they diagnosed it was the timing belt had slipped. I watched as they

TOYOTA CAMRY Timing Adjustment

1996 camry 2.2 engine does not have adjustment slot on distributor lock down bolt. I have 4 other camrys with the same engine. They all have a coil pack on the distributor. This one has a coil on the fender well. Is there another way to adjust the timing Used car perhaps someone changed out with wrong distributor Thanks for any help. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on camryforums

After 1995ish toyota started modifying the ign system system. One modification was to start moving the cam and crankshaft ign timing pickup sensors from inside the dist housing to the area where the crank and camshaft pulleys are. Determine if the 1996 has a cam or crankshaft electrical sensor pickup. If so the distributor location would now be fixed.

TOYOTA CAMRY 99 Camry - New Timing Belt No Start

1. Engine [4 cylinder] developed a tapping sound and still was able to crank up and drive. 2. Removed the timing cover and the belt was loose after 265k miles on the original belt. [oil everywhere from the cam seal figuring it jumped some teeth] 3. Lined up the crankshaft and cam pullies [the cam gear had to be turned counter-clockwise about 10 teeth to line up after the belt was removed] 4. Installed

When the cam pulley is the correct position the spoke of the cam pulley will be positioned upright. The hole in this spoke will also at its highest point in its arc (high as in the car roof is high and wheels are low) as the pulley rotates around. Look behind the cam pulley (side facing engine) where the camshaft goes into the first bearing mount of the cyl head. These mounts are what hold the cam

TOYOTA CAMRY First time Camry owner needs help

A few months ago I bought a 1993 camry for my son. Now were having problems that I cant figure out. I am now at a loss and need some expert help. Here are the details Carengine 1993 camry XLE. 3.0L v6 137K miles Problem While driving the car started to sputter at idle (red lights stops signs) but would run smooth at higher RPM. After a couple of miles the car simply stopped. It would turn over but

This engine ign system has only one coil The dist cap has 6 wires plus the coil wire What years does the Chilton Book cover What specific engine model does the car have I dont think this engine has a remote crank or camshaft sensor. Have you checked for spark by removing the coil wire at the dist cap and holding it close to a ground point on the chassis. If no spark check for 12V DC power at the positive

This engine ign system has only one coil --Yes only one coil The dist cap has 6 wires plus the coil wire --Yes. What years does the Chilton Book cover --1983-1996 What specific engine model does the car have --Not sure where can I find that It is a 3.0L V6 with 3000 stamped on top of the intake manifold and PTY3.0V 5ffVO on the sticker under the original hood (hood has been replaced original is behind

FORD F150 got thinking today.

i got thinking today and just looked out the door of my dads shop and there were 3 fords in the lot. mine my dads and a customers. all the customers needed was a new battery easy swap and out the door. the lot is filled with 3 motor jobs an 04 nissan titan almost 72000 miles 83 chevy pickup with 35000 miles on the 5 digit odometer and a 01 toyota camry with 120000 miles. 2 steering and suspension jobs

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2006 Maxima Review

The Maxima is Nissans flagship sedan and is for those who need family sedan room but also want a car with extroverted styling that is fun to drive. The fast sporty Maxima shares its basic design with the automakers top-selling Altima four-door but is longer wider higher and heavier with a more solid feel. Both the front-drive Maxima and Altima share a smooth dual-overhead-camshaft 3.5-liter V-6 but

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