toyota camry bypass pipe leak

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toyota camry bypass pipe leak V XV30
toyota camry bypass pipe leak V XV30

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TOYOTA CAMRY Rusted Top of Gas Tank Filler Pipe triggers Check Engine Light

Hello All My local mechanic told me while checking out my 2003 camry with a4 cylinder engine that the reason my check engine light came on was because the seating surface of the metal gas filler tube was slightly rusted not allowing the gas cap to seat properly. Can I just sand down this surface to solve the problem and if so how can I turn off the check engine light myself He wants to replace the

It might work but it may be easier to just replace it. Even if you clean it well the cap may be faulty. So when you order a new tube make sure you get a new cap. I had same problem on my toyota pickup. 2 years after i bought it noticed major rust. Brought to dealer said it wasnt covered under warranty because bad gas did it. So i called toyota company argued with them that gas doesnt sit at fill pipe

TOYOTA CAMRY Accumulator leaking

Hello all. Im new here. I have a 2000 V6 camry with a 5 speed manual transmission. The clutch hit the floor and didnt come back up. The trans wouldnt shift gear. So after bleeding the clutch of all air and noticing that I was still dumping fluid into the resevoir I laid on my back under the car to look up into the engine compartment told my wif to press the cluth and saw fluid squirt out through the

hi guys my 96 vienta had this clutch accumulator problem also was goin to cost 450.00 to fix at a break and clutch place so after 150.00 for them to look at it i decided to fix it myself i saw no reason for this troublesome device to be there so i bypassed it all other cars and vans i have owned never needed this stupid system they were master cylinderpipeslave cylinder. all is fine now no dumping

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 car ran hot in 5 mile stop & go traffic

Hi - I have a 95 camry 4cyl 5 speed manual with 291K miles. I was in stop and go traffic and my temp gauge went up to the red line. when I was able to drive a bit before stopping again it would come down as the air went over the radiator. I turned on the heater to draw some heat off the engine it seemed to help a bit. It continued to do this the entire time but never really overheated to the point

Feel the dash carpet under the passengers side interior area where the heater core would be for dampness a sign the core may be leaking. Check the connections of the metal bypass pipes at the water pump housing for leaks. These pipe run along the side of the engine the oil filter is on. Basically check all hoses connections etc for leaks. The passengers side could be called the right side but toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY IV 97 overheating after new HG

Hey guys I have a 97 camry 4 banger that was leaking some oil. I thought it was from the head gasket come to find out it was the oil sending unit. ANYWAY. After changing out the HG it started to overheat and I cant figure out why for the life of me. Ill try to run down a list of everything Ive already done determined and checked 1. T-Stat is new 2. Radiator was flushed and seems to flow very well 3.

TOYOTA CAMRY III 1992 camry water pump HELP

Hey Yall from Georgia. I just bought a beautiful (to me anyway) 92 camry with the 2.2 4 cyl with 147k miles. Runs like a top however it did sit in a garage for a good part of a year as the owner passed away and the son is just now selling her belongings to settle estate. The car had been started on occasion and driven around the block. I am big on preventative maintenance and have not owned a toyots

gasket is very possible. It has happened a hose clamp was not tight enough and the hose blew off. Given the age of the car check all coolant and heater hoses for failure including the bypass hose coming off the large dia water intake pipe on the head. Might put a hose into the radiator fill port then determine if water runs out somewhere. Changing the coolant will not damage the pump short term. toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY V XV30 Low RPMs 04 camry le 2AZ-FE

Every time I go to turn on the AC my RPMs drop. Then it will shake a little. It doesnt sound like it will stall but gives me a rough idle. This happens everytime I am parked or at a red light. If I turn on the high beams it will shake too. Anything using a decent amount of power like rear window defrost and AC or highbeams. My car idles at 560 to 570 RPMs. My friend has the same car year model it idles

an Intake Air Control (IAC) valve that adjusts bypass air around the throttle body to control idle. The air intake for this valve would be a slot on the bottom of throttle body throat on the intake air side of throttle plate. There would be a slot for the air to exit on the opposite side of the plate. Use throttle body cleaner spray with engine running spray into the slot to clean the valve. toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY Collant issues

Hello all My daughters 1995 camry 4 cyl has an unusual problem. Over the last few years weve replaced the timing beltwater pump and the radiator with all new hoses.. In the last few weeks shed call and say that there was a puddle of coolant about 3 feet in diameter under the right front area of the engine compartment. The overflow bottle was dry and the radiator was about 3-4 inches low. Wed add coolant

A few things to check. The radiator top and bottom are plastic and over time can start to crack. These cracks start out very small then typically become much larger. Inspect the upper and lower tank area for signs of coolant. Look down between the radiator and engine at the top of the plastic shield at the bottom of this area. This is typically where coolant would collect before dripping onto the ground.

TOYOTA CAMRY I V10 How do I adjust idle speed on a 95 Camry Coupe

I want to replace my spark plugs and adjust the engine timing but the first step in my manual says to ensure that the idle speed is correct and I cant seem to figure out how to adjust that. Correct idle speed is 700rpm and the tach on my dashboard generally reads around 1000. Sometimes the engine jumps a bit and it drops down to the proper speed for a while but doesnt stay there (something Im hoping

There no real idle adjustment on the throttle body. The engine computer reacts to RPM and coolant temp then adjusts the IAC valve to allow more or less air to bypass the throttle plate. Might read up on the internet about cleaning the IAC valve for a model 5AFE engine model. Try cleaning the IAC valve and throttle body. There is a screw on the throttle body that adjusts the throttle stop position dont

BMW SERIES 6 BMW 645Ci Valve Seals

I purchased a 2005 645CI during the smog test white smoke was coming out and it progressed. The BMW dealership informed me that the valve seals needed replacement. Its a fix the costs 7000 and they said it was very common in this car. I posted a video of the car i advise everyone to check for this issue before your purchase this is VERY common. You can see the video i posted at Any ideas why BMW does not fix this on a 80000 car You would assume they would fix this problem if its so common.

any major issue. Japanese car manufacturers taking over is 20 year old news But I will go back to this article BMW is one of the most profitable and successful car companies the fact that a used car owner 9 years down the road is having problems is not affecting them httpwww.dw.denovember-sales-surg...orda-17282688 I have a friend who is a camry owner and I have had a long history of owning toyotas

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