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LEXUS CT leonar40subwoofer installation illuminated door sill installation

Hi everyone. Im going to be installing a Rockford Fosgate P300-10 powered subwoofer soon. Because I am keeping the OEM head unit which doesnt have any RCA outputs I will need to tap the rear speaker wires. While I have everything torn apart I am going to install the illuminated door sills which requires some of the same panels to be removed. This first section will detail performing the rear speaker

sore as you have to hover over the trunk area for extended periods of time. Here are the steps that I performed 1. Remove the trim floor in the trunk so that you have access to the spare tire and 12V battery area. 2. Disconnect the negative lead on the 12V battery. 3. Ground connection I found a 12 bolt on the left hand side of the trunk area that worked very well for me. If you push both rear seats

LEXUS CT leonar40s speaker replacement thread

Hello. I am going to use this thread to post detailed instructions with pictures for replacing the 6 speakers in the standard stereo with aftermarket speakers. I will create this thread in three sections first the dash speakers then the rear doors and finally the front doors. I will include part numbers and links when applicable. Today I will start with replacing the OEM 3.5 in dash speakers with a

speaker to the adapter through the four holes such that the speaker connection is to the left for the left door and to the right for the right door. This will give you the shortest speaker wire run. 6. Connect the aftermarket speaker and reattach it to the door with the three 10 bolts. The Infinity speakers that I bought have a swivel tweeter. I moved it so that it points up and towards the back seats

The dash speakers make a noticeable difference. Honestly the rear door speakers dont make any difference unless you are sitting in the back you cant hear them from the front seats. The big change will be this weekend when I put Infinity 3-way 6x9s in the front doors.

Originally Posted by leonar40 The dash speakers make a noticeable difference. Honestly the rear door speakers dont make any difference unless you are sitting in the back you cant hear them from the front seats. The big change will be this weekend when I put Infinity 3-way 6x9s in the front doors. leonar40 Great job on upgrading your audio and very very nice write-up. I completely agree with you about

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MERCEDES BENZ SEDAN W110 How Do The Seat Belts In My 1967 230S Work

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Adamson you got it right these are shoulder strap versions only. If you pull the rear carpet up by the door you will see plastic plugs that cover the 14()mm nuts that a three point seat belt will bolt to. My car originally came with 2 point shoulder harness and I converted to three point. Its extremely easy to do but due to the old age of these cars finding the correct seat belt is difficult. Be careful of retractable three point they do work but not for coupes. leonard

PONTIAC FIREBIRD Finally got my bulge hood air cleaner put on.

I had to get a stud and cut it down but I finally got the air cleaner put on properly. Now I just gotta get something done about the PCV inlet. looks really good now though   DSC00053.JPG (1.34MB) Number of downloads 10

is wired to switch for high operation only I think relay is bad not sure if other speeds work so havent opened that can of worms yet) 10 - Getting wheels cleaned up really good (this is dependant on motivation due to stubborn crap that wont come off) 11 - Replacing passenger side headlight motor (motor nose cone is busted completely so I cant use auto headlights) 12 - Getting driver side seat

Originally Posted by leon369 Why not get a 5dr gp I can recommend a 5 door GP if you have a baby. Last year when i was changing from my Mk2 Punto i test drove a Bravo with the baby seat on the back seat. The front passenger seat had to be so far forward that there was no room for knees as the dash curves around unlike the GP which is straight. The Bravo may be slightly bigger and have a bigger boot


My name is Thomas and i&39m restoring my first car. It is a 1980 Trans Am that was given to me for helping a freind out. I&39m new to this kinda thing and was wondering if someone could help me out with websites and other stuff that would help me. I&39m going to be doing it from the ground up.

the driver side. I have no idea what to do about it. I have thought about cutting it off and buying a new one. I&39m worried about it not matching up then and having more problems. And on both rear quarters there is a dent that does all the way cross the quarter ( inbetween door and rear window ). Let me kow what you think. Here is what i got to fix that i know of - new floor pans just where the seats

PONTIAC FIREBIRD III One piece at a time.

When we were at the Vinton Cruise I had mentioned to Layna on how many different years of cars I have used to put my 83 TA together with and I thought it might be fun to list all the stuff with the different years. Layna suggested it was like the Johnny Cash song One Piece at a Time and I just listened to that song minutes ago and reminded me of this topic. So here goes. The car started out as a pretty

1984 - Trans Am red dash lighting and gauges 1984 - Driver side console knee pad 1984 - rear spoiler from my brothers SE Firebird 1984 - Dash Pad from the same SE 1985 - Trans Am Taillights 1986 - Passenger side lower dash trim wPerformance Suspension emblem 1987 - Formula 16 wheels 1988 - IROC-Z 36mm front sway bar 1989 - Parking brake cables 1990 - rear rotors 1995 - Formula front and rear seats

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Td 100SX little niggles 73k

Hi...New to the site..Firstly i will say hi to all.... These sites are so helpful as was for my last car (leon cupra) on the seat web site.... This diesel is just a run about while my Mazda BOngo conversion is completed into a full blown camper.. Anyway enough of that... I have various little niggles with the recent purchase.. 1. Need two door handles...both disintergrated..( which boso decided to

NISSAN My 2014 Rogue so far ....

Back in April 2013 I bought a new Honda Accord. It was a solid car - there were some quirks about its phone connectivity features and the radio but it was a solid car. But with 2 small kids I got tired of bending over to get them strapped in in the back seat. When I saw the 14 Rogue I knew I had to have one. Im now about 6 weeks and 1500 miles in and here are my first impressions. Overall its a solid

MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER I 901 902 903 904 New member old Sprinter

Hi all. Just about to complete the purchase of a Sprinter from a friend. Here are some photos The van has done 100000 miles and is a 1996 P reg 312D. I think thats a 2.9 litre 120bhp model It has a motorsports history - it was bought by a motocross team and painted that honking yellow having originally been blue. It was then bought by my friends racing team and used to haul a seat leon Cupra racing

NISSAN PeeWees 1998 frontier

Year1998 MakeNissan Modelfrontier Trim XE ColorCrystal blue Mods Interior2003 xterra bucket seats cobra cb wp.a. RF P2D48 subwoofer in custom box Jenson Power 760 amp Exterioramerican racing wheels painted black painted badges 5% tint back window 15%tint front windows painted grille fender flares and other plastics fiberglass antenna leonard toolbox Suspension & Tirest-bar crank 30x9.5 bfg ats Ranchos

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  • 03 SEAT LEON 5 DOOR REAR PARCEL SHELF - Lincoln,United Kingdom (36.00 GBP)
  • 03 SEAT LEON 5 DOOR REAR PARCEL SHELF - Lincoln,United Kingdom (36.00 GBP)
  • Seat Leon 5 door rear wind deflectors - Halifax,United Kingdom (10.00 GBP)
  • seat leon rear driver side door - Birmingham,United Kingdom (35.00 GBP)
  • SEAT LEON REAR DOOR HANDLE MECHANISM 1M0 837 885 C 1999 - 2006 / GL - Stockport,United Kingdom (7.99 GBP)

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