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SEAT TERRA 24 Seat Panda Terra

This is embarrassing. I did aim to keep alow profile on this forum but everytime I need help so many people contact me it is bothering my consciense. For my sins I am the bloke who bought this... I promised myself that I wouldnt blog as I am doing that thing on other forums with my 58 Bedford CA but like I say folks are just so nice on here. The story so far It is a 1983 seat Terra panda (google it)

Wow was it cold today or what. My brief burst of energy saw the couple of bits I made up trimmed and placed. The garage the panda is in is 12 miles from my place so I have to remember which tools to take etc etc. Today I forgot my drill bits so I couldt bolt the servo in place..... However- This is in the passenger footwell (that used to be the drivers footwell when it was left hand drive) The same made up plate front the engine bay. The plate will be painted before it is fitted and I shall squeeze some silicone in between it and the body to keep out damp and draughts. You will notice the colour. Eventually all the car will be NATO green but until it is warm enough to spray properly Ive just done the engine bay. The more astute amoung you will notice that the 903cc exhaust is still in place. Yeah and it can stay there until it is warm enough for me to crawl underneath with spanners. While I have no idea what the Sisley engine and gearbox are like I am far to impatient to take them apart to look. A quick clean up and a bit of detailing and they will be refitted as is asap. The piston rings will be stuck and the valves sticky Id imagine so Ill run it up on some cheap oil and then give it a flush etc and well see what occurrs. Again the more observant will notice the common little rustspot. As an angle grinder with a 1mm blade is my most favorite tool (after a hammer) I brutally removed the corrosion and...... .....made a quick repair section.... OMG I forgot the air vent........ No I didnt...... I shall do away with them. They are plastiky and horrid and I have opening quarterlight windows dont yknow. Finally.. This is the (right hand drive) steering column and wiring loom. Dont know yet whether to fit the original (Sisley) dash or make my own. The only difference being the little 4x4 engaged light on the original. (Which it isnt really original cos this is a MK1 anyhow...) leonsdada Bougainvillea Rosso Aston Martin Dragon Man VmanC liked this post

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 need panels for floor panel relacement

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greasygas wrote Hi all Im new here ..spent some time searching before this post...I have an 82 240d ..I bought it in MD and drove it back to canada last fall ..its a cremepuff 4 speedwith low miles and I really like driving it a lot during the trip I realized that the drivers seat was sinking and tilting ..while under the car at an oil change station in texas I obsearved that althought the car looks

View Transmission oil pan for SEAT LEON

AUDI Q5 8R Running-inoil consumption

Just completed the first 3000 miles on my 2.0 TDi 170ps S&39tronic without using oil. This a first for me on VAG engine for many years and I give full credit to the Daily Telegraph&39s motoring correspondent Honest John whose running-in regime I followed. Here is his advice- RUNNING IN A DIESEL What&39s the best way to run-in a diesel engine Leave factory fill of oil for the first year or 10000 miles.

filter the car goes into limp mode and wont go above 30 if you keep driving it the DPF will pop and youll need a new one - this happened to me I blew two filters and eventually agreed to just hand the car back and walk away (after many conversations with VW). I have never seen the DPF light on the Q5 and I think the latest models are better tuned to stop this from keep coming on. My mother has a seat

KIA RIO I DC C123 2001 Water pump

Hello this is my first post on here. I have a 2001 KIA Rio Std. 1.5L. Lately my wife told me that the car ran funny. Turns out that coolant pours out of the water pump area. She drove around like that until the engine overheated...... Went back to check put in water in the radiator and water poured down from around the accessory area and down from the side of the oil pan. So probably its the water


Hey all i just got my first &39bird an 88 formula. I&39ve got a few questions that i hope you guys can answer so ill number them to make it easier B) 1. i looked at the VIN decoder and there were 2 possible letters for model designation. One for Firebird and one for FormulaTransAm. My VIN shows the car to be a regular firebird though i am pretty sure it must be a formula. It has the powerbulge hood

oil pressure to roughly gauge the amount of oil. about what should my oil pressure be at idle (7-800rpms) with the correct amount of oil 6. my uncle has a paint booth and my dad has painted cars before also... so all i would need to do a pretty decent paintjob would be materials paint. about how much would it figure to cost me 7. how do i get that panel off that&39s covering the front upper seatbelt

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  • New Oil Sump Pan for VW 1.9 TDI 1.6 2.0 Petrol Bora Golf Audi A3 Seat Leon Inca - St. Leonards-on-Sea,United Kingdom (18.60 GBP)
  • New Oil Sump Pan for VW 1.9 TDI 1.6 2.0 Petrol Bora Golf Audi A3 Seat Leon Inca - St. Leonards-on-Sea,United Kingdom (18.60 GBP)

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