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NISSAN First XE with leather seats

Its a cell pic but still good. I got them at they are leather seat covers hehe

they look like seats out of an 80s chrysler cordoba

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 is the trunkboot lid tough to close on your E60

i have an 07 and closing my trunklid requires takes both hands with a firm grab on the bottom edge of the license-plate frame (dont get me started on why there isnt a proper handle for closing...) and a serious and sharp downward pull to overcome the mechspring enough to engage the latch. that seems like a crappy design in a luxury car. most luxury cars i know (that dont have a power closerlocker)

doors have to be shut harder than most other cars although in that case it kind of feels weighty and well-made in a positive way. P.S. I understand its a joke but if Im not mistaken the Corinthian leather option was on the cordoba. Montalban hated it that he wasnt allowed to pronounce cordoba the correct Spanish way - COR-doba - and had to say cor-DOH-ba. Doh Yes I had a 1978 cordoba with cloth seats.

View Back seat for SEAT CORDOBA

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Weird or Steal...

How is everyone doing Fine I hope. Im new to this forum so Ill introduce myself. Im 20 years old in College and looking for a car. Currently I own a 99 Prelude TypeSH. Im selling it to get something more luxury and nothing says luxury like BMW. I found 2 BMW 528i for 4500. One is a 97 Silver with 107000 miles. The other is 99 Black with about the same miles. Is there anything I should know about these

Hey... Im still in Uni Im 23 and I got my e39 last year. My car (Shadow) is awesome... Now being in Europe Im in a slightly different situation. The first car I got when I got here from Canada was a seat cordoba 1.4. It was a cheap car basically a VW Polo. Insurance was cheaper and youd think the car would be reliable since it was only a year old and had 15k (km) in it. The thing was not exactly a

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alloy Wheel Help Needed Please

hi there ive checked some of the older treads but i cant really find what im looking for My little brother just got a new fiesta fusion with some 15 alloys 4 stud he bought him self some new 17s which look the works I have tried to fit these to the fiat and i can see all 4 holes But can only fit bolts to 2 of them the other 2 or about half way under the hole.... Ive checked alloy wheel guides on the

Charade Daihatsu Applause Honda CRX Honda Concerto Honda Prelude Honda Accord Honda Civic Kia Sephia Kia Mentor Kia Concord Kia Shuma Mazda 121 Mazda MX5 Mazda 323 Mazda MX3 Mitsubishi Carisma Mitsubishi Colt Nissan 100NX Nissan Almera Nissan Micra Nissan Sunny Proton All Renault Espace Renault R21 Renault R19 Renault Laguna Renault Clio Renault Megane Rover 400 Rover 200 Rover 45 Rover 25 seat

FIAT PUNTO a common problem with puntos

is it just me or is anyone else on here sick of hearin those words if its so common y dont fiat fix em up properly before theyre sent out into the world of rip-off garages so far ive heard about... headlights footwell head gasket any more to add to the list

Volvo S80 Jaguar S-Type Toyota Corolla Mercedes Benz S-Class Toyota Land Cruiser Suzuki Wagon R Subaru Legacy Toyota Picnic Audi A6 Porsche Boxster Nissan QX Daewoo Matiz Volvo S70 BMW 3-Series Porsche 911 Toyota Avensis Audi TT Saab 9-5 Skoda Felicia Volkswagen Bora Jaguar XK-Series Honda Accord Mazda Xedos 6 Mazda Demio Nissan Micra Honda Integra R Mitsubishi Colt Subaru Impreza Volvo V70 seat

FIAT IDEA I Long distance Panda commuting - good or bad idea

I have a new job that will initially involve me commuting to the office 2-3 days a week. The office is about 75 miles away - approx 15 miles of which is AB roads and the rest Motorway. For various logistical reasons it looks like (for the first month at least) I am stuck with the Mrss 1.2 Dynamic. Does anyone have experience of regularly doing this sort of mileage Will I regret it (I am 6ft) and will

Or you can keep the car until its driven into the ground my previous car was a seat cordoba 1.6 SXE bought new in 1996 and replaced this year with a Fiat Panda 2006 bought cash and I attempt to have it for the next ten years. So depriceation is not an issue for me. A modern car will easily last for ten years if you do regular maintenance I had no breakdowns with the seat just regular service.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 The BEST found use for the cupholder

I saw a thread on another SLK site that discussed some alternate uses for the cupholder on the R170. In the truest Holiday spirit Id like to share this with you after all its the simple things in life that mean the most (and this is really simple) This Summer my wife and I took a trip around Lake Michigan in our 03 SKL230 (R170). I had just gotten a Garmin Nuvi for my birthday and I discovered it fits

Quote Originally Posted by Bruce R. Nice job Bimmel...... As for Chris bad move dont you know that the condensate from beer cans will dribble into the radio Drink faster and chuck the cans out the window.... I will have to try that as my seat heater tends to warm them up too quick if I keep the cans between my legs.. I sure miss my 1980 Chrysler cordoba Now that had a cool cup holder and a proper back seat to toss the cans onto.

LINCOLN MARK III 1958 Mark III Interior Trim Info

Hello Ive been browsing this forum researching a writing project Im working on. The members here are obviously awesomely knowlegeable I hope its okay for me to stop lurking and ask a question Im working on a project that involves Alfred Hitchcocks North by Northwest where Eva Marie Saint drives a gorgeous Starmist White 1958 Mark III convertible. Im trying to find some info on the interior trim for

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Centre Bore Question..

I have done a search and found out about spiggot rings.. however my girlfriend is looking for some alloys and i done a search for alloy fitments.. came up with these which are 4x100 so wobblies should do it with spacers no.. obviously if theyre the right width aswell... BMW MINI (new) 4 x 100 35 57.0 BMW 3 series (E30) 4 x 100 15...25 57.0 Diahatsu Applause Charade Gran Move 4 x 100 38 56.0 Diahatsu

BMW SERIES 3 F30 My planned configuration for feedback and heckling...

Ive been toying around with the configurator over the last couple of days in order to figure out how I would like to set up the 13 328i sedan that I plan to order in the near-future. Essentially Im looking for a nice car for commuting around-town errands and an occasional fun trip involving windy roads... Heres what I have specd out Sport Line Imperial Blue Metallic exterior Black LeatheretteRed Highlight

whip marks where the jockey was beating it). The difference between the two is not huge. That speaks to both the quality of the rette and the lack of quality in the Dakota. The rich Corinthian leather in a 1970s cordoba is better than the Dakota. I didnt want the ZPP and went back and forth about getting leather. In the end I am so glad I did not. I have a three 3 year old who trashes the back seat.


I was shocked when a seat cordoba 1.9 TDI kept up with me He must of had his remapped too Surely... Or my car has just become so fking slow

Originally Posted by Tym I was shocked when a seat cordoba 1.9 TDI kept up with me He must of had his remapped too Surely... Or my car has just become so fking slow Yup they re-map nutters too lol

Originally Posted by Tym I was shocked when a seat cordoba 1.9 TDI kept up with me He must of had his remapped too Surely... Or my car has just become so fking slow PWNED

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq red spray light comes on

Hello everyone Im a newbie on this forum. I have recently aqcuired a 94 cinq 900cc with only 81.000km on the counter. Belonged to an old lady and the car looks as if it came right out of the factory Anyway I have a problem and I hope you can help me. While driving sometimes the red spray light comes on resulting in a power reduction the last time the engine even stopped running Restart and the engine

to the gasstation. Also there is no voltage to the coils so the problem has to be somewhere before that. The RPM sensor might actually explain the whole thing Ill notify the dealer about this monday morning when they start working on the car. Or it could be some internal damage in the ECU not really sure Ive never opened one before. Luckily this is our 2nd car so Im not disabled we also have a seat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 effective tuning mods

Hi all i already have an induction kit and a janspeed backboxanyone got any ideas as to what i can do next to perk up the performance a bit more Thanx Col.

Hi Pete I might get some then.They must be better than the bogo ones.Im going to get a seat cordoba splitter for the front in a few weeks. Col. httpseicentocol.tripod.comfiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Front splitters

hi guys has any1 got any front spiltters on there cinq wat they like n wheres best place to get them from Chris

Not too clear a pic but a seat cordoba splitter on a Cinq bumper. Has 2 git big holes left and right and a central spar holding it together. Pete. 1242cc cinq turbo cinq Cinqs&Seis Yahoo group Clubcento


Hi All Im back. After 4 years without a Fiat in the family (4 years ago wife had fantastic punto I had a Stilo) today I bought an 06 black 3 door stilo JTD sporting for my wife. She looks fantastic (as does the wife of course) and drives great. Am sure there will be small niggles and as in the past I really hope the members on this board are still able to help me out when needed. Looking forward to some decent weather Sunday morning as will be out polishing and making the car ours.

Originally Posted by buffalo bill No not near oxford but 1st owner was. Agree some boring cars around here hopefully that doesnt includemy Saab 93 parked on our drive Aah i see. Maybe was from Perrys Aylesbury originally Think they were the only dealer round here at the time it was new. I like Saab 93s i just didnt spot it. If its the car next to the Stilo i thought it was a seat cordoba (based on the last shape Ibiza)

FIAT PUNTO Alloy wheel fitment

Hey Ive been trying to sell some alloy wheels on Fiat Forum for a while however Im not really having much luck so Im going to resort to selling them on eBay. Something which I really didnt wanna do because eBays daylight robbery if youre selling something expensive Anyway to the point - I know that the Puntos wheel fitment is 4x100 ET38 (dont really know what the ET38 bit means tbh) and I was wondering

45 60.1 Rover Model Year PCD Offset Bore 200 400 90 to 99 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 25 45 99 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 600 93 to 99 4x114 35 to 42 64.1 75 99 5x100 42 to 50 56.1 800 86 to 96 4x114 38 to 45 64.1 Steetwise 03 4x100 38 to 45 56.1 Saab Model Year PCD Offset Bore 9-3 02 5x110 35 to 42 65.1 900 87 to 93 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 900 9-3 87 to 93 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 9000 87 to 98 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 seat

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Car Line UP and post AGE

Please post Vehicles and pics you have had over your history of your life 1. 1997 BMW Z3 2. 2003 BMW Z4 2.5 3. 1998 Lincoln Navigator 4. 2004 BMW 330CI 5. 2002 Jeep Wrangler 6. 2004 GSXR 600 6. 2005 BMW Z4 3.0 7. 2005 BMW 330I ZHP (favorite) AGE 21

OUTBACK 1990 Subaru Legacy 1999 Kia Sephia (Commuter Car) 1996 Ford F-150 XL 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 1984 Jeep CJ-7 1993 Jeep Wrangler And finally... 2000 BMW 323i Also 2001 Honda XR250R Dirtbike 2000 Mastercraft ProStar 205 20 Tow Boat Bought my 323i in July this year. I liked it because it was very clean for a 5 year old car. It is pretty basic not even being equipped with cruise control or power seats.

FIAT PANDA How much would this upset the pureists

Been discussing this idea in work with a few of the mechanics to see just how hard it would be. The panda has only moved a few feet since I bought it as I couldnt work out what to do with it. The idea.... Bike engine...RWD Seen it done a million times to minis so it must not ba that hard to do its just deciding wha way to do it. Anyone think its a good idea

two mistakes recently one makes me smilethe other doesnt. First I traded my Altea Fr tdi in for an audi S4 avant (this makes me smile) Second I agreed to sell my last project to my mate when he gets his own car shifted cordoba tdi. (this makes me frown) So now If I start work on the panda straight away and the cordy goes Il have to take the s4 to work every day. As much as Id enjoy the heated seats

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 drove my sei properly

drove my sei last night up the lane where i live and i was really impressed with it in the 1st 3 gears but it had no go in 4th or 5th (which i kinda expected) there seems to be a bit of a flat spot at about 3krpm and no power after about 5.5krpm is this normal where can i get the price for a GSR induction kit tried the web page already and i can only find the article on them. i saw a foam filter in

i can make it myself dead easy to do got a splitter for it now as well seat cordoba - no mods needed looks well low on the front i love novas but its time for a change

KIA CEED ED Ceed side protection mouldings

Hi Mike from Dereham Norfolk here will be picking the wifes new ceed up this Saturday but just wanted to know if the above are worth having fitted as they appear to be well down the doors so would not really stop any knocks etc.Any advice would be great. Thanks Mike

would be a good idea as the amount of second hand cars that we looked at that had scratches where people had loaded stuff into the boot. We decided on a new Ceed as the deal we got with the wifes car being old enough to qualify for the scrappaged scheme meant that the Ceed was not much more than the second hand ones that we were looking at.But it will be a sad day as the wife has had her seat


fitting a seat cordoba front splitter to the front of my sei its mad so low cant wait to see what its like when dropped 55mm havent had to mod the splitter in any way at all staright from the packet onto the car i love novas but its time for a change

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