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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 These Cars Are Great

Ive been considering replacing my Sei but have decided to stick with it Other cars seem to be rubbish . I had never reallised how good Sei is. I looked at a 107 which was bigger on the outside but much smaller on the inside and has a boot about the side of a letter box. Then the 206 which I needed to sit like a crab to use the controls. Then I looked at a Panda this seemed pretty good other than the

seat arosa

A seat arosa is a good suggestion EMM well done thumbsup and they are very underestimated also if your interested i can still get you a brand new one with delivery millage The seis are good yes but only the sporting when standard IMO the S&SX body roll too much standard the seats arent supportive theres no nice engine note fuel ecconomy is good but not amazing theyre a good car but there is cars out

Originally Posted by CheeseMaster The seat arosa felt dull and lifeless to me. No different for the Lupo 1.4. ( my impressions - yours may vary ). Also the Lupo was v thirsty. My arosa is a good car IMO and is surprisingly quick i dont understand the dull and lifeless statement as mine seems brilliant always wanting to go has character and is very playful when driving and it puts a smile on my face

car IMO and is surprisingly quick i dont understand the dull and lifeless statement Thats the thing about opinions everyone has one. I found the steering slightly heavy not enough of the road surface was getting transmitted through the steering wheel and it lacked character inside. It also found the engine a bit gutless for the spec and the gearchange sloppy. A previously owned ( in the fleet ) seat

FIAT PANDA Fizzles sister

Dont. mock ok you can but gently please...... Thinking about trading in 500 for something a bit more pandaesque. Doing this as mum cant get into fizzle and really cant justify a 7k car doing bigger all miles a week but still depreciating. Yes the other car will lose money but starting at 3k is less to lose overall. So erm any opinions on Fiat Panda look a like (if you squint) Suzuki Ignis........ bigger

what about a vw lupo or a seat arosa I driven the lupo and it is a quirky little car the interiors a little boring but it drives well. the arosa is the same car just with a different badge. It shouldnt depreciate too badly either. Suzuki Wagon R is a very odd looking motor.. Otherwise nothing wrong with a punto (cheap as well) or the stilo. perhaps you should take a look again at the mk3 panda drove it a handful of times and seemed very practical.

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Exhaust and Air Filter questions

ive got a Cinqy sx 899cc. firstly whats the difference between an induction kit and an air filter (if there is one). And secondly would fitting an induction kitair filter to my car along with a new performance exhaust help give the engine a little more grunt

just so your not totally put off (wasnt meaning to) my sx was still a damn good car and even now i dont think it was that slow persoanlly i have owned 2 cinq sportings and my main car is a 53 reg seat arosa 1.4 Si and to be fair my old cinq would have a go at any of them just wouldnt win depends what you want in a car i had my sx for 2 years and only ever had to do a cv boot whereas the arosa (vag

FIAT PANDA Are there many other Sportings on here

Hi Chaps just wondered how many other Panda Sporting owners have registered on the forum JON

Was the Fabia a 3cyl My brother bought a seat arosa TDI at the same time as we got the Panda and at the moment the Panda seems to be slightly more economical. If yours is low mileage it may need to loosen up a bit. The throttle travel is also very long compared to the seat (and maybe the Skoda) which may make it feel a bit less responsive.

Yes it was I had a seat arosa TDI before that and I reckon the Skoda was a bit more economical than that too. The arosa was a 2001 (First of the 3cyl models) it used to have a very abrubt power delivery and felt like it was hitting a rev limiter where as the unit in the Skoda was very free reving up to about 4500 rpm. Fabias have a drive by wire accelerator which is quite noticable when you first start using one. JON

im going for a seat arosa if i can find one and its basically a Volkswagon lupo if you didnt know except better looking and Lora what convinced you to go up to a beetle its quite a bit different wouldnt you say

Originally Posted by The younger modder im going for a seat arosa if i can find one and its basically a Volkswagon lupo if you didnt know except better looking and Lora what convinced you to go up to a beetle its quite a bit different wouldnt you say i wanted the arosa a few months back when i decided i needed a new car. Purely because i loved the back lights Then mum said vw build quality is better.

Must admit i really like the bugs as ive seen a few done up and they look amazing but i was put of the new ones when i was told there a vw golf with a different shell as i think the golf aint a fun car untill the latest one came out. And a seat arosa is made on the same production line as a lupo and if you open the boot at look above the rear lights it has the VW symbol stamped into the metal i agree

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alloy Wheel Help Needed Please

hi there ive checked some of the older treads but i cant really find what im looking for My little brother just got a new fiesta fusion with some 15 alloys 4 stud he bought him self some new 17s which look the works I have tried to fit these to the fiat and i can see all 4 holes But can only fit bolts to 2 of them the other 2 or about half way under the hole.... Ive checked alloy wheel guides on the

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FIAT PUNTO a common problem with puntos

is it just me or is anyone else on here sick of hearin those words if its so common y dont fiat fix em up properly before theyre sent out into the world of rip-off garages so far ive heard about... headlights footwell head gasket any more to add to the list

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Too late for most but if your buying a MK2 Punto check the service history for a replaced steering column mine went when the car was about eight months old and thankfully was replaced under warranty. I looked at a few Puntos last year to replace my ageing Polo. Found some bargains but none had had column replaced. Or window wiper motor... My light comes on now and again but Im just keeping my fingers crossed that its a wiring blip rather than the start of another failure Now my engine light has started to come on AAAaaaaaarrrrgggghhh I ended up buying a seat arosa which is a VW Lupo with a seat coat on. Black

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Centre Bore Question..

I have done a search and found out about spiggot rings.. however my girlfriend is looking for some alloys and i done a search for alloy fitments.. came up with these which are 4x100 so wobblies should do it with spacers no.. obviously if theyre the right width aswell... BMW MINI (new) 4 x 100 35 57.0 BMW 3 series (E30) 4 x 100 15...25 57.0 Diahatsu Applause Charade Gran Move 4 x 100 38 56.0 Diahatsu

FIAT PUNTO would these look nice on my car

or would it look like i was trying to be a scooby Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Please do not Email or PM me asking for support. Post on the forums instead. Your reply may help someone else. Thank you.   Quote   28-03-2005   2 ARMac Get Your Own Title   Join Date Mar 2005 Location Skopje Posts 67 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re would these look nice on my car i whant one of those excelent. How much did you pay for them btw.

am stuck now he says he had them for his seat arosa pcd 100 35-38 offset but that seat has only a 57mm center bore it dont say the centerbore of the wheels

FIAT PANDA Hello everyone

Just thought id use my first post to say hi to everyone. Picking up a 07 plate 100hp tomorrow morning in black - been looking forward to it for ages. Wanted one a while back but all funds went on a wedding instead so now ive got the go ahead from the wife to change cars ive managed to persuade her the panda is exactly what we need Not had a fun car to drive since I sold my Accord type R for a motorbike.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento and Lupo

Just a pic of my Seicento and Robs Lupo at Castle Coombe last weekend before the weather turned on us and both cars got very dirty lol

the lupo is seat arosa underneath isnt it

Originally Posted by blu73 the lupo is seat arosa underneath isnt it yes or the other way around but they are exactly the same

FIAT PUNTO Window brake light

Hey I was wundering if any1 culd help meI stay in Glasgow n saw another punto driving about.Howeverthe back brake light which is on the back window at the top wasnt a red line but a red punto sign.Does any1 know where u can get it done Plz help it luked brill

had a guy in a seat arosa undertake me into a bus lane and drive along beside me trying to read it yesterday


Hi guys Just got my babyblue GP this tuesday. Its a rare car here in Norway and everyone loves the looks of it Everything works smooth except the USB-stick function. Ive read every thread regarding the B&M and USB problems tried every solution suggested here (battery out for 1 hour try different usb-stick format the stick and so on..). But still it says No media found. Its starting to annoy me quite

Originally Posted by T14086 first step would be to get dealer to resetrestore system files. Ill do Thanks for the tip Gotta say tho Its a stunning car Ive got Seriously love it and its only been mine for under a week. Huge upgrade from a seat arosa

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO CrackingClicking from door hinge

Got out of my car this morning at work and notice my door hinge was making a cracking noise. Didnt have much time to look as didnt wanna get my hands full of grease. It looks like the hinge is jumping up and creating the cracking noise. Its exactly like they used to do on the older punto when you could always here that crack when the door opened I imagine what ever holds the hinge is loose anyone else had this issue

hi there new to the forum sorry if posted wrong S iv had the same problem i checked over the lower hinge that has the grooves out of if u know what i mean and the bush looks almost worn and jumped. replaced with a new rubber..all sorted.. happened to two of my mates seat arosas really badly so when they fixed theres with replacing the bushes in the joint i did the same to mine and all sorted. hope this helps

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Broken pipe foil thing to air filter...

Urm yer so was filling up washer bottle etc and realised this is broken... Suggestions please (899cc if it helps) Aj x Attached Thumbnails   __________________ AJ x ------------------ Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 2007-2008 seat arosa 1.4 2008 Last edited by _AJ_ 12-03-2008 at 1722 .   Quote   12-03-2008   2 fingers99 Get Your Own Title   Join Date Mar 2006 Location Liverpool Posts 24860

VIN Decoding - Definitive and helpful Passat (and VW) VIN In Originally Posted by ct300xxx strange bit of trivia this is as no one mentions Wolfsburg which is the biggest factory in germany are there no passats built here Currently being built at Wolfsburg Golf Mk6 Golf Plus Touran Tiguan Formerly built at Wolfsburg Beetle Type 2 (T3) Type 4 181 Iltis Karmann Ghia K70 Lupo Golf Mk4 (wagon only) Vento & Golf Mk5 seat arosa Audi 50

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L I crashed my PUNTO

Im so destrort my punto is dead Last week Thursday I was in an accident (I was not hurt). A pile up to be exact my poor punto was sandwiched between a Auddi A4 and a VW passat. Why do punto bruse to bad My car was Fed and there was hardly a scratch on the Audi. I think its a right off Everyone has warned me about getting another punto (when my insurance company Diamond finally cough up) but I loved

obviously or wouldnt be here lol i liek it but if i had cash i would deffinatly change. i was forced into getting a small car due to repeatedly crashing my old car lol[V] and i came acorss teh punto i have now on same day i wrote my old car off and bought it that afternoon but anyways there are lots of good deals on puntos at the momenet even from new from the dealer. for sum reason i kinda like seat


Just having a look at Fiat official site and it appears the 1.3 t-jet is now the base engine on GP. Can anyone confirm this and is there a reason no new 1.2s emissions etc

my first car was a 998cc seat arosa S (S meant slow i think) that did 0-60 in 15seconds and it felt alot quicker than the 1.2 never goin back to a small engine again. P

Originally Posted by Tym my first car was a 998cc seat arosa S (S meant slow i think) that did 0-60 in 15seconds and it felt alot quicker than the 1.2 never goin back to a small engine again. P yeh bt 1718 yr olds cant always afford a 10k car and insurance the 1.2 is right up our street


i couldnt believe it i was just browsing through centomania galeries and noticed this nice laser blue cinq and thought thats nice cant believe the bastard has the same alloys and then i realised it is my car and some other of ours httpwww.centomania.plgaleriaind...k&temateuropa

Looks like a seat splitter from an arosa or sumit. Liam

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Finnaly lost the plot....

yep i got rid of my 899 modded cinq in august and with savings brought a lovely 53 reg seat arosa 1.4 Si then i saw this car end of last week and had this really stupid idea to buy it and then decided to forget as parents just laughed at the idea so after calling them yesterday to tell them its now sitting on their drive they aint too pleased with me plans are to put the bodykit on that i had for my

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Just done the door card. (2nd one tommorrow) Look..

Hey Door cards - decided they needed to look different. So went to Dunelm and got some fabric. This afternoon and Ive done one. Think it looks nice. The other will be done tommorrow as it started to rain Have a look and let me know what you think. Aj x Attached Thumbnails       __________________ AJ x ------------------ Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 2007-2008 seat arosa 1.4 2008   Quote  

Originally Posted by dave its stopped raining why you not out doing the other side Hehe. I done just that. Aj x Attached Thumbnails   __________________ AJ x ------------------ Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 2007-2008 seat arosa 1.4 2008   Quote   11-03-2008   13 _AJ_ The Little Blue Tractor   Join Date Jan 2008 Location Colchester Essex Posts 191 Thanks 4 Trader Rating 0   Re Just

FIAT PANDA sun roof

hi i am about to purchase a panda without a sunroof. but is it possible to have one fitted by fiat I had the 400 Fabric folding roof put in my seat arosa which was lovely. I then had a sliding tilting electric spoiler glass roof fitted to my Fabia. Webasto are great and I think developed the skydome for Fiat JON

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 How do they compare

How does a Lupo GTi compare to a Sei Sporting I expect it to be thirstier and higher insurance and generally quicker but hows the general handling comfort etc Anyone know

seat arosa is the same underneath and cheaper for the same specworth a look

The general expense is the main thing putting me off tbh at least Fiats are cheap to run and cheap to fix when they go wrong. I think Ill just follow mings advice and 1242 the Sei instead foggy89 - I did look at the arosa when I wanted the 1.4tdi but my mileage doesnt warrant a diesel and seat never did a GTi equivalent.


At long blippin last Ive got me Punto engine fitted. No skin left on knuckles no money left in pockets after buying clutchbeltsplugsoilfiltersteabiscuitsHaynes manual off eBay -) Its not quite running and I have two quick questions. Question 1. Some twonk has run off with the connecting bit for the wiper - does anyone have one lying around that theyd stick in a jiffy bag please - pm me and Ill arrange

Gutted I nearly took it out and burned it on the spot. And to add insult to injury the other black Cinq is running like a bag of e despite new throttle blobby and a service. I give up and Im off to buy a seat arosa..... Joke no Im not. Im off to find a Tipo 16v engine.....

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Im thinking of upgrading to cinq sporting...still....

Hey.. Urmm... as title is..Im thinking of upgrading to cinq sporting..from my 899cc Basically Ive been thinking about a vw lupo seat arosa and c2 gt also. I would like to know how I can increase the performance first not tuning but performance of handling etc to near as i can to the other cars above and would it cost a major amount of money... Im thinking strut braces...lowering slightly the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Dont suppose any one knows what fox alloys these are

Hi. hope attachment works I saw these fox alloys on a car for sale on ebay. Dont suppose anyone knows which ones these are Cheers Aj x Attached Thumbnails   __________________ AJ x ------------------ Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 2007-2008 seat arosa 1.4 2008   Quote   07-03-2008   2 rallycinq Autotest Special   Join Date Mar 2002 Location Glasgow...ish Posts 21881 Thanks 1085 Blog Entries


after a certain kerfuful with a vauxhall still undiceded on wot car to take really want A cinq but loads of people are saying there girls cars so if any one can help me decide on a car i would be very grateful

cinqs are brilliant and really good for the money but they are quite smaller than a punto but it depends on what your after and if you fill your car with car tarts etc one small car i can recomend though is a seat arosa which has stiffened suspension as standard and handle really well the 1.0 version is also quicker than the 1.1 sporting cinq or sei

FIAT PANDA Petel Panda Pink Decals

Turns out the Panda Pink I found wasnt the one you had in mind unless theyve removed the wheeltrims or something. Anyway heres some pictures. All it needs is a polish and a slight respray on the passenger door (touched up in a darker pink) and its good as new. Its got 77k on it I think... Anyway I got a nice close-up of the Pink decal for you. Attached Thumbnails            

Just playing with the excellent phot of the Pink panda... I have been thinking the pastel shades work really well with the panda ethos... sort of colours used on the seat arosa etc... and the fiat pandas and the orange indicators looks good also today ... colourful seems to work for me. Attached Thumbnails       __________________ FIAT Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Early Christmas for BUG

It appears christmas has come early for bug His wee friend BERT popped in with a gift earlier for him Heres a coulpe of pics of BERT handing it over Just to get a splitter of some sort now thats y i was interested in laguna splitter No1 get jealous now lol

Originally Posted by normski c Was looking at ibiza splitter but i think on front when BUG lowered it will be on the ground pretty much laguna one should be off ground or did u have any other seat ones in mind liam Cheers peeps arosa one may fit with obviously some modding one from a 1.4 Sport with the right place to blend it in would look amazing The part not body coloured here not a great pic but you should get the idea. Liam

Girlfriend has that on her arosa talk about coincidence and also coincidence that my car happened to get 1 fitted and hers went missin lol no wouldnt do that But yeah it nice will go check out cadamuro gaz and yeah i remember now motorbike plate at bottom of mesh fully legal ok oh and do u paint the splitter if its seat one etc or leave it rubber u would paint cadamuro one i take it


After 3 years of owning my mjet sporting its time to trade in Swooping tomorrow for a seat Leon fr tdi to my surprise the car has decided to run like a bag of nails Struggling for power I almost sure its the egr valve again which was replaced 16 months ago. Cleaned it yesterday seemed ok but after driving it today its the same should I tell the dealer tomorrow or just park it up exchange cars and drive away

I have had five seats the last an old style Leon Cupra - not the best all had major problems at some time. Mind you we still have our 03 arosa in the family still going strong. The new Leons could tempt me back though...... perhaps a Revo Cupra Have fun

Originally Posted by IainG GPS I have had five seats the last an old style Leon Cupra - not the best all had major problems at some time. Mind you we still have our 03 arosa in the family still going strong. The new Leons could tempt me back though...... perhaps a Revo Cupra Have fun Id kill myself in one of those haha. Had a shot in the current petrol fr and that was quick enough

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L mk1 punto alloy wheels

hello i have been given the chance on another set of wheels for swap with the standard sx ones the ones i have been contacted about are off a seat arosa would they fit replay asap please

the pcd on the punto is 4x98 the et is30-38 and the cb is 58.0 the pcd of the seat arosa is 4x100 et is 35-38 and the centre bore is 57.0

FIAT PUNTO Alloy wheel fitment

Hey Ive been trying to sell some alloy wheels on Fiat Forum for a while however Im not really having much luck so Im going to resort to selling them on eBay. Something which I really didnt wanna do because eBays daylight robbery if youre selling something expensive Anyway to the point - I know that the Puntos wheel fitment is 4x100 ET38 (dont really know what the ET38 bit means tbh) and I was wondering

45 60.1 Rover Model Year PCD Offset Bore 200 400 90 to 99 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 25 45 99 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 600 93 to 99 4x114 35 to 42 64.1 75 99 5x100 42 to 50 56.1 800 86 to 96 4x114 38 to 45 64.1 Steetwise 03 4x100 38 to 45 56.1 Saab Model Year PCD Offset Bore 9-3 02 5x110 35 to 42 65.1 900 87 to 93 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 900 9-3 87 to 93 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 9000 87 to 98 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 seat

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Climate Control removal

Fellow B5ers (98 1.8T) First Merry Christmas. Second Im trying to remove my climate control unit but am not seeing how it comes out of the dash cleanly. I have the trim off knobs off knob-trim off but the white climate control unit (where the 4 screws go) is behind the dash screw facia. Even if I took the whole center trim off there would still be the tan dash screw hole pieces in the way of sliding

Well Ive not done this project but everything I can find (including in the Bentley service manual) says just carefully pull the control unit out of the dash and then disconnect the control cables and wiring. But as we can see from your pictures its not that simple. I did see a video on youtube for removing the control unit from a VW Lupo and had an idea. The unit itself is not very thick or deep and there should be a bit of space in the dash behind the unit. Try pushing the right or left side of the unit back into the dash and angling it out one side at a time past the screw lugs. Looks like most of the connections come from left side so maybe push on the left side and angle out the right side first. Here are a couple links that may help you with the cables and wiring once you have the unit removed. AC control R&R Tutorial How To Remove The Heater Control Unit on a seat arosa or VW Lupo - YouTube


Hi Does anyone know if the centre armrest can be dealer fitted on the Grande Punto Sporting 16v. Picking my car up on the 25th (hopefully) should have ordered it when ordering the car Any info would be great. Lee

OMG That is a thing of beauty. I now have a reason to do overtime this month. It looks like it also lifts up out of the way does it How sturdy is it I once bought a 3rd part armrest for a seat arosa 16v sport and when I lent on it it collapsed I presume it opens for storage as well. That is a real nice piece of kit. I want one I want one I want one

Originally Posted by dgable OMG That is a thing of beauty. I now have a reason to do overtime this month. It looks like it also lifts up out of the way does it How sturdy is it I once bought a 3rd part armrest for a seat arosa 16v sport and when I lent on it it collapsed I presume it opens for storage as well. That is a real nice piece of kit. I want one I want one I want one It lifts up top cover

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  • 54935 Set Coprisedili Fodere Beige GLAMUR AIRBAG Seat Arosa Seat Marbella - Poggiardo,Italia (43.50 EUR)
  • Pollenfilter Innenraumfilter für VW LUPO + SEAT AROSA + SEAT LEON LA31 - Deutschland (8.38 EUR)
  • feux arrière gauche conducteur SEAT AROSA, Seat Arosa 00- 7450191 - France (85.00 EUR)

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