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FIAT PANDA Are there many other Sportings on here

Hi Chaps just wondered how many other Panda Sporting owners have registered on the forum JON

Was the Fabia a 3cyl My brother bought a seat arosa TDI at the same time as we got the Panda and at the moment the Panda seems to be slightly more economical. If yours is low mileage it may need to loosen up a bit. The throttle travel is also very long compared to the seat (and maybe the Skoda) which may make it feel a bit less responsive.

Yes it was I had a seat arosa TDI before that and I reckon the Skoda was a bit more economical than that too. The arosa was a 2001 (First of the 3cyl models) it used to have a very abrubt power delivery and felt like it was hitting a rev limiter where as the unit in the Skoda was very free reving up to about 4500 rpm. Fabias have a drive by wire accelerator which is quite noticable when you first start using one. JON

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 These Cars Are Great

Ive been considering replacing my Sei but have decided to stick with it other cars seem to be rubbish . I had never reallised how good Sei is. I looked at a 107 which was bigger on the outside but much smaller on the inside and has a boot about the side of a letter box. Then the 206 which I needed to sit like a crab to use the controls. Then I looked at a Panda this seemed pretty good other than the

A seat arosa is a good suggestion EMM well done thumbsup and they are very underestimated also if your interested i can still get you a brand new one with delivery millage The seis are good yes but only the sporting when standard IMO the S&SX body roll too much standard the seats arent supportive theres no nice engine note fuel ecconomy is good but not amazing theyre a good car but there is cars out

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FIAT PANDA Fizzles sister

Dont. mock ok you can but gently please...... Thinking about trading in 500 for something a bit more pandaesque. Doing this as mum cant get into fizzle and really cant justify a 7k car doing bigger all miles a week but still depreciating. Yes the other car will lose money but starting at 3k is less to lose overall. So erm any opinions on Fiat Panda look a like (if you squint) Suzuki Ignis........ bigger

what about a vw lupo or a seat arosa I driven the lupo and it is a quirky little car the interiors a little boring but it drives well. the arosa is the same car just with a different badge. It shouldnt depreciate too badly either. Suzuki Wagon R is a very odd looking motor.. otherwise nothing wrong with a punto (cheap as well) or the stilo. perhaps you should take a look again at the mk3 panda drove it a handful of times and seemed very practical.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Im thinking of upgrading to cinq sporting...still....

Hey.. Urmm... as title is..Im thinking of upgrading to cinq sporting..from my 899cc Basically Ive been thinking about a vw lupo seat arosa and c2 gt also. I would like to know how I can increase the performance first not tuning but performance of handling etc to near as i can to the other cars above and would it cost a major amount of money... Im thinking strut braces...lowering slightly the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento and Lupo

Just a pic of my Seicento and Robs Lupo at Castle Coombe last weekend before the weather turned on us and both cars got very dirty lol

Originally Posted by blu73 the lupo is seat arosa underneath isnt it yes or the other way around but they are exactly the same

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Finnaly lost the plot....

yep i got rid of my 899 modded cinq in august and with savings brought a lovely 53 reg seat arosa 1.4 Si then i saw this car end of last week and had this really stupid idea to buy it and then decided to forget as parents just laughed at the idea so after calling them yesterday to tell them its now sitting on their drive they aint too pleased with me plans are to put the bodykit on that i had for my

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Just done the door card. (2nd one tommorrow) Look..

Hey Door cards - decided they needed to look different. So went to Dunelm and got some fabric. This afternoon and Ive done one. Think it looks nice. The other will be done tommorrow as it started to rain Have a look and let me know what you think. Aj x Attached Thumbnails       __________________ AJ x ------------------ Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 2007-2008 seat arosa 1.4 2008   Quote  

Originally Posted by dave its stopped raining why you not out doing the other side Hehe. I done just that. Aj x Attached Thumbnails   __________________ AJ x ------------------ Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 2007-2008 seat arosa 1.4 2008   Quote   11-03-2008   13 _AJ_ The Little Blue Tractor   Join Date Jan 2008 Location Colchester Essex Posts 191 Thanks 4 Trader Rating 0   Re Just


At long blippin last Ive got me Punto engine fitted. No skin left on knuckles no money left in pockets after buying clutchbeltsplugsoilfiltersteabiscuitsHaynes manual off eBay -) Its not quite running and I have two quick questions. Question 1. Some twonk has run off with the connecting bit for the wiper - does anyone have one lying around that theyd stick in a jiffy bag please - pm me and Ill arrange

Gutted I nearly took it out and burned it on the spot. And to add insult to injury the other black Cinq is running like a bag of e despite new throttle blobby and a service. I give up and Im off to buy a seat arosa..... Joke no Im not. Im off to find a Tipo 16v engine.....

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Early Christmas for BUG

It appears christmas has come early for bug His wee friend BERT popped in with a gift earlier for him Heres a coulpe of pics of BERT handing it over Just to get a splitter of some sort now thats y i was interested in laguna splitter No1 get jealous now lol

Originally Posted by normski c Was looking at ibiza splitter but i think on front when BUG lowered it will be on the ground pretty much laguna one should be off ground or did u have any other seat ones in mind liam Cheers peeps arosa one may fit with obviously some modding one from a 1.4 Sport with the right place to blend it in would look amazing The part not body coloured here not a great pic but you should get the idea. Liam

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