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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 These Cars Are Great

Ive been considering replacing my Sei but have decided to stick with it Other cars seem to be rubbish . I had never reallised how good Sei is. I looked at a 107 which was bigger on the outside but much smaller on the inside and has a boot about the side of a letter box. Then the 206 which I needed to sit like a crab to use the controls. Then I looked at a Panda this seemed pretty good other than the

Originally Posted by CheeseMaster The seat arosa felt dull and lifeless to me. No different for the Lupo 1.4. ( my impressions - yours may vary ). Also the Lupo was v thirsty. My arosa is a good car IMO and is surprisingly quick i dont understand the dull and lifeless statement as mine seems brilliant always wanting to go has character and is very playful when driving and it puts a smile on my face

car IMO and is surprisingly quick i dont understand the dull and lifeless statement Thats the thing about opinions everyone has one. I found the steering slightly heavy not enough of the road surface was getting transmitted through the steering wheel and it lacked character inside. It also found the engine a bit gutless for the spec and the gearchange sloppy. A previously owned ( in the fleet ) seat

FIAT PUNTO a common problem with puntos

is it just me or is anyone else on here sick of hearin those words if its so common y dont fiat fix em up properly before theyre sent out into the world of rip-off garages so far ive heard about... headlights footwell head gasket any more to add to the list

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FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L I crashed my PUNTO

Im so destrort my punto is dead Last week Thursday I was in an accident (I was not hurt). A pile up to be exact my poor punto was sandwiched between a Auddi A4 and a VW passat. Why do punto bruse to bad My car was Fed and there was hardly a scratch on the Audi. I think its a right off Everyone has warned me about getting another punto (when my insurance company Diamond finally cough up) but I loved

obviously or wouldnt be here lol i liek it but if i had cash i would deffinatly change. i was forced into getting a small car due to repeatedly crashing my old car lol[V] and i came acorss teh punto i have now on same day i wrote my old car off and bought it that afternoon but anyways there are lots of good deals on puntos at the momenet even from new from the dealer. for sum reason i kinda like seat

FIAT PUNTO Alloy wheel fitment

Hey Ive been trying to sell some alloy wheels on Fiat Forum for a while however Im not really having much luck so Im going to resort to selling them on eBay. Something which I really didnt wanna do because eBays daylight robbery if youre selling something expensive Anyway to the point - I know that the Puntos wheel fitment is 4x100 ET38 (dont really know what the ET38 bit means tbh) and I was wondering

45 60.1 Rover Model Year PCD Offset Bore 200 400 90 to 99 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 25 45 99 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 600 93 to 99 4x114 35 to 42 64.1 75 99 5x100 42 to 50 56.1 800 86 to 96 4x114 38 to 45 64.1 Steetwise 03 4x100 38 to 45 56.1 Saab Model Year PCD Offset Bore 9-3 02 5x110 35 to 42 65.1 900 87 to 93 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 900 9-3 87 to 93 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 9000 87 to 98 4x108 35 to 42 65.1 seat


Hey guys and gals here are some pics of my White 2009 1.4 Grande Punto. PERFORMANCE - Standard Performance so far... (Looking to install an induction kit Performance exhaust) (Also looking to add 30mm lowering springs) EXTERIOR - Redline bright white Headsidelights - Added front FogLEDs ordered all the way from Bulgaria may I add - 4 set window deflectors - Tinted taillights side indicators (may

Originally Posted by SJB1985 Hello mate and welcome to the forum and the GP 5dr club LOL Nice to see another 5dr. Lovely colour and plans sound great also Regards Stephen hey and thank you ( Must admit i preffer the 5 dr compared to what i had before - seat arosa 1.0. The Punto is my second car and love it so far next should be a 1.8 me thinks P

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