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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS GL X164 GL320 CDI and weather dont like each other

Hi I was searched this forum for instruction on how to install a block heater on a GL320CDI 2008 and couldnt find anything if you know of such thread can you please forward the link. I live in Fort McMurray where on winter days it is quite normal to expect -25 to -40 Celsius temperatures. My SUV is an imported US model and doesnt have a block heater. The synthetic oil in the engine is 5w30 Mobil 1

Save yourself some expense go to cdn tire and order a zero start tank type circulating coolant heater get the 1500 watt model and figure out where to install it. The factor block heater is pretty much useless also it does not raise the coolant temp much. I have a zero start on my vw and it is operating temp after one hour of heating HOT It cools off fast once fired up but alteast it helps start it. If the tank type heater is too complicated to install you can always by a rad hose heater install it down low near the engine block and flow direction does not matter. These heaters run 100 tax in are pretty straight forward to install one thing you will need is a coolant flow diagram so it is facing the right way. I am planning on installing one next summer as I am not happy with the factory part. Sure it starts easier but it is not very warm. I am also looking at Webasto or Espar diesel fired heaters as my vehicle sits outside at the ski hill etc and I am picky about it. I am not going to buy one new but would spend a couple hundred on a used one I found a cabin heater to play with so far and plan to heat the engine bay with the exhaust pipe again next summer it will go in. Heat on cold days is nice and drying wet clothesequipement while on the road is even nicer Hopefully yours has heated seats (all cdn models have them optional in USA).

FIAT BRAVO Bravo Multijet 150 tips and tricks

New to the site picking up an 08 150 Multijet dynamic on monday and was wondering if their are any nice little tips and tricks to know. Had a good couple of run outs in it and was very impressed its a belting engine mid range and pulls brilliantly. Showed it to my wife and she just looked terrified by the air con and radio screen poor thing. Really looking forward to owning this car especially as it replaces a horrible seat altea.

- even thrashing it you should still maintain best part of 50mpg. Also allow the glow plug indicator light to go off before starting. As with any car allow for proper warm up and cool down at the end of each trip. The button to the left of the CD Player (that looks like a steering wheel) lightens the steering for multi-storey car park adventures. You have a storage area hidden in the front seat

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Ad my cage built for sometime now but havent had time to pst the build pics Tubes delivered. Interior stripped.

- what would the result be Would the floor pan end up in the roof Thats the meat grinder Artic was referring to The way the fabricater set you up the entire unit would elongate - thats the safety Hehe. I missed read that. I know rubber mounts bushing will no longer perform anything structural and I know the body will vibrate due the the cage being welded to the frame but Im hoping the suspension seats

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 have new 2.0T with 6 spd

Hello everyone. I just purchased one of the last 06s remaining at the VW dealership here in Albuquerque NM. Believe it or not they actually offered some cash back incentive. It is Artic blue Silver with the six spd manual. I dont know much about this transmission and would like to ask any other 2.0 6spd owners if they feel its hard to make a smooth start with with this enginetrans clutch combination

to drive more smoothly than the Jetta TDI I had been driving until it was wrecked. While the TDI has lower peak torque (177 lb-ft) it peaks at 1800 rpm like the 2.0T. However the torque buildup is much more progressive than on the Audi I drove which worked more like an on-off switch not much until 1800 rpm. This made it much easier to get smooth launches and shifts off the TDI. I also drove a seat

TOYOTA TACOMA New 2002 Owner with some basic questions

Hello All Have a 2002 4x2 5sp 2.4 reg cab Tacoma with 100K. I have a few qas. 1. I have a rear cat code. I am familiar with the OEM cat issues when swapping to after market cats. I am trying to by-pass getting a overpriced oem cat is there a fix for this. I did try to sleeve the O2 sensor but the O2 sensor bracket on the 2002 wont allow that. 2. What are the week points of this drive train From what

rust free. I am also going to get a professional buffing and 70% paint match because the rear was sprayed. I recently Line-xd the bed and I am going to do a tool box back Toneau cover and a slider for the rear window. I will also Line-X the bumpers and do a 2 lift leveling kit with sways and shocks probably Ranchos. Ofcourse I will be scouring this forum for ideas LOL I also want to do a new seat

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 A3 vs. 325i

Anyone driven both to compare Im going to go drive an A3 today for fun and to see how the DSG tranny is.

Audi A3 against 3er E90 The competitor of the A3 is the 1 series. The A3 is based on the VW Golf V and shares a lot of parts with other cars from the VW group like seat altea or Skoda Octavia.

Quote Originally Posted by nudel Audi A3 against 3er E90 The competitor of the A3 is the 1 series. The A3 is based on the VW Golf V and shares a lot of parts with other cars from the VW group like seat altea or Skoda Octavia. there is no 1 series in the states. so we compare the 325i to it. not a big stretch.

FIAT 500 II Fuel Economy

I have a new 500 Multijet that has now done about 350 miles and I am only getting 62 mpg on a long motorway run. Is this becasue the car is new i.e will it get better as it wears in abit or should I contact the dealer

Over my first 80 miles or so in my 1.2 lounge the trip computer shows around 36mpg which isnt too bad if the trip is anywhere near right. My Multipla a few years back was pessimistic and my seat altea is optimistic both by about 5mpg. How do others find the computer accuracy compared with real world brim to brim calculations

FIAT PANDA How much would this upset the pureists

Been discussing this idea in work with a few of the mechanics to see just how hard it would be. The panda has only moved a few feet since I bought it as I couldnt work out what to do with it. The idea.... Bike engine...RWD Seen it done a million times to minis so it must not ba that hard to do its just deciding wha way to do it. Anyone think its a good idea

two mistakes recently one makes me smilethe other doesnt. First I traded my altea Fr tdi in for an audi S4 avant (this makes me smile) Second I agreed to sell my last project to my mate when he gets his own car shifted cordoba tdi. (this makes me frown) So now If I start work on the panda straight away and the cordy goes Il have to take the s4 to work every day. As much as Id enjoy the heated seats

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