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I was cruising to work 130 Km. suddenly i see this new seat behind me. When this car came beside me it was a TDI at 140 Km. At that time i took off to 180 Km and leave him behind just 4 cars. He kept coming. This seat is a 5 door small hatchback car with a 150 Hp Turbo diesel engine. Eddie

FIAT BRAVO Bravo 1.6 mjet dynamic eco

Just changed from a seat altea to a 2009 bravo and have noticed the engine seems to be quite noisy is this normal Also is this the new common rail diesel engine i thought they were supposed to be quieter it sounds the same as my altea 1.9 tdi . Another question as im new to Fiat...whats the difference between multijet and Tjet and multijet2 which is the newest. So many questions i know but some advice would be great...thanks in advance. toejam237

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Quote Originally Posted by dubster Had a brand new seat altea with 1.6TDi engine for 2 weeks last month initially felt more powerful than our 89hp 1.4 Pro but actually it was about the same. All the power was delivered between 1500 & 2200 RPM thus it ran outta steam almost instantly and outside that very small range it was utter pants. Ok so it managed 48mpg over the 2 weeks on my country lane commute

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Help Us Decide - 2.0MT or 4moV6 Wagon

My wife and I cant decide on her next Passat Wagons motortranny weve driven both and like them both - almost all of our vehicles have been manuals - what is your opinion 2.0 Manual - just plain fun to drive less expensive or 4motion V6 - safer more reliable (CR) more expensive Why didwould you buy your choice Thanks

True but to be at least halfway safe in car of the Passats weight 150 hp probably is the best compromise for N. America especially since a wagon can be called upon to haul a load. Our TDI has 134 hp (but rather more torque than the 2.0T) and has never felt unsafe in merging or reasonable passing situations. And it can reach about 200 kmh. But it also has gone as high as 1212.1 km on a single tank and can get about 44 mpg on the highway when driven conservatively. Come to think of it if you regularly pull a trailer 280 hp probably isnt overkill (Id be hesitant to tow with a turbocharger...). But with no trailer even 200 hp is overkill. Incidentally the base engine in the Passat wagon in Europe is a 1.6 L 102 hp four. It only comes with a 5-speed (no doubt it would have a hard time pulling a tall 6th...). I doubt many people buy it that way you may as well get the 105 hp TDI instead and get outstanding fuel economy. Still it is available. Also available are a 115 hp 1.6 L FSI and a 2.0 L 150 hp FSI. It would be nice if the 170 hp 1.4L TSI would be offered that would mimic the power of the old 1.8T but with fuel economy approaching a TDIs. The 2.0T and 3.2 L V6 are also available but probably not popular when you figure about 50% of Passats sold there are diesels. When all is said and done though the best engine available for a Passat is IMHO a 140 hp TDI (remember 236 lb-ft). If that was available thats what I would have bought. Id have even considered a 105 hp TDI. And Europe drives rather faster than 100 kmh...yet they seem to get by on much smaller engines. My view is that any trained monkey can make 280 hp go fast but to go fast on a windy mountain road with less than 150 hp in a 3500 lb car is doable but takes real skill with a gearbox. And is loads of fun. I had a blast last summer with a 140 hp seat altea TDI with six-speed manual in the UK. Mind you it had boatloads of torque.

FIAT BRAVO Bravo Multijet 150 tips and tricks

New to the site picking up an 08 150 Multijet dynamic on monday and was wondering if their are any nice little tips and tricks to know. Had a good couple of run outs in it and was very impressed its a belting engine mid range and pulls brilliantly. Showed it to my wife and she just looked terrified by the air con and radio screen poor thing. Really looking forward to owning this car especially as it replaces a horrible seat altea.

- even thrashing it you should still maintain best part of 50mpg. Also allow the glow plug indicator light to go off before starting. As with any car allow for proper warm up and cool down at the end of each trip. The button to the left of the CD Player (that looks like a steering wheel) lightens the steering for multi-storey car park adventures. You have a storage area hidden in the front seat

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS GL X164 GL320 CDI and weather dont like each other

Hi I was searched this forum for instruction on how to install a block heater on a GL320CDI 2008 and couldnt find anything if you know of such thread can you please forward the link. I live in Fort McMurray where on winter days it is quite normal to expect -25 to -40 Celsius temperatures. My SUV is an imported US model and doesnt have a block heater. The synthetic oil in the engine is 5w30 Mobil 1

Save yourself some expense go to cdn tire and order a zero start tank type circulating coolant heater get the 1500 watt model and figure out where to install it. The factor block heater is pretty much useless also it does not raise the coolant temp much. I have a zero start on my vw and it is operating temp after one hour of heating HOT It cools off fast once fired up but alteast it helps start it. If the tank type heater is too complicated to install you can always by a rad hose heater install it down low near the engine block and flow direction does not matter. These heaters run 100 tax in are pretty straight forward to install one thing you will need is a coolant flow diagram so it is facing the right way. I am planning on installing one next summer as I am not happy with the factory part. Sure it starts easier but it is not very warm. I am also looking at Webasto or Espar diesel fired heaters as my vehicle sits outside at the ski hill etc and I am picky about it. I am not going to buy one new but would spend a couple hundred on a used one I found a cabin heater to play with so far and plan to heat the engine bay with the exhaust pipe again next summer it will go in. Heat on cold days is nice and drying wet clothesequipement while on the road is even nicer Hopefully yours has heated seats (all cdn models have them optional in USA).

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