nissan note seat adjustment motor

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nissan note seat adjustment motor E11
nissan note seat adjustment motor E11
nissan note seat adjustment motor
nissan note seat adjustment motor

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NISSAN SENTRA SR20 Common Problems & General Maintenance FAQ

Well folks here is your guide to making your pride and joy run at optimal performance. Starting with common problems and solutions PROBLEM Erratic Idle and jumping idle some other symtoms are also sluggish performance real bad mileage injector leak malfunction code o2 sensor voltage stuck at 800 mv or so. Affects Sentra SE-R NX2000 One thing you may want to check is that the idle was set correctly.

NISSAN TPMS light cleared but still no good

Went to my dealer for my appointment to look at the TPMS system. I took them the TSB number listed on the NHTSAs ODI website for the TPMS problem with the Versa. The tech at the dealership said this TSB does not apply to this vehicle (WTF) and then proceeded to reregister the wheel sensors which made the light go away. I have every confidence that the light will come on in another 1000 miles just like

Its disappointing that nissan wasnt able to make this system cheap and reliable. Im only at 1500 miles so its too early to know if I will be affected but I have an S model (not sure if that matters) and I think my car was built several months after yours... so maybe they fixed it. I havent heard of as many new cases (that werent actually caused by low tire pressure). I suspect that sometime around

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NISSAN Roof Rack 05 King Cab PHOTOS-INSTALL (OEM copy)

I cut a (2nd gen) CrewCab rack 14shorter to fit the KC and it looks PERFECT. The bars fit deep into the lugs so where you cut it is absolutely not visible - it looks factory EDITED for clarity Jan 29 2012.... I imported 3 OEM style racks because I was going to combine them for my LEER cap too. But that was not feasible due to the angle of the feets (see photo) . Ill sell the other 2 racks and one set

NISSAN Some early reviews and hints toward US Pricing... review httpwww.edmunds.cominsidel...22282 It says the SL AWD they test drove was MSRP of 28k sounds like it was maxed out. A couple things to note... This Rogue SLs optional leather-upholstered front seats are comfortable but the six-way manual adjustment has its limitations as our seat companion (apparently pampered by electronic seat controls in the past) inadvertently released the

NISSAN How To Install Lowering Springs

How To Install Lowering Springs New Springs The tools you will need a 17mm is also used for the rear. Start by jacking up the rear of the car and install the jack stands forward of the rear axle. This is what the stock rear look like in the air. Insure to place the floor jack underneath the axle and elevate to take the pressure of the the shock and springs Remove the lower shock bolts on the drive

Just a note... an impact wrench could be used in place of a breaker bar and youre less likely to scrape you knuckles or strip the nut head or shear the bolt or stud. I bought a cheap 50 electric one a few years ago to change the drive sprocket on my motorcycles. A breaker bar will just turn the engine. Its also makes removing axle bolts and the bolt holding the clutch basket much easier. Its handy


I was looking at the sedans and some have xtronic CVT while the hatchbacks have CVT. Is there a difference

are better on the automatic than the manual. Its so compact it has less than a 40lb weight penalty I believe. The civic weighs about as much as the Versa. I havent driven a CVT yet so I cant speak for its smoothness but he newer automatics are pretty impressive and have nearly bumpless shifts. 1st-2nd gear is the one that you usualy cant eliminate... its too big of a ratio change. On a side note...

NISSAN Versa smells like dead rat.

My Versa started to aquire on oder. Its getting really bad so we had to crawl around doing the sniff test. After peeling up the floor carpet we found lots of moldy water spreading through the carpeting We have not noticed any wet seats and have never left open a window. Could it be coming through the floor Does anyone else need to replace their interior yet

park in at work allowed corn feed to occsionally get blown on my car when the wind was right and there was a process upset (I work at a corn refinery). 2) I suspect either the hole is a little small on the drain the tube has a sharp elbow in it or the hole is partially obstructed due to poor quality control from the supplier of hte molded plastic housing. It may be a combination of all 3. I will note

NISSAN Passenger Compartment Temperature Control

First hello to everyone. Im a newbie to this message board. Bought my Versa in January. This week I used the fresh air vent for the first time. Had the temp control dial at 12 oclock neither in the red or blue. The air intake lever was positioned for outside air not recirculated air. After a few minutes driving hot air was coming out of the dash vents (much hotter than the outside air temperature).

This is correct. Thsi is NOT a thermostat. All the way to the cold position is 0% heat. the middle is 50% to the left is 100%. Also note the system ALWAYS works in this manner even with the AC on. So in the summer the AC compressor runs no matter when the heat positon is. It reheats the air after its cooled off. The compressor cycles on and off depending on the temperature of the evaporator coils.

LEXUS GS Dynamic change for Lexus GS range

Fairfax NZ LEXUS GS Even the base 250 model is an impressive looker with the marques aggressive new spindle grille. The GS Lexus is back although it has never really been away. Its just that worthy though the mid-sized luxury executive design has been in the six years since the most recent version was launched in New Zealand it has slipped from buyers shopping lists as BMW Audi Benz and Jaguar have

FORD FIESTA Engine Break-In 101.

Engine and powertrain Break-in 101 1. Introduction ----------------- Every engine and powertrain is the sum of its total parts. If those individual parts do not fit together properly (proper bedding in) or the machined finish of those parts after being run-in are not optimal both fuel mileage and performance will suffer. Even though modern manufacturing processes have improved overall quality drastically

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