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NISSAN LEAF Need new rear suspension or leaf springs

So i have a xj and ive recently have been beating the hell out of the suspension. The leaf springs now are pretty much flat or maybe even a little bit negative. The rear shackles that are on it say it is a skyjacker 5.5 inch lift (jc55rs) the only problem is i dont know if that is right because the guy before me liked to mess with it alot. I need to know if there is a way you can tell exactly what

Quote Originally Posted by Kettles Frame rails to the axle Because that requires lying on the ground.. I can measure from the hub to flare (and hub to body line) in 10 seconds without any effort. And the hub to flare is the standard way of measuring ride height so I just moved the reference point up to allow for trimmed fenders. I could measure the frame to axle if you really want I suppose. Only problem with your method is it does not work if you have trimmed fenders or modified flares or no flares. The Dirty Method Alright for those of you with cut-up fenders (who knows I may be there one day once my XJ becomes a trail rig) here is measuring your ride height the dirty method Checking Front Ride Height Measure front ride height with the vehicle unloaded (no luggage or passengers) and with the fuel tank full. Place the vehicle on a level surface and measure the veryical distance between the top of the axle tube (A) and the underside of the frame sill (B). Refer to Figure 1 for drivers side measurement and Figure 2 for passenger side measurement. Be sure each measurement is taken from the top of the tube and not from the axle or shift motor housings. With Standard or Soft Ride suspension vertical distance should be 17 cm (6-34 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). With Heavy Duty suspension vertical distance should be 20 cm (7-34 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). Checking rear Ride Height Measure rear ride height with the vehicle unloaded (no luggage or passengers) and with the fuel tank full. Place the vehicle on a level surface and measure the vertical distance between the top of the axle tube (C) and the underside of the frame sill (D) inboard of the jounce bumper (E). With Standard or Soft Ride suspension vertical distance should be 15 cm (6 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). With Heavy Duty suspension vertical distance should be 18 cm (7 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). note Fig. 3 refers to MJ suspension but is very similar to XJ.

NISSAN Nissan Rear Suspension Specialists HELP

I have started at least one thread about the HORRIBLE ride quality of my 2009 LE Crewcab 2X4. With 37K (out of basic warranty) the ride quality is getting even worse. Its horribly choppy even a little noticable on smooth surfaces. As though the truck is taking the bumps not the suspension. It has been quite bad since the day I drove it off the lot. I am wondering if I bought the wrong truck for my

I had an 08 4x4 CC LB SE and now have an 11 CC 4x4 LB SL. The 08 rode really smooth but I do have an annoying chop to the ride in the 11 model. Underside looks the same. Only difference I see is the wheeltire size. note on your door jam certification that the load is rated for your truck - and it isnt very much.

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NISSAN OME suspension

ARB USA has been using my truck over the last 6 months or so to test fit their Australian made Navara products sold to the rest of the world. The first installation was of the OME suspension. This suspension gave the Frontier a little over 2 lift in the front and about a 2 12 lift in the rear. It has a great ride and better control than the NISMO suspension that it replaced. Here is a list of part

NISSAN 1st Gen Suspension Lift Questions

Hey guys I know youve seen this title probably hundreds of times and you are getting your fingers ready to type out a sarcastic response flaming me for even daring to ask these questions. But please hear me out. I have also read through those hundreds of 1st gen suspension lift questions and I feel as if the responses in the ones Ive seen (note there is a chance I missed one) are not concrete or convincing

NISSAN Any Suspension mod suggestions for stock Versa HB

Hi everybody Ive been haunting the forum checking out everybodies modifications and tips regarding anything to do with Versas. There are some sweeeeeeet rides out there Im pursuing some customization of my own..... a) I just bought the dc carbon fiber front strut bar for my V. Besides the rear bar what would you recommend for springs struts shocks in order to lower the ride somewhat note I am keeping

NISSAN JUKE Cusco Suspension Parts

I just spoke with Cusco this weekend and am trying to get them to bring some parts over from Japan. They are currently not bringing anything over since they do not want to have too much unsold inventory. For those of you that dont know the name they are one of the most respected companies in the business but the only thing is that their parts tend to be a bit more expensive than others but you definitely

Just heard back from Cusco and here are the MSRP prices. 271 311 B16 rear sway bar 334 MSRP 271 477 A Front lower arm bar - Ver.2 200 MSRP 271 540 A Front strut bar - OS type 200 MSRP Please note that the only part that fits on the AWD is the front strut bar. The rest of the stuff is for FWD only. Given the price of the Stillen strut brace I think Cusco is a bargain. If you guys really want I can see

NISSAN LEAF Rear leaf spring slip

I have a 97 F150 and was curious as to why the top rear leafs have slipped out of alignment from the other leafs in the pack. Anybody else have anything similar let me know.

at a mere 5000 miles.I took it in and they ordered me a new set of springs ( I am guessing the tsb says replace both sides).that was the good news.time for the bad news at 20000 miles I noticed that the drivers side is sliding out again.I have yet to take it abck to the dealer. I have never exceeded the recomended payload either ( I have came pretty close to it quite a few times) An interesting note

NISSAN 2nd Gen (2005) FAQ

2nd Gen (2005) FAQ Part 1 [Updated 05-03-12] This FAQ will hopefully have answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. Please add your input and correct me if anything I have written is incorrect. I will edit the original post with any new information. 2005 nissan Frontiers are referred to as 2nd Generation Frontiers WEBSITES that have nissan and 2nd Gen related products Site Sponsors 4X4

into the truck) and they are a more generic tune. They include the Superchips Cortex (which at the moment is the most popular) Unichip Plug N Play Bully Dog Power Pup and Hypertech Max Energy. FLUIDS and CAPACITIES (According to the Amsoil Product Guide) VQ40DE [V6] Cooling System 11 Quarts for the Initial Fill Engine Oil with Filter API SAE 5w-30 5.4 Quarts Manual Transmission GL-4 75W-85 (nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my Maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a Maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

Little find while looking Quote » With the 240Z which it introduced in 1970 Datsun (a.k.a. nissan) proved that it could build a vehicle so good that it would sell on inherent virtue rather than price advantage. But the sports car market is a fairly narrow one hard-core enthusiasts can make a car a success while seeking characteristics most buyers would never even consider. Midsize sedans on the

NISSAN JPNUS parts interchangeability thread

I apologize if there is already a thread floating around here somewhere for this so mods please feel free to movedeletemerge into the overall sticky thread as you see fit. I think that with the coming eligibility of the earliest R32 Skylines for importation under 25 year exemption and subsequent years to follow (R33 R34) that it would be beneficial to have a sort of FAST database here on NICO for parts

httpwww.gtrusablog.com201001nissan-skyline-gt-r-oem-part-numbers.html Complied by John from Part numbers for RB26DETT only unless otherwise noted. Ignitor pack- R3233- 22020-05U00 Spark Plugs- PFR6A-11 Clutch Pull to push conversion- Late Model R32 R33 Front cover assembly 32110-05U11 (japan part only) Gasket 32112-05U12 Clutch fork 30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX) Spring 30514-14600

NISSAN Godzilla R32GTR Race History...Enjoy

Here you go May 1989 Magazines preview the R32 model range. Even one month prior to release the Australian press think the new model will share a v6 powerplant with the Infiniti range. July 1989 One month after the R32 launch in Japan. The GT-R is covered and a Group A version is pondered the Australian press not realising the first 500 GT-Rs built are in fact the homologation build run. October 1989

NISSAN need advice on tires please

my wife just ordered these rims for me for X-MAS...they are 16x8 with 0 offset.My truck is a 2x4 and Im gonna do the t-bar liftjust wondering if I go with a 2757016 instead of stock 265s 70s will they end up being the same height with the rim being 8.I dont know crap about tire sizes but I would like to buy some bfg ats or something with similiar look.If anyone knows a good place I could order from

when youre stuffed and turning the tire actually comes back farther in the fender well than stock. Even a 31 tire can rub if used on a rim with less backspacing and more trimming is required. A 32 tire on an aftermarket rim with or without lift will require trimming of not only plastic but also of the fender itself and the body seam underneath. An angle grinder works well for this work. With any nissan

NISSAN CUBE II Z11 2008 Nissan Cube vs. 2008 Scion xB

non of this is mine. i just thought i would post it. all credit gos to Dont we all have a happy childhood memory of our parents buying a new refrigerator and getting to play in the giant delivery box Within minutes the box was refashioned into a clubhouse. Or it became a sled and we piled in for a tumble down the nearest hill. So we cant help but imagine that box-shape small cars like

NISSAN JUKE Nissan announces the new Juke small crossover for Europe and North America

nissan has announced a smaller crossover to complement the RogueQashqai and Murano. The European unveiling will occur today Feb 10. The Juke will also make it to North America as a 2011 model. From nissans European News Bureau Quote » JUKE nissans New Small Crossover Sales to begin in Autumn for Europe Extending the Crossover philosophy to the small car segment nissanôs fourth Crossover in

More photos here httpwww.nissannews.comimag...mid1 More details Quote » nissan JUKE BRINGING THE SMALL CAR MARKET TO LIFE Compact SUV meets sports car.... challenge small car traditions To be produced in Europe and Japan To be sold globally including Europe Japan & US Powerful new turbocharged direct-injection gasoline engine New torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system PARIS France

NISSAN MAXIMA 2012 Nissan Maxima FULL Details - First posted here on NICO

2012 nissan Maxima FULL VEHICLE DETAILS FOR THE 2012 MODEL YEAR - UNPUBLISHED May 13th 2011 Thanks to a few connections within nissan North America (NNA) I have been provided with complete details about the upcoming 2012 nissan Maxima . The following are details which until now have not yet been published by nissan or any other automotive enthusiast blog or forum. Fortunately you are a member of

NISSAN Bilstein Shocks

Is anybody here (Australia) running Bilstein shocks on a Navara D40 yet If so can you provide an opinion on ride quality please The setup Im considering is Bilstein B6 shocks King Springs Std load 40mm lift rear leaf springs and either Snake Racing 40mm spacers or Kings 40mm lift coils in the front. The Navara is going to very lightly loaded most of the time and Im really chasing ride quallity above

1 run into the Victorian Alpine country and have to say that this set up is excellent. I purchased the kit through Rocky Mountain suspension and they gave excellent service with the parts arriving within 1 week. (I tried to purchase a calmini 5 lift kit and they just fugged me over and cost me 2 weeks on an outback holiday so I will never recommend their kits ever) httpwww.rockymountainsusp.comnissan_Frtr_xtra.htm

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima what to look for

Since I need a winter car and a more suitable daily driver Ive been looking into getting a maxima I dont know exactly what I want but I love nissan and there is a good possibility that Ill go with another SE-R sentra or even a 200sx either way I go its gonna see light mods (for performance not looks I want this car to stay as low key as possible Im sick of tickets.). I noticed that this forum isnt

became a rebadged Cefiro the chassis designation changed (no A not J) and the car began using the brand new VQ30DE which made 210 hp and 205 ft lb (I think thats right...). The VQ is famous for both its low end power and its excellent reliability. Unfortunately this switch signaled my least favorite change in the car--the switch from independent rear suspension to a solid rear axle. This was nissans

NISSAN DIY Trailer Bearing Replacement & Repacking

I bought a used 2008 Carry-On 4x7 open trailer. Great condition and for a great price. Since i didnt know if anyone has maintained the trailer since its birth in 2008 i figured id start taking a look around. I lubed up the front support leg in front. I lubed the coupler. checked the lights and lubed the lift gate. THEN I DUG INTO THE WHEEL BEARINGS AND FOUND THE FILTH. Im going to do a quick instruction


httpwww.edmunds.cominsidel...el..1 . Quote Three diagonal gray stripes in a circle granted me permission to click the 2009 nissan GT-Rs left paddle shifter twice in rapid succession and floor the throttle. No its not some kind of hallucination. This symbol when posted on the shoulder of Germanys autobahn represents the unrestricted portion where all speed limits are removed. The speed starts piling


Under the Hood Starting with the Juke-standard turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder with direct injection the RS ups the horsepower to 215 and torque to 210 pounds-feet when the front-wheel drive version is paired with the six-speed manual transmission with all-wheel drive and a continuously variable automatic transmission the RS is rated at 211 horsepower and 184 pounds-feet of torque. nissan says


Does anyone have a source for glass for a 90 BNR32. Im looking for all new glass. Doesnt need to be OEM. I live in Phoenix AZ. Also anyone try Yonaka

Complied by John from Part numbers for RB26DETT only unless otherwise noted. Ignitor pack- R3233- 22020-05U00 Spark Plugs- PFR6A-11 Clutch Pull to push conversion- Late Model R32 R33 Front cover assembly 32110-05U11 (japan part only) Gasket 32112-05U12 Clutch fork 30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX) Spring 30514-14600 Spring 30534-E9000 TO bearing 30502-14601 Bearing sleeve30501-S0160

NISSAN Axle question

Hello All I change my tires every year from winter to summer and summer to winter and have always paid for it. I finally bought an car jack and it says that I need to lock into axle to jack the car. Where is the best spot to lock into where I wont damage it. Any answers would be appreciated.

There are 4 places that nissan recommends for jacking points 1) Front suspension cross-member. 2) rear suspension cross-member. 3) Pinch weld below the front door. 4) Pinch weld below the rear door. Personally I use the suspension cross member as a jack point then place jack stands under pinch weld locations. This allows me to jack up the entire frontrear of the car and change the tires on each side at once. note NEVER rely solely on the jack to support the car. Use jack stands for safety -


Im trying to decide whether its worth it to spring for the AWD. Is it a full time all wheel 4 wheel drive I cant quite tell from the description. I dont live in very snowy country although there are a couple of times every winter I could use it to get down my hill. Complicating matters is the fact that the manual transmission only comes with the upper level trims but does NOT come with the AWD right

Ugh. VERY mixed info on whether the AWDCVT combination is best. Im so confused Heres from the Canadian Autoguide review 2011 nissan Juke Review Car Reviews The 6-speed manual available on front drive models only isn&8217t as good as the MINI gearbox but is enjoyable to use with crisp throws and a clutch that is easy to modulate around town and provides adequate feedback. A CVT is also available on

NISSAN New guy with a couple questions

New here and looking for a couple answers... Im looking at picking up a used 07 crew cab 4x4 Frontier here pretty soon nice truck auto tranny V-6 with 20000 miles on it. Ive never owned a Frontier before Ive owned a few hardbody 2 wheel drives over the years back when I was into lowered rides and they were great trucks never had a problem with any of them...Very reliable and ran awesome for 4 banger

Welcome (potentially) to the club. It is a very solid truck platform much like your old hard bodies with some refinement. The only quirks to look out for are a ticking from the engine like the old ka24s (4cyl motors) would do in the hard bodies when the timing chain guide would break especially noticeable at start up. There have been a few instances as the previous member posted of nissan replacing

NISSAN MAXIMA How to Install Coilovers - 5th Gen

Special thanks for this write up goes to Fezzik (David Honey). Posted with permission from the author. Here is what the rear coilover that I tested looked like compared to the stock rear suspension. These are still being tested and are not offered yet. You will first want to measure the carôs wheel gap right now and think of how much u want to lower it by. Be sure to write all your numbers down. 1.)

NISSAN 2010 Nissan Rogue rust under the carriage

Hi Guys I need your advice here. I have a 2010 nissan rogue with 20 K miles on it. I drove the car only in last winter and after every snow storm use to get a full car wash to avoid the rust. but yesterday I was shocked when I bent down to inflate the tires the car is rusty underneath. the car is still under warranty for another one month. Please share your experience and let me know what should i be doing to address this issue. Thanks

surface and use rubberized spray httpwww.canadiantire.caASTbrowse4AutoAutoBodyRepair1AutoBodyPaintProtectantsPRD0477904PRubberizedAsphaltUndercoating.jsplocaleen (note I covered the rubber bushings to protect them from the chemicals inside the spray) I did it just for my own visual satisfaction (and to kill some time as well). I am pretty sure I solved the rust problem there. I have no idea why nissan

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ ZJ suspension lift kit help

Hello everybody I was currently going to start saving up and looking for a 6 lift kit for my 1995 Grand Cherokee Lerado. I am pretty new to all this and was wondering if anyone could give me tips about how much it will cost everything I will need going from stock suspension to the 6 suspension lift if I should do a couple inches of body lift so on and so forth. So if any one could help me out out there that would be great Thanks

concerns. -Ron- I copied and pasted that from here httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf13z...u-post-880249 welcome to the forum youre in the right place youll learn a lot. after doing some research and looking through the picture threads you can probably get away with what youre looking to do with one of the 3.5 kits. 6 seems like the most popular height for a lot of other rigs chevy toyota ford dodge nissan

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

NISSAN Rogue Altima

Still like my Rogue over any other small X over. Was at Toyota dealer checking out a new Rav 4 for 24500 includes freight you can get a nicely equipped Rav 4. Id like to know if there is any Rogue and Altima owners here and I have posted the question on the Altima forums but no answers. I have found an 06 Altima 2.5 S special off lease from nissan credit Canada with 44000 kms loaded but no leather

some had to be recalled. I had a 5spd manual trans the ridiculously tall shifter and weird clutch engagement made it a chore to drive smoothly. Not the best manual I have driven. The automatics are reportedly trouble free. Chassis The rest of the chassis appears fine. Some have had minor issues with the HVAC controls the front undertrayengine cover can come loose rattle or make whistling noises. nissan

NISSAN Keep my Frontier or move to new F-150

Well Ive been itching to drive a new 09 F-150 and I did today. I love my Frontier and cant emphasize this enough and knock on wood my 08 now with 25K miles in 10 months has been bullet proof. All of the common problems like the fuel sending units Oil-Cooler that is sandwiched inside of the radiator taking out transmissions and the infamous chain guides have me scared to death about major out of pocket

Hey guys I aint giving up on my Frontier I just had to drive the new 150 over all of the hype commercials and seeing a couple good looking new ones around town. I probably wont be buying another truck anytime to soon but you never know. Personally I left impressed but not enough to buy one or replace my Frontier. To the guy who said look at a Tacoma I own three an 07 Reg Cab 4-Cyl a 07 Crew Short Box PreRunner & 05 of the same as the 07. Personally I find my 08 Crew Cab Frontiers interior more accommodating theres more storage I like the clam-shell box above the glove box for putting checks and other business related odds & ends. Also my truck got broken into in front of my house one night and the thieves never opened it were my ipod & digi camera were tucked safely away. Also I find my Frontier handles a load better and feels less squirly doing it. Un fortunately my Frontier has been back to the dealer twice this year for TPS sensor that went bad and the low tone horn burned out (my fault) from wheelin off-road in mud though. On another note Dodge has lost all respect for me their rig cant go past the warranty period without starting to fall apart around the motor and their new coil rear suspension went from contractor grade to home owner grade. Most contractors cant afford HD segment trucks so they work their 12 tons hard this new rear suspension setup on the Ram provides the least availible payload and towing of all of them. Ive driven a Silverado they ride like a Cadillac and are super smooth but I just dont like the look. To be honest the last 08.5 Titan Crew w 7ft box I drove was my favorite truck super comfortable tons of torque & power big cab and largest available box. Only down fall is nissan likely wont make it anymore when I need to buy again and the gas millage is absurd.

NISSAN JUKE First Nismo Juke RS hit the Honolulu Nissan Dealership today

UPDATES MT FWD- 26120 CVT AWD - 28120 Oh and there is actually THREE RSs at the dealership. Not just one Hey guys looks like the RSs will be out soon. At New City Nisan in Honolulu HI just received a pearl white one this morning. The rep called me as soon as it rolled off the trailer. Ill post pics up tonight as Im about to leave for work. Waiting for a 6MT one to arrive to purchase one The one that

shifters with 8 stepped ratios (CVT AWD) - suspension lowered - Spring rates damping force modified - Additional cradle-type front subframe and chassis bracing - Larger front brake rotors (12.6 inches vs 11.7 inches) - All discs (front and rear) now vented - Upgraded brake pads - Recaro seats with leather bolsters and suede center inserts Also thought this was a noteworthy comment directly from nissan

NISSAN JUKE UpRev Tune on Nismo - CVT or 6sp

OK Im making a decision here this next week on my next car and Ive done my best to hash this out myself but would like to gather some specific opinions on this scenario. 1. Im going with the Nismo and an UpRevEcuTek (still on fence about this for various reasons) 2. Im not looking to do craziness here. Maybe a couple of basic bolt-onsdownpipe and the tune...I dont need a race car. I really could go

shifters with 8 stepped ratios (CVT AWD) - suspension lowered - Spring rates damping force modified - Additional cradle-type front subframe and chassis bracing - Larger front brake rotors (12.6 inches vs 11.7 inches) - All discs (front and rear) now vented - Upgraded brake pads - Recaro seats with leather bolsters and suede center inserts Also thought this was a noteworthy comment directly from nissan

NISSAN HR31 Skyline GTS-8 VH4145 Hybrid Street Machine conversion

Hi guys Im sharing my project with you to show how someone with little experience can go through a project and accomplish things learning as they go. I began this project with no prior fabrication or engine building experience and scant knowledge about the VH engine. Its all about the passion p Oh pretty much all of the following stuff is copied and pasted from another forum so some of the wording

lever action due to the heavy diff & rear suspension. The chassis seems quite light overall. Oooo and update Literally about 3-4 days until Im driving the car Engine starts and runs with the key... and sounds GLORIOUS. The induction roar and exhaust note is nothing short of ridiculously staunch pure race car. The sound of it bouncing off limiter at 7500rpm is almost orgasm inducing I love nissan

NISSAN why are people trying to make a versa fast

Seriously flame me if you want I dont care but I am seriously asking whether it pisses you off or not. I could not pick another car in the nissan lineup that was a worse candidate to try an wring performance out of and the first fifteen mods would all be just to bring the car up to the level of like a sentras abilities. I just cant make sense of it. Masochistic or something is all I can deduce. I guess

Mile High Versa wrote I tend to agree with you but I dont like Hyundai at all. They dont appreciate my tastes. If nissan comes out with an entry level RWD coupe within 5 years then ill think about it. How exactly dont they appreciate your tastes mcheddadi wrote omg that GEnesis coupe Track edition is such an insane bargain at 23K price. Youre telling me. If Id have known about the Genesis Coupe when

NISSAN Aussie 3 Lift PRGRadflo Install

Well after 6 weeks of all sorts of issues in getting a lift kit.........finally my Radflo suspension arrived in Australia last Monday or Tuesday from PRG with the great help from Jen and Greg.........................and after much crap in dealing with the customs broker Schenker the suspension was released on Friday giving me enough time to install it on the weekend. (This company would not release

NISSAN JUKE Considering Purchasing a Juke....I have some

Hi I am seriously considering purchasing a Juke. Ive test driven one and was throughly impressed with the ride and performance. I do have a few questions and was wondering if some owners could provide some info. 1st. How does the manual transmission hold up I want a stick after driving trucks and sports cars i really miss the control i get form a manual. So i was wondering how smooth it shifts and

vectoring and a completely different rear suspension 2) you should be able to get it for either invoice or msrp minus the destination charges (make sure they throw in mats and splash guard for free) without any issues. If they wont budge on price (msrp) then try for some free upgrades such as navigation sport package or fog lights (these are not standard on the SL model). Using your trade-in or nissan

NISSAN SENTRA III The Mad Hatter 92 Sentra budget build

Well it has been quite some time since I failed to pump the brakes on the 240 so I couldnt help but care about the car I drive daily. While I still really yearn for a 240sx I respect the b13 chassis with all its FWD glory because of its light weight and independent rear suspension. The reason I named this car the Mad Hatter is because the roof is so square and the clear coat is all gone off of just

NISSAN JUKE Lowering Spring Updates

Hey Guys... Their are now 3 European based companies that will be offering Lowering Springs for the US Juke model within the next few weeks...they all have had lowering springs available and in use in European Juke Models for some time now and all are well established companies... here is a breakdown of each with pricing specs and availability note Eibach just sucessfully completed fitment testing

NISSAN broken lower control arm

Check this out My friend has a 2008 Fontier LB crewcab with a Fabtech lift kit. He does moderate off road trails. No rock crawling. He just sent me this e-mail last night. I will keep you guys posted with more info. My wheel fell off luckily I was in the drive way. I took it in to the dealership and all they had to say was Dont you

Anyone has the recall info I will advise him to contact Fabtech. 4wheelpart soldinstalled it. Maybe they can help. Found it MAY 20 2010 Recall ID 29245 Hide Details Recall ReasonsuspensionFRONTCONTROL ARMLOWER ARM Recall DateMAY 20 2010 Model AffectedFRONTIER Potential Units Affected1873 Recall Summary nissan IS RECALLING CERTAIN FRONT AND rear LOWER LINKS PNOS. 54501ZQ00A 54500ZQ00A 551A1ZQ00A 551A0ZQ00A

NISSAN general consensus...

what do yall prefer to lift our trucks... the 2.5 coil over fronts or billet spacers and for the rear ( since air shocks do not seem to be available...) add a leaf or blocks mines a 4x2 05 se btw

It is not expensive at all. All your doing is adding a few leafs to raise the rear about 2 or so not too sure. This is used by mild off roaders that need easy lift with some traction control that want to avoid significant body roll created by the blocks. Downside is that the leafs will flatten overtime and the rear end will sag. Otherwise another great option for some good ol off roading. noteS

NISSAN What are the little things that bug you about the Versa

Was looking at buying one of these things for tooting around town and short trips. Manual shift base-mid option package. Nothing too fancy Im the type of person that gets very irritated by little things and they often make all the difference for me in a purchaseno purchase decision. As owners of Versas what could you tell me are the little things that irritate you about your Versa Also add things that make the car great. -CF

After looking through all the things that us Versa owners have discovered about our cars...its interesting to note that nissan dosnt seem to be listening but Hyundai IS If you check off all the problem items you will find them all corrected on this new VersaLike 2009 Touring Tilt-telescopic steering standard 4 wheel disk ABS brakes electronic stability control (ESC) fold flat rear seat Daytime running

MARUTI VERSA adjusting rear coilover after installation

so since I got the test coils from megan racing i thought the one inch drop was good but that gap wasnt. Ive decided to drop the car another half inch all around the front was easier than I had expected. It took me roughly 20-30 min with both front coils. (grant it that I didnt have a jack and was resource to use my standard car jack.) so I wanted to tackle the rear but I came to the conclusion that

the looks and handling of my versa. in all honesty its a pain trying to get back at danny with any word. but he did say that the coils are going to be around 1000 for the set. and i really havent heard anything else. im going to try to reach someone else in a different company who is willing to work with the 14 versa sedan. i came in contact with tanabe and they said theyre only looking for the nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 01 I30 stallsturn off when on idle

01 I30 stallsturn off when on idle. the other day I went to the store and the car just turned at a stop light. I trioed turning it on and it would for a second then it would turn off. If I put my foot on the peddle and have it about 2000 rpms it will run fine. But as soon as I let go the rpms drop and the car shuts off. Lucky for me it was late and there werent alot of cops out. I had to drive home

rough Idling and stalling issues. Transmission shifting not smooth -this may indicate low level or dirty ATF andor filter but also a sign the transmission is on the way out. With the engine running and warm check the level and color of the ATF fluid. A good ATF fluid is pinkish red. If the fluid is dark andor has burnt smell it must be replaced. If the level is low just add fluid (Recommended is nissan

NISSAN PRG v.s. Rough Country leveling kits...

Okay I searched the archives but didnt find what I was looking for so here it is... I have noticed many folks on here have both the PRG and RC leveling kits on their rigs. I am looking at purchasing one but cant decide. I have a 2011 KC 4x4 and it is currently bone stock. Any help is greatly appreciated

I was originally between this nissan Leveling suspension Lift Kit or this PRG Products I would be getting camber bolts as well. Just wanted to see what feelings were regarding the different brands and the quality their products as well as corrosion being a major concern. Being from PA where our vehicles succumb to rot before anything else. I like ADFs prices but they dont give much description about

NISSAN JUKE Tein street basis coilovers

First set of Tein Street Basis coilovers in America. Custom revalved from JDM spec. First impressions... Ride quality is very good tighter than stock but not harsh. Turn in response is crisp and the adhesion limits are significantly higher. Brake and acceleration pitch movement is greatly reduced no more rocking boat motion. Now with the pictures I will get car pictures when the sun comes back out.

with a 245 tire. Only warning is that if you have stock suspension dont go jumping things. You might end up with some contact. Most cars only use 2-3 inches of compression travel so its not a problem for normal road driving. The problem with the juke is the front fender liners are very tight despite the huge openings. The rear has so much room. I think 10.5 wide with a 35 would still fit. Also note

with a 245 tire. Only warning is that if you have stock suspension dont go jumping things. You might end up with some contact. Most cars only use 2-3 inches of compression travel so its not a problem for normal road driving. The problem with the juke is the front fender liners are very tight despite the huge openings. The rear has so much room. I think 10.5 wide with a 35 would still fit. Also note

NISSAN MAXIMA Newbie to Forum but not to Maxima

Just came across the forums this week what a great resource I am in the market for a used car and have begun looking at Maximas again. I used to have a 91 SE and I knew about the timing belt issue. I am now looking at a couple one a 99 SE and another 01. What things must I be on the lookout for or plan on replacing very early on in ownership Also what were the differences in the 95-99 and the 00-04

I series over the Maximas Differences between the Maxima and I were 100% aesthetic. Different front and rear fascia and different trim inside and out. Both can be found with auto or manual transmissions and in luxury or sport trim. It just comes down to which one you think looks best. One reason to consider purchasing an I over a Maxima though is for Infiniti service. While there are some great nissan

NISSAN Jack Stand Recommendations

What kind of jack stands are yall using To meet the needs of Frontier I figure I need a stand that will rise to at least 14-12 to 15 for tire rotations. My main concern is where to place the stand given that Ill be using the factory jack to raise the truck (i.e. ya cant put the stand at the spot where the jack shoulders the load). Is the rear axle tube able to support the rear (The jack fits under

steel. Mine have a completely solid base heavy but very stable (got em from Northern years ago). Place the jack under the front crossmember to raise the front or under the rear diff housing on the rear. Jack stands should go on the frame not on the suspension members or axle tubes this gives a more stable setup as youre not concerned about the suspension still being live against the stands. note

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