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NISSAN LEAF Need new rear suspension or leaf springs

So i have a xj and ive recently have been beating the hell out of the suspension. The leaf springs now are pretty much flat or maybe even a little bit negative. The rear shackles that are on it say it is a skyjacker 5.5 inch lift (jc55rs) the only problem is i dont know if that is right because the guy before me liked to mess with it alot. I need to know if there is a way you can tell exactly what

Quote Originally Posted by Kettles Frame rails to the axle Because that requires lying on the ground.. I can measure from the hub to flare (and hub to body line) in 10 seconds without any effort. And the hub to flare is the standard way of measuring ride height so I just moved the reference point up to allow for trimmed fenders. I could measure the frame to axle if you really want I suppose. Only problem with your method is it does not work if you have trimmed fenders or modified flares or no flares. The Dirty Method Alright for those of you with cut-up fenders (who knows I may be there one day once my XJ becomes a trail rig) here is measuring your ride height the dirty method Checking Front Ride Height Measure front ride height with the vehicle unloaded (no luggage or passengers) and with the fuel tank full. Place the vehicle on a level surface and measure the veryical distance between the top of the axle tube (A) and the underside of the frame sill (B). Refer to Figure 1 for drivers side measurement and Figure 2 for passenger side measurement. Be sure each measurement is taken from the top of the tube and not from the axle or shift motor housings. With Standard or Soft Ride suspension vertical distance should be 17 cm (6-34 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). With Heavy Duty suspension vertical distance should be 20 cm (7-34 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). Checking rear Ride Height Measure rear ride height with the vehicle unloaded (no luggage or passengers) and with the fuel tank full. Place the vehicle on a level surface and measure the vertical distance between the top of the axle tube (C) and the underside of the frame sill (D) inboard of the jounce bumper (E). With Standard or Soft Ride suspension vertical distance should be 15 cm (6 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). With Heavy Duty suspension vertical distance should be 18 cm (7 inches) plus or minus 13 mm (12 inch). note Fig. 3 refers to MJ suspension but is very similar to XJ.

NISSAN LEAF Rear leaf spring slip

I have a 97 F150 and was curious as to why the top rear leafs have slipped out of alignment from the other leafs in the pack. Anybody else have anything similar let me know.

at a mere 5000 miles.I took it in and they ordered me a new set of springs ( I am guessing the tsb says replace both sides).that was the good news.time for the bad news at 20000 miles I noticed that the drivers side is sliding out again.I have yet to take it abck to the dealer. I have never exceeded the recomended payload either ( I have came pretty close to it quite a few times) An interesting note

View Rear suspension spring for NISSAN NOTE

NISSAN OME suspension

ARB USA has been using my truck over the last 6 months or so to test fit their Australian made Navara products sold to the rest of the world. The first installation was of the OME suspension. This suspension gave the Frontier a little over 2 lift in the front and about a 2 12 lift in the rear. It has a great ride and better control than the NISMO suspension that it replaced. Here is a list of part

NISSAN JUKE Lowering Spring Updates

Hey Guys... Their are now 3 European based companies that will be offering Lowering springs for the US Juke model within the next few weeks...they all have had lowering springs available and in use in European Juke Models for some time now and all are well established companies... here is a breakdown of each with pricing specs and availability note Eibach just sucessfully completed fitment testing

NISSAN LEAF What leaf springs are these

This is an update to a thread I started a while ago about my tsb experience httpwww.tacomaworld.comforum2nd...un-begins.html . I wanted to begin a new thread to draw attention to a new twist on the leaf spring tsb and hopefully to see if anyone can provide any answers. Being told my springs were on national backorder I had been waiting patiently since 701 for them to arrive. Two days ago on 715 I get

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima springstrut replacement.4th & 5th Gen.

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOU READ THIS Automotive springs are under an incredible amount of pressure when compressed in the strut assembly. Serious injury or death may occur if you are not careful. DO NOT remove the center nut in the strut assembly until the springs are completely compressed. If the spring compressors slip while compressing BE VERY CAREFUL and slowly decompress

NISSAN LEAF Leaf springs are shot.

All for leafs on my 87 are inverted. It might be paranoia but I feel its only a short matter of time before one of these puppys flies apart. I started to consider a lift kit... I was reading this thread httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf12b...ckles-1133105 It is about shackles or body lift. Some people brought up some interesting points about using a stock suspension and just going with a body lift. When

been nothing but happy with them. Their shocks are kinda pricey but you can always pick up a set of Skyjacker Hydros for around 130 or so and still have a pretty nice set-up. I dont have any personal experience with Rustys kits but have seen enough negative posts about their products and Cust Service to avoid using them. Do some research and go with what you think is best. Good luck On a side note

NISSAN LEAF leaf springs f99 f150

any body got any info on 3 leaf springs for 99 f150 .i have convinced myself to drop my truck.i have also come to the conclusion that a 23 drop is the best for me. 24 seems a hair bit to low in the back for me.i like the rear a tad bit higher in the back. i am looking for something similar to the roush suspension (front springsleafs and shocks)just not the price..(hangers do not sound like fun according

NISSAN Any Suspension mod suggestions for stock Versa HB

Hi everybody Ive been haunting the forum checking out everybodies modifications and tips regarding anything to do with Versas. There are some sweeeeeeet rides out there Im pursuing some customization of my own..... a) I just bought the dc carbon fiber front strut bar for my V. Besides the rear bar what would you recommend for springs struts shocks in order to lower the ride somewhat note I am keeping

NISSAN LEAF How To Remove a leaf from your z85 spring pack

Disclaimer The community here at urges you to please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your Colorado or Canyon service manual or contact a certified mechanic as not all GMT355 trucks are the same. The staff and the associated members are in no way responsible for

NISSAN LEAF Swapping the leaf spring shackles

I heard that swapping the leaf spring shackles on the front axle will do wonders for the ride. Any comments

now being at the front the axle will move back when the suspension compresses not forward like it dose stock. With the axle moving back you run the chance of the drive shaft not having enough compression. If the drive shaft bottoms out you could bust your T-case. Also depending on the condition of your springs and shocks you may experience more brake dive when you get on the brakes. P.S. also note

NISSAN LEAF Leaf Spring Bolt and removal

I know this has been asked a thousand million times but I am going to be replacing my leafs soon and I am just going assume the worst is gonna happen so am going to be prepared. Already been soaking everything for weeks. Question is and this is assuming the welded nut brakes and I have to cut it. What bolt size have you guys used for an alternative to the M14 x 2 x 120 bolt in standard form I likely

I start to cut the rail and or bracket welded to the rail do I need to get it welded Im not really sure how all this cutting affects the strength of things my biggest fear and I dont own a welder but If I had to I could get it welded. But I dont see the need if its just the floor pan body material thats only been cut. Its bad enough having to cut holes in your floor already either way. On a side note

NISSAN LEAF Leaf Spring fanning

The drivers side on my 99 F150 Supercab is sagginging in the rear. There is about 78 difference between the passenger and driver side height. The bottom leaf on the driver side has fanned out some. Could this be the cause since the third leaf is no longer providing full support or is the spring in need of replacement Do leaf springs need to be replaced in pairs Are there any concerns with using springs

NISSAN LEAF Leaf Spring Pack--Best shocks for Snow Plowing

Hi Im debating on what to buy. I have a 4.0 manual 1992 Wrangler (stock) want to put a 6-7 foot snow plow on it and bigger tires (not to big). Anyway need advise on what leaf spring pack to purchase. Im looking for a min. amount of lift but want a beefy spring system to handle the plow and (30x9.5 15s). Im sure there is a lot of wisdom out there Regards Lowell

89yjmule Some shock manufacturer web sites provide charts with the compressed and extended measurements as well as the types of connection ends of shocks. If you gather the measurements off your current shock make a note on what type of ends your 89 has then go to the chart you can match up to a HD replacement shock. You might want to compare your connection ends and measurement lengths to what is

NISSAN LEAF 98 F150 leaf spring mounts omg so exspensive

ya i have a 98 f150 i had big plans on lifting but after i already had to replace the rear frame cause the guy i got it form overloaded it sending the shocks through the frame i found out that the f ing mounts i just chopped off cost about 300 ea. for the front of rear hangers and 130ea. rear of rear hangers im about to lose it. made a big mistake not trying to slavage them i think but they were pretty

just a note its a 98 f150 ext cab step side 5.4 triton 4x4. im sure everyone who has this yr has ran into the same problem as me. how come they are so cheap up to 96 and the after yrs of our trucks but from 98 to 03 i believe they are hard to find or we have to go junk yarding im just abou tto trade it for a darn cavalier so i can actuallly find parts. if you cant tell at this point im getting pretty

NISSAN 2nd Gen (2005) FAQ

2nd Gen (2005) FAQ Part 1 [Updated 05-03-12] This FAQ will hopefully have answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. Please add your input and correct me if anything I have written is incorrect. I will edit the original post with any new information. 2005 nissan Frontiers are referred to as 2nd Generation Frontiers WEBSITES that have nissan and 2nd Gen related products Site Sponsors 4X4

NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my Maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a Maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

Little find while looking Quote » With the 240Z which it introduced in 1970 Datsun (a.k.a. nissan) proved that it could build a vehicle so good that it would sell on inherent virtue rather than price advantage. But the sports car market is a fairly narrow one hard-core enthusiasts can make a car a success while seeking characteristics most buyers would never even consider. Midsize sedans on the

NISSAN JPNUS parts interchangeability thread

I apologize if there is already a thread floating around here somewhere for this so mods please feel free to movedeletemerge into the overall sticky thread as you see fit. I think that with the coming eligibility of the earliest R32 Skylines for importation under 25 year exemption and subsequent years to follow (R33 R34) that it would be beneficial to have a sort of FAST database here on NICO for parts

httpwww.gtrusablog.com201001nissan-skyline-gt-r-oem-part-numbers.html Complied by John from Part numbers for RB26DETT only unless otherwise noted. Ignitor pack- R3233- 22020-05U00 Spark Plugs- PFR6A-11 Clutch Pull to push conversion- Late Model R32 R33 Front cover assembly 32110-05U11 (japan part only) Gasket 32112-05U12 Clutch fork 30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX) spring 30514-14600

NISSAN Godzilla R32GTR Race History...Enjoy

Here you go May 1989 Magazines preview the R32 model range. Even one month prior to release the Australian press think the new model will share a v6 powerplant with the Infiniti range. July 1989 One month after the R32 launch in Japan. The GT-R is covered and a Group A version is pondered the Australian press not realising the first 500 GT-Rs built are in fact the homologation build run. October 1989

NISSAN Bilstein Shocks

Is anybody here (Australia) running Bilstein shocks on a Navara D40 yet If so can you provide an opinion on ride quality please The setup Im considering is Bilstein B6 shocks King springs Std load 40mm lift rear leaf springs and either Snake Racing 40mm spacers or Kings 40mm lift coils in the front. The Navara is going to very lightly loaded most of the time and Im really chasing ride quallity above

1 run into the Victorian Alpine country and have to say that this set up is excellent. I purchased the kit through Rocky Mountain suspension and they gave excellent service with the parts arriving within 1 week. (I tried to purchase a calmini 5 lift kit and they just fugged me over and cost me 2 weeks on an outback holiday so I will never recommend their kits ever) httpwww.rockymountainsusp.comnissan_Frtr_xtra.htm

NISSAN need advice on tires please

my wife just ordered these rims for me for X-MAS...they are 16x8 with 0 offset.My truck is a 2x4 and Im gonna do the t-bar liftjust wondering if I go with a 2757016 instead of stock 265s 70s will they end up being the same height with the rim being 8.I dont know crap about tire sizes but I would like to buy some bfg ats or something with similiar look.If anyone knows a good place I could order from

when youre stuffed and turning the tire actually comes back farther in the fender well than stock. Even a 31 tire can rub if used on a rim with less backspacing and more trimming is required. A 32 tire on an aftermarket rim with or without lift will require trimming of not only plastic but also of the fender itself and the body seam underneath. An angle grinder works well for this work. With any nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA How to Install Coilovers - 5th Gen

Special thanks for this write up goes to Fezzik (David Honey). Posted with permission from the author. Here is what the rear coilover that I tested looked like compared to the stock rear suspension. These are still being tested and are not offered yet. You will first want to measure the carôs wheel gap right now and think of how much u want to lower it by. Be sure to write all your numbers down. 1.)


Does anyone have a source for glass for a 90 BNR32. Im looking for all new glass. Doesnt need to be OEM. I live in Phoenix AZ. Also anyone try Yonaka

Complied by John from Part numbers for RB26DETT only unless otherwise noted. Ignitor pack- R3233- 22020-05U00 Spark Plugs- PFR6A-11 Clutch Pull to push conversion- Late Model R32 R33 Front cover assembly 32110-05U11 (japan part only) Gasket 32112-05U12 Clutch fork 30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX) spring 30514-14600 spring 30534-E9000 TO bearing 30502-14601 Bearing sleeve30501-S0160


Under the Hood Starting with the Juke-standard turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder with direct injection the RS ups the horsepower to 215 and torque to 210 pounds-feet when the front-wheel drive version is paired with the six-speed manual transmission with all-wheel drive and a continuously variable automatic transmission the RS is rated at 211 horsepower and 184 pounds-feet of torque. nissan says

NISSAN Aussie 3 Lift PRGRadflo Install

Well after 6 weeks of all sorts of issues in getting a lift kit.........finally my Radflo suspension arrived in Australia last Monday or Tuesday from PRG with the great help from Jen and Greg.........................and after much crap in dealing with the customs broker Schenker the suspension was released on Friday giving me enough time to install it on the weekend. (This company would not release


Im trying to decide whether its worth it to spring for the AWD. Is it a full time all wheel 4 wheel drive I cant quite tell from the description. I dont live in very snowy country although there are a couple of times every winter I could use it to get down my hill. Complicating matters is the fact that the manual transmission only comes with the upper level trims but does NOT come with the AWD right

Ugh. VERY mixed info on whether the AWDCVT combination is best. Im so confused Heres from the Canadian Autoguide review 2011 nissan Juke Review Car Reviews The 6-speed manual available on front drive models only isn&8217t as good as the MINI gearbox but is enjoyable to use with crisp throws and a clutch that is easy to modulate around town and provides adequate feedback. A CVT is also available on

NISSAN JUKE UpRev Tune on Nismo - CVT or 6sp

OK Im making a decision here this next week on my next car and Ive done my best to hash this out myself but would like to gather some specific opinions on this scenario. 1. Im going with the Nismo and an UpRevEcuTek (still on fence about this for various reasons) 2. Im not looking to do craziness here. Maybe a couple of basic bolt-onsdownpipe and the tune...I dont need a race car. I really could go

shifters with 8 stepped ratios (CVT AWD) - suspension lowered - spring rates damping force modified - Additional cradle-type front subframe and chassis bracing - Larger front brake rotors (12.6 inches vs 11.7 inches) - All discs (front and rear) now vented - Upgraded brake pads - Recaro seats with leather bolsters and suede center inserts Also thought this was a noteworthy comment directly from nissan

NISSAN JUKE First Nismo Juke RS hit the Honolulu Nissan Dealership today

UPDATES MT FWD- 26120 CVT AWD - 28120 Oh and there is actually THREE RSs at the dealership. Not just one Hey guys looks like the RSs will be out soon. At New City Nisan in Honolulu HI just received a pearl white one this morning. The rep called me as soon as it rolled off the trailer. Ill post pics up tonight as Im about to leave for work. Waiting for a 6MT one to arrive to purchase one The one that

shifters with 8 stepped ratios (CVT AWD) - suspension lowered - spring rates damping force modified - Additional cradle-type front subframe and chassis bracing - Larger front brake rotors (12.6 inches vs 11.7 inches) - All discs (front and rear) now vented - Upgraded brake pads - Recaro seats with leather bolsters and suede center inserts Also thought this was a noteworthy comment directly from nissan

NISSAN why are people trying to make a versa fast

Seriously flame me if you want I dont care but I am seriously asking whether it pisses you off or not. I could not pick another car in the nissan lineup that was a worse candidate to try an wring performance out of and the first fifteen mods would all be just to bring the car up to the level of like a sentras abilities. I just cant make sense of it. Masochistic or something is all I can deduce. I guess

Mile High Versa wrote I tend to agree with you but I dont like Hyundai at all. They dont appreciate my tastes. If nissan comes out with an entry level RWD coupe within 5 years then ill think about it. How exactly dont they appreciate your tastes mcheddadi wrote omg that GEnesis coupe Track edition is such an insane bargain at 23K price. Youre telling me. If Id have known about the Genesis Coupe when

Front side side air curtain air bags Active front head restraints Drivers lumbar support Air conditioning Remote keyless entry system Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob Power windows (one-touch up and down) door locks and mirrors AMFMXMMP3CD audio system with six speakers iPodUSBAux jack connectivity Projector beam headlamps Lightweight temporary spare with aluminum wheel (T13580D18) note

MARUTI VERSA adjusting rear coilover after installation

so since I got the test coils from megan racing i thought the one inch drop was good but that gap wasnt. Ive decided to drop the car another half inch all around the front was easier than I had expected. It took me roughly 20-30 min with both front coils. (grant it that I didnt have a jack and was resource to use my standard car jack.) so I wanted to tackle the rear but I came to the conclusion that

the looks and handling of my versa. in all honesty its a pain trying to get back at danny with any word. but he did say that the coils are going to be around 1000 for the set. and i really havent heard anything else. im going to try to reach someone else in a different company who is willing to work with the 14 versa sedan. i came in contact with tanabe and they said theyre only looking for the nissan

NISSAN general consensus...

what do yall prefer to lift our trucks... the 2.5 coil over fronts or billet spacers and for the rear ( since air shocks do not seem to be available...) add a leaf or blocks mines a 4x2 05 se btw

It is not expensive at all. All your doing is adding a few leafs to raise the rear about 2 or so not too sure. This is used by mild off roaders that need easy lift with some traction control that want to avoid significant body roll created by the blocks. Downside is that the leafs will flatten overtime and the rear end will sag. Otherwise another great option for some good ol off roading. noteS

NISSAN Tanabe coilovers

So I found some and they are 1500.00 what do you guys think about that price

(it does on the Mini whose stock springs are linear) and better performance when pushed hard. Lastly shock dampening and stroke need to matched to the spring characteristics. An aftermarkeret spring thats stiffer and shorter than stock could overpower a stock shock and take it out of its normal performance range. This is typically exhibited by excessive bouncing or overshoot going over a bump. (note

NISSAN From a stop spinning the tires on a wet road

I decided to do a burnout in my truck on wet pavement for fun and a little excitement for my girl. This is not the first time When I drop the hammer from a dead stop on wet pavement my truck goes into a fish tail. Its not the first time and I expect my truck to do a fish tail. I was wondering if both rear tires are spinning at the same time to cause the fish tail or just one wheel. Ive done this before

I have had both lit up on a wet road and got it to fishtail some but then other times I have had only one lite up and it still fish tailed. I think it might have something to do with the stock long trails. They are not a uniform tread pattern. This might cause it to act a little like a screw and cause the rear to go either left or right depending on which way it starting slipping first. Side note

NISSAN LEAF Have you removed a leaf

Looking to soften the ride on an 02 f150 supercrew 4x4. A suggestion that seems to be made frequently is remove a leaf from the rear leaf pack likely the bottom one the overload spring. I am curious how many people have done this and what kind of improvement you actually seen This seems to be something I would need to take to a suspension shop since it seems once you cut the bolts holding the springs


First off thanks to RED_DET for directing me here. I got a 92 G20 with an SR20DE. I want to make it the best all around daily driver possible. More or less I wanted to go the whole 9 yards with all possible engine and performance upgrades. Just for self satisfaction I installed a small sound system. Being a brokeass college student I have to do these things slowly. Next step is suspension. Any suggestions

to the right of it. There is a wide paint mark from 13 to 15 degrees which the factory probably set yours to. Eyeball 17 degrees between the marks and thats what you want.] From the 1991 Technical Bulletins Beginning with April 1991 production the ignition timing mating mark has been changed as shown below. NEW marks at -5051013white paint1520 B.T.D.C.. OLD marks at 05101520 B.T.D.C.. [Editoral note

NISSAN Found my under dash rattle does yours do this check out my video

Aloha Well after a little-bit looking around under the dash i found the stupid rattle noise Check out the video and let me know what your findings are. From what i saw it looks like the weld is bad so when you bend it the metel flexes and makes that noise httptoy4runner.comnismovideosrattle.wmv This Part is Located under the drivers side dash just to the right of the steering shaft. I have attached a pic The cable to the right goes to the ignition.....

Quote Originally Posted by characterzero recall for that part is that listed at the TSB site too I havent noted a posted recall on that BCM... tia Here are all the TSBrecall info listed in Alldata. 06-047 07082006 Recall - Potential Door Latch Defect 06-036 04212006 Recall - Fuel Cap Tether Replacement 06-009A 03312006 Electrical - MIL ONDTCs U1010 or U1000 Stored 06-030 03302006 Fuel System - Squeak

NISSAN LEAF DIY squeaky leaf fix

ok so after seeing all the issues everyone has had with this and only seeing people say what to do to fix it (grease new leaf pack dealership innertube) i decided to do a DIY of it. note I AM NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR ANYTHING YOU DO TO YOUR TRUCK with that said here ya go things youll need bicycle tire tube- 2.65 at wally world (optional) glue-4.95 for gorilla glue jack-should be in your truck prybar and

Creak in the rear left suspension was driving me nuts...Toyota dealer told me 227 (200 labor and 27 parts) to replace spring glad i decided to do some research. found this forum and thread. Just finished cleaning the leafs w some WD40 and then added a piece of tire tube and no more creakin Fn A note on the way over to work to grab a crowbar from the garage this morning a rock hit my windshield.

Quote Originally Posted by JAM73 Creak in the rear left suspension was driving me nuts...Toyota dealer told me 227 (200 labor and 27 parts) to replace spring glad i decided to do some research. found this forum and thread. Just finished cleaning the leafs w some WD40 and then added a piece of tire tube and no more creakin Fn A note on the way over to work to grab a crowbar from the garage

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Koni Sport & ShockStrut mount install...

Finally got around to installing some new shocks in the car. Since I needed to get an alignment this week I went ahead and replaced the tie rods as well. I had a knocking noise in my suspension discussed in an earlier thread and was suspicious of the tie rods. After removing the the rods and struts I can definitely say it was the shocks. The tie rods were in great shape at 67K miles but the strutsshocks

Quote Originally Posted by domiguy Michel is there some guide you followed to do the installation What tools did you need to do the install I need to replace my suspension and I already have it I just need to get it installed. I have some tools at home from when I used to work on my nissan 200SX - including the special tool that is used to compress the springs I have done so many suspension installs

KIA SORENTO I JC Looking to buy

Im in the market for a first gen sorento and was wondering if there are any years with certain problems or just anything in general that I should stay away from when buying Thanks -Cody

4 speed auto is a Japanese built Aisin unit similar to the ones used in Toyota Landcruisers in the 1990s and early 2000s. Aisin autos are reliable and durable. Looked after they will probably last the life of the vehicle and they use cheap and easy to find everywhere DX III oil. The five speed auto is a Jatco unit built under licence by Hyundai it is essentially the same as Jatco units used in nissan

LEXUS IS II Frontier A redesign is scheduled for the 2009 or 2010 model year.

Officials are mum about it but insiders say the Cube is definately coming in early 2009 as a 2010 model. By LINDSAY CHAPPELL AUTOMOTIVE NEWS nissan has played catch-up on new-product releases in 2006 and 2007 after a lull that slowed the brands sales pace. In the past 12 months nissan has introduced the Versa redesigned the Altima and Sentra and re-engineered the Titan pickup. The next two years will

FORD F150 I found it - the original Piston Slap topic. Enjoy

bbraynor posted 07-21-98 0701 PM ET (US) HELP The 5.4L may have a design flaw If you have experienced a cold start knock or more simply a knocking sound when starting a cold 5.4 please let me know Others have had this problem which sounds unfixable. Any info would be of great help. The 99 5.4 Ive been informed should have been fixed. I bleed FMC Blue but my experience with problems makes me shudder

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Battery

I went to put my wives 2003 325 cic in the garage tonight and all I got was a clicking noise. I had lights etc. but not enough juice to turn over the motor. Battery was 4 years old last month no hint of problems until today. I jumped the car and it started right up noticed a battery picture in and around the gage on the dash. Im going to take it to the Indy shop tomorrow and hope its the battery and not the alternator. Any thoughts Ladderman

enjoy this forum and Im convinced that a BMW is in my future. Ladderman The only problem with comparing them is not all cars have been maintained the same or driven the same. When your acura gets to almost 300000 miles Ill be happy to compare repair costs vs my 2000 bmw 323i. I just drive and drive it and besides minor stuff its very reliable. Far more reliable than my inlaws toyotas or friends nissans


Quote Originally Posted by superskunk the problem is that not to many people know of us... and another thing is that people like to roll stock... the majority of versa owners i see on the road are older... I roll stock because Im poor and my wife would slice and dice me if i bought the mods I want....too many years of wasting money on modding cars is caught up with me

(2) This section shall not apply to motor vehicles designed or modified primarily for off-highway racing purposes and such motor vehicles may be lawfully towed on the highways of this state. (3) Any person who violates any provision of this section commits a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense. Source L. 94 Entire title amended with relocations p. 2267 &167 1 effective January 1 1995. Editors note

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