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Hi Vindi sorry about that...its a very sad thing . Once a motorbike fell on my Mk1 Punto and smashed the rear quarter panel and dented the door so I know how you feel. As for respraying try to avoid respraying the door too the quarter panel is quite big I think the new paint could be blended in ok. I really hate touching factory paint. Goodluck man post some pics when it is back in its former glory .

NISSAN NOTE E11 A note about orfab...

So I just wanted to comment on orfabs exceptional products and how high quality they really are... The story. I was headed up to my local ski slope and came around a corner hit ice and lost it... right into the front of an oncoming blazer. I instantly blacked out and woke up a few seconds later on the side of the rode about 3 feet from a 30ish foot drop to the side of a bridge. My entire rear quarter

Quote Originally Posted by rs4race Yes thats what I have to say. Ive been driving for 10 years in the NW and when I go up in the mountains around the ski areas and there is snow all over I take that into consideration... It doesnt really matter if you guys think im a punk because he got in an accident and I said he needs to drive more careful. He still needs to be more careful. I dont see how you could

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NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my Maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a Maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

Little find while looking Quote » With the 240Z which it introduced in 1970 Datsun (a.k.a. nissan) proved that it could build a vehicle so good that it would sell on inherent virtue rather than price advantage. But the sports car market is a fairly narrow one hard-core enthusiasts can make a car a success while seeking characteristics most buyers would never even consider. Midsize sedans on the

NISSAN CUBE II Z11 2008 Nissan Cube vs. 2008 Scion xB

non of this is mine. i just thought i would post it. all credit gos to Dont we all have a happy childhood memory of our parents buying a new refrigerator and getting to play in the giant delivery box Within minutes the box was refashioned into a clubhouse. Or it became a sled and we piled in for a tumble down the nearest hill. So we cant help but imagine that box-shape small cars like

NISSAN Car Magazines Are SO Biased

The current issue of Road & Track Magazine has a comparison test between the Toyota Yaris the Honda Fit and nissan Versa. Of course we all know the outcome without even reading the article. The Honda wins. Honda ALWAYS wins Dont blind them with the imperical data. Its a Honda and therefore its the winner These guys are SO hung up on handling and Road Feel that their eyes are closed to any other virtues

NISSAN Eliminate Blind Spots

One thing that has always bugged me when I get into other peoples vehicles is that they dont adjust their mirrors properly. All they do is overlap their side mirrors with their rear view and generate massive blind spots. Done properly blind spots can be eliminated.... Ive been adjusting my mirrors like this for years and find that it works great. Thought Id share it with you guys. And personally I

NISSAN Best price for the 2009 Nissan Rogue

I am currently looking at purchasing the new 2009 nissan Rogue SL FWD Premium Package in Gotham Gray Carbon Silver (Canada) with black or grey seats. Would anyone like to let me know what I can expect to pay

Package MSRP is 2230... dealers cost is 1935. (and so on... ) The more options over and above the base model... the more water (additional dealer markup) you have to work with in the price. That said... (for those of you who dont like the haggling and negotiations) rather than negotiate them down to your price... I find it easier (and less painful) when you know exactly what the dealer paid nissan

NISSAN WEIRD NOISE in the back of my versa

im running a versa 2007 just 2300miles brand new theres something like loose in the back of my car sounds like a plastic. I took out the spare wheel all tools and everything and still getting the same noise. what the heck nissan Versa 2007 HB Japan model 1.6cc AT Dominican Republic

I was serious about the Corona bottles... some line workers like to play jokes on the future owners of the cars they build. Funny story... My father was a nissan mechanic back in the 1980s and he was asked to diagnose a funny rattle sound coming from inside the rear quarter panel of a one-year old Maxima. He found a coat hanger tac-welded to the inside of the rear quarter panel with a bunch of washers


httpwww.edmunds.cominsidel...el..1 . Quote Three diagonal gray stripes in a circle granted me permission to click the 2009 nissan GT-Rs left paddle shifter twice in rapid succession and floor the throttle. No its not some kind of hallucination. This symbol when posted on the shoulder of Germanys autobahn represents the unrestricted portion where all speed limits are removed. The speed starts piling

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

NISSAN JUKE New stereo finally installed

After 2 weeks of working on it I have completely replaced the stock sound system. I know a lot of others have already done this or parts at least but I wanted to give some of my notes in case it could help others. My Juke is an SL AWD so you know what I have to start with. Headunit - Im using a Pioneer Avic-X930BT. The brackets on the factory radio come off and attach to aftermarket receivers perfectly.

Originally Posted by JShadden After 2 weeks of working on it I have completely replaced the stock sound system. I know a lot of others have already done this or parts at least but I wanted to give some of my notes in case it could help others. My Juke is an SL AWD so you know what I have to start with. Headunit - Im using a Pioneer Avic-X930BT. The brackets on the factory radio come off and attach

NISSAN SENTRA V Need Information on 2002 Sentra SE-R and Spec-V

Im getting married soon and I need to sell my 98 240sx for something 4 door and front wheel drive. I want to stay nissan and I want sport. I have been looking at the Sentra SE-Rs and Spec-Vs. I want the 2.5I engine..does anyone know that model for this engine (ex. KA24DE). What is the difference between the SE-R and Spec-V How does the Spec-V have 10 more HP with the same engine Do the 2002 models

QR25DE I think the additional 10hp is purely from ECU changes. Much like the G35 has a few less HP than the 350Z and they share the same motor. From SportCompact Spec-V Power Bolt-on power for nissans QR25 By Dave Coleman Photography Dave Coleman Josh Jacquot The SE-Rs QR25DE powerplant is poised to be nissans four-cylinder powerhouse for many years to come. The SR20 loyalists though have received

NISSAN Check under your seats

I had a tomato roll out of the grocery bag under the passenger seat today. When I went to retreive it I found a spray canister of some kind of window cleaner. I suppose the dealer left in there when it was detailed. Im not pissed because it didnt explode or leak but it could have Anyway you might want to see if you have any hidden treasure.

I didnt find anything unusual in my car but my father used to work as a nissan mechanic for a dealership back in the 1980s. He was asked to diagnose a rattling noise in a two-year old maxima and what he found was hillarious... one of the factory workers took a coat hanger slid a stack of washers onto it taped them together and tac welded it to the inside of the left rear quarter panel. Along with this

NISSAN Source found of Strange Noise in Dashboard

Well we all know these awesome cars are pridefully made with loving care in Mexico. Well Ive had a rattle in my dashboard since day one and the dealer refused to disassemble to dashboard saying the noise was normal. So I finally took it apart myself and found the problem. I found the following items inside my dashboard 2 peso coins 1 beer bottle cap a cigarette but and finally a small dead chihuahua. Now I have no rattle Hurray Modified by dck at 1011 PM 11292008

I am sure this is a joke but these things really do happen My father worked for a nissan dealer from 1978-1993. He was asked to diagnose a rattle in a Stanza wagon in the rear-quarter section (it might have been a Sentra or a Maxima not really sure). In either case he took the side panel off only to find one of the factory workers deliberately welded a coat hanger with several steel washers on it to

NISSAN Road noise in rain- Sound Deadening

Just took a drive in my 08 SL rain it sounds like the rear hatch is totally open...very loud. Does anyone have any solutions or write ups on soundproofing the rear Id like to get some carpet padding or something and cover the spare tire area with it I wonder if that would help.

wrote AZhitman wrote A few thoughts having done sound deadening on several cars 1) Search posts by GT mat here on NICO. Great product cheaper than the competition blocks heat as well and they offer NICO folks a good discount. 2) Wheelwells are the primary issue. Remove the plastic wheelwell liner clean it and coat the outside of it with 2-3 coats of spray-on bedliner reinstall. Works great. note

NISSAN Really could have used a LSD on Thursday...embarrasing

WARNING LONG STORY BELOW So I was out and about on a photo project for this digital imaging class Im taking this quarter. The project was landscapes and required a number of photos of rural and urban landscapes. I ventured out north west of Cincinnati close to Indiana and began shooting. I would pull over here and there or pull into a driveway and ask if I could photograph a barn on the property. I

NISSAN JUKE Cleaning Supplies..Whats In Your Arsenal

I thought it would be cool to share cleaningdetailing supplies we use to keep our rides looking good. TipsTechniques links and deals are also helpful. Ill start with a few and hope it helps others. Microfiber Towels I bought the Peak brand bulk pack from Pepboys but I also bought a boat load from a place called Microfiber Wholesale. 12x12 All Purpose Microfiber Towels 16x16 All Purpose Microfiber Towels

them and my floors (including the seats and trunk). Once the leftover water dries Ill use Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover to get all the bugs that Ive murdered while driving. To use this First wash your car shake bottle spray over areas that have bugs andor tar (Dont forget the rear view mirrors) and let it sink in for a minute. Then take a microfiber towel and buff the spots where you sprayed. note

NISSAN Limited slip and SE King Cab....

Ive found a couple references on the net that say the limited slip diff was standard on the 2001 Frontier SE KingCab 4x4. Is this true I could swear Ive also read it was completely an option for any model except the supercharged versions. Thanks in advance -Chris

No problem here you go httpimg391.imageshack.usimg3917947img0416iv5.jpg httpimg171.imageshack.usmy.phpimageimg0410ni5.jpg httpimg329.imageshack.usmy.phpimageimg0411qk7.jpg httpimg168.imageshack.usmy.phpimageimg0412ua5.jpg httpimg155.imageshack.usmy.phpimageimg0413gz2.jpg httpimg139.imageshack.usmy.phpimageimg0414xr3.jpg httpimg228.imageshack.usmy.phpimageimg0415kl7.jpg note the exposed front frame

NISSAN Problem with tireswheel combination...UPDATE.

So here is the progression of events since last time Problem with BFG ATs leads to yet ANOTHER tire thread. I returned to the store and had them put on the Nitto TGs. Trip 5 The BAD Since one Discount Tire has already had to replace my rims (stock NISMO) for scratching the hell out of them I always make it a point to inspect and have them note to be careful with the wheels. Since I am dealing with

NISSAN Quick update on the damage to EVs Versa

Had a conversation with the body shop today. Theyre still estimating another 3 weeks to completion. I got a little more info on the damage. 2600 initial damage estimate but this is likely to go up. Front and rear bumpers (full assemblies) including shocks and hardware will need to be replaced looks like the grille might need to be replaced (it has been stripped off the car) the hatch will be replaced

NISSAN Bad News for me No Truck at College(

Well for a few years Ive been planning for college and have always wanted to go to Cal Maritime in Northern California. I want to get my Bachelors in Marine Transportation. This is one of the only colleges on the west coast to offer this and I have to work on the water someday to satisfy me. I live for the water ocean boats and fishing. But... I really love my truck and today I got hit with a hard

youre better off without a car... i brought mine to san diego state and i hardly used it in fact thats where some asshle hit my rear quarter panel and didnt leave a note. murphy got me on this one... It was my baby at the time a 1991 integra it was parked at a corner spot and I had not gone to check on it for 3 days. when i came out i was heart broken to see the damage. The whole campus is accessible by foot granted some classes were further but hey the walk will keep the freshmen 15 down

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Motor Trend F30 Absolutely Annihilates Every Potential Competitor

I point this out just because the F10 is a scaled up version of the F30. I cant ever recall reading such unabashed praise for a car. Sporty Luxury Sedan Comparison The More Things Change Eight Contenders Vie For Sport Sedan Supremacy From the May 2012 issue of Motor Trend By Motor Trend Staff Photos Julia LaPalme Illustrator Paul Laguette In the car world a new BMW 3 Series is a big deal. BMW created


I am new here and need some advice I currently have a 2005 SAAB linear. Today I decided to go to the vw dealer to look at the Passat. I was and am seriously considering it. Basically they gave me the following deal 27250. it is the 2.0T. They would take my car back no questions asked. But... Not sure if this is a good deal or not it was for a 2008 model. has all of the basics stuff and sunroof etc.

Intersting you ask because I picked up my Passat 2.0T from a dealership which sells VWs and nissans in the same lot side-by-side. I also used to own a 98 Altima and a 98 Passat. You also need to understand that allmajority of in this forum are VW please do decide after you test drive them on the same day Here is a detailed comparison of both cars Read and root for the Passat On a personal

Originally Posted by eantony Intersting you ask because I picked up my Passat 2.0T from a dealership which sells VWs and nissans in the same lot side-by-side. I also used to own a 98 Altima and a 98 Passat. You also need to understand that allmajority of in this forum are VW please do decide after you test drive them on the same day Here is a detailed comparison of both cars Read and

FIAT PANDA is it me or does the panda resemble....

does it resemble the nissan note one outside my house and i thought oh god

Originally Posted by Herts Hillhopper Theres been much talk elsewhere in here of the Great Wall Peri Panda and the nissan note. I think the outside of the Peri looks more note like than Panda especially at the front but the interior is a pure Panda copy in cheaper plastics. The real note is I think slightly larger than the Panda (and related to the Renualt Modus maybe -- Renault has part-share in nissan)

MARUTI VERSA Oh the Cars weve far

Thought Id start a new thread as I was recently looking at pictures from a car show and many of the vehicles brought back memories of past cars Ive personally owned. Not just driven but actually owned. Now my historic trail here will probably have the majority of you out there scratching their heads over what was that but for some of us it will be a nice blast from the past and a trip down memory lane

I had the rear quarters fixed of rust by having prelude fenders cut and welded in and I had the entire car painted bright white. I added a few things like intake and a header. It was a good looking ride and had plenty of pep. I remember it used to cost me 10 to fill her tank and a tank would last me forever. I loved that car but eventually another beast caught my eye. The rear wheel drive nissan

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 300D dome light removal

I am new here but have read for a few weeks. I just bought a wonderful 85 300D this week and the vinyl has shrunken away from around the dome light. It seemed there should be a bezel but I couldnt find this online and today my mechanic told me there was no bezel for these. What I intend to do is make a template and cut a piece of plastic or hard cardboard somewhat wider than the light itself. The mechanic

the previous one yellowing. Now after 15 years its about the same mellowed-out hue as the rear one. So you may want to replace them both if you want some brighter lights inside. And BTW if youre new to the world of MBenz it may seem strange to hear about parts lasting for a quarter of a century or more but get used to it. I know - there are other makes that last. My 95 Mercury Villager (really a nissan

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Is the G37 ugly or is it just me

Came across an article comparing the G37 and 335. httpwww.thetruthaboutcars.comcom...37-vs-bmw-335 Sounds like a decent car. But man I cant get past the styling. Looks like Optimus Prime sat on an FX35. What do you guys think

Quote Originally Posted by Duncan17 To each his own mate. I dont like the new or the previous model. The GT-R is what it should look like. The original 240260Zed with its E-type or Ferrari 275 look (which nissan admitted they copied) was the best and last good looking of the series once again in my opinion..... i love the looks of the new gt-r (r35). it looks great and no euro influence. the designer

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 New Water Pump Oil & Filter Change Blown Head Gasket (way long)

Im trying to NOT acquire skills in killing cars... I also think Ive been ripped off. My clues appear below. Please let me know what you think and what the chances are of this being repairable vs. a fatally warped head. Bought a 96 E320 that the owner said only needed a new water pump. Hey its not a nissan so I can WORK on this thing without looking like I stuck my arms into a cage of hungry bobcats

PONTIAC SOLSTICE Solstice GXP (12 BEST CARS UNDER 30K) - Road & Track Dec 2006

PONTIAC SOLSTICE GXP Price 29820 Enginevalvetrainturbocharged dohc 2.0L I-4 Transmission5-speed manual Layout front enginerear drive Horsepower (SAE)260 bhp 5300 rpm Torque 260 Ib-ft 2500-5200 rpm 0-60 5.5 sec Curb weight3050 Ib What the Solstice GXP lacks in practicality it makes up for with superb styling and performance. Its trunk is so oddly shaped that fitting one normal piece of hard luggage

driving. While a very capable sedan a few of us felt it was a touch too hard-edged and aggressive for day-to-day use. But given the obvious intent behind the specification of this car this is easily forgiven if Evo RSs kind of performance is what you require for your hard-earned 30k. And besides if a car is entertaining enough who needs a radio And the winner is...It was a close decision but the nissan

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 BMW 550xi m sport vs Porsche panamera 4s

I know Im in a BMW forum. I would get the dinan upgrade asap. Now lets forget the looks of car I like both I just really want opinions on the drives and how the power would be I drove both many times looking for something from u guys to help me decide. The difference in price is not a decision maker for me. I have owned e92 m3 loved it but want awd and a bigger car I owned Infiniti m35 cts non v. Had

in a real-world setting. Its hard to believe were saying this about a sedan that measures 195.6 inches overall and weighs more than 2 tons but the facts are the facts. And the Panameras balance (the weight distribution is 53.4 percent front46.6 percent rear) massive 20-inch Michelin PS2s and all-wheel drive take its cornering speeds to levels once reserved for all-out supercars like the Audi R8 nissan

INFINITI FX Thinking of buying an FX

Hi all great information for new and future FX drivers. I live in the NW and started to doing a lot of outdoor activities. Ive been looking at FX35 and trade in my G35. KKB said trade-in value for that FX35 below is the same price as the listed price. I think I will go for a test drive today. What do you guys think Thanks in advance. httpwww.beavertoninfiniti.comusedI ... 00396.htm

The final numbers I ended up with is 50 less on monthly payment 355 from 390 with a lower interest rate of 3.99 from 4.5 5yrs contract. I still have yet sign anything but will continue to look around until I come back in for my 2nd test drive appointment tomorrow. Thanks for the tips. On other note I am not sure what you meant by near the end of cars lifespan 100k miles Are we talking about nissanInfiniti

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  • Nissan Note Offside Right Driver Side Rear Quarter Panel Wing Brand New Genuine - Bedford,United Kingdom (50.00 GBP)

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