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NISSAN UBer skyline INFO

Skyline Chassis R30-V36 R30 Production 1981-1985 406432 units sold 1800TI - 1.8 L Z18S SOHC I4 105 hp (77 kW) later models 1.8 L CA18S SOHC I4 105 hp (77 kW) 2000TI - 2.0 L Z20E SOHC I4 280D GT - 2.8 L LD28 SOHC I6 Diesel 2000GT and Passage - 2.0 L L20E SOHC I6 2000GT Turbo Passage and Paul Newman Version - 2.0 L L20ET turbo I6 140 hp (103 kW 206 Nm) RS - 2.0 L FJ20E DOHC I4 150 hp (112 kW 181 Nm)

NISSAN JUKE tired of my JUNK (juke)

Is anyone else having problems with the juke Mine is a pile of st Within the first month the AC went out took it to the dealership the recharged it. Long story short I had to take it back 5 times in total and they had my car 16 days in total. Had to pay for rental car out of my pocket.(WARRANTY) Then at I had my intake sensor pop off left me stranded on the side of the interstate. Called nissan roadside.

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INFINITI FX New Member Say Hi

Hello everyone My name is Robert. I just recently left the USAF after almost 10 years of service. I am a fire fighter and Im now headed to Kuwait to work as a contract fire fighter. The wife & I are interested in purchasing a FX35 in about 3-6 months to replace our 04 Mitsu Outlander XLS. Thought I join the forum to gain some more knowledge and hear personal reviews of the FX. I currently own an 03

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 About to buy 02-newer ML - Advice

Hi guys Im in the market for a 2002 or newer ML320 350 or 500 (US market) and Im going to buy one soon. Ive been looking at slightly used models with no more than 30 or 40 thousand miles max. Is there anything I should watch out for or avoid What model years was the sport package offered Is it offered on any ML500s or only 320s In fact if any of you would be kind enough to give a short summary of the

towing anything and the majority of the time I wont be carrying anything heavy other than myself. I dont know how to carry myself teach me please Jokes aside youll enjoy the 500 better. Quote As an aside what other cars do you guys drive I would like a 911 Turbo I always dream about a sport bike the 350Z will be in my garage once the 3rd space is available my lawn mower is in the shed the other nissan

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 test drove a 370Z 40th anniversary comparo to the German cars we love

I was met someone this morning in Pacific Beach to show them the BMW Im selling . While I was out I figured I would test drive a car. I stopped in the nissan dealer and requested a look at the 370Z. Their showroom only fits one car - a nissan GT-R with a sticker of 90k. It had a rope around it. It looked a little cheap juxtaposed next to a popcorn machine. I half expected a man in a clown suit to come

pilotman - That Car and Driver article reads like nissan copy sent in to a trade publication... Anyone can say they love a car. An honest review like mine points out the subjective reasons why the author did not buy it. My friends wife just traded in her 2006 350Z roadster for a 2008 328i convertible. Her comments were very telling - the BMW was her first luxury car. Shes never had a car where the

JEEP CHEROKEE Just bought my first Cherokee )

Just bought another jeep. This time I picked up a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It was a really good deal. I found it on Kijiji. I looked at a 01 nissan pathfinder. It was up for 3500 and when I got there what a disappointment. Paint was not original and very poorly applied. And so much body rot. Junk Next a ford explorer. Wow. Im surprised the doors werent sagging because of the extreme body rot. Than

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  • NISSAN 350Z WIPER MOTOR AN MECH 2006 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (60.00 GBP)
  • NISSAN 350Z WIPER MOTOR AN MECH 2006 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (60.00 GBP)
  • Wischermotor hinten Nissan 350 Z 3.5 28710CD000 wiper motor - Deutschland (84.88 EUR)
  • Nissan 350Z Fairlady Boot Tail Gate Rear Wiper Electric Motor - Cambridge,United Kingdom (29.95 GBP)
  • 2003 NISSAN 350Z FRONT WIPER MOTOR - United Kingdom (40.00 GBP)
  • Wischermotor vorne Nissan 350 Z wiper motor - Deutschland (84.88 EUR)
  • Nissan 350Z Fairlady Front Windscreen Wiper Motor - Cambridge,United Kingdom (19.95 GBP)

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