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NISSAN JUKE Front Windshield Replacement

Trying to replace my cracked front windshield through my insurance and its been a headache trying to find one. About 6 different glass repair places said they didnt have it. Finally Speedy Glass Repair said they would have to order one through the dealer. Did a Google search and found 72613Juke GLASS-windshield G2700-1KD0A2010.07-5HB Retail - -566.86 Your Price-- 486.50 Ouch Thats one pricey windshield not including gasket and other related parts. Avoid those flying objects people Jeff

That sucks windshields are one of the reason we priced out 0 deductible comprehensive coverage and found it a good deal. Of course after needing two before changing this coverage we havent needed one after changing the coverage. I think the windshield for my current car was about 350

Ouch I imagine they will be much cheaper once the car has been out longer and more companies make glass for it. I would think under 350 or so. I wonder if the glass for the Juke is unique

NISSAN Body flexing Windshield Popping Noise

I need someone to tell me everything is ok and my body did not flex too much and Im not going to have problems... So today I was bringing my cat to the cat lady to get his shots and I had to make a u-turn so I pulled into this gas station on the corner and turned around and was coming forward out of the gas stations driveway which was kind of steep... I came out very slowly at a pretty good angle and

followingnfront wrote So I am into retrofitting headlights with HID projectors. i did a few 350z headlight into my bike when it was still on the street scrape off the old headlight sealant and replace with butyl no you dont. just warm the housing and reinstall the cover. and rebake WELLL when I suction mounted my green and white POV lights to my front windshield I used thin lines of butyl to kind of

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NISSAN Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS install in Versa

I got my wife a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS for her Versa. Without going in to a lot of detail lets just say that she really needs one. Anyhow I didnt want her to have to mess with cables and suction mounts whenever she wanted to use it. I was looking for a simple solution that would place the GPS within easy reach and not require her to look away from the road too much. This is what I did First I ordered

pindropsound wrote question about the placement of the install...does it get in the way of the heater If you have your heat on in the car does the GPS get too warm Just wondering. I wondered about that too before I did it but its not a problem. First of all when my wife runs the heater she has it blowing at the floor (heat rises) or up at the windshield to defrostdefogg. She rarely has the heat coming

NISSAN JUKE Juke windshield rattle snap crackle and pop

Is there a main thread to discuss this issue and possible fixes by nissan

me if Im wrong but its the sound the car makes when the temperatures are cold and you go over a bump and it makes this sound. When I just picked up my Juke this problem didnt occur because of the warmer temperatures. I started hearing this ticking after a month of picking up my car by the time December came around and the temperatures dropped bingo there it was. When I brought the car in for the 3500

NISSAN MURANO Gas Mileage and Windshield

I purchased an 05 Murano SE AWD 4 months and have had numerous problems the first one was that the windshield cracked while it was in the garage overnight there is no rock chip and there was not a drastic temperature change. I have seen numerous Muranos with the windshield cracked dont know if this is a common problem. According to the Computer readout we only 17mG and it does not vary very much between

can you still upgrade the warranty since it is so new I would start to take videos photos of varies problems depending on where you are located you can proabbly get a replacementmoney back someone else might know more about this if mpg is your confern. reset the trip meter every single time. And divide the numbers of miles driven by how much you filled up and you will have your mpg I have a swapped motor depending on localhwy and driving behavior. I can get from 16mpg to 20 mpg try it yourself past 91 240sx with sr20det 359rwhp 325lbtq past 09 g37s 6mt sport bone stock now 05 350z 6mt base bone stock

NISSAN Windshield crack

so i was driving down 26 the other day and something came up and hit my front windshield. didnt really think much of it at the time... but the next day when i woke up theres a huge line going across my window. its cracked pretty bad. I26 always has like loose gravel or something on the highway between summerville and charleston. First time my trucks got hit. my moms car and my girlfriends car get there

well the cheapest place for us was around 350 I do believe it was the biggest rat hole you could find in our shtty small town. Wouldnt trust them w replacing a standard house window pane.

NISSAN JUKE Anyone Totally satisfied with owning the Juke

Look. The internet opens the flood gates to all walks of life. There seems to be many people here that are having frustrating comments about their new 20k ish purchase and also quite a few that are enjoying the hell out of it. Just wanted to get a feel of peoples general age and or history of automobiles before this car and how they feel in comparison to the Juke.. I have been driving an automobile

purchased new forest green extra cab automatic V8 loaded Year 2000 - Gilroy California 1949 Studebaker Starlite Coupe 2 door dark blue 3-spd on the column 6 cyl. shows only sold to private party in Germany in 2006 Year 2002 - Fortuna Californa 1956 Ford F-100 Stepside Pickup (shows only) red 3-spd on the column V8 show truck sold to private party in 2006 Year 2003 - Fortuna California 2003 nissan

NISSAN The History of the Versa

Ive tried to compile the history of the Versa from introduction in June 2006 to the 2010 model just released. If you see any mis-information please let me know. Model History The nissan Versa was introduced in the U.S. in June 2006 as an all-new model to the North American market. The Versa Tiida B-platform is sold in North America Japan Europe and other Overseas Markets with the largest market in

KIA OPTIMA Windsheild repair places are saying that we have a heated windshield

So ive had a crack on my windshield for over a month and im finally trying to get it repaired. Every company that ive called is convinced we have a heated windsheild and that the windsheild is only available through dealer which is 800. Ive managed to get two windshield part numbers. My car is a 2012 SX and that windsheild is part 861104C010. The other partnumber which is avaiable in aftermarket glass

I have glass insurance. It is about 2 a month and well worth it. I would suggest that everyone have it. Trust me its worth it. Zero deductable on glass. I have progressive and after paying 350 to have my wifes windshield replaced on her nissan rogue we quickly added glass and i havent had a problem with my glass yet but when i do it wont be a problem at all. Maybe add glass to your insurance and wait

NISSAN SENTRA Getting out of the Sentra Game

Hey guys Its been awhile. Sorry to say but Im getting rid of my two Sentras. I recently had an issue with the valve train making all kinds of noise so I figured its time to retire it. Ive got a Ca18de engine with all the valve train with it (spare) to fix the det engine - but Im needing something more reliable and 20 yo cars are always having something to go down on them from suspension to engine.

NISSAN 8 Months 24000 Miles Later

Hey Everyone I wanted to post up a little feedback on my 2011 Frontier SV Crew Cab 4x2 Crew Cab. I bought my fronty back on July 1 2011 brand new (Had 10 Miles on the odometer). March 1st will mark 8 months of ownership with my truck and it has been an extremely pleasant experience so far. As the title states I have put a measly 24000 miles on this bad boy already and she hasnt skipped a beat once

truck and it has been an extremely pleasant experience so far. As the title states I have put a measly 24000 miles on this bad boy already and she hasnt skipped a beat once I am averaging an oil change a month but with my work its well worth it. I would say my driving is 85% Highway 12% City and 3% off-road. I have my truck dealer serviced every month (If anyone is in AZ I HIGHLY recommend ABC nissan

NISSAN JUKE tired of my JUNK (juke)

Is anyone else having problems with the juke Mine is a pile of st Within the first month the AC went out took it to the dealership the recharged it. Long story short I had to take it back 5 times in total and they had my car 16 days in total. Had to pay for rental car out of my pocket.(WARRANTY) Then at I had my intake sensor pop off left me stranded on the side of the interstate. Called nissan roadside.

NISSAN GT R R35 First Legal R32 GT-R in America

Im sure some of you are tracking on this story. If not here it is httpjalopnik.commeet-the-man-who-le ... 43travis Buyer basically admits in the article that he got away with it at the border because of the ambiguity between Canadian and Japanese titles and their definitions of age. This isnt exactly true though because it doesnt matter where the car originated from as it still needs to be 25 years

AZhitman wrote Honestly the drool-cup meter on this thing is pegged. A lot of these guys are staking their entire life savings on a car theyve never driven never touched and have no idea how theyre going to maintain or insure... Meanwhile there are countless other RWD nissans being built in garages and shops all across America that will hand the R32 its arse in a basket - and can be built without all

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2004 5 SPD auto Maxima part out

Parting out my 04 nissan Maxima SE... 3.5 L Engine 100k Miles 5 Speed Auto transmission Full Black Leather interior with front n rear heated seats Center consoles Dashboard Radio 18 Inch 350 Z wheels Front n Rear Bumper All 4 Doors HID headlights Grille Sunroof windshield Complete suspension Alternator Starter Power Steering Pump Make an offer or 404 759 3404..If i post in the wrong forum please move it thanks

NISSAN Picked up my R32 on Friday.

Hey guys whats up. Well the day finally came and I picked my Skyline this past Friday. Im going to miss my 240sx KA-T but this was an offer I just couldnt pass up on. Ok details its a 1990 R32 Skyline GTS-T Type M RB20det BONE STOCK (so most likely she wasnt abused in Japan) 101K kms NO RUST mint frame original paint clean interior and sweet motor. When I test drove the car at 3500rpms in 2nd I punched

NISSAN SENTRA I am i right versa sits on a sentra platform

someone posted lately that the versa sedan looks like a sentra. that might be closer to the truth than we all know. if you look at the exhaust behind a sentra it is situated in the same spot as the versa. and since both the sentra and versa are built at the same factory then maybe a b platform is also a c platform. or maybe one of you intelligent posters can clear this. its always the case that all

car. The fact that theyre manufactured at the same plant doesnt mean anything either. Thats not how it works. Versa and Sentra have select common components (as with cars from any automaker) but their underlying architecture is different. 2dr_sentra wrote The sentras are all B chassis. What do you mean C platform Platform and Chassis are different. The C platform is a unibody architecture that nissan

NISSAN LIST all repairs done to your froniter.

2006 SE CC 4x4 currently 52xxx miles. In chonrological order. 1. cluster left blinker would not blink gauge cluster changed (under warranty) 2. horn stopped working a fuse blew. It was not a regular blade fuse.(under warranty) 3. hood cowel plastic faded (changed under warranty) 4. Fuel gauge went haywire (fuel sending unit covered under warranty) 5. o2 sensor bank 2 sensor 2 malfunction. (100 changed

other electrical problems spouted up after I drove it through a creek (yeah water in the windows.... ) none of it under warrantee but I had it almost a decade. edit1 oh yeah I forgot the most aggrivating one the gas gauge stopped working. They replaced the sending unit and fuel pump and if I remember right that was under warrantee but it didnt fix it. I ended up buying a new gauge cluster for 350


When we first test-drove the LE the first impression we have is wow it is SO QUIET Finally we picked up our new 09 Murano SL AWD last week. We noticed we can hear considerable wind noise and road noise. Do you guys feel the same way Is SL louder than LE Or its something related to the tires (18 vs. 20) or roof rails Thanks

I owned a 2008 Lexus RX 350 before my 2009 Murano SL and I think the road noise level (except for the wind noise problem) is equal and very satisfactory on both vehicles. Mo2009 might have a point with the windshield perhaps contributing to the wind noise issue and I would be interested to hear from other Murano owners (both S SL and LE models) if they have any comments on this windshield matter. I

the edge of the rear hatch on my Murano is just over 14 wide. Is this consistent with your Muranos If my gap is too wide maybe the recent batch of 2009 Muranos have mis-aligned rear hatch hinges resulting in bad seal contact and wind noise. Finally the tires on my new Murano are Bridgestone Dueler HT 687s (18 rims). I think they are quieter than the Goodyear Eagles that I had on my 2008 Lexus RX 350

the edge of the rear hatch on my Murano is just over 14 wide. Is this consistent with your Muranos If my gap is too wide maybe the recent batch of 2009 Muranos have mis-aligned rear hatch hinges resulting in bad seal contact and wind noise. Finally the tires on my new Murano are Bridgestone Dueler HT 687s (18 rims). I think they are quieter than the Goodyear Eagles that I had on my 2008 Lexus RX 350

SMART FORTWO Windshield wipers and fluid pump

Anyone tried these yet httpswww.pulstarplug.comhowtobuy...engine1442341

air to the ground electrode. On its wat it will burn of carbon and clean the plug. Disavantages of multi-electrode spark plugs The electrodes obstruct the beginning flamefront and absorb the energy from it. They require a higher Voltage to make a spark. Best spark plug would be two needles opposed to eachother there is a new generation of (expensive) plugs coming up that have this. Actually the nissan

NISSAN Portable GPS Unit in Your Versa

Vidrine on page two of the Versa Picture Thread pictured a nice installation of a GPSDVDStereo unit in his Versa. However I was wondering if any of you had installed one of the new portable Garmin Novus Street Pilots or other portable GPS units that are out there in your Versa. We have a nice flat dash for that sort of thing. Any pictures or installation ideas Carl 2007 nissan Versa SL in Fresh Powder

Eternal wrote im gonna have to 1up up you i have the nuvi 660 altho here in california we have the no windshield law even tho the versa windshield is so ridiculously huge you can use it to see the sky. so i had to use the dashboard disk stuck it right next to the spedometer area Very cool Eternal We need to see some pictures of the installation. Since my last post I hot wired the Nuvi 350 to the outlet

For Christmas my wife gave me a Garmin Nuvi 350. I mounted it the same way as c5neb did (windshield near rearview mirrow). What a wonderful modern addition to my V and have become an expert with creating POI files that I download into my Nuvi. For me this is better than having a built-in navigation system because of its portability to different vehicles even my motorcycle. With in-home ability to upload

NISSAN MAXIMA Damage from a buck 60mph - 6k. Car just left the shop... (check it)

... Biggest buck Ive seen in years. Hes toast now and the car was almost fatally injured as well. During repairs my insurance adjuster broke my windshield so I got a little bonus when I picked the car up today lol. The halo projectors actually throw a great amount of light. For the money (225pair) I think we made the right decision getting these instead of 00 OEM headlights. ... The car hadnt been

NISSAN JUKE I want to use some of my performance decals has anyone done this

I put a couple on my 370Z you can see them on the rear window in this pic. One was the370z forum and the other was Berk Technology. I have a bunch of decals and would like to display them preferably not under the hood but thats not out of the question. Has anyone done this Any pictures available Do you have any tips Thanks. Here is a pic of my old Z.

Here is the pictures of the ones on my back window. Had the ecutek one made at a local decal shop here was meant to say Powered By above it in the same font but was hard to get it right and not look pixelated blow up to that size. Here is also my front windshield got a sticker on there too down the side. Its a car club based out of utah. They have a chapter up here in wyoming couple guys with evos subarus and 350zs are in it im the only cool one with a juke no big deal.


Im in the process of looking to install both a Wideband AFR Gauge & Sensor and Boost Gauge in my Juke...Id like to have them installed prior to my upcoming ECU Remap and Tune which will also allow for me to increase boost levels safely by having the ability to actively monitor and maintain proper airfuel ratios under various boost level conditions... Currently Im leaning towards AEM for thier accuracy

Originally Posted by brs2c You could try a supra pod (as it has a similar rake on the windshield) from here Generic Dual Pillar Pods from HorsepowerFreaks Then cut the top if it is too tall. Or you could go with a non full length carbon fiber like this Carbontrix Driver Pillar Pods for your Mitsubishi EVO from HorsepowerFreaks and run the wire up against the weatherstripping until it reaches the gauge pod. thx..I just found this too..looks like similar proportions to the Jukes pillar 350Z Autometer Dual Gauge Pod

NISSAN JUKE I love my Juke but she is rattle-y...

Hey all I have read about some rattles and creaks but I have a ton. Anyone else have these... One in the corner where the driver tweater is. Middle of the windshield. Near where the seatbelt is anchored. Somewhere in the back cargo area. Other than all of these noises I love this car. The noise is almost enough to ruin it for me though. Anyone else have these

Hi ALL I have the squeak near the tweeter and it comes from in between the windshield and dash...when I brought my Juke for the 3500mile service and mentioned it to the tech he was avoiding the issue and kept on trying to change the conversation. When I mentioned our forum and what other Juke owners have been going through his anwer was these are only forums and you cannot believe everything you read

NISSAN Need some help on tinting window price

Hi Everyone I live in Chapel Hill North Carolina and I want to tint my nissan Versa Hatchback. I was quoted 350-425 for tinted windows. Can you recommend me is that reasonable price or Anyone who have any recommend shop in this area please help.

Your quotes are definately too expensive. Shop around... it pays. I was originally quoted 350 because the Versa has 10 windows. I went to another shop and was quoted 190. I asked about the first shop and they guy said its just a scam. There are 10 windows (including the windshield) but he said the windows on the back door would be one large cut then trimmed to fit the two seperate panes of glass once

NISSAN iPod Support

Hi folks... Considering a Rogue and while its not a dealbreaker can someone give me detail on the radio support for MP3 players -specifically if it has iPod support. The brochure actually shows an iPod in more than one place and even has an iPod Clickwheel in one photo. Im curious if it is just an aux-in jack if it is in the glove compartment or how the support works. Is it generic aux-in - or does

The BT is a nice feature. I know all the new models for 09 have the BT built in. I especially like the Clarion radios. Your looking at about 3-350 for a single din. The doubles are too much money and do attract a lot of attention. Probably the nicest being the Pioneer FTs at 8-1000. To me its just not worth the BT and I go with speaker phone. Same thing without the added communication problems that

NISSAN CUBE Dynamatting a Cube

I did a little research and on the Dynamat website I found a Honda Element (closest car sizetype to a Cube) install page. Info 520 with 11 hours of work for a novice. So Im taking that as just parts expense. Expert time is 8 hours. How much would labor add on to the cost My main concern is how hard is it to pop all the side panels and take out the seats and carpet Where can I find a reliable company

The Dynamat is finally finished. I took it to Best Buy and it was a clean install. I recommend that you make an appointment because I didnt and it took five hours (no lie) I bought two door kits and a four sq. ft. kit and there was little left over which is good. They charge 30 install for each kit. The total was around 350. Not too bad. Make sure they take out your speakers and put that cutout behind

do. The only thing inbetween the door panel and door is a thin piece of plastic which your installers (or you) should take out. The car sounds much more inclosed audio wise I also have the RF sub in the back. Shop around to different places and see who gives you the best price. Make an appointment Dont trust them when they say you can walk in. I learned that the hard way. My install was around 350

NISSAN is it just me or alot of people getting into accidents

Myself included unfortunately. I was on the highway heading home from work when this teenager runs into the back of me. He was riding on the shoulder (for whatever reason) and nails my rear bumper. At first i thought he was going to pull away because he didnt stop immediately but I made sure I stayed with him and pulled in front of him. After cussing him out (I think it was justified personally.) he

Ever Victorious wrote Versas are damage magnets. Ive had 3 rock chips in my windshield in the past 5 weeks. And how many of us have been hit lately 3 or 4 I had my car hit last year while I was eating at a restaurant. Unfortunately the restaurant is in an old cellar so there wasnt any patrons who witnessed the accident. The person who hit my car was nice enough to flee the scene leaving me with a 500 deductible. They did 3500 worth of damage to my V.

NISSAN MAXIMA Clearing out the headlights

Has anyone changed the headlight cover Like the stock color its a bit yellowish i want to make it clear....Post instructions would apprecaite it. thanks

the same problem with my 96 I30. So far the only thing Ive used thats worked (moderately) is RainX. Its meant for windshields to reduce haze when its raining but it also clears up the headlights about 40-50% Most of the auto parts stores have buffing compounds that will resurface your lights. I suggest using those. Does anyone know if the after market Maxima lights will work on my I30 FSG35G37350Z370ZFX35M35Altima

NISSAN New pics

Okay well its not that exciting but I got a new avatar because I was out taking pics today. I went with the nismo above the light tuner deal like 350zs oh yeah and heres a front picture of my truck... I would take a picture of the back but the dents are a disgrace. edit let me know what you guys think I might be getting a new car Thursdayyyy though... 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo. Oh yeah my license plate isnt all 7s.

haha yeah you guys feel free and knock yourselves out. I got the idea from a 350z I saw. I also have one the same size on my bottom left corner of my back windshield so you can tell its a nismo from every side )

NISSAN LEAF leaf srung jk

not exactly this started life as a 2000 3500 hd 2wd gmc. now after removing about 6 12 feet from the frame and tossing the dually axle. then throwing in some 63 inch long rear gm leafs and 56 inch long rear leafs up front. and a d60 front and d70hd rear and a propane 454 and i still need the adpters to install the 4l80e and np205. and it got some new 42 inch iroks and black steel wheels that will have

NISSAN Looking For feedback on Insurance companies...

Hello everyone I am researching insurance companies and would like some target feedback on whowhat companies are good to deal with decent rates for what ya get etc etc... over the years i have heard complaints about progressive state farm geico etc... I would really appreciate your participation. it up to you if you want to include your age if you are paying a high premium bc of it... we have been

to go to already. I have glass coverage on all my cars and had the windshield on my 240SX replaced when they could have just totalled out my was the HUD variety and was around 1400 if memory serves correct - certainly more the car was worth. They may just want to keep me happy since all of my insurance is through them but when Ive needed them theyve always been there for me. Your 350Z

NISSAN MAXIMA What is the YearMileageIssues of ur MaximaI30I35

I have a 03 I35 bought it with 30k miles in April 2k7 as of Jan 2k8 I have 64k miles Problems Alternator failure- 35k Trans started slipping Infiniti said gear 2 started falling apart- 58k Otherwise have been problem free just routine maintence car has been very reliable and fun 2 own Also have a Base 2k3 Maxima SE got it wit 30k miles in Jan 2k6 as of Jan 2k8 I have 85k miles Problems

timing chain cover started leaking. Infiniti of Montclair are crooks and charged full price but only replaced the one seal. The rest of them started to leak one after another. Also windshield wiper pump died and trunk latch stopped latching (why cant Infiniti use stronger steel on its trunk latches) 200k Rear Struts and Radiator 220k Radiator Fan Shroud and Bose HU started malfunctioning FSG35G37350Z370ZFX35M35Altima

NISSAN I hate mice

I tracked down an odor that I was having with my ventilation system.....damm mice Somehow they got into the vent system on my 05 SE...and built a nest on the cabin microfilter. In fact it was my dog that sensed they were there and was trying to jump up onto the passengerside fender...which of course caused me to freek...get off the car. Does anyone know where the initial air intake for the vent system is I cant see the critters getting in thru the vent screens near the wipers.

Mountain Gold Nice image of Mice Nest in the HVAC system filter. How did they get there Maybe thru the door and then into the microfilter area. Isnt the HVAC air intake like under the plastic screen near the windshield wipers. -- Check you engine filter too for mice. Its a snap I had to put a screen on that fender rubber boot engine air intake port to keep them out.

PONTIAC SOLSTICE ForbesAOL review part 1

Heres a review that I found on AOL today linked from a Forbes article on fast and fuel efficient cars (under 6 sec 0-60 and over 22 mpg BMW 335i and Z4 3.0si Lexus GS 450h and IS 350 Lotus Elise nissan 350Z Pontiac Solstice GXP Porsche 911 and Boxster Subaru Impreza WRX) 2007 Pontiac Solstice Complete Review by TagLine Great looks affordable top-down cruising. Introduction One look

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 been looking and nothing decent so far...

i have seen about 5 w123 and none are decent well maintained cars that are good used cars. i can see now that the market here is full of garbage. cars that are not serviced regularly.whyno money maybe. laziness maybe.but the damage is done after so much time. and then the money you need to invest to get car to decent operating state is a lot and more than what the car is worth.i have seen this pattern

paint not original. oh yeah one euro headlight is flooded with water will have to change. the antenna is not original.and the windshield has a chip and crack about the size of a pool much should i pay remember the market where i am at.prices on w123 are not cheap around here.are not that much should i offer it is a euro model.not common great power.the guy has 3 other cars.a nissan

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