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NISSAN Is this the Variable Valve Timing on VQ40 V6

Heres the setup I have an 07 nissan Frontier Crew Cab 2wd SWB with the auto tranny and I use 87 octane (before anyone jumps on this I have had NO pinging and NO knocking and I get 21-22 mpg and as much as 24 mpg. Also heard that having super high humidity actually helps the VQ40 run better on 87...EPA est. 15 city 20 hwy). Heres whats happening When I really get down on the gas from a stop it takes

NISSAN Do you have problem with Fuel Control Valve

I purchased a 2010 Rogue S about a year ago. Honestly I dont like it. It is light noisy and of bad quality. Less than half year since I bought it I found it hard to fill the gas tank and then the service light was on. I took it to the dealership and was determined the fuel control valve was malfunctioning. It was replaced for free as I was within the warranty period. Only a couple of month later I

Hello UncleZhou and welcome to the NICOClub Rogue Forums. You are actually the first on this forum to report issues with the fuel control valve. I have not heard of any similar issues. I have a complete listing of nissan TSBs going back 23 years (1987). The only nissan bulletin for hard to fill fuel tank issues was the 1st gen Murano and 350Z. No bulletin or recall was ever issued for the Maxima Rogue

exhaust headers and some lowering springs on the S. then later watermeth and a tune. Or some street glow and purge valve to go with your nito kit on the Z. just kidding. not a big fan of nitrous. what bolt-ons do you have on the Z Racing buckets a wheel and half-cage are a nice upgrade.

Interestingly.. as far as 350s having a ricer reputation.. I would say between the two vehicles s4 and 350.. if you had to choose one that was relient on food for propulsion.. its def the S4. I would go as far as to say it is a potato-er haha. Seriously though.. I think the build quality of the 350 is much better than the S4. My S4 has had all the issues... broken window regulators (2 windows) leaky

NISSAN 350 Z Z33 1994 B13 Sentra with VQ35DE (350Z motor)

Hey gang Its time I dip into the Sentra forums a bit. Im building a ride I think you guys might like (or hate...depends on how hard core sentra you are). I picked this little 4 door 1994 B13 Sentra up from another technician at my shop. At first the alure of good gas mileage was all I wanted. Then after looking at the MPG from the 1.8L and what I get with a VQ in my 240SX I figured the 2 MPG difference

GREAT NEWS The manual shifter assembly from the B15 has the same bolt pattern as a B13 (auto or manual). The only requirement is that the alignment tit on the bottom of the shifter base be ground off. I did have to remove the two front bushings from the shifter base and use something different since the studs are too short. I used the valve cover gromets that are used on almost every older nissan

NISSAN where is the vent valve located

the vent must be closed because gas is shooting out of the neckone dealer told me 3 weeks ago its backordered from japanso i have been driving around with the engine light onand force feedin about 15 bucks of gas in it at a timeanyways i go to another nissan dealer today close to where i work and they have the vent control valvewhich is odd because wouldnt the original dealer check with other dealers to find parts as welloh well hopefully this resolves my problem

Quote Originally Posted by crankcase damn light on againcoming home from work todaygettin real tired of the truck should of bought a ford fords are garbage i have my nissan for a reason it will outlast any truck or car out there hands down . i had nissan with 350000 miles on it and still works perfectly .

NISSAN MAXIMA IAC Valve- Interesting story- Any ideas

So last week my father-in-law and I start working to change my fuel filter. Well for all of you whove done it after its past due youll know how difficult it is to remove. After replacing it I decided to clean out the IAC valve. When I got the valve off a bunch of little pellets fell out of it. Somewhere around a tablespoon full of black pellets and about the size of course sand. Im thinking they must

NISSAN Vent control valve

dealer said i have a faulty vent control valve code number P0442 and they want around 300 dollars to fix it. said i need new filter also has anyone else had this problem and fixed it their self what is involved in fixing the problem was it hard to do and where can i find the parts...thanks i tried searching but has no luck

Im throwing an 0445 (or 0455 I forget) but its a gross evap leak. talked to the dealer and since Im out of warranty they wanted 350. The valve I believe was 80 and the filter (which is not installed from the factory on my truck but is part of the TSB) is 90. My plan is to try to clean the valve and see if that fixes the problem. If it does Ill install the filter to try to keep it from happening again.

NISSAN MAXIMA adding a blow off valve to a car without turbo

is it possible to do i i just love the sound it makesand no the littles whistle thigns they sell on eaby suck httpwww.cardomain.comride2960959

see its the cost im thinking about. 200 for a sc from a junkyard adapter to mount on lim - dunno how much yet - injectors maf and safc less than 2k. a turbo kit starts over 3500 with just the blower and piping. id go crazy spending but life happens...and i have a wife and a baby girl to support so gonna have to go cheap on boosting

allensteiner wrote see its the cost im thinking about. 200 for a sc from a junkyard adapter to mount on lim - dunno how much yet - injectors maf and safc less than 2k. a turbo kit starts over 3500 with just the blower and piping. id go crazy spending but life happens...and i have a wife and a baby girl to support so gonna have to go cheap on boosting Doing a one off is never the cheap route just to

-go on limewire and find a blow off valve sound effect -burn it on a disc - insert in cd player - roll down windows with maximum volume - time your shift right and hit skip track - enjoy sound -repeat as necessary till warm ricer feeling of success has been accomplished. 350z370z General unanswered NICO threads t3h pico. II Timothy 47 -

i love the black front mount 350z370z General unanswered NICO threads t3h pico. II Timothy 47 -

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 96 I30 Engine Timing MAF woe EGRC valve and more

Greetings Ive spent a couple hours searching and learned many things (Great site BTW) but Id like some input to help resolve a few issues with my 96 I30 (VQ30DE engine). Ive also posted this on the VQ engine forum. Ive got a 96 I30 with 5 spd transmission with 204k miles Ive owned it since 99 (had 86k miles) and I have done almost all maintenance and repairs so far. Current issue Car has had several

Finally had another episode late in the day after a few minutes of downtown stop-n-go traffic. The CEL came on (I had cleared the codes and reset the light this morning) so I pulled the codes as soon as I got home and it had stored the MAF sensor again along with the EGRC valve code. Im pretty sure the MAF is the root of the problem. The big question is do I pay the big bucks for an OE MAF (350)

NISSAN valve cover gasket leaking...DIY

okay so i have oil leaks from both sides of my engine at the valve covers shop owner told me so and also said about ballparking 300-350 mostly because of having to remove the silver thing on top the drivers side (forgot the name of it) is it possible to do this myself or better question would be how hard is it to do myself

NISSAN VQ40 valvetrain noise w5W30

Hi Folks Just curious to know if the VQ top-end is a little noisy by nature or if I should switch to another oil. Ive been using Valv. dyno oil for the longest time on my dailys (because Id rather change it more often more cheaply than to extend intervals) but the VQ seems to have a bit of valve train noise. Akin to noisy lifters. In the KA24DE engine (older pathfinders frontiers nissan cars) I switched

I just got my Frontier so I only have about 350 miles experience with this engine. For me I will be running Valvoline DuraBlend its sort of a combo of synthetic and regular oil and I typically do my changes with this stuff at 4000 to 4500 miles. Weight wise I have yet to even look at what the manual says but weight wise I will do as the manual says which may require a weight change for the winter here.

Good to hear some are changing longer than the 3500 recommended. I simply dont have the time to change it that often nor want to spend the money or time. I do mine around 4500 to 5000. Talk about your sound more is it pinging like some valves do or a whrill that come with acceleration or ... Yeah that dipstick is dumb.

NISSAN Locationreplacement of thermostat valve on 05

This is for an 05 Frontier. Want to replace the valve (takes long time to heat truck up). Can anyone tell me where it is and the steps to replace it. I know some fluid will come out but how much Thanks Kevin

If you are trying to replace your thermostat the steps are in the link below. This person did it to replace the Frontier t-stat with a performance one from a 350z. The steps would be the same just buy the Frontier t-stat. True Nismo 350Z Thermostat (54C) Swap Mod

NISSAN 350 Z Z33 350z vs WRX

So I traded in my 350z for the WRX - Ive had it for about 6 months now there are a few pros and cons.. - cant drive the 350z in the winter at all even with winter tires - the WRX is amazing in the snow and a lot of fun - the WRX is faster I think and the same amount of speed comes in a much quieter and smoother package. Its way more pleasent to drive but still fun. - turbo lag sucks the 350z was ready

I have a 2006 G35 Coupe 6MT and I must say I really think my WRX is faster. I pretty much agree with everything the original poster said except for the part about power delivery. I think I like the WRXs power delivery better simply because peak torque is at 2800 rpms and stays flat until about 5K or 5.5K rpms. The G35C has peak torque at 4400 rpms and I never feel any real power coming on until I hit

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 95 Maxima -- slight hesitation 3500-4500 then surges

i have a 95 maxima se. just replaced the MAF and battery and cleaned the spark plugs. MIL codes P1320 (distributor interrupt signal because i have an aftermarket replacement coil did not affect performance in the past) and P0325 (KS). Both codes have been present for over a year with no performance issues.. i cleared the MIL to see if the light would come back on.. It did after a few restarts. Freeze

Welcome to NICO Hopefully we can get your problem resolved. I moved this to the Maxima forum where it should be spotted by the right folks. Id suspect your EGR valve. Try cleaning it. Its a common issue on these cars and your symptoms are pretty typical. -The MinisterofDOOM

NISSAN 350 Z Z33 645ci vs 350z

I dont condone street racing and I never usually participate in it but a friend of mine just picked up a brand new 370z and wanted to see how it would stack up against the good old 645ci. His car has exhaust mine has exhaust and a tune. Most people dont know that the 645ci is pretty quick for what it is with a few simple mods. He was for sure surprised at the outcome and I think most people would be.

Its that horse crap music in the Z slowing it down. The valvetronic has some seriously ty problems but the big upside is instant response.

NISSAN MAXIMA Valve cover gasket job on I30 Very Thorough Write Up and A Lot Of Pics

Two weeks ago I replaced the valve cover gaskets and spark plug gaskets on my I30 because they were hemorrhaging oil pretty badly. This job is fairly easy Id give it a 2.5 out of 5 in difficulty. It requires a lot of patience and I highly recommend labeling hoses and electrical connectors for a flawless one shot one kill start up. I suggest you set aside at least 5 hours to do both valve covers. Im

brackets hoses etc. that are necessary to remove the upper intake so that itll be easier to understand. Were you still going to photoshop the specific areas Id like to convert this into an article as it has some very important information but the easier it is to follow the better. Also I used to have a 4th gen. How many miles on this one Did you clean out the intake before remounting it FSG35G37350Z370ZFX35M35Altima

NISSAN MAXIMA Changed My Valve Cover Gasket & Now Another Problem

I got my valve cover gasket installed today and changed out my spark plugs. I used the NGK Platinum Plugs. Once i got everything put back together it car started to idle rough. Since it was running rough me and my father decided to turn that black knob on the Idle Air Control valve to see if it make it any better but it got worse. Anyone have any idea on what I could do to get the car purring again.

Try this out before you go on a wild goose chase. Check the condition of all of the wire going to the coils. The last time I got a tune up the mechanic snapped one of my wires and I was firing on 5 cylinders. The wires are pretty thin and after so many years can easily break. FSG35G37350Z370ZFX35M35Altima Grounding Kits Quote originally posted by Mr1der go see her have the most brutal sex ever then drink most of her milk from the carton and leave.

NISSAN SENTRA V Need Information on 2002 Sentra SE-R and Spec-V

Im getting married soon and I need to sell my 98 240sx for something 4 door and front wheel drive. I want to stay nissan and I want sport. I have been looking at the Sentra SE-Rs and Spec-Vs. I want the 2.5I engine..does anyone know that model for this engine (ex. KA24DE). What is the difference between the SE-R and Spec-V How does the Spec-V have 10 more HP with the same engine Do the 2002 models

QR25DE I think the additional 10hp is purely from ECU changes. Much like the G35 has a few less HP than the 350Z and they share the same motor. From SportCompact Spec-V Power Bolt-on power for nissans QR25 By Dave Coleman Photography Dave Coleman Josh Jacquot The SE-Rs QR25DE powerplant is poised to be nissans four-cylinder powerhouse for many years to come. The SR20 loyalists though have received

NISSAN JUKE Anyone Totally satisfied with owning the Juke

Look. The internet opens the flood gates to all walks of life. There seems to be many people here that are having frustrating comments about their new 20k ish purchase and also quite a few that are enjoying the hell out of it. Just wanted to get a feel of peoples general age and or history of automobiles before this car and how they feel in comparison to the Juke.. I have been driving an automobile

purchased new forest green extra cab automatic V8 loaded Year 2000 - Gilroy California 1949 Studebaker Starlite Coupe 2 door dark blue 3-spd on the column 6 cyl. shows only sold to private party in Germany in 2006 Year 2002 - Fortuna Californa 1956 Ford F-100 Stepside Pickup (shows only) red 3-spd on the column V8 show truck sold to private party in 2006 Year 2003 - Fortuna California 2003 nissan

NISSAN Att All Sc Ks Relocators

As some of you know I have been recently experiencing major power loss with my SC Fronty (please refer to my threads) Today I took a ride with a nissan Master tech and analyzed my truck in real time on a test drive. Here is the conclusion.....the power loss was directly due to the knock sensor relocation. The knock sensor was picking up noise from the supercharger it was working correctly because it

Oclock looks closed and 12 Oclock looks pretty open. The air comes into the throttle body into the SC and with the valve at 9 Oclock its diverted to the roots when the valve is at 12 Oclock the roots are bypassed passing air into the lower intake manifold. Everyone who has a SC and a bad knock sensor needs to visit their local dealer and have the truck analyzed in real time while driving with a nissan

NISSAN SENTRA Getting out of the Sentra Game

Hey guys Its been awhile. Sorry to say but Im getting rid of my two Sentras. I recently had an issue with the valve train making all kinds of noise so I figured its time to retire it. Ive got a Ca18de engine with all the valve train with it (spare) to fix the det engine - but Im needing something more reliable and 20 yo cars are always having something to go down on them from suspension to engine.

NISSAN The History of the Versa

Ive tried to compile the history of the Versa from introduction in June 2006 to the 2010 model just released. If you see any mis-information please let me know. Model History The nissan Versa was introduced in the U.S. in June 2006 as an all-new model to the North American market. The Versa Tiida B-platform is sold in North America Japan Europe and other Overseas Markets with the largest market in

NISSAN LIST all repairs done to your froniter.

2006 SE CC 4x4 currently 52xxx miles. In chonrological order. 1. cluster left blinker would not blink gauge cluster changed (under warranty) 2. horn stopped working a fuse blew. It was not a regular blade fuse.(under warranty) 3. hood cowel plastic faded (changed under warranty) 4. Fuel gauge went haywire (fuel sending unit covered under warranty) 5. o2 sensor bank 2 sensor 2 malfunction. (100 changed

Quote Originally Posted by 1stnissan 2. horn stopped working a fuse blew. It was not a regular blade fuse.(under warranty) My horn stopped working then was very weak after I submerged it going to work one morning. Quote Originally Posted by 1stnissan 5. Front passenger TPMS sensor went bad out of warranty 185. 185 ouch they cost less than 100 each but a mountbalanceprogram shouldnt cost 90 then again

NISSAN Automatic tranny noisy when cold

Hello I did an automatic transmission rebuild frontier 12000 mi ago and recently the tranny has been kinda whilstlingbuzzing when it is cold like a bearing with no oil at high speed. The noise pitch gets higher along with the rpms and after a while it suddenly stops. The shop that rebuilt the tranny looked it over as I still have the 1 yr warranty and initially eliminated what looks like a pressure

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE Stalling out

My Maxima has approximatlyl 119600 miles on it. Work to date has been normal maintenance O ring in 2000 (dont know the mileage). This year a new blower box with cage for AC. I think the timing chain was replaced around 2000 but nissan & Pep Boys are saying no. My normal yearly maintenance includes draining and replacing all the fluids except the brakes. The plugs were changed out about 3 years ago

No check engine light With the motor off and the key to the on position thats bulb check. Make sure the light works (check engine). Maybe a code stored but the light didnt come on. Dont let anyone sell you a knock sensor for this particular problem. It sounds to me like an airflow meter. nissan airflow meters are sensitive. Kind of like that guy in gym class that you werent too sure about and he turned

NISSAN 2000 Frontier problems

Im sorry if my first post here is a problem post but I dont know where else to turn..... What Im eventually finding out is that nissan in their grand wisdom has made approximately 4 billion different ECMs for the 1st gen Frontier and NONE will work in my truck. Ive tried for two weeks looking for one but I havent had any success. Its just a 3.3L V6 AT 4X4 CC that I see everywhere but since my production

NISSAN SENTRA dont laugh ok....

help please. is it possible to do an enginemotor swap on an 07 sentra 2.0S CVT if so what would you swap it with UGH. ive paid off SOOOO much on my car and i really dont want to trade it for a faster car because ill just put myself in higher payments higher insurance and lose a lot of money because ive done a lot to itspent a lot of monies on it. but bottom line is i want a faster car. (i didnt buy

you swap it with UGH. ive paid off SOOOO much on my car and i really dont want to trade it for a faster car because ill just put myself in higher payments higher insurance and lose a lot of money because ive done a lot to itspent a lot of monies on it. but bottom line is i want a faster car. (i didnt buy the sentra because it was fast or i wanted to mod it i bought it because it was the only nissan

NISSAN SENTRA Roll Call for 4WD Sentras

Whos got one and where are you from I enjoy these unique B12s and learning of where else they were sold in the US. I know the northeast had them and I know of one in Colorado and Illinois as well. Ive owned three of them over the years an 87 an 88 and my current 89. I know these have got to be getting scarce today but if youve got one or know of someone that does please chime in here post pics etc.

I put this together as part of a thread featuring Compact 4WD cars and this is the 4WD Sentra portion of the write up. Fourth in the series this weeks featured vehicle is the nissan 4WD Sentra wagon. The first US market [B12] model Sentra available with 4WD came out in 1987. Prior to this all Sentras were FWD. These models featured an electrically activated single-range transfer case to drive the independently

NISSAN SENTRA Nissan and their poor help

Now nissan is saying the fact the engine burning oil made my cat go bad and they wont cover it and i told them they better research into it more any ideas or help anyone can offer Please resize your sig to within the specified limits of 600wx200t. Thank you. httpi268.photobucket.comal...1.jpg

its not bad or inefficient its just a way nissan found to have a less moving parts and less complicated way of dealing with unburnt exhaust fumes coming out of the motor (instead of having the whole EGR system). Plus its not like the valves are open all that long together its probably just milli seconds. nissan engineers know what there doing for the most part. I guess they just dont know what materials

NISSAN JUKE Teen dies in Juke crash parents want to sue Nissan

The girl was drunk when she hit the pole but parents argue negligence on nissans part. The car caught fire and the auto door locks prevented the teen from exiting the burning car. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this will change the way the auto door locks work on future jukes. should the door automatically unlock on airbag deployment or would this create a bigger safety hazard curious to know

someone died as a result of this vehicular incident but given she had 632mg of Ethanol in her body (which means nothing to me give me a BAC and Ill understand how impaired she was) she had obviously gotten drunk and decided to get behind the wheel of that vehicle start it and drive in an inebriated state I feel no remorse. Call me cold callous or robotic but it is what it is. Her family claiming nissans

NISSAN mr18 question

does the mr18 have vvti and if so when does it kick in BUILT by e B A Y

ME18VERSA wrote ok so its called iirc what exactly does that stand for If I remember correctly. Continuously Variable valve Timing Control System (CVTCS) Some info on the 350Z system httpauto.howstuffworks.comnissan-350z-design5.htm

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 About to start 20 years sitting D-jetronic on a 350 SLC )

Hi there folks As Mike told me in another thread my project should be leaded under this tittle as the story of my 1972 350 SLC European version is just in time to turn the key and see what happens... I bought my car with a 300D engine on it a couple of years ago and i managed to find the engine that back in 1990 a mechanic took off from my car... The engine was in good condition but in his 20 years

the D-Jet parts. Some guys on Peachparts have SLs running with that system. But nothing really wrong with D-Jet if you can get all the parts. Regarding the fuel pump. You need one that will deliver 1L in 30sec at the discharge side of the fuel pressure regulator with battery at 12v and pressure at 2bar. Some of the early Euro cars including the Alfa used D-jet and sometimes the pump is similar. nissan

pump has an internal relief valve to protect the system. If you use a K-jet pump it is possible that you screw the pressure regulator in while adjusting and blow off your injector hoses Same could happen if the return line to the tank becomes blocked. I would try and find a pump with these specs - 2litremin at 2bar (at 11.5V) and maximum pressure of about 3.3bar. Some have bought a pump from a nissan

NISSAN Sorry another Frontier TransCoolant thread

New here but have been lurking around here after discovering through a google search about the frontier transcoolant problem. Sorry for starting another thread but been reading a lot of threads for several weeks and have not found a few answers I am looking for. My research started and led me here when at about 98-99k miles I was periodically getting a shutter in overdrive(now have 106K on it). Read

Quote Originally Posted by Sodo 05 V6 auto 4WD 110000 miles A local tranny shop says they know that transmission well and I need to brace for a 3500 repair bill. Well shop says this nissan FAIL costs 4700 4300 400 tax. Great. 1400 is for a valve body from nissan thats tied to the ECU and 2700 of rebuild parts and an external trans cooler. They block off the cross-contaminating cooler and add an external

NISSAN SENTRA V 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R IACV cleaning

Does anyone know how to remove the IACV on an 03 SE-R in order to clean it

Wow The moderator really should have caught this one. I dont think there is an AICV valve on that car. You have electronic throttle or drive by wire. To adjust the idle after you clean the throttle body you need to perform an Idle Air Volume Learn. nissan suggest you not spray anything harsh directly into the throttle body. Spray the chemical on a rag and then reach in there to clean out the carbon

NISSAN SENTRA engine codes

well my light is back on again but when i went to autozone for the code check it came up as something that i wasnt expecting. It wasnt my o2 sensor this time. yay one problem fixed But it came up as 2 codes this time and I dont even know where to start to look to fix it. The first code was intermittent voltage to the fuel pump and the second was that the vaccum bypass valve line was blocked or cut.

NISSAN SENTRA SR20VE turbo parts

so im looking to upgrade my SR20VE so i can have at least some fun while im collecting parts for my fully built 260HP NA SR20VE goal.. and i saw the JGY turbo kit for SR20DE for 1500 O which is perfect to run say... 240ish to wheels on stock internals so im wondering if the same kit would bolt up to the VE.. kinda like Honda B20B Non-VTEC parts bolt up to B18Cs B16Bs (etc.) any input is appreciated. sdtouge wrote the searchh button adds like 10hp

much over 230 crank HP. If it were me Id say screw NA and just turbo with a T28 at about 14psi and it will put you around 270-280 ish whp it will be cheaper and easier and more rewarding in the long run. Another note you will be fine on stock internals (rods crank valve train) all the way up to 400 HP on a SR anyways so no worries there. Just my 2 cents take it for what its worth lol Josh 2005 nissan

NISSAN New AEM FuelIgnition Controller

New AEM FuelIgnition Controller powerful and cost-effective engine management solution The new AEM FIC is a powerful engine tuning tool designed for the management of aftermarket forced-induction added to normally aspirated vehicles. The FIC features six injector drivers a MAFMAP intercept two O2 sensor biasing circuits onboard boost sensor and internal data logging. Another key feature is that the

NISSAN JUKE Natural or synthetic

Getting my first oil change at my nissan dealer right now. I asked them which they use they told me they do not use synthetic for changing oil every 3k miles. It was my understanding that synthetic really is better. Should I insist next time they use synthetic

Originally Posted by Kydharis Getting my first oil change at my nissan dealer right now. I asked them which they use they told me they do not use synthetic for changing oil every 3k miles. It was my understanding that synthetic really is better. Should I insist next time they use synthetic Yes it is better. In almost every way it is better. Its pricey so you decide. In a turbo car that doesnt run water

NISSAN JUKE Twin-Turbo Charged Nissan Juke

Has anyone looked into twin-charging the Juke Wanted to know if this is even possible and if anyone knows what kind of power increase you could get out of this application. Mods in the mail LED parking lights HID headlights Injen cold air intake LED mapdome lights Future mods catback exhaust system UpRev Osiris ECU flash tuner window tint LED underbody and interior accent lighting

if you want to do projects like this. its not as simple as if one turbo is good what about TWO turbos you need to do alot of calculations and the MASSIVE amount of fabrication it takes to make a system like this work together. in addition to amount of tuning needed to make this kit NOT blow and engine. the older Cooper S(supercharged version) was only able to make the power it did around 350-400ish

NISSAN JUKE Straight Pipe Exhaust

Any benefits running full straight pipe exhaust for our vehicles These pictures are from my dodge stratus rt coupe... removed the heavy stock muffler and ran straight and added a chrome tip sounded amazing The old heavy sucker removed...

increase. This is why most factory turbocharged vehicles have a restriction in the exhaust or tuned for the added increase in boost pressure. I would not put too much faith in the factory ECU even if it is a DI turbo engine because you do not want to make the mistake of finding out how good the ECU is at controlling extra boost pressure unless you can spare the 3500 for a new engine. Because nissan


I think its finally starting to get broke in

at a cost of 2244.03 out of my pocket. Air Bag Sensor Recall Currently am having some transmission vibration issues. Have done the radiatorcooler bypass and flushed through about 20 qts of ATF. Also the rear u-joints are shot again so Ill be replacing them this spring....or sooner if they completely let go. Replaced front bumper this week - deer. I love my truck but am a very disappointed in nissan


Since my creation my account over here on Nicoclub I have definetly noticed the abundant amount of knowledge here on this forum which I find really impressive. So I decided to start my build thread over here on this forum. Which I have pushed back till January now due to I need the car to drive to NYPA to visit family (reliability with this new engine is not determined since I will be the first to


Alright I havent found much of this topic and if so its a bit old. When I first joined NICO I asked how fast are maximas as far as rating and being stock. I have made about a hundred passes now with my 02 6spd Maxima and have found to be quite quick in my opinion. I started out running 15.5 but after more time in the seat and on the track I have run a 14.3 97 still all stock with nothing done other

see at least a sec but that would never happen. lol. If I knew these Gen5s did low 14s constant I would of tried to save up more for them. I love my Gen 4 but man... I am just wondering If I could save up just a little more ... but I got a good deal (imo) on this car and the Gen5s were all 7500 and up... O and 2000 and 2001s had VQ30s with VVI with 222HP just to let ya know... Where in 2003 nissan

NISSAN Versa issues Does yours do this too normal

Hi all. Overall I am pleased with my purchase. I just got my Versa 2 weeks ago. I got the SL 6 spd man with conv. package. I have put 1000 miles on it already and am ejoying it during my long comutes to work. I am pretty anal and have noticed a few things I am not sure are good. I dont know if this is normal or if I have a problem. OK here we go Shifting Problem The first week my Versa shifted quietly

Julz wrote I know its a tad bit normal for nissans but my valves have really been loud (to me) lately... Ive been using mobil1 synthetic 1030 should I switch to something else or a different weight some kind of additive the tach is frequently in the higher rpm area.... Im using the same oil as you but havent experienced abnormal engine noises. My engine does occasionally see the top side of 3500

Example offers of car parts nissan 350 z valve

  • Supertech Valves Nissan 350z G35 VQ35 VQ35de 1mm Over - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (549.00 USD)
  • Ferrea 6000 srs. +1mm Valves Nissan 350Z & Inf G35 VQ35 - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (379.00 USD)
  • Supertech Valves Nissan 350z G35 VQ35 VQ35de 1mm Over - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (455.00 USD)
  • NEW OEM 2003-2006 NISSAN 350Z DRIVER & PASSENGER VALVE COVERS - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (369.95 USD)
  • NISSAN 350 Z 3.5 BGA Seal Set, valve stem, 04 06 - Stockport,United Kingdom (48.95 GBP)
  • NISSAN 350 Z 3.5 BGA Seal Set, valve stem, 03 06 - Stockport,United Kingdom (48.95 GBP)
  • Nissan 350Z Fairlady Brake Servo To Engine Vacuum Pipe With One Way Valve - Cambridge,United Kingdom (9.95 GBP)

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