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NISSAN JUKE Performance upgrade discussion.

Ok forum friends I have spent the last could days going through the forums researching what is known and available on the Juke. My goals are slightly different than many people on here. I want something quiet and quick. I am going to do subtle modifications to increase mildly the performance capability. I have a good deal of experience modifying nissan engines I currently have a 500 whp 350Z on pump

NISSAN The History of the Versa

Ive tried to compile the history of the Versa from introduction in June 2006 to the 2010 model just released. If you see any mis-information please let me know. Model History The nissan Versa was introduced in the U.S. in June 2006 as an all-new model to the North American market. The Versa Tiida B-platform is sold in North America Japan Europe and other Overseas Markets with the largest market in

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NISSAN SENTRA V Need Information on 2002 Sentra SE-R and Spec-V

Im getting married soon and I need to sell my 98 240sx for something 4 door and front wheel drive. I want to stay nissan and I want sport. I have been looking at the Sentra SE-Rs and Spec-Vs. I want the 2.5I engine..does anyone know that model for this engine (ex. KA24DE). What is the difference between the SE-R and Spec-V How does the Spec-V have 10 more HP with the same engine Do the 2002 models

QR25DE I think the additional 10hp is purely from ECU changes. Much like the G35 has a few less HP than the 350Z and they share the same motor. From SportCompact Spec-V Power Bolt-on power for nissans QR25 By Dave Coleman Photography Dave Coleman Josh Jacquot The SE-Rs QR25DE powerplant is poised to be nissans four-cylinder powerhouse for many years to come. The SR20 loyalists though have received

HONDA FIT Will rims from a 350z or Altima fit my 2001 maxima

my rims are bent and im in a very tight budget have some wheels from a 350z wiht tires for 300 2255017 for the front and 2355017 back is it ok to put two size rims and a set of rims from a altima jut want to know weather these will fit thanks D httpwww.cardomain.comride2960959

all nissaninfiniti makes 5 lug wheelsrims will fit all 5 lug wheelsrims 93 VE- 5 NWP Spacer Kit - Spec Stage 1 HD Clutch - Bored TB Port Matched Upper Lower Plenums - WSP Y-pipe - HAI - Advanced timing 18 Rims - E36 Retro - Stillin Lip

NISSAN Buying Advice

Ok guys. Its game time. Im in the market for a Frontier. Before I go shopping I have a few questions 1. How much better is the 4.0 liter over the 3.3 Is it worth the extra money for a newer model 2. How capable is the 2wd vs. 4wd How worth it is it to have Stupid question I know but I want to know if having a 2wd will keep me from doing casual off-roading without difficulty. 3. What are certain things

yeah the 05-up have a more stronger engine then the 3.3 you can tow up to 5000 lb. with the 3.3 auto and 3500 lb with the manual. i think the vg would pull the z but alot of people like the new 4.0s better 2wd and 4wd is your option if you get alot of snows and like to wheel id get the 4wd if not then just stick with a 2wd. the 3.3s have timing belts have to be changed around 100k miles with the water

NISSAN ok folks.enuf of all of this.........who here wished they bought a fit etc.

i really think some of us should go to other subcompact car threads and do a self check on your deciding to buy a versa. when i visited the fit site all i saw was how to equip the fit and no praising the vehicle nothing. check it out for yourself. i myself like the astra but an opel costing 20 grand isnt a good sell. if any of you guys and gals hate that you bought a versa now is the time to vent.......and

I think a Versa is more bang for the buck but lets compare. I started with a base Fit (most of the same features as the SL minus the alloy wheels plus tint similar audio features) Base FIT 15350 16 Alloy wheels 1160 Splash Guards 86 Center Armrest 240 Leather Steering-wheel Cover 65 Carpet Floor Mats 99 Security System 165 Keyless Entry System 149 Total with Destination 17984 Sport FIT 16910 16 Alloy

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 what is your time worth 0203 maxima only

Hey guys I got some questions that will only be answered by looking at a 02 or 03 maxima. I am doing a 02 maxima vq35de swap into my 240sx and I am trying to figure out what plugs into what on the harness and what extra sensors I need to buy. i know oxytpscamoiloilpressure but theres like 2 brown small plugs and gray plugs I dont know what it does and I want to know if i need them or if i can just

Honestly it sounds like youre talking about the headlight on each side and theres a small brown connector and a small grey one. How come you bought a FWD VQ35 for your swap What timing equipment and ECU are you using My friend and I are doing a VQ35 swap into his S13 and he bought a 350z engine transmission and full exhaust for 1000 thats almost brand new. Were using the VQ30 ECU and timing

NISSAN Test Drive Advice

Im going to test drive a 2006 crew cab 4x4 Nismo Frontier tomorrow. I know the usual things to check out on every car but Im trying to get a better idea of specific things to check on a Frontier. Ive already done enough reading here to know about the radiatortrans contamination issue. Ill yank the radiator cap before the drive and pull the trans dipstick. Anything else that would give it away besides the strawberry shake look Is there anything else I should pay extra close attention to Thanks.

I didnt budge a penny and it took a day but I got the car for my original offer. Since then I havent had quite the luck with getting the dealers to come down much...especially on these trucks. I know this isnt the rule for every vehicle but at least what Ive seen it makes CarMax prices more competitive. The CarMax transfer option is also a great thing. No Nismo CC 4x4 Frontiers within maybe 350

NISSAN MAXIMA Ways to improve Fuel Economy Write-up

With gas prices continuing on their upwards trend we find ourselves looking for ways to increase our vehicles fuel economy. Here is a list of things you can do to improve your vehicles fuel consumption. Some will also improve acceleration and overall horsepower. Many of you may be skeptical about the realistic savings () that these changes can make but consider this A 5% MPG improvement on a car that

NISSAN MAXIMA Hey Fred [i30T mods]

I just got another Infini-tie the 98 i30T. (I had a 90Q with low miles but crashed it and ruined the transmission. Doug-Q here bought it from me and fixed it up). I got it for 10K from a dealer it was a trade in. I want to improve the performance of my car wo spending a fortune or causing engine strain (is there such a thing). What is the recommended course of action Exhaust Im not doing the work myself

Basic performance upgrades Intake. Either cold air or pop charger with a mid-pipe. Will give you a bit better throttle response and a few horses. Y-pipe. Best band for the buck. Proven 15hp at the wheels. Stillen Cattman Budget and Warpspeed all produce Y-pipes. Price ranges from 160-400. Cat-back. Again modest gains mosttly just noisy. Will notice some increase in power if combined with an intake and Y-pipe. Stock cat back is really not that restictive. For more power (and more money) a VIM or JWTECU is a nice combo. looking at about 1200 for the two. VIM will give you much improved top end power like 30-40 wheel hp after 5500 rpms. Down side is theat low torque will be lost. Thats where the JWTECU comes in. It will advance you timing adjut your airfuel ratio and raise your revlimiter to take adavantage of the VIM. You can expect to see .3-.4 of a second better 14 mile with a VIM and JWTECU Ligtend UDP. A basic mod that will free up some ponnies. New belts will also be needed with this mod. So yes there is a many mods to do for performance increases. I have only mentioned a few and did not even get into forced induction which is available from Stillen. 1996 I30t 5spd...turbo 375whp350wtq 9.3 psi


Since my creation my account over here on Nicoclub I have definetly noticed the abundant amount of knowledge here on this forum which I find really impressive. So I decided to start my build thread over here on this forum. Which I have pushed back till January now due to I need the car to drive to NYPA to visit family (reliability with this new engine is not determined since I will be the first to

steering wheel shifter gauge cluster and other essentials and the four side windows would be replaced with a light weight plexi and AC condensor gone (but thats not happening for a while. As for the fuel system there is no need to upgrade the fuel injectors I forget A33 injector size (300-310cc I cant remember I think its less). but the fuel rails are good for 500hp injectors are good for 325-350hp

TVR S Buying a Vette Soon - Best MPG of the 92-96s

Well always wanted a Vette and hope to get one soon. I have read that the 6 speeds manuals alway do better than the Autos with the 92-96 LT1 cars. I am looking at a 68k LT4 tomorrow. Also have looked at a very nice Automatic LT1 car with the same Miles - LT4 asking 13500.00 and the LT1 Auto - 9500.00. Seems like an easy decision but I will be driving this car daily and want to be able to afford to

INFINITI FX forum lingo -- help

I searched the forum to see if there is already a thread posted on the matter but it seems im the only one on this confused little boat... Theres always some type of forum language --terms abbreviations acronyms that people use.. Im feeling out of the loop because I dont know quite all of them yet.. Can anyone list the more common ones- so I too can really feel like i belong... (awww) and cool like this ----

Quote Originally Posted by rookie Stuff like TSB CAN bus and a lot of things specific to nissans TSB Technical () Service Bulletin basically recalls for certain malfunctioning parts TB Throttle Body MAF Mass Air Flow (sensor) PCV Pressure Control Valve Vents your crank case to usually the intake plenum to prevent overpressures... the resultant oily-air just goes into the normal air intake and gets

INFINITI FX Audi to Infinity...Qs for U FX owners

Hi I have a few questions for you veteran FX owners. i have a 02 a4 Quattro and i am getting tired of its problems and how much the stealerships charge to fix anything. I know its a german car thing to be over charged for maintenance and service. How are the service charges for the infinity Audi is 125 an hour. My car has 70k and needs about 3-4 grand in work. I dont want to dump cash into this car

Quote Originally Posted by stevem8 Thanks for all the input Gonna go down to nissan and drive some muranos and see how they compare. The FX35 blew me away yesterday so well see how the murano stacks up. I am gonna be rolling over a good amount of dough into the next loan so i do need to keep in mind the price Muranos and FXs are completely different. FX is built on the FM platform shared with the 350Z

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