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NISSAN MAXIMA DIY Nissan Maxima Tow Hitch Install

LETS JUST SAY IT WAS A PAIN IN THE ss (because it was my first time doing the fishing of the bolts through the frame rail.) Now that i know the simple tips to make it easy it will be a 30mins install for sure. I wanted to pass along the small tips & tricks and info so when you guys get the install directions- you wont get lost.(the directions give you options- its up to you to figure it out so i figured

INFINITI FX I Performance NISSAN Meet 2008 Presented by HKS USA

Well its that time of year again we here at Performance nissan of Duarte have partnered up with the world renown tuning company HKS USA to bring all of you an event at the Orange Show Speedway in San Bernardino. We are going to make it RAIN with thousands of dollars in raffle prize giveaways The spectator area will be designated to each forum group so members will have your own section.

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NISSAN 2010 Rogue and the passenger air bag light came on

Has anyone had the passenger air bag light come on. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat and the light came on she weighs about 115 i thought it was suppose come on for a child. Does anyone know if there is a recall on this item

this will help you but in extreme cold temperatures the passenger airbag sensor in my Rogue is illuminated. I recall other people here stating they experience the same thing. I assume it has something to do with the seats freezinghardening. When I asked the dealer they mentioned the issue is that if it stays illuminated for a long period of time (day or two). Have you thought of going through nissan

NISSAN New Rogue in Town I test sat in one..

Yo fellow Roguesters..Here in Vancouver WA the local nissan dealer just took delivery of a red SL with all the bells and whistles. They called us to come in and check it out. It was in their showroom so we couldnt take it for a test drive but we did give it a good once over in the show room under the lights. For reference Im a 40 year old male 5 foot 10 inches and 190 pounds. I sat in the rear passenger

NISSAN DIY Trailer Bearing Replacement & Repacking

I bought a used 2008 Carry-On 4x7 open trailer. Great condition and for a great price. Since i didnt know if anyone has maintained the trailer since its birth in 2008 i figured id start taking a look around. I lubed up the front support leg in front. I lubed the coupler. checked the lights and lubed the lift gate. THEN I DUG INTO THE WHEEL BEARINGS AND FOUND THE FILTH. Im going to do a quick instruction

NISSAN How to mount a bazooka tube

How would you guys go about mounting a bazooka tube bass Straps screws ect. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. BUY MY WHEELS

impact point a second or so after the rocket explodes. The shrapnel of course if flying BACK at you faster. Not good. So you need a bit of up angle on your rocket. About eight degrees will give you 500 foot range. Unfortunately the rocket will reach about 15 feet above the deck at the midpoint so if youre too close youll miss the target entirely. Best to compromise. Two degrees will give about 350

NISSAN JUKE 220whp 16-18psi stages 1 stage 2

i intend to do -injen sri -injenkpowered hard pipe kit -gtm downpipe -injen dp(testpipe) -uprev tune -hallman mbc -blitz bov recirculated -custom 3 exhaust wn1 muffler & vibrant resonator -will that meet my goals 16-18psi safely on a cvt tranny -what stage would i be considered -what mods net the most power from least to greatest out of my list -depending on my budget im going to do 3 out of the 5 mods as a first step but i wanna do what gains the most out of the list first

2012 cvt juke MODS Injen CAI Aux tube Injen hard pipes (completed with custom pipes) 3inch custom DP 3inch exhaust (straight pipe) Uprev stage 2 (20.39 PSI) (Spike of 25PSI) 2jracing pulley 2010 Skyline Spark plugs Front strut bar Rear frame support bar You need above to reach 200 whp. G35 My juke G35X My juke Nismo Juke My Juke 06 350Z My juke BMW335I My Juke Thous are some examples of what the

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 BMWs Super Coupe - Falling in love with the all new BMW 335i coupe

link httpyahoo.businessweek.comautoscontentoct2006bw20061017_704775.htm OCTOBER 17 2006 Reviews By Thane Peterson BMWs Super Coupe - Falling in love with the all new BMW 335i coupe Up Front. The tagline in billboard ads for the new BMW 335i is that the car represents the coup detat of coupes. Its a cute line but my own reaction was more like a coup de foudre which is French for falling in love at first

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Picking up an ML55 tomorrow

httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsnew-...used-ml55.html Tomorrow is the big day Im driving to Arlington Tx. to pick up a 2002 ML55 AMG. Im pretty excited about it. Ill post pictures when I get back. Any advice other than turn back before its too late would be appreciated. Heres the link to the autotrader add Cars for Sale 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG in Arlington TX 76012 Sport Utility Details - 265845988 -

Looks like a great buy. At that price I wouldnt sweat a few minor issues as long as the major stuff is good. Not sure how far youre driving but I traveled 1300 miles to pick up mine in Dallas. It was fun but nerve wracking driving an unknown unproven vehicle 1300 miles. The thought of finding Mercedes service in the middle of nowhere is bad enough let alone getting stranded on a weekend. In the end I decided to take vacation so I could drive during the work week. If youre from the rust belt youll really appreciate a southern truck. Some WD-40 on a rag will make the frame and suspension look like the day it came off the assembly line. Rusted fasteners - forget about it. Im not sure many folks here will get your GM references. Im a longtime GM and current LSJ owner (supercharged Saturn Ion FrankenSaab) and I had to think about LSX a second - I assume you mean LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 etc. and not the actual LSX race engine. I sold my 03 Silverado last summer to be an ML owner. Cost me only 2000 difference thanks to the poor resale of MLs. And that took me from a base 4x4 regular cab to fully loaded 350 Sport. I probably could have gotten a 500 for less but I wanted to improve fuel economy from the Silverado not drop. Im somewhat sad to abandon GM but now that the G stands for Government Motors Ive decided that Im not comfortable with the risk. Long term parts support for vehicles the PC police dont want you to own is questionable. And I cant accept trucks with frame and suspension painted so crappy they start rusting the first winter. But that list would include Ford Dodge Toyota and nissan too so there is no long lasting truck in the rust belt.

FORD F150 For the guys wondering can a brush guard survive a deer

Well I was on ebay looking around and saw these pictures. It sure looks like the guard can handle a deer and a acident but i dont think the brackets can. I dont know much what had happen here it didnt say so but looks like a pretty bad accident and might of helped from further damage.

brackets on the right side pushing the guard into the bumper of my truck. Now the damage not beeing to bad small scratch on upper and lower bumper and very small dent on fender I could live with that pulled brushguard off fixed brackets put back on and you couldnt tell anything happened Damage would have been much worse if not for the brushguard but it wont help in an impact at speed --FYI the nissan

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